Locked On Blue Jays - Daily Podcast O...
Welcome to Locked On Blue Jays, the only daily podcast devoted to Toronto Blue Jays talk! Host A.J. Andrews brings her unique voice to discussions on topics ranging from how the Blue Jays' youngsters are doing, to how many sunflower seeds are left in Vlad Jr's hair. Join her as she navigates through the daily ongoings of Canada's only baseball team (at least until MLB wises up and moves Tampa Bay to Montreal without this split-city silliness) with a sense of irreverence, self-deprecating humour, and appearances by kitteh co-host that are clearly intended to boost ratings. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network
The Blue Jays and Welcome to Opening Day... Sor...
A.J. Andrews talks about what Opening Day should have been, the trio of players optioned by the Blue Jays today, and the results of Toronto's Opening Day sim game against Boston.
20 min
The Blue Jays OOTP 2020 Season Preview with gue...
A.J. Andrews hosts the season preview for the alternate video game universe of 2020 that sees the Blue Jays set to take on the Red Sox and she has Shaun Doyle of Jays From the Couch to help!
32 min
The Blue Jays and Watching More Elbows Blow Out
A.J. Andrews discusses the news that Noah Syndergaard needs Tommy John, and how that bodes ominously for younger pitchers who throw 100. Also, some lighter news in the second half!
17 min
The Blue Jays and When Is Baseball Coming Back?
A.J. Andrews discusses conflicting beliefs between Jon Heyman and Mark Shapiro over when the MLB season will begin, and she offers updates on an OOTP trade and a trade offer that she laughed at.
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Who Do You Want Now Edition
A.J. Andrews discusses the optioning of Anthony Kay and Sean Reid-Foley as well as the MLB's "support" for minor leaguers before diving into the players you want signed to the OOTP Jays
24 min
The Blue Jays and Missing a Window Against the ...
A.J. Andrews is reminded that while Chris Sale may be done for 2020, and that hurts the Red Sox, the Yankees are growing stronger by the day. Also some OTTP transaction criticism!
21 min
The Blue Jays and MLB Ditching the Draft
A.J. Andrews discusses the MLB's reasons for wanting to cancel the 2020 Draft (spoiler: it's money), and has some gripes with the starting Blue Jays roster in the OOTP simulation
22 min
The Blue Jays and a Ma'am Thanks Pham For His M...
A.J. Andrews discusses Bob Nightengale's USA Today column in which Tommy Pham lambastes MLB for its actions, as well as a podcast content update.
17 min
The Blue Jays and a Birthday for Vladito
A.J. Andrews celebrates the birthday of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by analyzing where he is now and where he is going in his career. Plus, Joe Panik is on the 40-man!
17 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - What Do We Do Now? Edition
A.J. Andrews discusses what the fans' plans are with the baseball season on the shelf, as well as some of her own ideas. Don't worry, the podcast will march on.
23 min
The Blue Jays and the Day the Ball Stood Still
A.J. Andrews' kitteh co-host distraction doesn't work, so she talks about the postponement of baseball, and the Blue Jays last game before the curtain fell.
19 min
The Blue Jays and Baseball Games Without Fans
A.J. Andrews preempts her talk about the Blue Jays absolute destruction of the Orioles today to discuss how Toronto and others should handle the growing coronavirus pandemic.
18 min
The Blue Jays and the Banishment of Alejandro K...
A.J. Andrews discusses the first round of roster cuts made by the Blue Jays (in particular one emerging fan favorite) and the past two days of games from Florida.
22 min
Keegan Matheson Round Two: On Trent Thornton an...
The second half of A.J. Andrews' conversation with MLB.com writer Keegan Matheson sees the two discuss Blue Jays' pitching and who is catching eyes at Jays' Camp in Florida.
30 min
Blue Jays Fan Sunday - Take Me To My Church Edi...
A never-before seen Fan Sunday edition of the podcast sees A.J. Andrews do her best to go over the fans' brightest stars and biggest disappointments from Spring Training thus far!
23 min
Keegan Matheson Round One: On Danny Jansen's Ro...
A double dose of Nova Scotia comes your way as MLB.com's Keegan Matheson joins A.J. Andrews for the first of a pair of episodes!
23 min
The Blue Jays and Being Caught in Port Charlott...
