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Locked On Canadiens is a daily podcast covering the Montreal Canadiens, for Habs fans everywhere. Scott Matla and Laura Saba bring you daily Canadiens news, commentary, opinions, trivia and more. Whether you're in Montreal or following your beloved Habs from afar, we, along with a variety of guests, will have your fix every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
Episode 127 - We are the Walrus
Scott and Laure re-live the 2013 playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.
27 min
Episode 126 - Glove Malfunction
Scott and Laura take a look back at the 2011 playoffs against the Boston Bruins
28 min
Episode 125 - TikTok NHL Draft
Discussing new contract signings, the NHL Draft not being in Montreal and the Mailbag!
25 min
Episode 124 - Why Couldn't they Just Flip a Coi...
Hockey Writer Sean McIndoe joins us to discuss his book, Phil Kessel, underrated NHL players in history, one of the weirdest true stories about the NHL, and why it's so hard to pick the top four seeds in a March-Madness-style bracket of Leafs players.
28 min
Episode 123 - The Nick Suzuki Award for Being N...
Your hosts discuss a couple of pieces of Habs news and share their opinion on this season's NHL award candidates.
31 min
Episode 122 - Scouting the Unseen
Talking underrated players, and how hockey cancellations might impact the NHL Draft.
35 min
Episode 121 - Playoff Format Speculation
Scott and Laura discuss upcoming podcast plans, Alex Belzile's new contract, Cole Caufield's expected progress over the next year, and potential Stanley Cup playoff scenarios for this year.
29 min
Episode 120 - Is Gatorade a Snack?
Scott and Laura answer listener questions in this week's mailbag episode.
39 min
Episode 119 - Have You Seen His Butt?
Scott and Laura welcome Kyle Demetrius of Locked On Sharks to help build a Montreal Canadiens March Madness style bracket.
30 min
Episode 118 - The Future of Cole Caufield
Laura is joined by Sarah Avampato of Locked On LA Kings and Locked On NHL to talk all manner of hockey-related talk, but most importantly about Cole Caufield.
41 min
Episode 117 - Our Favourite Game Stories
In this episode, your hosts share their favourte stories of games they experienced, and invite you to share yours as well.
25 min
Episode 116 - Relegate the Senators
JD from Locked on Ducks joins to talk tanking, the AHL, and making fun of the Senators
38 min
Episode 115 - We Got You
An extended Friday mailbag episode as well as some details on our content plans while the NHL season is suspended.
31 min
Episode 114 - Artificial Parity
Tank battles with Buffalo,talking about the Rocket, and how the loser point is actually bad
32 min
Episode 113 - One Corn Chip
We look for positives in the Montreal Canadiens game against the Nashville Predators, discuss what contingency plans the NHL could put into place for emergencies, and predict the Habs' draft position.
27 min
Episode 112 - Montreal has a Country Music Fest...
Previewing the Nashville game, talking about Laval's playoff hopes, and how the Corona virus impacts the NHL.
32 min
Episode 111 - Pocket Rocket
Scott and Laura discuss Henri Richard's legacy and check in on Cole Caufield's development.
28 min
Episode 110 - Charles in Charge
Recapping the Tampa Bay debacle, and Friday mailbag!
38 min
Episode 109 - Get In Loser, We're Going UFA Sho...
Your hosts discuss the NHL headlines of the day and how they impact the Montreal Canadiens going forward.
31 min
Episode 108 - Irrational Favorites
The Habs won again, lost Tomas Tatar, but are keeping Claude Julien for next season!
29 min
Episode 107 - Anonymous Hab-Killers with Dan Sa...
Scott and Laura welcome Dan Saraceni of Lighthouse Hockey to learn a little about the New York Islanders ahead of tonight's Canadiens game against them.
29 min
Episode 106 - We Will Never Forgive Chris Krieder
Talking about Marc Bergevin's interview with La Presse, and what the future holds for the current core in Montreal
31 min
Episode 105 - Fire Everybody
Scott and Laura discuss the disappointing result in the Canadiens' game against the Rangers, discuss issues with coaching, and answer mailbag questions.
30 min
Episode 104 - High Hopes
Previewing the Rangers game, an injury update, and what is next for the Canadiens goaltending?
