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Locked On Canadiens is a daily podcast covering the Montreal Canadiens, for Habs fans everywhere. Scott Matla and Laura Saba bring you daily Canadiens news, commentary, opinions, trivia and more. Whether you're in Montreal or following your beloved Habs from afar, we, along with a variety of guests, will have your fix every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Episode 190 - There's Something About Carey
Carey Price remains amazing so we're spending time to praise his overall play, and it's the Friday Mailbag!
30 min
Episode 189 - Nerd Dad
We recap that MASSIVE WIN in Game 3 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Qualifying round.
27 min
Episode 188 - Stop Trying to Make Dale Weise Ha...
Scott and Laura discuss changes they do and don't want to see for game three, and touch on the Stars and Golden Knights kneeling for equality
25 min
Episode 187 - Joel Armia, Double Agent...?
Carey Price was amazing, the rest of the Habs were not! We'll be breaking down the good and bad from Monday's loss to Pittsburgh.
26 min
Episode 186 - Smug Life
We discuss the Montreal Canadiens' win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Qualifier between the two teams.
26 min
Episode 185 - This Cookie is a Lie
It's the Friday Mailbag episode, with our thoughts on Jesperi Kotkaniemi's development, where Cole Caufield will end up if the NCAA season is cancelled or postponed, and more.
23 min
Episode 184 - Cerebral Prime
Semi-real Habs hockey is back and we're here to break down Tuesday's 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs!
26 min
Episode 183 - Missing Pieces
In the third and final installment of our crossover with Locked On Penguins, we talk about head-to-head matchups and make our predictions for the series.
32 min
Episode 182 - Kick Them Out of the Bubble with ...
Part 2 of our qualifying round preview with Hunter Hodies of Locked on Penguins!
30 min
Episode 181 - Birthday Ruining, with Hunter Hod...
In part 1 of our crossover with Locked On Penguins, we discuss the season that was and some storylines that may have changed during the pause in the NHL season.
25 min
Episode 180 - Bagel Bites
Where in the world is Alexander Romanov, positive Covid tests in Montreal, and the Friday Mailbag!
25 min
Episode 179 - 2 Sean 2 Gentille
In the second part of our interview with The Athletic's Sean Gentille, we discuss Sidney Crosby, the versatility of the Penguins' bottom six, and what it's like to cover sports during the pandemic.
27 min
Episode 178 - Incompetence Conspiracies with Se...
Sean Gentille of the Athletic Pittsburgh joins us to talk about the upcoming NHL play-in series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadiens.iens.
25 min
Episode 177 - Vote for Danault You Cowards
Scott and Laura get mad at the Selke voting, and talk about the new and improved Jesperi Kotkaniemi
22 min
Episode 176 - Willy Wonka Nonsense
It's a Monday Mailbag episode!
26 min
Episode 175 - Secret Superhero with Marisa Ingemi
Laura is joined by special guest co-host Marisa Ingemi to discuss playoff predictions, the Lady Byng award finalists, and Habs vs Bruins Superlatives
22 min
Episode 174 - The Aesthetic Episode
Habs beards, mullets, new goalie pads and so much more inside today's show!
24 min
Episode 173 - Cole Caufield Piggyback Rides
Breaking down the details of Alexander Romanov's ELC, and looking at the storylines from the opening week of Training Camp
20 min
Episode 172 - Alexander Romanov and Some Other ...
We continue our roundup of all the breaking news with a discussion of the NHL salary cap next season, Alexander Romanov finally signing with the Canadiens, and the frenzy being reintroduced into Free Agent Frenzy day.
20 min
Episode 171 - Caution is Advised
We begin our roundup of all the NHL and Montreal Canadiens news of the last few days with players testing positive for COVID-19, Max Domi waiting on the decision to join his teammates in Phase 3, and the NHL play-in round schedule.
19 min
Episode 170 - Hotel X Gon' Give it to Ya
More Habs arrive in Brossard for the return to play, breaking down the NHL Hub hotels, and the Friday Mailbag!
33 min
Episode 169 - The Gang Runs an NHL Team
The NHL announced further plans for a return to play, including a CBA extension, so how does it all impact the Habs?