A.J. Andrews examines the wreckage from a rough Blue Jays game in Port Charlotte against the Rays, trying to find some bright spots. She got something.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Danny Jansen's Dinger Display
A.J. Andrews acquires a new co-host, temporarily, before diving into some Spring Training number, focusing primarily on Danny Jansen.
18 min
Mike Wilner Round Three: More Gushing About Nat...
The thrilling conclusion of the Mike Wilner trilogy sees the Blue Jays play-by-play man and host A.J. Andrews discuss Nate Pearson looking awesome and other pitching topics.
38 min
Mike Wilner Round Two: On How Bo Bichette is Ba...
The second round of conversation between A.J. Andrews and Blue Jays play-by-play man Mike Wilner focuses on the Blue Jays batters and why no one should believe anything after a week of Spring Training
23 min
Mike Wilner Round One: On the Dirty, Cheating A...
A.J. Andrews welcomes Blue Jays play-by-play man Mike Wilner onto the podcast for the first of three episodes, starting with his thoughts on the Astros and Larry Walker.
31 min
The Blue Jays and Nate Pearson Looks Like Every...
A.J. Andrews gushes about Nate Pearson for a bit. She's allowed to. Then she turns her attention to other performances from Tuesday's split-squad games.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Thoughts of Bigger Baseballs ...
A.J. Andrews gets a chance to collect her thoughts on the first three games of Blue Jays Spring Training, complete with talk about bigger baseballs (compared to Japan anyway)..
18 min
Scott MacArthur Round Three, Part Two: The Hung...
The four-part trilogy concludes on Locked On Blue Jays as A.J. Andrews and Sportsnet's Scott MacArthur dive into the Blue Jays bullpen and what the heck is going to happen there.
29 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - 300 Islands No Longer in...
A.J. Andrews reflects on the path to 300 episodes, then yells at Rogers for being extremely short-sighted. That sounds about right.
20 min
Scott MacArthur Round Three, Part One: Breaking...
The Scott MacArthur trilogy continues with the third of four episodes (don't ask), as he and A.J. Andrews discuss who will be the Blue Jays' fifth starter in April and in June
25 min
Scott MacArthur Round Two: On Whether to Get Ro...
Part two of A.J. Andrews' interview with Sportsnet's Scott MacArthur sees the two break down the position battles on the offensive side of the ball.
28 min
Scott MacArthur Round One: A Treatise on Rob Ma...
A.J. Andrews welcomes friend of the show Scott MacArthur of Sportsnet back onto the podcast for the first of three shows, this one discussing Rob Manfred and the Astros.
32 min
The Blue Jays and Remembering Tony Fernández an...
A.J. Andrews begins a sombre edition of the podcast by remembering the life of Tony Fernández. Then she excoriates Rob Manfred, which is much more fun. Plus, our new Fantasy Minute!
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Love Is In The Air Edition
A.J. Andrews celebrates a special Fan Friday with some Valentine's from the fans! Plus news about Randal Grichuk and Ryan Borucki turns heads out of Spring Training.
18 min
The Blue Jays and MLB Rule Changes That Definit...
A.J. Andrews does her best to explain to Rob Manfred why his rule changes are futile, especially the main one designed to speed up the pace of play.
21 min
The Blue Jays and Dave Hudgens, and Thoughts on...
A.J. Andrews doubles up today to discuss the non-baseball topic of Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya coming out and what it means in sports, as well as Dave Hudgens' kinda-apology
20 min
The Blue Jays and Reese's Pieces and the Obviou...
A.J. Andrews disrupts her planned sombre discussion of Kevin Pillar's contract with the Red Sox and Eric Pardinho's Tommy John surgery, because now she has to talk about Reese McGuire's genitals.
19 min
The Blue Jays and Mike Bolsinger's Stand
A.J. Andrews returns from a kinda weekend to discuss ex-Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger's lawsuit against the Astros and the DFA of Breyvic Valera.
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Shaking Off the Rust Edi...
The first Fan Friday of 2020 is upon us, and A.J. Andrews discusses the Blue Jays offseason with the help of the fans, as well as new signings and spring training invites!
