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Hurts contract and camp talk with NJ Dot Com's ...
NJ Dot Com Eagles Beat Reporter Chris Franklin joins Louie to preview Eagles training camp
26 min
Philadelphia Eagles Veterans on the Hot Seat
Philadelphia Eagles Veterans on the Hot Seat
30 min
How new Eagles will fit into the 2022 puzzle
How will the Eagles fit A.J. Brown, Haason Reddick, Jordan Davis, and other newcomers into the 2022 plans starting at training camp next week?
32 min
2022 Training Camp Battles
What are the biggest training camp battles to watch starting next week on the Philadelphia Eagles 2022 roster?
32 min
Could the Eagles trade for Jessie Bates?
Is there still another blockbuster move the Eagles could make this summer? Could they trade for Bengals star safety Jessie Bates?
30 min
Can the Eagles get special teams right in 2022?
Will the Eagles bounce back from an abysmal punt and return performance in 2021? How can they fix the special teams unit?
31 min
2022 Offensive stat questions
Will Jalen Hurts reach 4,000 passing yards? Who will lead the Eagles in receiving yards? Will Miles Sanders hit 1,000 rushing yards?
35 min
2022 Defensive stat questions
Who will dominate the stat sheet on defense for the Eagles in 2022?
37 min
Building the ultimate post-2016 Eagles offense
If you had to build an offense of the best Eagles after 2016......what does that unit look like?
31 min
Slept on NFC threats to the Philadelphia Eagles
Which NFC teams are underrated as threats to the Eagles in the 2022 playoff race?
34 min
Best and worst Eagles losses
What losses brought the most heartbreak to Louie and Gino? Which ones did they feel the best about?
29 min
How good does Hurts have to be in 2022?
Jalen Hurts will likely improve in 2022....but how much does he need to improve to keep his job long-term with the Eagles?
26 min
What If: Nick Foles was the guy after 2018
What would have happened if the Eagles made Nick Foles QB1 after the 2018 playoff run and traded Carson Wentz?
33 min
What If: DeSean Jackson wasn't tackled in 2010 ...
Louie and Gino dive into what could have happened in the 2010 playoffs for the Eagles if DeSean Jackson didn't suffer a shoestring tackle in the wild card battle with the Packers
30 min
What If: Russell Wilson waived his no-trade cla...
Vince Quinn of the Bell and the Birdmen podcast joins Louie to kick off phase two of our Eagles "What If" series....diving into what if Russell Wilson waived his no-trade clause for the Eagles in 2022
27 min
Underrated Philadelphia Eagles on Defense & Dre...
Underrated Philadelphia Eagles on Defense & Dream Team Part 2?
34 min
Underrated offensive players in Eagles history
Who are the most overlooked offensive players in Philadelphia Eagles history?
29 min
Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni - ...
Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni - Best in the NFC East?
27 min
What are the best post-Super Bowl 52 wins for t...
Going through the most memorable wins for the Eagles from 2018 to 2021! What were the most exciting victories after Super Bowl 52?
32 min
Pre-Training Camp Roster Projections
Before training camp begins for the Philadelphia Eagles next month....Louie predicts what the 53-man roster could look like after the conclusion of OTAs!
28 min
Eagles finally add a safety in Jaquiski Tartt
How will Jaquiski Tartt improve the Eagles defense at the safety position?
24 min
A Beef History: The 2016-2020 Core 4
Where did things go wrong between Howie Roseman, Jeffery Lurie, Doug Pederson, and Carson Wentz?
33 min
A Beef History: Wentz vs Anonymous Sources
Who were the former teammates of Carson Wentz that talked about him anonymously through the media in 2018 and 2019?
25 min
A Beef History: Howie Roseman vs Chip Kelly
Louie and Gino dive into why Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly couldn't make it work from 2013 to 2015
33 min
A Beef History: McNabb vs TO and DJax
What went wrong between Donovan McNabb and his two best receivers in Terrell Owens and DeSean Jackson?
33 min
Former Eagles who randomly dominated
Louie and Gino take a look back at the most random players that went on hot streaks. Plus! If you could have a beer with three former Eagles....who are you choosing?
31 min
Hurts and Smith shine in Day 1 of Eagles OTAs
Takeaways from Day 1 of Eagles OTAs and recapping multiple front office promotions!
31 min
Are the Eagles the best sports team in Philade...
With the Phillies struggling, the Flyers "rebuilding", and the 76ers plateauing, are the Eagles the best team in Philadelphia again?
33 min
Where Jalen Hurts flashed the most potential in...
Louie and Gino breakdown the best performances from Jalen Hurts in 2021 and ask if that ceiling could grow
32 min
Is 2022 different at WR and CB?
Will the offseason hype of the Eagles WR and CB trios be justified? Can it avoid the disappointment of past groups that were strong on paper?
27 min
Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce and Brandon Gr...
Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce and Brandon Graham Leave Their Legacy l Eagles Memorial Day Tunes
28 min
Are the Philadelphia Eagles a Top Five Team in ...