28 min
Episode 168 - Free Money
We have many thoughts on the NHL's Return To Play timeline, and Josh Brook's development.
27 min
Episode 167 - An Exponentially Ridiculous Amoun...
Hub cities, participation in the Olympics, draft pick trade scenarios, axe throwing, and more.
27 min
Episode 166 - The Great Divide
Discussing more dark clouds over the NHL's return to play plan, and revisiting the P.K. Subban for Shea Weber trade four years later
28 min
Episode 165 - Willful Chaos Creation
In this episode, we talk about the NHL Draft Lottery results, including the effect on the Canadiens' future. We also discuss the 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees.
32 min
Episode 164 - Welcome to Flavortown
Talking about Columbus possibly becoming Flavortown, missing out on NHL Draft weekend and the mailbag!
33 min
Episode 163 - No Country For Old Defensemen
We look into the future and answer listener questions about what the Montreal Canadiens will look like in the next couple of years.
34 min
Episode 162 - Asterisk Playoffs
Breaking down the Penguins goaltending choice, debating if the playoffs even happen(again), and what does the future look like without Carey Price?
27 min
Episode 161 - Canadian Tuxedo
We discuss the class action Daniel Carcillo and Garrett Taylor have filed against the CHL and answer listener questions.
28 min
Episode 160 - Buffalo's GM Carousel
More of the Last Dance for the Habs, and how does Buffalo firing their GM affect Montreal?
26 min
Episode 159 - La derniere danse
We discuss Youppi's induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame, and debate which Canadiens season deserves the Last Dance treatment.
25 min
Episode 158 - A Mountain of Beef Jerky
More Habs fan stories and memories, and the Friday Mailbag!
32 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
85 min
Episode 157 - Petty Petty Petty
In this episode, we discuss the Montreal Canadiens nominee for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, Shea Weber, as well as Habs items we own.
27 min
Episode 156 - Bad Luck
Discussing the playoff seeding, and how did you become a Habs fan?
30 min
Episode 155 - Putting Words Into Action
Some more thoughts on NHL players speaking out, and the weekly mailbag.
37 min
Episode 154 - Time for Meaningful Change
Discussing the hockey world's response to the protests across the United States
27 min
Episode 153 - Waterproof Walkman
In this episode, we take a trip back in time to 1995 as well as 2010 to see what the Montreal Canadiens, and the rest of the world, were up to.
31 min
Episode 152 - We're Going on an Adventure!
The Friday mailbag, featuring playoff questions, free agency and summer grilling.
28 min
Episode 151 - Tales From the Last Cup Season
We discuss the latest on the 2020 NHL playoffs and draft lottery before taking a trip back in time to the year the Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup.
33 min
Episode 150 - 80 Saves or Bust
Breaking down the NHL's newly approved playoff format, and why is Pittsburgh mad about Carey Price?
28 min
Episode 149 - Nacho Cheese Lotion
This week's Friday mailbag features lots of questions about the proposed 24-team NHL playoff format.
30 min
Episode 148 - Playoffs?
Draft Lottery or Playoffs?
26 min
Episode 147 - What if Pierre McGuire was Habs GM?
We discuss What-If scenarios like Andrei Markov as Canadiens captain, and Pierre McGuire as Habs GM.
26 min
Episode 146 - Marc Bergevin's Spongebob Tattoo
Ranking the all-time Canadian teams rosters, and the Friday mailbag!
40 min
Episode 145 - Sliding Doors in 2010
Julian McKenzie joins us to discuss the Laval Rocket season that was, the 2010 Montreal Canadiens playoff run, and a What If scenario stemming from that.
32 min
Episode 144 - Happy Romanov Day!
ALEXANDER ROMANOV IS A MONTREAL CANADIEN...Also we dive into some of the great "What if?" moments in Habs history
31 min
Episode 143 - The Gold Standard
In this week's mailbag episode, we talk about Carey Price, which Habs we would like to be quarantined with, and the Habs as poutine.