21 min
The Blue Jays and Giving Gil Kim a Jersey
A.J. Andrews discusses the newest member of the Blue Jays' clubhouse staff, director of player development Gil Kim, as well as the comparisons Shi Davidi makes between the Blue Jays and the Red Sox regarding Mookie Betts
17 min
The Blue Jays and Bidding Betts a Bon Voyage
A.J. Andrews does everything but pop some champagne on the news of the Mookie Betts trade. She breaks down how this impacts the Jays.
21 min
The Blue Jays and the One Spot Left to Address
A.J. Andrews shouts out her fans, then runs through the Blue Jays offseason before finding the one thing they haven't checked off the list and the person who could easily fill that role.
22 min
The Blue Jays and Lessons From the Super Bowl
A.J. Andrews rides that Super Bowl train and explains what Toronto can learn from San Francisco and Kansas City.
15 min
The Blue Jays and Appreciating Tony Fernández
A.J. Andrews pays tribute and sends best wishes to Tony Fernández, while wondering why the Blue Jays are taking so long to move Rafael Dolis to the active roster.
21 min
The Blue Jays and Doling Out Dough For Dolis
A.J. Andrews puts in another late night to discuss who the Blue Jays added in Rafael Dolis, as well as someone they didn't add.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Gibby Going to the Dark Side?
A.J. Andrews begins to ramp up production as she discusses Blue Jays-related fallout from the Astros scandal and the latest batch of minor-league signings.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Their Next Hall of Famer?
A.J. Andrews celebrates 2020 by breaking down the punishment of the Astros, the potential punishment of the Red Sox and the next Blue Jay in the Hall of Fame
22 min
The Blue Jays and the Midnight Hadouken of Sign...
A.J. Andrews snaps out of her Grumpy Cat-induced slumber to gush over the Blue Jays signing of Hyun-Jin Ryu
24 min
The Blue Jays and Signing Shun
A.J. Andrews celebrates her birthday by unpacking the Blue Jays' present, the signing of Japanese hurler Shun Yamaguchi
20 min
The Blue Jays and Roark-ing You Like A Hurricane
A.J. Andrews awakens to discuss what the signing of Tanner Roark does for the Blue Jays on and off the field, as well as some minor-league contracts.
23 min
The Blue Jays and Who They Don't Got (Round 1)
The final act of the Got Trilogy sees A.J. Andrews bid farewell to some long-serving members of the Blue Jays roster.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Who Could Be Got (Round 1)
The trilogy continues as A.J. Andrews discusses rumors surrounding Japanese outfielders and a surprising free agent target for the Blue Jays.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Who They Got (Round 1)
A.J. Andrews returns with the first of a trilogy of podcasts detailing the Blue Jays' offseason thus far. We talk Chase Anderson, Anthony Bass and Ken Huckaby!
23 min
The Blue Jays and Lessons Learned From the Worl...
A.J. Andrews delivers a couple of takeaways that the Blue Jays should heed in the wake of the Nationals' World Series win
18 min
The Blue Jays Writer Back in the Saddle
After a long break for personal and mental health reasons, A.J. Andrews returns to give an update on where she is and talk about karma killing the Astros.
19 min
The Blue Jays and the Importance of Conditioning
A.J. Andrews discusses the comments made by the Blue Jays front office this week about conditioning and spending, as well as a really stupid proposal.
17 min
The Blue Jays and Watching Josh Hader Fail
A.J. Andrews expresses her joy at the Nationals 4-3 win over the Brewers in the wild-card game, and talks about the impacts a pair of Blue Jays made before the season ended
18 min
Blue Jays Fan Monday - Last Day of School Edition
A.J. Andrews returns to action after icing down following her momentous athletic achievement by going over your grades for the 2019 Toronto Blue Jays season.
21 min
The Blue Jays and Keeping the Smoak Going?
A.J. Andrews returns from a night with her niece to discuss the futures of a pair of Blue Jays, Justin Smoak and Anthony Alford.
19 min
The Blue Jays and Billy Batting Leadoff???
Yup. She's talking about it. A.J. Andrews records a late-night episode where she discusses Billy McKinney's recent leadoff success and what to do with Jordan Romano.
21 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Finding Some Faith Edition
The second-to-last #BlueJays #FanFriday of the year sees A.J. Andrews asking where the optimism levels are at as the Baby Jays get hot late in the season.