Are the Philadelphia Eagles a Top Five Team in the NFC?
28 min
What is Brandon Graham's role in 2022?
Louie and Gino answer questions from the Locked On Eagles listeners! What is Brandon Graham's role in 2022? Favorite 2023 QB prospects?
29 min
Did the Eagles try to bring back Nick Foles aga...
How interested were the Eagles in bringing back Nick Foles for a third time? Louie and Gino discuss!
29 min
Ranking the buzz of past Eagles offseasons
Where does the 2022 offseason rank in excitement level compared to past Eagles offseasons?
32 min
Where does Jalen Hurts rank among QBs under 25 ...
Ranking the best quarterbacks under 25. Where does Hurts rank?
32 min
How the Eagles used the Wentz trade to become a...
Did trading Carson Wentz help the Eagles turn their roster into one of the best in the NFC? Louie and Gino dive in!
31 min
Bradberry is the cherry on top of a killer offs...
Louie and Gino discuss the Eagles latest signing of CB James Bradberry. Are the Eagles now contenders in the NFC?
33 min
Hurts vs 2022 QB opponents
How many games on the Eagles 2022 schedule do they have the QB advantage?
30 min
What are the next moves for the Eagles?
Is Howie Roseman done tampering with the 2022 roster? Could he make another big move?
26 min
2022 Schedule Strengths and Weaknesses
Taking an In-Depth Look at Strengths & Weaknesses of the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule
31 min
2022 Schedule breakdown
Louie and Gino breakdown everything you need to know about the Philadelphia Eagles 2022 regular season schedule
41 min
How good are the Eagles weapons?
Where do the Eagles group of offensive weapons rank in the NFL?
21 min
The Eagles need to sign CB James Bradberry
Louie dives into why the Eagles should sign CB James Bradberry and previews the 2022 schedule
24 min
2022 Roster Questions
Asking six key questions about the Eagles 2022 roster. Who is the best player? The most underrated? Biggest surprise? All that and more!
31 min
Analyzing Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean with Loc...
Clint Shamblin of Locked On Bulldogs joins the show to discuss the potential of Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean
25 min
Behind the A.J. Brown trade with Tyler Rowland ...
Louie sits down with Locked On Titans host Tyler Rowland to dive deep into the A.J. Brown trade
29 min
No more excuses for Jalen Hurts
The Eagles have built around Jalen Hurts beautifully with a top offensive line and weapons.....can he capitalize and become the franchise QB?
28 min
Is 2017 Howie Roseman back?
Has Howie Roseman found his groove again building the Eagles back into a contender?
30 min
Was the 2022 NFL Draft franchise-altering for t...
Was the 2022 draft class one that will propel the Eagles back into contender status?
33 min
Eagles prioritize the long-term with Cam Jurgen...
Recapping Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft that included the Eagles selecting Nebraska C Cam Jurgens and Georgia LB Nakobe Dean
30 min
Eagles win Day 1 of the NFL Draft trading for J...
Louie and Gino recap the Eagles first day of the NFL Draft that led to Georgia DT Jordan Davis and Tennessee Titans star WR A.J. Brown becoming Eagles
34 min
Ranking 2022 CB and S prospects
Will the Eagles finally draft a CB or S in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft?
35 min
Ranking the 2022 LB prospects
Louie and Gino unveil their top 10 LB prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft
33 min
Mock Draft Monday: One last mock with trade ups...
Louie goes through one final 7-round mock draft for the Eagles making multiple moves in the 1st and 2nd round
33 min
Eagles Draft "What Ifs"
Louie is joined by the 4th and Jawn squad Gayle Saunders and Chris Mallee to discuss the biggest past
32 min
Ranking 2022 OL and DL prospects
Louie ranks the offensive and defensive line prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft!
31 min
Ranking the 2022 WR prospects
Louie and Gino rank their top 10 WR prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft
36 min
When will the Eagles take a RB and TE in the dr...
Louie and Gino unveil their top five RB and TE prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft
33 min
Mock Draft Monday: Listeners make the picks
LOE listeners run a 4-round Eagles mock draft with the NFL Draft just one week away!
31 min
BONUS EPISODE: The Ultimate NFL Mock Draft 2022
20 min
Where would Jalen Hurts rank in the 2022 QB class?
NBC Sports Edge NFL Draft Analyst Thor Nystrom joins the show to preview the 2022 QB class
35 min
Who will be the best players available for the ...
What realistic options will the Eagles have if they stay put in the 1st round of the 2022 NFL Draft?
34 min
2022 NFL Draft "My Guys"
Lou and Gino list off their favorite draft prospects at every position
43 min
Answering Twitter's Questions on the Philadelph...
Answering Twitter's Questions on the Philadelphia Eagles.
30 min
Mock Draft Monday: Trading up in the 1st round
Could the Eagles still try and trade up in the 1st round even after the New Orleans trade?
36 min
What is the dream scenario for the Eagles first...
