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Because who actually says they’re in a relationship anymore?! Which is why dating influencer, TV writer, comedian, and former commitment-phobe, Natasha Chandel, and cool guests, break down one dating topic per episode and try to answer the proverbial question: why the fuck do we all have commitment issues?! With the answers we're going to help you get it in! We mean, find real love. Some of our guests range from NYT best-selling authors like Mark Manson, to global comedians like Russell Peters, to Time "Person of the Year," to expert therapists, dating coaches, actors, musicians, social media influencers, TV Showrunners, and even Natasha's own parents!A lighthearted podcast that often goes deep (no pun intended), Kinda Dating has been featured as a top dating and sex podcast in AskMen, Bustle, Refinery29, Elite Daily and more! It was also selected as an iTunes New & Noteworthy podcast.

Society & Culture
How To Have Better Sex (with Todd Baratz)
A certified sex coach shares tips on how to improve your sex life.
57 min
Tackling 2022 (with Shiva Negar)
A deeper dive into the realities and codes of the not-so-alternate lifestyles.
79 min
Threesomes, Sex Parties & Swinging, Oh My! (wit...
A deeper dive into the realities and codes of the not-so-alternate lifestyles.
37 min
Mindfulness in Dating (with Mitra Manesh)
How to bring presence and awareness into your love life.
49 min
Being Thankful For Your Past (with Bill Dawes)
How to look at your worst moments and be thankful for them this Thanksgiving.
63 min
Navigating Holidates (with Vinny Fasline)
How to get and manage that not-so-special someone over the holidays.
31 min
Golden Penis Syndrome (with Vinny Fasline)
A candid discussion on the latest dating phenomena sweeping US colleges nationwide.
44 min
TBT: Rebounds (with Lisa Schwartz)
Rebounds feel so good. But do those relationships ever last?
42 min
How Our Trauma Manifests (with Pritesh Shah)
How past drama can can impact your love life.
62 min
Lessons Learned From 200 Episodes (with the Kin...
The Kinda Dating team discuss how they’ve grown over 200 episodes of the podcast.
67 min
The Effects of Grief (with Krista St-Germain)
How unprocessed grief can change the way you date.
56 min
Serendipity & Your Meet Cute (with Naomi Shah)
The role of serendipity in your love story.
55 min
Roaching, Astrolove & Other 2021 Dating Trends ...
Are the 2021 dating trends lasting?
46 min
Do Opposites Attract? (with Kapil Talwalkar)
Breaking down what it really means to find your opposite.
58 min
Paradox of Choice (with Gadiel Del Orbe)
Is it that there are too many choices or that we don’t know how to make good choices?
75 min
How To Not Die Alone (with Logan Ury)
The real reasons behind the terrible act of ghosting a date.
66 min
#TB Why They Ghosted You (with Rob Mack)
The real reasons behind the terrible act of ghosting a date.
45 min
#TBT Nailing Your First Date (with Lauren Rosen...
Dos and don’ts of the first date.
53 min
#TBT Peter Pan Syndrome (with Prashanth Venkata...
Discussing being and dealing with people in the dating world who just don’t want to grow up.
52 min
Being Jaded & Other Unhealthy Patterns (with Dr...
How to identify and break the patterns that are hurting your relationships.
46 min
Sex & Ethical Non-Monogamy (with Gabrielle Smith)
Demystifying the ENM lifestyle.
57 min
Dating With Intention (with Alison Wellington)
How to make more conscious decisions and identifying your real needs while dating.
50 min
Dating Safely After COVID (with Dr. James Simmons)
Navigating the dos and don’ts of a post-COVID dating world.
53 min
Q&A: When To Have Sex, “Mr. Right,” Handling Da...
The Kinda Dating team answers all your burning questions.
58 min
Are Your Friends Helping Or Hurting You? (with ...
A no-holds barred discussion on the role our friends play in our relationships.
57 min
Change Your Dating Mindset (with Anwar White)
Improve your dating life by taking control and changing the way you think about it.
57 min
Polyamory Demystified (with Dedeker Winston)
Understand how to navigate a specific type of ethical non-monogamy.
54 min
Be Funny, Get Laid (with Erik Rivera)
How a sense of humor can help you get and keep a date!
70 min
Tips For Men (with Connell Barrett)
Ways for guys to increase their odds of scoring and keeping a date.
59 min
Rebuild Your Confidence (with Connell Barrett)
Dating can take a real toll on our self-esteem, but there are ways to cultivate confidence and authenticity.
61 min
Feminism, Politics & Other Hot Topics (with Raj...
Which hot topics you need to discuss while dating, and which ones you can skip.
63 min
Forgiveness (with Nedra Glover Tawwab)
Forgive yourself and others so you can move your love life forward with peace.
48 min
Setting Boundaries (with Nedra Glover Tawwab)
Find peace by learning the skill and importance of setting healthy boundaries.
55 min
Dating Styles Around The World (with Marina Iak...
Insight into the dating etiquette in different countries around the world.
71 min
In Memoriam: Finding The Fun (with Jason Smith)
Humor and healthy relationships explained.
