Locked On Blue Jays - Daily Podcast O...
Welcome to Locked On Blue Jays, the only daily podcast devoted to Toronto Blue Jays talk! Host A.J. Andrews brings her unique voice to discussions on topics ranging from how the Blue Jays' youngsters are doing, to how many sunflower seeds are left in Vlad Jr's hair. Join her as she navigates through the daily ongoings of Canada's only baseball team (at least until MLB wises up and moves Tampa Bay to Montreal without this split-city silliness) with a sense of irreverence, self-deprecating humour, and appearances by kitteh co-host that are clearly intended to boost ratings. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network
The Blue Jays' Sensational Starters and Sub-par...
Ryan Andrews goes over the yays and nays of the Blue Jays' season-opening set with the Tigers, from the brilliant starters, to the disappointing offensive production
17 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Twice Hittin', Win Shy E...
Fan Friday makes its glorious return to the airwaves as Ryan Andrews solicits predictions from the fans and offers their thoughts on an ultimately disappointing Opening Day.
20 min
Teeing Up the Blue Jays Openi-MORALES GOT MOVED!!!
Ryan Andrews breaks down the surprising news that Kendrys Morales has been traded from the Blue Jays, as well as who is now on the roster for Opening Day
18 min
The Blue Jays Solidify Their Roster ... Mostly
Blue Jays Spring Training is done! Ryan Andrews looks at who made the cut for the Opening Day roster, and who is battling for any spots available.
19 min
The Blue Jays' Bullpen Battle Hits La Belle Pro...
Ryan Andrews discusses how the fringe bullpen arms looked in Toronto's first of two Montreal games, and tempers expectations for the next star.
17 min
Blue Jays Bullpen Hierarchy and Montreal Matchups
Ryan Andrews triumphantly returns to Mondays with a look at how Daniel Hudson fits into the Blue Jays, and the Montreal matchups.
18 min
Projecting the Blue Jays' Opening Day 25-Man Ro...
Using knowledge gleaned from Spring Training, Ryan Andrews attempts to predict who will be on the Blue Jays' Opening Day roster against Detroit.
24 min
Blue Jays Emerge From the Cold and Pillar Inter...
After almost a month away due to various medical issues, both their own and others, Ryan Andrews returns with a brief catch-up on Blue Jays goings-on.
27 min
Blue Jays get Galvis-nized and the Travis Scrum...
Ryan Andrews returns from battling illness and fire to discuss Freddy Galvis joining the Jays and play the Devon Travis scrum interview
21 min
The Blue Jays, Roy Halladay and the Borucki/Jan...
Ryan Andrews discusses Roy Halladay's Hall of Fame induction and what it means to the franchise, as well as other Hall of Fame tidbits. Plus interviews with Ryan Borucki and Danny Jansen.
25 min
The Blue Jays Move On From Martin and Maile's M...
Ryan Andrews breaks down what the Russell Martin trade accomplishes, the new names floating around the Blue Jays bullpen, and delivers a scrum interview with Luke Maile.
24 min
The Blue Jays' Arrivals and Departures Round Th...
The second part of the latest Arrivals and Departures recap sees host Ryan Andrews discuss Troy Tulowitzki to the Yankees, as well as where the Blue Jays can go from here.
23 min
The Blue Jays' Arrivals and Departures Round Th...
It's time for another look at who is joining the Blue Jays franchise this offseason, and Ryan Andrews has all the details on the new pitchers and infielder in the organization
25 min
A Late Look Back at the 2018 Toronto Blue Jays
Host Ryan Andrews returns from a lengthy hiatus to discuss what they feel are the biggest points the 2018 Blue Jays will be remembered for (if at all).
23 min
The Blue Jays Say Ta-Ta to Tulo
Troy Tulowitzki has been released by the Blue Jays and Ryan Andrews discusses what that means for the present and future of the team.
24 min
The Blue Jays and Selling Short on Stroman and ...
Host Ryan Andrews discusses why the rumours surrounding the Blue Jays and starting pitching make no sense.