What is the perfect scenario that could play out in the 1st and 2nd round for the Birds?
21 min
It is time for the Eagles to take a LB, S, or C...
Do Lou and Gino have trench fatigue when it comes to the Eagles draft strategy? Is it time to invest top picks in other positions on defense?
32 min
The Eagles want their franchise QB by 2023
Louie dives into how finding the franchise QB in 2023 was the motivating factor behind their trade with New Orleans
23 min
Eagles-Saints blockbuster trade takeaways
Recapping the Eagles trade with New Orleans including multiple 2022 and 2023 1st round picks
25 min
Mock Draft Monday: Mock vs Mock
Louie and Gino go head to head with dueling mock drafts. Who had the better 7-round Eagles mock?
32 min
Has the Eagles QB philosophy changed?
Did Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie hint at a change in the team's way of thinking at QB?
20 min
What teams could trade up with the Eagles?
If the Eagles wanted to trade down from one of their 1st round picks.....who would be willing to do a deal?
29 min
What next offseason move impacts 2022 the most?
What move the Eagles could still make this offseason would have the biggest impact on the 2022 season?
36 min
Kelly green jerseys return in 2023!
Takeaways from owner Jeffery Lurie's first press conference in over a year including the announcement of Kelly green jerseys returning!
33 min
Mock Draft Monday: Trading down in the 1st round
What would the Eagles 2022 NFL Draft look like if they explored moving down from one of their three 1st round picks?
31 min
Should the Eagles draft or trade for their next...
Would you prefer Philadelphia to trade for a veteran like DeVante Parker or select a WR prospect high in the 2022 NFL Draft?
31 min
How Does Derek Barnett Being Back in Philadelph...
How Does Derek Barnett Being Back in Philadelphia Change the Edge Position? | Locked On Eagles
23 min
Will the Eagles fall back into QB purgatory?
How do the Eagles avoid their QB musical chairs after Donovan McNabb was traded?
36 min
How Do Howie Roseman's Free Agent Signings Grad...
How Do Howie Roseman's Free Agent Signings Grade Out? Is Hasson Reddick an A+? | Locked On Eagles
32 min
Post-Free Agency Mock Draft
How have the Eagles free agency plans so far affected their draft strategy?
34 min
How should Jalen Hurts feel about the Eagles QB...
Should Jalen Hurts feel more pressure or comfort in the Eagles support of him?
25 min
Is the NFC suddenly wide open for the Eagles?
Could the Eagles now be one of the best teams in the NFC after another week of the AFC stocking up on star talent from the opposing conference?
30 min
Why did the Eagles release Fletcher Cox?
Takeaways after the Eagles released a franchise legend in DT Fletcher Cox
29 min
Do free agents want to play for the Eagles?
How do free agents view the Eagles as a possible destination compared to the rest of the league?
25 min
What is Howie Roseman's next move for the Eagle...
After signing LB Haason Riddick at the start of free agency, what will the Eagles second act be?
35 min
Eagles add free agent "weapon" Haason Reddick t...
Reacting to the news that the Eagles will sign Haason Reddick to a contract when free agency officially begins
32 min
Free Agent Options: Safety and Cornerback
Will the Eagles finally invest in the safety position?
35 min
Free Agent Options: EDGE and LB
How can the Eagles improve their pass-rush and linebacker play in free agency next week?
31 min
Get ready for Wentz vs Hurts in 2022
Reacting to the news that Carson Wentz has been traded to the Washington Commanders
26 min
Did the Eagles try to trade for Russell Wilson?
Before Wilson was dealt to Denver....did the Eagles at least call the Seahawks about a trade?
32 min
Free Agent Options: WR
What will be the approach for the Philadelphia Eagles at WR in free agency?
29 min
Would the Eagles have interest in Amari Cooper?
When the Cowboys release WR Amari Cooper.....would the Eagles be interested in signing the star pass-catcher?
25 min
NFL Scouting Combine Day 1 Takeaways
Louie and Gino recap an impressive first day of workouts at the NFL Scouting Combine
32 min
Combine Press Conference Takeaways
Thoughts on Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni 's comments about Jalen Hurts, roster building, drafting LB and more!
33 min
NFL Scouting Combine Over/Unders
Who will run the fastest 40-time at the NFL Scouting Combine? What drills are the most important?
29 min
Mock Draft Monday: A post-blockbuster trade moc...
If they Eagles make a blockbuster trade before the draft.....would that trade their strategy?
33 min
Players to watch at the NFL Scouting Combine
What players are Louie and Gino keeping a close eye on at the NFL Scouting Combine?
33 min
What would the Eagles give up for Aaron Rodgers?
In the unrealistic scenario that Aaron Rodgers wanted to be the Eagles QB.....what would you be willing to give up for a 38 year old back to back MVP?
33 min
First ever female NFL Scout Connie Carberg join...
Louie sits down with the first ever female scout Connie Carberg to discuss women in sports, the changing of the draft process, draft philosophies, and more!
43 min