Kinda Dating

Welcome to the comedy dating podcast that's flipping the script on relationships! Join comedian and dating expert, Natasha Chandel, along with influential guests as they dissect the complexities of modern dating and tackle the proverbial question: Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues??

Get ready for insightful discussions, side-splitting anecdotes, and a refreshing, practical take on contemporary love and commitment made for Millennials and Gen-Z, but that applies to everyone whether you’re single, married, or “it’s complicated.”

Prepare for candid conversations with a diverse array of guests, ranging from New York Times best-selling authors like Mark Manson to global comedy sensations like Russell Peters. Our episodes feature expert therapists, seasoned dating coaches, talented actors, musicians, influencers, Showrunners, and even Natasha’s parents and exes spill the tea!

This is not your typical dating podcast. Kinda Dating is a lighthearted podcast that often gets deep into the heart of relationships. As seen in AskMen, Bustle, Refinery29, and Elite Daily, this podcast has also earned the prestigious title of Apple New & Noteworthy. So join us on this hilarious and enlightening journey through the maze of modern romance. 

Let us help you “get it in.” Errr… find love!

Society & Culture
Setting Boundaries (with Nedra Glover Tawwab)
Find peace by learning the skill and importance of setting healthy boundaries.
55 min
Dating Styles Around The World (with Marina Iak...
Insight into the dating etiquette in different countries around the world.
71 min
In Memoriam: Finding The Fun (with Jason Smith)
Humor and healthy relationships explained.
57 min
#TBT: Sex Addictions (With Dr. Eris)
A lot of people indulge in sex, but what’s too much?
39 min
Being Authentic on Dates (with Marni Battista)
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
53 min
Fantasy Vs. Reality (with Tehran Von Ghasri)
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
59 min
Is Yours A Toxic Relationship? (with 51 First D...
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
59 min
Emotional Intelligence (with Marisa Cohen)
Why the ability to understand and manage emotions is so important in relationships.
54 min
Breaking The Attachment to Time (with Marisa Co...
A candid discussion on the best and worst Valentine’s Day dates, gifts, advice, apps and more!
55 min
Best & Worst of Valentine’s Day (with Vinny Fas...
A candid discussion on the best and worst Valentine’s Day dates, gifts, advice, apps and more!
55 min
Just Send The Text (with Candice Jalili)
An Elite Daily expert shares her guide to letting go of the stress and anxiety of modern dating.
66 min
Body Positivity and Feeling Good In Your Skin (...
A candid discussion on how your relationship with your body affects your relationships.
61 min
The Sex Positive Mindset (with Hayley Herms)
A candid discussion on the sex positive movement, the myths and stigmas attached, and how to be more open.
75 min
Asexuality Demystified (with Dr. James Simmons)
Breaking down the myths of asexuality and how to have a successful relationship with this often misunderstood sexual preference.
67 min
Can Dating Be A Spiritual Experience? (With Alm...
How to find the deeper purpose in your dating life, including the hidden lessons.
70 min
2020 Lessons We’ll Carry Into 2021
As a new year approaches, the Kinda Dating team looks back at the lessons they learned in 2020 and their new perspective on resolutions in 2021.
56 min
Coming Out As An Adult (with Dr. James Simmons)
Coming out as LGBTQA+ is tough at any age, but we explore how it affects the love lives of adults.
61 min
#TBT: Holidays and Holidates (with Leah Knauer)
Tips on how to handle family and relationships, whether single or booed up.
58 min
The Science of Attraction (with Amy Chan)
Understand the chemical reason behind attraction and how to stop being attracted to the wrong person.
38 min
Gen Z On Love And Dating (with Brooke Sorenson ...
The stars of Netflix’s “Mr. Iglesias” share what they, as Gen Zers, think about the norms and etiquette around dating and love.
80 min
Secrets To Getting Over Your Ex (with Amy Chan)
Learn the science behind breakups, and tips and tricks to make it easier to move on.
68 min
How COVID Changed Dating (with Vinny Fasline)
The lasting and not-so-lasting effects of the COVID pandemic on dating.
50 min
Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship? (wit...
Is social media helping or hurting your relationship?
61 min
Celebrating Your Singleness (with Candy Washing...
Stop feeling ashamed and celebrate all the pros of single life.
59 min
Spotting Red Flags (with Dr. Eris)
The glaring and subtle red flags to look for in potential partners.
62 min