23 min
The Blue Jays and Bo Goes to the Bench
A.J. Andrews hops on the mic to discuss the Blue Jays' addition of Breyvic Valera and what that means for Bo Bichette. Also, enjoying the Baltimore sweep.
19 min
The Blue Jays and Cavan's Cycle
A.J. Andrews celebrates a historic day in Blue Jays land, as Ryan Dull joins the fold! Also Cavan Biggio did something... or maybe it was Craig...
18 min
The Blue Jays and Moving On Without Mayza
A.J. Andrews offers her thoughts on who could replace Tim Mayza as the Blue Jays' lefty option in 2020 and previews the upcoming series with the Orioles.
20 min
The Blue Jays and an Enjoyable Series With the ...
A.J. Andrews returns from her trip to Toronto by discussing her experience as a fan at the Blue Jays' game against the Yankees, and the pitching performances that made it enjoyable.
20 min
The Blue Jays and a Very Clayton Richard Birthday
A.J. Andrews goes into the late hours for this episode that discusses Clayton Richard's Toronto tenure and previews the Yankees series before hopping a flight to go there herself.
19 min
The Blue Jays and the Derek Fisher Game
A.J. Andrews prepares for her upcoming flight to Toronto by commiserating over a brutal Blue Jays performance. But is Trent Thornton now a ray of sunshine in the dark?
18 min
The Blue Jays and Getting Rowdy Against Boston
A.J. Andrews caps off the tripleheader by discussing Rowdy Tellez' role in the win over Boston and previewing tonight's game.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Why Steve Simmons is Talking ...
A.J. Andrews continues her tour de force post-hurricane by talking about Steve Simmons talking about the Jays, and what Beau Taylor's exodus means.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Tough Times in Tampa Bay
A.J. Andrews emerges from the hurricane stronger, more resilient and its a good thing, because she's talking about the Blue Jays' series against the Rays.
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Saturday - O Kay Blue Jays Edition
As the storm continues to rage, A.J. Andrews takes a look at the scheduled debut of Anthony Kay for the Blue Jays, as well as the listeners' lineup cards
19 min
The Blue Jays and Riding Out the Storm
As Hurricane Dorian bears down on her province, A.J. Andrews tries to hammer the metaphor into the ground for what she witnessed with the Blue Jays in Tampa.
17 min
Ryan Mueller and the 2019 Blue Jays Minor Leagu...
Jays From the Couch minor league guru Ryan Mueller joins A.J. Andrews to hand out some metaphorical hardware to the stars of the Blue Jays' minor league affiliates.
34 min
The Blue Jays and Raining on their Own Parade
A.J. Andrews completes the tripleheader Tuesday with a discussion of the sloppy baseball played by Toronto against Atlanta and the expanded roster callups.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Tilting at Verlander's Windmills
The second of three Tuesday episodes sees A.J. Andrews discuss Justin Verlander's no-hitter and some Blue Jays standouts in the Houston series
17 min
The Blue Jays and Vladdy Getting the Boot
A.J. Andrews returns from another pleasant weekend of battling through issues off the mic to bring a recap of the weekend on the mic, including Vladdy's ejection.
16 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Who Gets the Call? Edition
In a Blue Jays Fan Friday that's actually on a Friday, A.J. Andrews discusses who the likely call-ups afor the Blue Jays when rosters expand.
21 min
The Blue Jays and an All-Right Atlanta Series
A.J. Andrews returns after dealing with some personal issues to discuss the performance of the Blue Jays against Atlanta.
19 min
The Blue Jays and the Return of the Rain
The trifecta is completed as A.J. Andrews discusses Atlanta's opening game against Toronto tonight, a homecoming for Mike Soroka and the return of Josh Donaldson
15 min
The Blue Jays and the Clay Buchholz Conundrum
A.J. Andrews continues her comeback with a look at the Blue Jays' recent series against the Mariners, and Clay Buchholz' future with the team
17 min
Blue Jays Fan Tuesday - Late to the Stadium Edi...
A.J. Andrews does her best to make up for a prolonged absence by giving away a hat, and talking about stadiums Blue Jays fans want to go to!
20 min
The Blue Jays and the Dealings With the Dodgers
A.J. Andrews is still staying up late, and she has thoughts on the Blue Jays' overall performances against the Dodgers.