28 min
The Blue Jays and Moving On From Muscle Martin
Ryan Andrews goes over the latest in Blue Jays news involving Russell Martin rumours, Josh Donaldson in Atlanta and Mark Leiter's replacement
24 min
The Blue Jays' Arrivals and Departures Round Two
The second installment of Locked On Jays discusses the new hitting coach, the new additions to the 40-man roster and the departure of Aledmys Diaz.
26 min
The Blue Jays' Arrivals and Departures Round One
Host Ryan Andrews looks at the players heading out the door and the coach that heads in the door in this episode.
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - The People's 2018 MVP Ed...
An episode a month in the making, Ryan Andrews counts down the fans' votes for the 2018 Blue Jays MVP
26 min
The Blue Jays and Charlie Montoyo's Golden Ticket
Now that the 2018 season has ended, Ryan Andrews dives into what Blue Jays fans can expect from new manager Charlie Montoyo.
24 min
What the World Series Gave the Toronto Blue Jays
Ryan Andrews returns in the first half of a doubleheader on the podcast, discussing the World Series, and the former Blue Jays that made it happen for the Red Sox
23 min
The Blue Jays and the Smoak on the Roads
It's World Series time! Ryan Andrews has your preview as well as discussion on the Blue Jays' off-season and where Justin Smoak fits into things.
27 min
The Five Guys on the Blue Jays' Managerial Menu
Host Ryan Andrews goes over the named candidates for the Blue Jays' managerial job (and one not-named), then discusses the latest rounds of playoff baseball.
26 min
The Blue Jays' Arbitration Market Showcase Show...
Ryan Andrews gives their thoughts on the playoffs so far, the ALCS and NLCS matchups, and the prices set for the 11 Blue Jays heading to arbitration
29 min
The Blue Jays and the Merryweather Report
Back from the holiday break, host Ryan Andrews discusses the underlying stats of Julian Merryweather and looks at how ex-Blue Jays are performing in the playoffs.
27 min
The Blue Jays and Martin the Manager
Host Ryan Andrews returns as the Blue Jays begin offseason mode. Andrews discusses Russell Martin's managerial debut, new names for the opening and some MLB playoff results.
23 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Making Montreal Baseball...
In today's Fan Friday, Ryan Andrews tackles topics from across the baseball spectrum, from MLB expansion and realignment, to clearing up a Blue Jays logjam and finding potential trades.
26 min
The Blue Jays and the Grand Gesture for the Gibber
Ryan Andrews comes to grips with all the emotions from the 3-1 victory over Houston, from Gibbons and his final game in front of the home fans, to the beleaguered pitching staff
24 min
The Blue Jays Say Goodbye To Gibbons
Host Ryan Andrews bids a fond and bittersweet farewell to John Gibbons and what the manager means to the fans and city of Toronto.
23 min
The Blue Jays, Losing Lourdes and Missing Marco
Today's episode features host Ryan Andrews trying to express the emotions of last night, as well as some breaking news of the day
25 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Rookies Racking Up I...
Host Ryan Andrews dissects the rotation rookies' performances against Tampa Bay and what it means moving forward, then addresses the return of Roberto Osuna
26 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Where There's Smoak, The...
No one could believe what the Blue Jays were able to achieve in last night's ninth-inning. Host Ryan Andrews tries to confirm it all happened.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Another Bases-Loaded Boondoggle
The Blue Jays lose a tight game to the Orioles, and host Ryan Andrews is disappointed in how it came about.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Redemption for the Bullpen
Host Ryan Andrews looks at the silver lining from a game that the Blue Jays tried to lose, but the Orioles just wouldn't take win for a result.
24 min
The Blue Jays and Ryan Borucki's Outstanding Or...
Ryan Borucki delivered his best start in a Blue Jays' uniform and Ryan Andrews talks about how it shows how the rookie is learning to control the game.
22 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Giles Leiting Up the...
Monday Musings return as Ryan Andrews goes over what the Blue Jays pitching performances during the Yankees series means going forward.
25 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Solarte Eclipsed Edition
There's only one man on the minds of Blue Jays fans today, and Ryan Andrews puts the alligator boots to Yangervis Solarte and expresses the ire of a fan base.
25 min
The Blue Jays and the Rebirth of Aaron Sanchez?