28 min
Episode 103 - Grip it and Rip it
Scott and Laura discuss the Canadiens' overtime loss to the Vancouver Canucks, the traits an ideal GM candidate would possess, and how drafting is not an exact science.
32 min
Episode 102 - Serenity Now
Recapping the trade deadline, and pondering whether or not Montreal needs to admit they're in a rebuild
27 min
Episode 101 - Trade Deadline Guesses
Scott and Laura recap the Canadiens' shutout win over the Senators, discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs' loss to Carolina Hurricanes, and try to guess what the Canadiens will do by the time the trade deadline hits.
31 min
Episode 100 - Some Lehk It Hot
Scott and Laura celebrate their 100th show with a giant mailbag episode!
40 min
Episode 99 - Amuse Boucher
After three episodes of yelling, your hosts turn their attention to scouting, development, and defense coaches.
30 min
Episode 98 - Everything Must Go
Montreal finally did the impossible, losing all four games to Detroit this year, so it's time to sell everyone.
27 min
Episode 97 - Who is at Fault?
Scott and Laura play the blame game and discuss, in the form of rants, why the Montreal Canadiens continue to be mediocre... year after year.
28 min
Episode 96 - Putting the "L" in Montreal
The Habs lost twice in bad fashion, so the hosts discuss their next move, and the circumstances of Saturday's ref incident in Montreal.
33 min
Episode 95 - Must Be Nice
Scott and Laura welcome Mike Darnay of the Dying Alive podcast to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins before moving on to the weekly mailbag.
29 min
Episode 94 - Weber-Gate
Shea Weber's injury comes to light and Montreal plays a dumb game against the Bruins.
31 min
Episode 93 - Wait, who?
Scott and Laura discuss the latest on Shea Weber's injury and try to set up the Montreal Canadiens' game against the Boston Bruins, but get derailed by an absolutely hilarious goaltending tweet.
28 min
Episode 92 - I Danault Anymore
The Habs lose in the dumbest way possible to Arizona, and how does the Jason Zucker trade effect Montreal?
33 min
Episode 91 - One Shot, One Kilya
Scott and Laura recap the weekend Habs game against the Leafs and talk about playoff standings.
26 min
Episode 90 - Wash Your Hands
Your hosts recap that strange win against the Anaheim Ducks, discuss (once again) the possibility of Ilya Kovalchuk staying in Montreal, and answer mailbag questions.
33 min
Episode 89 - Schrödinger's Tatar
Laura and Scott are joined by Alison Lukan who is hosting #CBJHAC this coming weekend, to talk all things stats, and the trade deadline!
39 min
Episode 88 - Silencing the Crowd with Julian Mc...
Laura is joined by special guest cohost, Julian McKenzie, to recap the Canadiens' shootout win against the New Jersey Devils and talk about future moves the Habs can make.
41 min
Episode 87 - Ouroboros
As the trade deadline approaches, the front office needs to be looked at as well. Where do the Habs go from here? Your hosts discuss the possibilities, and questions that need to be answered by the Montreal Canadiens going forward.
26 min
Episode 86 - Yup Yup Yup
Discussing the Canadiens Super Bowl weekend, and the impending Trade Deadline decisions facing the team.
30 min
Episode 85 - Biggest and Handsomest
We recap the Montreal Canadiens' win against the Buffalo Sabres and answer mailbag questions from listeners.
34 min
Episode 84 - Why Not Us?
Previewing the Sabres game, discussing the long shot of a playoff berth and Chris Kreider...Montreal Canadien?
30 min
Episode 83 - Who Not To Trade For
As the trade deadline nears, we discuss the merits of a surprising report out of San Jose before moving on to Joel Bouchard's advice for young players and Brendan Gallagher being called an idiot.
29 min
Episode 82 - The Dutch Gretzky Tribute
Habs lost, so the hosts discuss the career of Dale Weise, trading Nate Thompson and not trading Jeff Petry...Yet.
26 min
Episode 81 - All the Words that Laura Hates
The Canadiens are back from their bye week, so we set up their next few games and answer mailbag questions from listeners.
34 min
Episode 80 - Accessing Analytics with Shayna Go...
Shayna Goldman of the Athletic joins the show to discuss the Rangers rebuild, and how to make advanced stats more accessible.
30 min
Episode 79 - Players Can Have a Little Analytic...