28 min
Episode 142 - Bob Cole Calls a Street Fight
Scott and Laura discuss the Habs/Leafs all time teams, and reminisce on two of the greatest games in Habs history.
28 min
Episode 141 - Virtual Bad Ideas
Scott and Laura talk about the NHL sending a memo to teams suggesting a virtual NHL Entry Draft in early June, some Habs signings, and a box set of the greatest Habs games in history.
26 min
Episode 140 - Moonlighting Options for Tyler Se...
More of our listeners greatest moments in Habs history and the Friday mailbag!
41 min
Episode 139 - Learn to Count
We talk about our personal favourites out of the greatest moments in Montreal Canadiens history.
31 min
Episode 138 - Literal Chills
Scott and Laura kick off a week of the Habs Greatest Moments
29 min
Episode 137 - Pierre
An all-new Friday mailbag episode, in which we discuss the upcoming draft, whether we would trade Jonathan Drouin or Max Domi, and more.
32 min
Episode 136 - She Thinks My Traktor's Sexy
Scott and Laura discuss the newest Habs signing, and more of their favorite moments from this season
28 min
Episode 135 - It's Not All Bad
Scott and Laura discuss whether the Canadiens should reach out to Dustin Byfuglien, some of the best moments of this year, and the Canadiens bracket we will be posting soon.
32 min
Episode 134 - Forgot about Andrei
Talking about Andrei Markov's Montreal legacy and the Friday mailbag!
48 min
Episode 133 - Douglas Murray Slander
Scott and Laura Welcome Kyle Demetrius from Locked On Sharks to talk about the best Montreal Canadiens season in history.
35 min
Episode 132 - Where is Their Furniture?
The Habs TikTok craze continues, what does this summer hold for Charles Hudon, and Alexander Romanov news!
28 min
Episode 131 - His Butt is a Weapon
An all-mailbag episode this week, as our listeners bring it with their questions.
34 min
Episode 130 - Best of the Rest
Talking Cole Caufield, and the 70's Montreal Canadiens Dynasty
30 min
Episode 129 - Murder in the Handshake Line
Scott and Laura re-live the 2014 playoff series between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.
28 min
Episode 128 - Shea Weber at a Rave
It's the Friday Mailbag and we're talking about Shea Weber's super secret double life!
33 min
Episode 127 - We are the Walrus
Scott and Laure re-live the 2013 playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.
27 min
Episode 126 - Glove Malfunction
Scott and Laura take a look back at the 2011 playoffs against the Boston Bruins
28 min
Episode 125 - TikTok NHL Draft
Discussing new contract signings, the NHL Draft not being in Montreal and the Mailbag!
25 min
Episode 124 - Why Couldn't they Just Flip a Coi...
Hockey Writer Sean McIndoe joins us to discuss his book, Phil Kessel, underrated NHL players in history, one of the weirdest true stories about the NHL, and why it's so hard to pick the top four seeds in a March-Madness-style bracket of Leafs players.
28 min
Episode 123 - The Nick Suzuki Award for Being N...
Your hosts discuss a couple of pieces of Habs news and share their opinion on this season's NHL award candidates.
31 min
Episode 122 - Scouting the Unseen
Talking underrated players, and how hockey cancellations might impact the NHL Draft.
35 min
Episode 121 - Playoff Format Speculation
Scott and Laura discuss upcoming podcast plans, Alex Belzile's new contract, Cole Caufield's expected progress over the next year, and potential Stanley Cup playoff scenarios for this year.
29 min
Episode 120 - Is Gatorade a Snack?
Scott and Laura answer listener questions in this week's mailbag episode.
39 min
Episode 119 - Have You Seen His Butt?
Scott and Laura welcome Kyle Demetrius of Locked On Sharks to help build a Montreal Canadiens March Madness style bracket.
30 min
Episode 118 - The Future of Cole Caufield
Laura is joined by Sarah Avampato of Locked On LA Kings and Locked On NHL to talk all manner of hockey-related talk, but most importantly about Cole Caufield.
41 min
Episode 117 - Our Favourite Game Stories
In this episode, your hosts share their favourte stories of games they experienced, and invite you to share yours as well.
