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This is the best daily Chicago Bulls podcast on the air. The voice of true Chicago Bulls fans lies here. Host Haize & Pat The Designer provides you with a daily dose of Chicago Bulls news, recaps, fan reactions, and some of the best guests - five days a week. We are Locked On Bulls covering your team, every day, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/10/2018 - Bulls Summer Leagu...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys discuss the impressive Summer League for Wendell Carter Jr. so far, what they like from Chandler Hutchison, Jerian Grant Trade, what a Portis extension looks like, and if Rodney Hood interest is serious.
44 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/9/2018 - Chicago Bulls match...
Locked On Bulls is back after the weekend, the guys spend the entire show talking about Zach LaVine - the offer sheet from Sacramento, Bulls matching, what it means for the core, and so much more.
30 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/6/2018 - Jimmy Butler + Kyri...
Locked On Bulls is back, the guys discuss their initial discussion of Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler in Chicago, how realistic it actually is, Bulls Summer League expectations and who to watch for, and David Nwaba sign-and-trade deals + Zach LaVine.
53 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/4/2018 - NBA Playoff seeding...
Locked On Bulls is back on 4th of July to deliver you a full hour of Bulls mailbag questions, voicemails, and a conversation about whether the NBA should fix it's playoff structure or look to conference realignment.
56 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 7/3/2018 - NBA Free Agency, Le...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss the opening of free agency, LeBron James moving to Los Angeles, Cousins signing with the Warriors, the parody of the conferences, and Aaron Gordon's contract vs. what Zach LaVine might receive.
39 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/29/2018 - Bulls fans seem to...
Locked On Bulls is back to bring you into the weekend, the guys discuss their latest Zach LaVine poll and how the Bulls fan base seems to be split on the idea of re-signing him.
42 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/28/2018 - Wendell Carter Jr....
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss comments made by Wendell Carter's parents about Duke and NCAA, how the guys feel critics have been harsh, and a full Bulls Mailbag with voicemails.
71 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/26/2018 - NBA Award Show, Kr...
Locked On Bulls is back and the guys discuss the NBA Award show last night, Kris Dunn getting votes for MIP, Gar Forman getting votes for Exec of the Year, Markkanen highlights, and Marcus Smart rumors.
40 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/25/2018 - Bulls introduce We...
Locked On Bulls discusses the comments made by draft picks Wendell Carter Jr. and Chandler Hutchison, discuss what Fred Hoiberg and the front office had to say, and play all the post-draft voicemails from late last week.
63 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/22/2018 - Post-Draft reactio...
Locked On Bulls is back to drive you into the weekend with their reaction to last night's NBA Draft, the guys discuss the Bulls picks, the trades that didn't happen, and the biggest blunder of the night goes to the Bulls.
69 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/21/2018 - DRAFT NIGHT 2018, ...
Locked On Bulls is back before the NBA Draft tonight, the guys go through the latest Bulls rumors, their final predictions for picks 1-7, and a look back at the last 15 years of the draft for the Bulls.
64 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/20/2018 - Bulls thinking abo...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss the rumors of the Bulls trading up to No. 3 or No. 4, what prospects need to be on the board for it be advantageous for the Bulls, rounding it out with a full Bulls mailbag.
44 min
LOCKED ON BULLS 6/19/2018 - Locked On Bulls Top...
Locked On Bulls is back and the guys go through each of their Top-5 picks at No. 7 and No. 22, players talked about include Mohamed Bamba, Wendell Carter, Michael Porter Jr., Kevin Huerter, Chandler Hutchison, Jacob Evans and more.
47 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/18/2018 - Bulls Draft Week p...
Locked On Bulls is back from the weekend, the guys discuss their draft week predictions, Michael Porter Jr. & microdiscetomy history in athletes, Paul Zipser's comments about his second season and future, and also Kawhi Leonard.
38 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/15/2018 - Guest, Host of Loc...
Locked On Bulls is back with an episode to bring you into the weekend, Jordan brings Josh Lloyd on, Host of the Locked On NBA show, to discuss all relevant Bulls topics leading up to draft night.
41 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/14/2018 - Trae Young works o...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss Trae Young working out for the Bulls today, Michael Porter Jr. cancelling his Pro-Day because of hip spasms, and Kevin Knox rumors.
42 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/13/2018 - David Nwaba signs ...
Locked On Bulls is back for a Wednesday episode, the guys discuss David Nwaba signing with a new agent, rumors of Bulls matching any max offer sheet for Zach LaVine, and our weekly segment of mailbag questions and voicemails.
48 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/12/2018 - Locked On Podcast ...
Locked On Bulls is back after the weekend, the guys discuss the Locked On NBA's mock draft, who is available at No. 7, who the guys decided to take, and whether or not you are buying the Bulls being unpleased with Kris Dunn's offseason so far.
40 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/8/2018 - Guest, Chicago Bull...
Locked On Bulls is back to drive you into the weekend, Matt Peck is joined by K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune to talk all hot topics surrounding the Chicago Bulls.
33 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/7/2018 - Bulls were the only...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss the hot topic of the day which includes a dispute about the Bulls being the only one to not attend NBA Global Camp because of a $10,000 fee as well as Michael Porter Jr. medicals being available to Bulls in advance.
47 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/6/2018 - Bulls 'sneaky playe...
Locked On Bulls is back with an hour episode, talking about what it means being sneaky in free agency, Bulls mailbag questions and voicemails on a variety of Bulls related topics.
62 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/5/2018 - Chicago Bulls meet ...
Locked On Bulls is back to discuss the most recent prospects to work out for the Chicago Bulls, Villanova's Mikal Bridges and Duke's Wendell Carter Jr. The guys talk leadership, skills, and fit for the Chicago Bulls for both prospects.
30 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/4/2018 - NBA Finals Game 2 r...
Locked On Bulls is back with a full episode, the guys recap Game 2 of the NBA Finals, react to some of the comments made by NBA prospect Mo Bamba, and the guys dive in deep about a report of the Bulls being high on Trae Young and Collin Sexton.
49 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 6/1/2018 - NBA Finals Game 1 r...
Locked On Bulls is back with their reaction from the NBA Finals Game 1, trolling everyone who said they wouldn't watch, J.R. Smith pulling a classic, and Michael Porter Jr. smoke screen season causing slide?
43 min
LOCKED ON BULLS, 5/31/2018 - Bulls set to meet ...
Locked On Bulls is back with a full hour episode, the guys discuss Mo Bamba meeting with the Bulls, Michael Porter Jr.'s stock sliding, trading up and down, and their weekly Bulls mailbag (including voicemails).
62 min