Scott and Laura welcome back Hannah B, so the three of them can roast the rest of the NHL from their lowly perches.
35 min
Episode 78 - Swift Changes with Pete Blackburn
Pete Blackburn of CBS Sports joins the show to talk all things Bruins, and the ridiculous nature of the NHL.
40 min
Episode 77 - Not Betting the Farm, with Marc Du...
Part 2 of our interview with Marc Dumont of The Athletic, in which we discuss the Laval Rocket, Carey Price, and more.
31 min
Episode 76 - Opinion Mongering with Marc Dumont
The Athletic's Marc Dumont joins the show for the first of two episodes talking all things Habs!
35 min
Episode 75 - Jasper's Mascot Fight Club
Scott and Laura recap the win against the Flyers, and answer mailbag questions from listeners.
32 min
Episode 74 - Roller Coaster of Emotions
Habs lose to Chicago, Scott yells at Vegas for firing their coach, and Kelly Hinkle joins the show!
33 min
Episode 73 - Next Level L
Scott and Laura preview the Montreal Canadiens' next game against the Chicago Blackhawks, make (more) fun of Brad Marchand, and discuss the continued fallout from the Zack Kassian suspension.
24 min
Episode 72 - It's Not That Deep
The Habs won in dominant fashion, Brad Marchand embarrassed himself, and plenty of talk about the Montreal rookies.
25 min
Episode 71 - Premeditated Shenanigans
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens' win against the Ottawa Senators and preview their game against the Calgary Flames.
23 min
Episode 70 - Montreal Can't-adiens
Eight straight losses! It's mailbag day and Scott reads the national anthem of Canada!
38 min
Episode 69 - Nice
Scott and Laura preview the game against the Oilers, interview Sarah from Locked On LA Kings regarding Ilya Kovalchuk, and say Nice things about the Montreal Canadiens.
31 min
Episode 68 - Re-crap
The Canadiens lost again, so who is going to take the blame for this mess?
28 min
Episode 67 - The Case Against Tanking
Scott and Laura discuss the loss to the Winnipeg Jets, Ilya Kovalchuk's Canadiens debut, and why the Canadiens should not tank.
27 min
Episode 66 - Il y a Kovalchuk à Montréal
Laura is back and Ilya Kovalchuk is a Montreal Canadien!!
24 min
Episode 65 - Bergevin's Trade Bonanza
The Canadiens lost, lost Brendan Gallagher, and then made a bunch of middling trades, so Scott will sort through it all.
23 min
Episode 64 - New Year, New Habs?
Resolutions from the hosts for 2020 and more!
24 min
Episode 63 - Florida, Man
The Canadiens trip to Florida breaks Scott, as he tries to make sense of their two high-scoring games down south.
25 min
Episode 62 - Did they call him Bam Bam?
Scott and Laura welcome Kyle Demetrius of Locked On Sharks for some trivia and laughs.
45 min
Episode 61 - Benny and the Jets
Julian McKenzie joins the show to discuss the Habs win over the Jets and the upcoming World Juniors tournament.
32 min
Episode 60 - All by Myself
Laura is away so Scott is in charge of trying to not burn the podcast to the ground while recapping Saturday's loss to the Oilers, and previewing Monday's game in Winnipeg.
25 min
Episode 59 - Scott Roast
In the spirit of a big win over the Flames, Laura roasts Scott with some help from fellow Habs fans.
35 min
Episode 58 - Scorch Forever with Mike Fail
Scott and Laura welcome Mike Fail to preview the Montreal Canadiens' game against the Calgary Flames.
28 min
Episode 57 - Future Imperfect
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens game against the Vancouver Canucks and talk about mortgaging the future of the team in exchange for a taste of success.
27 min
Episode 56 - Go West Young Habs
Previewing the upcoming game in Vancouver, and discussing whether or not there should be a change in the lineup.
26 min
Episode 55 - Do More Goals
Scott and Laura recap Saturday's loss to Detroit and discuss Joel Bouchard's impact on the organization.
26 min
Episode 54 - Textually Active
The Red Wings are really bad, so we quickly say how bad they are before launching into the mailbag!
30 min
Episode 53 - Danault For Selke
Scott and Laura recap Cayden Primeau's first NHL win and kick off the campaign to inspire Selke Trophy voters to pay attention to Phillip Danault.