25 min
Episode 116 - Relegate the Senators
JD from Locked on Ducks joins to talk tanking, the AHL, and making fun of the Senators
38 min
Episode 115 - We Got You
An extended Friday mailbag episode as well as some details on our content plans while the NHL season is suspended.
31 min
Episode 114 - Artificial Parity
Tank battles with Buffalo,talking about the Rocket, and how the loser point is actually bad
32 min
Episode 113 - One Corn Chip
We look for positives in the Montreal Canadiens game against the Nashville Predators, discuss what contingency plans the NHL could put into place for emergencies, and predict the Habs' draft position.
27 min
Episode 112 - Montreal has a Country Music Fest...
Previewing the Nashville game, talking about Laval's playoff hopes, and how the Corona virus impacts the NHL.
32 min
Episode 111 - Pocket Rocket
Scott and Laura discuss Henri Richard's legacy and check in on Cole Caufield's development.
28 min
Episode 110 - Charles in Charge
Recapping the Tampa Bay debacle, and Friday mailbag!
38 min
Episode 109 - Get In Loser, We're Going UFA Sho...
Your hosts discuss the NHL headlines of the day and how they impact the Montreal Canadiens going forward.
31 min
Episode 108 - Irrational Favorites
The Habs won again, lost Tomas Tatar, but are keeping Claude Julien for next season!
29 min
Episode 107 - Anonymous Hab-Killers with Dan Sa...
Scott and Laura welcome Dan Saraceni of Lighthouse Hockey to learn a little about the New York Islanders ahead of tonight's Canadiens game against them.
29 min
Episode 106 - We Will Never Forgive Chris Krieder
Talking about Marc Bergevin's interview with La Presse, and what the future holds for the current core in Montreal
31 min
Episode 105 - Fire Everybody
Scott and Laura discuss the disappointing result in the Canadiens' game against the Rangers, discuss issues with coaching, and answer mailbag questions.
30 min
Episode 104 - High Hopes
Previewing the Rangers game, an injury update, and what is next for the Canadiens goaltending?
28 min
Episode 103 - Grip it and Rip it
Scott and Laura discuss the Canadiens' overtime loss to the Vancouver Canucks, the traits an ideal GM candidate would possess, and how drafting is not an exact science.
32 min
Episode 102 - Serenity Now
Recapping the trade deadline, and pondering whether or not Montreal needs to admit they're in a rebuild
27 min
Episode 101 - Trade Deadline Guesses
Scott and Laura recap the Canadiens' shutout win over the Senators, discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs' loss to Carolina Hurricanes, and try to guess what the Canadiens will do by the time the trade deadline hits.
31 min
Episode 100 - Some Lehk It Hot
Scott and Laura celebrate their 100th show with a giant mailbag episode!
40 min
Episode 99 - Amuse Boucher
After three episodes of yelling, your hosts turn their attention to scouting, development, and defense coaches.
30 min
Episode 98 - Everything Must Go
Montreal finally did the impossible, losing all four games to Detroit this year, so it's time to sell everyone.
27 min
Episode 97 - Who is at Fault?
Scott and Laura play the blame game and discuss, in the form of rants, why the Montreal Canadiens continue to be mediocre... year after year.
28 min
Episode 96 - Putting the "L" in Montreal
The Habs lost twice in bad fashion, so the hosts discuss their next move, and the circumstances of Saturday's ref incident in Montreal.
33 min
Episode 95 - Must Be Nice
Scott and Laura welcome Mike Darnay of the Dying Alive podcast to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins before moving on to the weekly mailbag.
29 min
Episode 94 - Weber-Gate
Shea Weber's injury comes to light and Montreal plays a dumb game against the Bruins.
31 min
Episode 93 - Wait, who?
Scott and Laura discuss the latest on Shea Weber's injury and try to set up the Montreal Canadiens' game against the Boston Bruins, but get derailed by an absolutely hilarious goaltending tweet.
28 min
Episode 92 - I Danault Anymore
The Habs lose in the dumbest way possible to Arizona, and how does the Jason Zucker trade effect Montreal?
33 min