Host Ryan Andrews does a little housekeeping and discusses the signs of life Aaron Sanchez showed in a tough loss to the Red Sox.
23 min
The Blue Jays and the Tale of Two Ryans
As told by a Ryan, today's episode deals with the brilliance of Ryan Borucki and the disappointment of Ryan Tepera for the Blue Jays.
23 min
The Blue Jays and the Cleveland Split
Host Ryan Andrews returns from an off-day to dissect the takeaways from the Blue Jays series with Cleveland and what it means for Rowdy Tellez, Thomas Pannone and Sean Reid-Foley.
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Rowdy Tellez Double Dip ...
In the second half of this Blue Jays Fan Friday doubleheader, host Ryan Andrews turns to the fans to help look ahead at the future of the Blue Jays roster!
25 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Delayed Gratification an...
In the first of two Fan Friday editions on the day, host Ryan Andrews praises Rowdy Tellez and the bright spot he provided in the Blue Jays' season, before asking who else should Jays fans root for in the playoffs?
26 min
The Blue Jays and Gibbons' Goings and Donaldson...
Host Ryan Andrews basks in the warm and fuzzies of a stress-free Blue Jays win before diving into the departure of John Gibbons and return of Josh Donaldson
24 min
The Blue Jays and the Donut in the Lineup
After another disappointing effort offensively, the Blue Jays have earned Ryan Andrews' ire and the host points out some easy areas where the team can improve.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Scrutinizing the Sunshine Sta...
Back from the Labor Day weekend, host Ryan Andrews devotes an episode to the starters and which ones are putting themselves in the best shape for 2019, as well as potential call-ups.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Knowing The Rain Will Not Com...
On a Saturday edition of the podcast, host Ryan Andrews dissects the Josh Donaldson trade, how it went down and why it went down as it did.
22 min
The Blue Jays Bid Farewell to Jaime Garcia
Still recovering from dental surgery, host Ryan Andrews grits through another rough Blue Jays loss and holds a tribute for Jaime Garcia.
23 min
The Blue Jays Playing Like They Are Pulling Teeth
Host Ryan Andrews battles through dental surgery to extract some truths out of a pair of Blue Jays losses at Camden Yards.
26 min
The Locked On Blue Jays 100-Episode Shindig wit...
Locked On Blue Jays celebrates its 100th episode with the keeper of Jose Meowtista, former Blue Jays Digital Marketing Manager April Whitzman joins for a feature-length interview!
49 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Morales Makin' Monum...
Back from illness, host Ryan Andrews returns with hot takes on Kendrys Morales' miraculous homer binge, some praise for young Blue Jays and a tease for tomorrow's big episode 100 show.
26 min
The Blue Jays and Tough Love for Teoscar Hernandez
Fresh off a dazzling Thomas Pannone performance, host Ryan Andrews discusses the rookie starter and Joe Biagini before laying out a plan to aid Teoscar Hernandez's recent struggles.
25 min
The Blue Jays and the Legend of Sniper McKinney
Host Ryan Andrews fails to beat the start time of the Blue Jays' day game against the Orioles but offers discussion about Thomas Pannone, Billy McKinney and Sam Gaviglio.
22 min
The Blue Jays and Bringing Back Jaime Garcia???
Host Ryan Andrews celebrates a Blue Jays win by talking about keeping Kendrys Morales and Jaime Garcia for the 2019 season, against better judgement.
23 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Rotation Rookie Wrec...
Host Ryan Andrews deals with the fallout from the Blue Jays' weekend sweep at the hands of the Yankees, including Marcus Stroman, Ryan Borucki and Justin Shafer
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Plugging the Leaking Fou...
The fans have their say as always on Fridays, and host Ryan Andrews engages in talks about Sam Gaviglio, Teoscar Hernandez and Jose Urena.
22 min
The Blue Jays and A Pox on Urena
Host Ryan Andrews welcomes everyone, Blue Jays fan or not, to a brief, friendly chat about what Jose Urena did, and the Jays' 6-5 win over the Royals.
26 min
Superman Saves the Blue Jays
A plethora of topics emerge from last night's come-from-behind Blue Jays win and Ryan Andrews discusses Kevin Pillar, Danny Jansen and Ken Giles.
