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Wentz Wednesday: Week 6
The Eagles no longer have a QB problem on their hands
24 min
Stock Up-Stock Down: Week 5
Who shined and who struggled in Pittsburgh?
23 min
The defense fails in Pittsburgh
A valiant offensive effort against the Steelers is let down by the defense
48 min
What is happening at WR?
A look at where the Eagles go from here at the WR position
21 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked On Steelers
Previewing the Eagles Week 5 matchup vs Pittsburgh with Christopher Carter of Locked On Steelers
35 min
Wentz Wednesday: Week 5
Digging deeper into a big bounce back performance by Carson Wentz vs SF
27 min
Stock Up-Stock Down: Week 4
Who shined and who struggled in the Eagles first win of the 2020 season?
29 min
Your 1st place 1-2-1 Eagles
The Eagles lead the NFC East after a 25-20 win in San Francisco
30 min
Big picture questions
Does saving the 2020 season matter for the Eagles?
29 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked On 49ers
Louie and Locked on 49ers Host Brian Peacock preview the Eagles-49ers Week 4 SNF matchup
36 min
Wentz Wednesday: Week 4
Louie dives into why he thinks Carson Wentz has struggled the way he has
29 min
Stock Up-Stock Down: Week 3
Is the 2020 season still salvageable? Does it matter?
19 min
Another Eagles-Bengals tie
The Eagles drop to 0-2-1 on the season after a 23-23 tie Sunday vs Cincinnati
38 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked On Bengals
A behind enemy lines look at the Eagles Week 3 opponent in Cincinnati
30 min
Wentz Wednesday: Week 3
Will Carson Wentz bounce back from the worst stretch of his career?
38 min
Stock Up-Stock Down: Week 2
Who shined and who struggled against the Rams?
36 min
At 0-2....where do the Eagles go from here?
Recapping the Eagles 37-19 loss against Los Angeles on Sunday
29 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked On Rams
Going behind enemy lines to preview the Eagles Week 2 matchup vs LA
24 min
Wentz Wednesday: Week 2
How can Wentz bounce back from a Week 1 collapse?
32 min
Stock Up-Stock Down: Week 1
Who shined and who struggled in the Eagles Week 1 loss vs Washington?
30 min
Eagles collapse in Washington
The Birds are 0-1 after blowing a 17-0 lead in D.C. falling 27-27
39 min
Week 1 Storylines
What you should keep a close eye on in the Eagles season opener vs Washington
25 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked On Washington
Gino and Locked On Washington Host Chris Russell preview Sunday's season opener!
33 min
Wentz Wednesday: Week 1
Carson Wentz could be in for a big day Sunday in Washington
21 min
Ranking season openers of the 2010s
What were the best and worst season openers of the 2010s?
31 min
Stat questions for the 2020 season
Asking four important stat-based questions for the Eagles 2020 season!
41 min
What are the Eagles doing at CB?
Reacting to the news CB Cre'Von LeBlanc has been released after RB Jason Huntley was claimed
26 min
The roster is set
The Eagles initial 53-man roster for the 2020 season was released Saturday
24 min
Lou's 53
Louie predicts the Eagles 53-man roster that must be determined by Saturday
27 min
Gino's 53
Gino predicts the Eagles 53-man roster that must be determined by Saturday
30 min
Young weapons have strong support
A look at the number of former Eagles RBs and WRs that are helping to develop the young offensive core
32 min
Jason Peters wants LT money
Should the Eagles give JP more money to pay LT?
31 min
Injury bug gets Andre Dillard for the season
What is the Eagles plan at left tackle now that Dillard is out for the year?
22 min
What happens when Alshon comes back?
The Eagles have an interesting decision on their hands when Alshon Jeffery comes back
17 min
Contract talks back on with Zach Ertz
Are the Eagles about to re-sign TE Zach Ertz to a massive long-term deal?
21 min
Training Camp Stock Up-Stock Down
Who's stock is rising or falling at Eagles training camp?
34 min
Remembering the "Double Doink"
Louie joins the Eagles in remembering the 2018 Wild Card win in Chicago
22 min
How will the offense be different in 2020?
What areas of the offense will and needed to change from 2019?
39 min
Day 3 picks are shining
Late-round selections from the Eagles 2020 draft class have been turning heads during training camp
16 min
The pads are on!
Recapping the Eagles first day of padded practice
28 min
More improvements needed: Offense vs Defense
Which unit on the Eagles needs to improve more from 2019 to get the Eagles back atop the NFC
19 min
2020 NFL Predictions
Predicting the 2020 NFL regular season, playoffs, and individual awards
33 min
The future of Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert
A look at the Eagles TE future and other listener questions on a mailbag edition of the show!
31 min
The impact of no college football
How will no college football in 2020 affect the Eagles and the NFL?
16 min
The plan at linebacker
What is the plan at LB now that Jatavis Brown retired?
18 min
Defensive Depth Chart Predictions
What will the starting lineup look like on defense in 2020?
27 min
Offensive Depth Chart Predictions
Predicting the Eagles depth chart on offense in 2020
20 min
Who will be the returners?
Will the Eagles finally get back to big returns on special teams in 2020?
19 min
Doug Pederson tests positive for COVID-19
Reports surfaced Sunday the Eagles head coach tested positive for the coronavirus twice
15 min
Workhorse runners and shadowing corners
Miles Sanders and Darius Slay are about to break trends the Eagles have had since 2016
23 min
Relying on the younglings
How much will the Eagles rely on young players in 2020?
