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This is the best daily Chicago Bulls podcast on the air. The voice of true Chicago Bulls fans lies here. Host Haize & Pat The Designer provides you with a daily dose of Chicago Bulls news, recaps, fan reactions, and some of the best guests - five days a week. We are Locked On Bulls covering your team, every day, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON BULLS, 8/6/2018 - Vegas Odds for NBA ...
Locked On Bulls is back from the weekend, the guys discuss Vegas' odds for win expectancy in the NBA this season,
58 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 8/3/2018 - Extra Bulls Mailbag...
Locked On Bulls is back for another full mailbag, the guys answer some of the questions left off from Wednesday's episode along with some voicemails.
43 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 8/2/2018 - Potential avenues f...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys bring up an interesting discussion about the possible paths for Fred Hoiberg. Would the Bulls fire him mid-season if all burns down or would they extend him if this team is good?
51 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 8/1/2018 - Locked On Bulls Mai...
Locked On Bulls is back for an 80 minute, Bulls mailbag with voicemails, texts, and tweets. Topics include being down on Dunn, a minority of the fanbase not believing in Markkanen, Wendell Rookie of the Year odds, and plenty more!
81 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/30/2018 - Guest, Radio host ...
Locked On Bulls kicks off the week sitting down with Danny Parkins, host of the McNeil and Parkins show on 670 the Score, to talk all Bulls related topics (Jabari Parker, Fred Hoiberg, NBA Draft, outlook, LaVine).
49 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/27/2018 - Guest, Actor and E...
Locked On Bulls sits down with Evanston native, Northwestern grad, die-hard Bulls fan, and Actor (Friday Night Lights) Zach Gilford to talk about his love for the Bulls, NBA, Scottie Pippen, and more.
41 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/26/2018 - Expectations for L...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys bounce all over the place talking about a variety of topics including Lauri Markkanen's development year two, Fred Hoiberg, win expectations, and more.
53 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/25/2018 - Zach LaVine vs. An...
Locked On Bulls is back for a full hour episode, the guys start with who will have the better NBA career (Zach LaVine vs. Andrew Wiggins) then head right into Bulls mailbag + some great voicemails.
60 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/24/2018 - Guest, Chicago Tri...
Locked On Bulls is back sitting down with long time sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune, David Haugh. The guys run through several Bulls related topics including Jabari Parker, Zach LaVine's expectations, pressure on Fred Hoiberg and more.
35 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/23/2018 - Bulls sign Rawle A...
Locked On Bulls is back from the weekend, the guys talk about the two-way deal given to former 5-star recruit Rawle Alkins, Denzel Valentine in the Drew League, and whether or not you believe the Bulls are building in business mode or championship mode.
38 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/20/2018 - Antonio Blakeney s...
Locked On Bulls is back to bring you into the weekend, the guys discuss Antonio Blakeney's fully guaranteed NBA contract, whether or not coming home for players (especially in Chicago) is added pressure or fuel for greatness? Bonus Bulls voicemails too.
55 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/19/2018 - Guest, NBA writer ...
Locked On Bulls is joined by NBA writer for Bleacher Report and former Locked On Bulls host Sean Highkin to discuss Bulls, NBA Free Agency, 2018-19 outlook.
40 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/18/2018 - Bulls introduce Ja...
Locked On Bulls is back for a full hour, the guys kick off the show talking about the introductory press conference for Jabari Parker, takeaways from it, and then head into a full Bulls mailbag.
64 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/17/2018 - Guest, Bulls/NBA/N...
Locked On Bulls sit down with Ricky O'Donnell from SB Nation to talk about the Bulls moves this summer, Jabari Parker and Zach LaVine's potential, where this rebuild is headed, Wendell Carter Jr., and peek at 2019 NBA Draft class.
48 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/16/2018 - Chicago Bulls sign...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys address their take from Friday, the signing of Jabari Parker, how he fits, looking at the positives and negatives, how Fred Hoiberg's job just became increasingly more difficult, and so much more.
56 min
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss a lot of the rumors surround the Chicago Bulls, including Jabari Parker, David Nwaba, Rodney Hood, and a deal with Oklahoma City Thunder. What it all means, what to believe, and the most logical move.
39 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/12/2018 - Guest, Malika Andr...
Locked On Bulls is back with an interview with Bulls beat reporter for the Chicago Tribune Malika Andrews, some of the topics discussed include Summer League, Wendell Carter, Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and her love for the Warriors growing up.
41 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/11/2018 - Bulls Mailbag + v...
Locked On Bulls is back with their weekly Bulls mailbag, they play all the voicemails left from Bulls fans after Zach LaVine was signed, playoff reconstruction, Chandler Hutchison comparison, fans growing tired of pessimism
55 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/10/2018 - Bulls Summer Leagu...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys discuss the impressive Summer League for Wendell Carter Jr. so far, what they like from Chandler Hutchison, Jerian Grant Trade, what a Portis extension looks like, and if Rodney Hood interest is serious.
44 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/9/2018 - Chicago Bulls match...
Locked On Bulls is back after the weekend, the guys spend the entire show talking about Zach LaVine - the offer sheet from Sacramento, Bulls matching, what it means for the core, and so much more.
30 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/6/2018 - Jimmy Butler + Kyri...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys discuss their initial discussion of Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler in Chicago, how realistic it actually is, Bulls Summer League expectations and who to watch for, and David Nwaba sign-and-trade deals + Zach LaVine.
53 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/4/2018 - NBA Playoff seeding...
Locked On Bulls is back on 4th of July to deliver you a full hour of Bulls mailbag questions, voicemails, and a conversation about whether the NBA should fix it's playoff structure or look to conference realignment.
56 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/3/2018 - NBA Free Agency, Le...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss the opening of free agency, LeBron James moving to Los Angeles, Cousins signing with the Warriors, the parody of the conferences, and Aaron Gordon's contract vs. what Zach LaVine might receive.
39 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/29/2018 - Bulls fans seem to...
Locked On Bulls is back to bring you into the weekend, the guys discuss their latest Zach LaVine poll and how the Bulls fan base seems to be split on the idea of re-signing him.
42 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/28/2018 - Wendell Carter Jr....
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss comments made by Wendell Carter's parents about Duke and NCAA, how the guys feel critics have been harsh, and a full Bulls Mailbag with voicemails.
71 min