18 min
So Who Is Going To Start For the Blue Jays?
No blips, no beeps, A.J. Andrews is solo tonight and she's wondering who the heck is going to throw the bulk innings for this Blue Jays team.
19 min
Remembering Marco Estrada and a Derek Fisher Pr...
Stephen Brown is back for another episode and he talks with A.J. Andrews about the career of Marco Estrada and an idea for Derek Fisher
26 min
Stephen Brown on T.J. Zeuch, Nate Pearson and S...
Given the way the Dodgers game is going, A.J. Andrews brings Stephen Brown back on the show to talk about happier things in Blue Jays land
24 min
Blue Jays Fan Saturday - Vladdy Go Golfing Edition
A.J. Andrews makes a rare weekend appearance with her Fan Friday edition pushed back by the sheer absurdity of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s home run on Friday night
23 min
The Blue Jays and How to Sink Seattle
A.J. Andrews gives various updates on her life and things around it as she tries to work herself up for a three-game series against Seattle
18 min
The Blue Jays and the Pitching Stew
A.J. Andrews talks late into the night about the pitching hierarchies that emerged during the Blue Jays' series win over the Rangers.
20 min
The Blue Jays and the Odor of Victories
With the help of the community, A.J. Andrews does her best to talk about the Blue Jays' offense in a season-series win over the Rangers, and the sad case of Rougned Odor
19 min
The Blue Jays and Freddy Riding the Freeway Out
Live from her car, A.J. Andrews starts catching up by talking about Freddy Galvis' departure and the Blue Jays' split with the Yankees
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Shapiro Says Edition
A.J. Andrews welcomes Fan Friday back in grand style, talking about all your projections on when the Blue Jays will be competitive again, as well as some injury notes.
28 min
The Blue Jays and A Date With the Yankees
A.J. Andrews records at a normal time for once and delivers a preview of the Blue Jays-Yankees series that focuses on some starting rotation questions.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Finding God...ley
A.J. Andrews rubs her hands with glee at all the puns she can make with the Blue Jays' newest acquisition, and at a rare series win in the Trop.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Wags Leading the Rotation Pack
In the second episode of the day/first episode of the next day, A.J. Andrews discusses some improved performances in the Blue Jays' pitching staff.
19 min
The Blue Jays and the Bo Train That Keeps Rolling
A.J. Andrews returns from a vacation that was that in name only to gush about Bo Bichette some more, and praise an underrated aspect of a certain Jay's skillset.
19 min
Stephen Brown on the Jays' Hot Hitters, Cool De...
Jays From the Couch writer Stephen Brown joins host A.J. Andrews to share his thoughts on the Toronto offense heating up and the deadline passing by as it did.
26 min
The Blue Jays and the Royal Flush
A.J. Andrews does her best to restrain herself as she discusses the Blue Jays' Kansas City performance.
19 min
The Blue Jays' Trade Deadline Grades
A.J. Andrews does her best to restrain herself as she discusses the Blue Jays' trade deadline performance.
26 min
Scott MacArthur on Owning Their Nature, Sending...
Sportsnet's Scott MacArthur joins host A.J. Andrews to discuss life after coming out, the Marcus Stroman deal, Eric Sogard and Bo Bichette.
63 min
Blue Jays Fan Monday - Too Many Things Happenin...
A.J. Andrews does what she should have done last week and discusses Troy Tulowitzki's retirement, as well as the Blue Jays' series against the Rays.
24 min
The Blue Jays Drop the Final Curtain on the Str...
A.J. Andrews talks Blue Jays fans through the grieving process following the trades of Eric Sogard and Marcus Stroman, as well touching on the Bo Bichette callup
25 min
The Blue Jays and the StroShow Series Finale?
A.J. Andrews discusses the emotions of what could be Marcus Stroman's final start in Toronto.
22 min
The Blue Jays and Seeing Cleveland Burned by Smoak
A.J. Andrews discusses some much needed positives from last night extra innings win over Cleveland for a couple of beleaguered Blue Jays.
19 min
Ryan Mueller on Bo Bichette, Nate Pearson and O...
JFtC minor league guru Ryan Mueller drops by in the first of the long awaited Interview Week episodes to discuss the Blue Jays' minor leaguers with A.J. Andrews!
32 min