21 min
Defensive position battles
Who will win starting jobs at safety, corner, and linebacker?
37 min
Offensive position battles
What jobs are up for grabs on offense during training camp?
30 min
Wentz snubbed from the top-100?
Reacting to the NFL Top 100's snub of Carson Wentz and Lane Johnson
23 min
Make or break time for the 2017 draft class
Which Eagles need a big season to stick around beyond 2020?
22 min
Who to own on the Eagles in fantasy
Gino sits down with Pro Football Focus Fantasy Analyst Andrew Erickson to preview the Eagles from a fantasy perspective
27 min
Projects and position changes
How will Jalen Mills and Jason Peters do at their new positions? What project players do the Eagles need to develop in camp?
35 min
What to expect from the rookies
Previewing the Eagles rookie class as all 2020 picks report to training camp Tuesday
21 min
Is the NFL ready for training camp?
What will it take to start and sustain the 2020 NFL season?
33 min
NFC East Crossover: Locked On Cowboys
What will the Eagles be dealing with in a new-look Dallas Cowboys this fall?
20 min
NFC East Crossover: Locked On Giants
Should the Eagles worry about Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley leading the Giants in 2020?
20 min
The body guard is moving to guard
The Eagles have re-signed Jason Peters to replace Brandon Brooks at RG
20 min
NFC East Crossover: Locked On Washington
Will Washington be anything to sweat in 2020?
20 min
Is WR Quez Watkins the next late-round steal?
An interview with Southern Miss WR Coach Scotty Walden on what the Eagles have in Watkins
25 min
Philly is the land of the mobile QB
A look at the incredible history of the Eagles mobile QBs
24 min
Will the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson?
The veteran WR's Instagram posts have his future with the Eagles in question
21 min
Future HOF Eagles
Who are the current or former Eagles that could make the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
43 min
Are Scott and Clement enough behind Sanders?
Are the Eagles content with what they have at RB? Should they be?
23 min
Career parallels of Cam Newton and Randall Cunn...
The career path of Patriots QB Cam Newton is very similar to Eagles legend Randall Cunningham
28 min
Doug Pederson is a top five head coach
A response to CBS Sports's top-10 head coaches list
35 min
Will CB be a strength in 2020?
Is 2020 the year the Eagles finally figure out the CB position?
33 min
The best passing combos that never happened
Creating the best QB-WR combinations in Eagles history that never happened
23 min
All-Time Eagles Draft Part 2
Drafting four teams of the best Eagles from every era
59 min
All-Time Eagles Draft Part 1
Drafting four teams of the best Eagles from every era
69 min
Trade for Jamal Adams?
Should the Eagles call the Jets about S Jamal Adams?
19 min
QB Questions
Who is the best QB in Eagles history? The most talented? Five Eagles QB questions for Gino and Louie.
42 min
Replacing Brandon Brooks
Reacting to the news Monday Eagles RG Brandon Brooks is out for the season with a torn Achilles
25 min
Best position groups in Eagles history
When was each position at their best in franchise history?
26 min
Who will be WR3?
Which WR will be featured next to DeSean Jackson and Jalen Reagor?
34 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
85 min
Prime Time Draft
Prime Time Draft
43 min
The best college players in Eagles history
Putting together a lineup of the best college football players that wore midnight/kelly green
36 min
Where Wentz can improve in 2020
What area of Carson Wentz's game can he get better at?
29 min
The value of DeSean Jackson
A look at how crucial DeSean Jackson is to the Eagles both on and off the field
42 min
Making the leap to stardom
Which Eagles will become stars in 2020?
27 min
Overlooked role players for 2020
Which Eagles aren't we talking about that could be big time contributors next season?
44 min
Favorite Eagles one-year wonders
Who were the best Eagles that only played one season
35 min
Past Eagles teams that could beat the 2017 champs
Which Eagles team of the past would have a chance against the '17 SB champs
26 min
A Shady reunion?
The stars might be aligning for LeSean McCoy to return to Philly
34 min
Late 80's and early 90's Eagles what ifs
What should the Eagles have done different to maximize such a talented core?
36 min
What if Sam Bradford wasn't traded in 2016?
Would Wentz and the Eagles have taken a Super Bowl step in 2017?
22 min
What if the Eagles drafted Russell Wilson in 2012?
How would the Eagles selecting Wilson in the 2012 draft re-shape the last 8 years?
34 min
Chip Kelly What Ifs
What if Chip Kelly did things differently from 2013 to 2015?
49 min
What if Alshon Jeffery didn't drop the pass in ...
What would have happened if the Eagles continued their magical run in 2018?
34 min
What if the Rams took Wentz
How would things be if the Rams took Wentz and the Eagles had Goff or no QB from 2016?
35 min
What if Wentz doesn't get hurt in the 2019 play...
Do the Eagles win their wild card matchup vs Seattle if Wentz plays?
39 min
2020 Schedule Reactions
Takeaways from the release of the Eagles 2020 regular season schedule
48 min
Wentz what ifs and Genard Avery talk with Locke...
Jeff Lloyd of Locked On Browns joins the show for another crossover with the AFC North!
42 min
Post-draft free agent options
Are there still moves to be made on the Eagles roster?
33 min
The Eagles should have taken the Cowboys approa...
Dalton > Hurts?
42 min