21 min
The Blue Jays and the Debuts of the Young Princes
Host Ryan Andrews remains tempered in their praise of Sean Reid-Foley and Danny Jansen, and highlights a new challenger for the 2019 Blue Jays roster.
19 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Light of a New Dawn
A brief Monday Musings today, but an important one as host Ryan Andrews talks about the new Blue Jays debuting tonight!
17 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Bats for Borucki Edition
Host Ryan Andrews curates another Fan Friday edition of the podcast with a melange of Blue Jays topics on the docket.
21 min
The Blue Jays and the Back-to-Back Boston Beatd...
Host Ryan Andrews talks about another drawn-out Blue Jays loss to the Red Sox and how it is affecting the team, as well as Vlad Jr and his first AAA home run
17 min
The Blue Jays and the Downpour in the Bullpen
Host Ryan Andrews braves the humid conditions to deliver their analysis on the Blue Jays' 10-7 extra inning loss to the Red Sox and the bullpen blowup within
19 min
The 2018 Blue Jays Playlist - As Chosen By the ...
Curator Ryan Andrews delivers a 25-song playlist from Blue Jays fans that capture the depths of emotion that the team has delivered in the 2018 season.
25 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Sweep-less in Seattle
Back from a trip to the outer reaches of Nova Scotia, host Ryan Andrews has praise for most of what they saw/followed during the Blue Jays' successful series against the Mariners
26 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - A Haus With No Name Edition
Ryan Andrews curates another Blue Jays Fan Friday installment focusing on the stunning performance of Mike Hauschild and Teoscar's big day at the plate.
22 min
The Blue Jays and Surviving the Season
Host Ryan Andrews is hot (both figuratively and literally) and makes their feelings known about what the Blue Jays series in Oakland means for players and staff members alike.
21 min
The Blue Jays and A Farewell To Arms
Host Ryan Andrews discusses the departures of Aaron Loup and John Axford, as well as Yangervis Solarte's running and Vlad Jr's Buffalo debut.
18 min
Blue Jays Say Au Revoir To Osuna
Roberto Osuna has been traded away from the Blue Jays and host Ryan Andrews makes their feelings known on all aspects of the deal.
23 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Removing Roberto
In this week's Blue Jays Monday Musings, host Ryan Andrews discusses the Roberto Osuna trade talk and the highs and lows from the series with the White Sox.
25 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Happ-y Trails Edition
In this week's Blue Jays Fan Friday, Ryan Andrews discusses the J.A. Happ trade, the haul that the Blue Jays got, and where the team goes from here, with the help of the fans.
24 min
Blue Jays Tell Oh to Go to CoRo Fo Sho
A sad day at the Locked On Blue Jays studios as host Ryan Andrews welcomes Jays From the Couch writer Roy Widrig on to say farewell to Seunghwan Oh and discuss last nights abominable 11th inning.
31 min
The Blue Jays and Technical Difficulties
Despite the best efforts of Skype, host Ryan Andrews welcomes Stephen Brown back to the show to discuss the Blue Jays miserable performance against Minnesota.
27 min
Blue Jays and the Brilliantly Botched Bullpen Game
Ryan Andrews is back in fine form, but the Blue Jays did not greet them well upon their return. Andrews sounds off on it.
17 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - A Salute to Chris Ro...
Back from Vacation Week, host Ryan Andrews returns to the program to discuss the Blue Jays sweep of the Orioles, the Phillies eyeballing Curtis Granderson and the departure of Chris Rowley.
21 min
Blue Jays Mid-season Report Cards - Pitchers Ed...
In the final episode from the St. John's International Airport, host Ryan Andrews delivers grades on every single Blue Jays who has pitched for the club in 2018.
29 min
Blue Jays Mid-season Report Cards - Batters Edi...
Host Ryan Andrews continues to put in work from the St. John's Airport as they deliver grades for every Blue Jays position player that has appeared in 2018.
28 min
Stephen Brown on the 2018 Blue Jays
Friend of the show Stephen Brown takes over on hosting duties for the day and does his best not to make Ryan Andrews regret the choice.