28 min
Episode 52 - Is It Too Late to Say Jarry Now?
Recapping how the Habs stole two points from the Penguins, and previewing tonight's game against Ottawa!
28 min
Episode 51 - Sandwich History Lesson with Adam ...
Scott and Laura welcome Adam Gretz to talk about the most surprising teams in the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and why Pittsburgh puts fries in literally everything.
30 min
Episode 50 - Harambe Would Vote for Brendan Gal...
Recapping the Canadiens win over the Rangers and rating the Habs ugly holiday sweaters.
21 min
Episode 49 - Saku Feelings: Turku Drift
Scott and Laura discuss the Canadiens' loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the hit on Jesperi Kotkaniemi, and Cayden Primeau's first NHL start.
24 min
Episode 48-2 Saku 2 Feelings
Previewing the game against Colorado, and exploring the coaching rumors surrounding the Habs, also more Saku!
26 min
Episode 47 - Saku Feelings
Finally, a win! Scott and Laura recap the Canadiens' huge win against the New York Islanders and discuss their Saku Koivu feelings.
35 min
Episode 46 - Ugly Sweaters for an Ugly Streak
The Habs are still sliding, so we're discussing bad jerseys in addition to previewing the Islanders game!
23 min
Episode 45 - Pastabarnak
Scott and Laura go over all the suggestions that are floating around to improve the Montreal Canadiens and break down the feasibility and sensibility of each one.
25 min
Episode 44-French Fry Salad
It's mailbag day once again so expect nonsense!
34 min
Episode 43 - Turning Point
Listener discretion is strongly advised as we discuss racism as well as psychological and emotional abuse hockey players have been describing over the last few days.
30 min
Episode 42 - On the Rebound
How the Canadiens can rebound against the Boston Bruins, and discussing how coaches can better work with their players.
27 min
Episode 41 - Where's the Reset Button?
Scott and Laura rant about the previous week in Montreal Canadiens hockey and discuss how the Habs can turn their season back around.
22 min
Episode 40-Math is Hard
Previewing the upcoming Rangers game, forgetting how to do math, and the weekly mailbag!
24 min
Episode 39 - Habs Blocked, Babs Chucked
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens' overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators and discuss the implications of the Toronto Maple Leafs' coaching change on their division.
26 min
Episode 38-The One with the Fruitcake Rant
Tuesday's game against Columbus was bad, so both hosts decide to yell about bad holiday foods.
26 min
Episode 37 - The Book of Torts
Scott and Laura preview the week, discuss the recent injury news, review some poutine, and have some fun with John Tortorella quotes.
29 min
Episode 36 - Putting the "D" in Debacle
Breaking down the Canadiens busy weekend that was full to the brim with hockey drama.
24 min
Episode 35 - The Devils We Don't Know with Core...
Scott and Laura welcome The Athletic's New Jersey Devils beat writer, Corey Masisak, to discuss the Devils' inexplicable start to the season and set up the Habs game against them on Saturday.
34 min
Episode 34-Capitals and Craft Beer with Stephen...
The hosts sit down with Stephen Whyno of the Associated Press to talk all things Washington Capitals, and also dive into some fun beer talk.
32 min
Episode 33 - Slow Burn
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens' shootout win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, but leave out the boring parts.Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens' shootout win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, but leave out the boring parts.
25 min
Episode 32-Stats Werenski with Alison Lukan
The Athletic's Alison Lukan joins Scott and Laura to preview Tuesday's game with the Columbus Blue Jackets in Montreal.
31 min
Episode 31 - The Frenemy Within
Scott and Laura recap the weekend game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings and preview this week's games against three Metropolitan Division teams.
31 min
Episode 30-Don't Eat Glitter
Scott and Laura cope with Thursday's loss to the Flyers by spending the show arguing about food(and actual hockey stuff)
31 min
Episode 29 - Weally Gritty
Danielle and Rachel of Locked On Flyers join Scott and Laura for a Habs-Flyers preview and a trip down memory lane.
47 min
Episode 28-Shenanigans
The Habs game against the Bruins was full of utter and complete nonsense, from goaltending to coaches challenges, Scott and Laura try to make sense of it all.
27 min