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Locked On Canadiens is a daily podcast covering the Montreal Canadiens, for Habs fans everywhere. Scott Matla and Laura Saba bring you daily Canadiens news, commentary, opinions, trivia and more. Whether you're in Montreal or following your beloved Habs from afar, we, along with a variety of guests, will have your fix every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Episode 944 - Montreal Canadiens - Golden Knigh...
The Montreal Canadiens may have lost in a shootout to the Vegas Golden Knights but we saw plenty of positives in that game. Our first segment is a game recap including some focus on Kaiden Guhle's fantastic game. In our second segment, we turn to our mailbag and discuss what can be done with NHL officiating. Finally, in our third segment, we answer two more mailbag questions - should the Habs be sellers at the upcoming deadline? And should the NHL decentralize their draft to be more like the NBA and NFL drafts?
31 min
Episode 943- Montreal Canadiens beat the Winnip...
Scott and Laura tackle another Habs win, and jump into Three Up, Three Down!
30 min
Episode 942 - Montreal Canadiens beat Columbus ...
The Montreal Canadiens came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-3 in overtime, and we have thoughts. Today's episode is a special crossover edition with the wonderful Jay Forster of the Locked On Blue Jackets podcast, in which we discuss the game, talk about promising prospects and fun futures, and answer a couple of mailbag questions, namely about Juraj Slafkovsky.
34 min
Episode 941 - Is it time to trust the process f...
Scott tackles the fan panic about Juraj Slafkovsky, and if the Habs will be trading a goalie in the near future!
28 min
Episode 940 - Montreal Canadiens - New Jersey D...
The Montreal Canadiens have lost to the New Jersey Devils thanks to their poor performance on special teams, but there is a silver lining. David Savard is out 4-6 weeks, and the Laval Rocket are dealing with an injury bug of their own. What should the Habs do in the meantime to avoid over-working Mike Matheson? Finally, we talk about the Canadiens strengths at even strength.
30 min
Episode 938 - Montreal Canadiens top Washington...
Scott and Laura break down a wildly fun weekend in the Habs organization!
30 min
Episode 937 - Assessing Habs coaching, keeping ...
On today's Habs mailbag, we discuss how Marty will be assessed at the end of this year and what results or changes he will be measured on. We also discuss Kirby Dach's injuries, David Savard's shot blocks, how Marty can tempt the Canadiens to stop taking penalties, and more.
33 min
Episode 936 - Checking in on the Montreal Canad...
Scott takes a look at the Habs AHL club and how the prospects are faring in the early days of the AHL season
27 min
Episode 935 - Montreal Canadiens lose to Minnes...
The Montreal Canadiens have lost to the Minnesota Wild after a disappointing game in which they took far too many penalties and allowed the power play to sink their hopes. Michael Pezzetta was one of the few highlights of the game. After recapping the game in the first segment, we discuss Kaiden Guile's injury and what it might mean for the team going forward. Finally, in our third segment, we discuss goaltending and when Cayden Primeau might get a chance to prove himself.
28 min
Episode 934 - Montreal Canadiens lose Kirby Dac...
Scott and Laura weigh in on the sudden rash of injuries and what the Habs can do to survive them now.
29 min
Episode 933 - Montreal Canadiens beat Chicago B...
On today’s episode, we talk about the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 win against the Chicago Blackhawks that may have cost the Habs Kirby Dach and who should play in his sport until he comes back. We then have our weekly 3 Up and 3 Down, but we cheat this time with mostly 3 Ups for both the Laval Rocket and the Montreal Canadiens.
26 min
Episode 932 - Montreal Canadiens: Arber Xhekaj,...
Today's Montreal Canadiens Mailbag questions include: Why doesn't Arber Xhekaj get enough credit? When should the Canadiens look into getting a Tyler Toffoli-type player to help with taking their next step? Who is the smartest Montreal Canadien? Which one of their goalies should the Habs trade? And more!
29 min
Episode 931 -Arber Xhekaj topples Ryan Reaves, ...
Folks, opening night in Toronto was a wild one!
27 min
Episode 930 - Montreal Canadiens season begins:...
On today's episode, we first preview the season opening game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, before talking about Arber Xhekaj, paper transactions, and NHL salary cap math. Finally, we share our bold predictions for the NHL season, both for the Habs and the NHL as a whole.
32 min
Episode 929 - Montreal Canadiens assign Heinem...
Scott and Laura discuss the flurry of waiver activity in Montreal, and what in means for the Laval Rocket
28 min
Episode 928 - Montreal Canadiens Three Up, Thre...
Scott tackles a wild game and some even wilder waiver news on the latest show!
27 min
Episode 927 - Montréal Canadiens and Florida Pa...
The Montréal Canadiens Mailbag is being pushed, because today's episode is a special crossover edition with Armando Velez of Locked On Florida Panthers. Get to know a division rival as Scott and Armando discuss both teams' offseason changes, strengths and weaknesses on each side, and what to expect from the 2023-2024 season in this division.
32 min
Episode 926 - Montreal Canadiens rivalries: the...
On today's episode, we talk about the Montréal Canadiens' division rival, but word to the wise: this episode is does not include analysis of the opponents' strengths and weaknesses (we assure you, that will be coming as we get into the NHL season). It is simply a hater's guide to each team, in which we try to have some fun and keep it loose. We start off with the Buffalo Sabres and the Florida Panthers. In the second segment, we discuss the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Detroit Red Wings, Finally, in the third segment, we talk about the Boston Bruins, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Ottawa Senators.
31 min
Montreal Canadiens Season Preview | Youthful Ha...
5 min
BONUS EPISODE: Eastern Conference Preview Speci...
56 min
Episode 925 - Montreal Canadiens prospect notes...
The Montreal Canadiens have loaned Logan Mailloux to the Laval Rocket for the time being, so we discuss which defenseman will be the last man standing when the smoke clears before NHL Opening Night (starts at the 1:45-minute mark). In our second segment (11-minute mark) we discuss Emil Heineman and the new physical dimension he has brought to his play and whether he has earned a spot on the Habs roster over some other forwards. Finally, we discuss who gets the first call up at all three positions over the course of this upcoming Habs season (20-minute mark).
28 min
Episode 924 - Montreal Canadiens beat Toronto M...
It was 3-1. The Montreal Canadiens beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime in a preseason game after the Leafs blew a 3-1 lead. We recap the game (about the 1:30-minute mark) before moving on to our 3 Down of the week (around the 11:30-minute mark) and then our 3 Up and MVP of the preseason so far (around the 21-minute mark).
29 min
Episode 923 - The Montreal Canadiens send Reinb...
Scott has your weekend recap including two games, and a huge amount of roster moves heading into the final preseason games!
29 min
Episode 922 - Montreal Canadiens mailbag: shoul...
On today's Montreal Canadiens mailbag episode, we start the episode answering a couple of mailbag questions about the possibility of targeting Anaheim Ducks star forward Trevor Zegras, either with a trade or with an offer sheet. Turning our attention to Habs defensemen, we talk about whether the Habs should consider playing Lane Hutson or Logan Mailloux at forward and whether David Reinbacher will remain with the Habs to start the season. We also discuss Paul Byron's potential tribute from the Habs, and his true greatest moment. All that and more are in this week's Habs mailbag.
31 min
Episode 921 - Habs topple the Sens thanks to Ju...
Scott breaks down a wild and weird Wednesday night against the Senators!
28 min