15 min
The Blue Jays All-Star Weird All-Stars
In their first appearance during All-Star Week, Ryan Andrews celebrates the most unusual Blue Jays All-Stars in an unusual recording space.
21 min
Blue Jays Minor League Recap - From Buffalo to ...
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Mueller takes listeners on a tour of the Blue Jays' top minor-league affiliates and assesses the MVPs at the midway point of the season.
31 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Not Making That Joke Edi...
In this week's Blue Jays Fan Friday, Ryan Andrews discusses trade talks with the Yankees, Red Sox fans being stupid, and an early projection for 2019
25 min
The Blue Jays Rotation Rankings and Gumption fo...
Locked on Blue Jays co-hosts Ryan Andrews and Ryan Mueller discuss the Blue Jays' rotation hierarchy and whether or not John Gibbons deserves a shot managing the team next year
31 min
The Blue Jays and the Stroman Show Reboot
Coming off of a Blue Jays victory, it's a very positive edition of the Locked on Blue Jays podcast!
20 min
The Blue Jays and Promoting Vladimir Guerrero Jr
Locked on Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews discusses the promotion of Vladimir Guerrero Jr to Buffalo, and Roberto Osuna.
19 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Happ-y All-Star Sele...
Let Locked on Blue Jays begin your week with thoughts on a melange of topics ranging from Ryan Borucki to the 2018 All-Star Game selections!
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - All the Feels For Bautis...
Another edition of Blue Jays Fan Friday sees a bevy of topics flooding into the Locked on Blue Jays studio! Host Ryan Andrews plays traffic cop as a number of fans chime in with their responses!
20 min
Kelly Wallace on Expanded Roster, Mexican Baseb...
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews welcomes Kelly Wallace of Expanded Roster onto the program to discuss her new website, Liga Mexicana championships, and the Cubs.
29 min
The Blue Jays and Jose's Last Day?
It's the first of a Thursday twinbill on the podcast as host Ryan Andrews discusses some interesting Blue Jays topics! Really!
17 min
The Blue Jays and Jose
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews discusses the emotional return of Jose Bautista and the Blue Jays comeback win over the Mets.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Their Happ-y Returns
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews returns from Canada Day weekend to discuss the plans to trade J.A.. Happ and a prodigal son returning home.
16 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Pearcing the Heavens Edi...
Locked On Blue Jays hosts Ryan Andrews and Ryan Mueller give takes on the departure of Steve Pearce and grades from Jays followers on Fan Friday.
32 min
The Blue Jays Stuck in the Middle of the Season
On a solo edition of Locked on Blue Jays, Ryan Andrews dives into the good and the bad from yesterday's series finale against the Astros.
20 min
The Blue Jays and the Battlin' Borucki
Ryan Andrews is joined by Jays From the Couch writer Stephen Brown to discuss Ryan Borucki's debut and some AL East trade possibilities
28 min
The Blue Jays and the Godly Grichuk Grab
Host Ryan Andrews welcomes Jays From the Couch Radio co-host Wade Black to discuss the Blue Jays 6-3 win over the Astros, and the debut of Ryan Borucki.
28 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Money Morales
In this week's Monday Musings, Locked on Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews offers praise for Marcus Stroman, Steve Pearce and Kendrys Morales.
16 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Angels and Demon Fingers...
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews discusses John Lamb, Aaron Sanchez's finger and Joe Biagini on this week's Fan Friday installment.
21 min
The Blue Jays and the Angel in the Outfield
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews previews the upcoming Angels series, and digs into some Blue Jays trade strategy
20 min
Should Josh Donaldson Accept a Blue Jays Qualif...
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews comes to terms with Jaime Garcia remaining in the rotation and wonders if Josh Donaldson should sign a qualifying offer
20 min
Why The Blue Jays Can Beat Atlanta
Locked On Blue Jays host Ryan Andrews is joined by Jays From the Couch Radio co-host Wade Black to preview Toronto's upcoming two-game series with Atlanta.
29 min
Blue Jays Monday Musings - Wiping Out Washington
Locked On Blue Jays hosts Ryan Andrews and Ryan Mueller go over what Blue Jays fans can take away from a surprising three-game sweep of the Nationals
32 min