57 min
#TBT: Sex Addictions (With Dr. Eris)
A lot of people indulge in sex, but what’s too much?
39 min
Being Authentic on Dates (with Marni Battista)
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
53 min
Fantasy Vs. Reality (with Tehran Von Ghasri)
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
59 min
Is Yours A Toxic Relationship? (with 51 First D...
The subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship dynamic explained.
59 min
Emotional Intelligence (with Marisa Cohen)
Why the ability to understand and manage emotions is so important in relationships.
54 min
Breaking The Attachment to Time (with Marisa Co...
A candid discussion on the best and worst Valentine’s Day dates, gifts, advice, apps and more!
55 min
Best & Worst of Valentine’s Day (with Vinny Fas...
A candid discussion on the best and worst Valentine’s Day dates, gifts, advice, apps and more!
55 min
Just Send The Text (with Candice Jalili)
An Elite Daily expert shares her guide to letting go of the stress and anxiety of modern dating.
66 min
Body Positivity and Feeling Good In Your Skin (...
A candid discussion on how your relationship with your body affects your relationships.
61 min
The Sex Positive Mindset (with Hayley Herms)
A candid discussion on the sex positive movement, the myths and stigmas attached, and how to be more open.
75 min
Asexuality Demystified (with Dr. James Simmons)
Breaking down the myths of asexuality and how to have a successful relationship with this often misunderstood sexual preference.
67 min
Can Dating Be A Spiritual Experience? (With Alm...
How to find the deeper purpose in your dating life, including the hidden lessons.
70 min
2020 Lessons We’ll Carry Into 2021
As a new year approaches, the Kinda Dating team looks back at the lessons they learned in 2020 and their new perspective on resolutions in 2021.
56 min
Coming Out As An Adult (with Dr. James Simmons)
Coming out as LGBTQA+ is tough at any age, but we explore how it affects the love lives of adults.
61 min
#TBT: Holidays and Holidates (with Leah Knauer)
Tips on how to handle family and relationships, whether single or booed up.
58 min
The Science of Attraction (with Amy Chan)
Understand the chemical reason behind attraction and how to stop being attracted to the wrong person.
38 min
Gen Z On Love And Dating (with Brooke Sorenson ...
The stars of Netflix’s “Mr. Iglesias” share what they, as Gen Zers, think about the norms and etiquette around dating and love.
80 min
Secrets To Getting Over Your Ex (with Amy Chan)
Learn the science behind breakups, and tips and tricks to make it easier to move on.
68 min
How COVID Changed Dating (with Vinny Fasline)
The lasting and not-so-lasting effects of the COVID pandemic on dating.
50 min
Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship? (wit...
Is social media helping or hurting your relationship?
61 min
Celebrating Your Singleness (with Candy Washing...
Stop feeling ashamed and celebrate all the pros of single life.
59 min
Spotting Red Flags (with Dr. Eris)
The glaring and subtle red flags to look for in potential partners.
62 min
Transform Your Insecurities Into Your Biggest G...
How to turn the thing we least like about ourselves into the thing we love most.
53 min
Does ‘The One’ Really Exist? (with James Kyson)
The Lovecraft Country actor helps us figure out if there’s one person out there for all of us or if it’s just a unicorn myth.
34 min
How To Heal From A Breakup (with Jody Frank)
Learn the best way to move forward from one of the most traumatic experiences in any relationship.
59 min
Maybe You Should Talk To Someone (with Lori Got...
With mental health issues on the rise, the discussion turns to the benefits of therapy.
64 min
Indian Matchmaking (with Nadia Jagessar and Man...
You’ve seen the hit Netflix show. Now we sit with cast members to find out if Indian matchmaking really works!
42 min
Discussing Privilege (with Gina Brillon)
We break down how self-worth and the feeling of unworthiness affects our dating lives.
82 min
Feeling Worthy (with Dr. Eris Huemer)
We break down how self worth and the feeling of unworthiness affects our dating lives.
52 min
What’s Your Attachment Style? (with Dr. Eris Hu...
One of our favorite guests returns to explain how your childhood attachments affect your adult ones.
55 min
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck Pt. 2 (with...
NYT bestselling author Mark Manson continues to share tips on taking dating with more stride.
49 min
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck Pt. 1 (wit...
Part one of two with NYT bestselling Author Mark Manson shares tips on taking dating with more stride.
44 min
Who Makes the Quarantine Cut? (with Serena Kerr...
There are so many dating options, but who is worth risking COVID for?
46 min
Best and Worst Dating Advice (with Dateable)
The Kinda Dating and Date/Able podcasts collab and share the best and worst dating advice they have heard.
66 min
Gender Roles (with Mona Shaikh)
How gender roles affect our dating and relationship lives.
70 min
#BlackLivesMatter to Kinda Dating
In lieu of an episode, we would like you to go into the description of this episode, or our social media (@kindadating), where you will find resources to participate or support this very necessary movement.
1 min
Love Bombing (with Mona Shaikh)
Is all that attention and affection real love or are you being love bombed?
69 min
Sex After Quarantine (with Cliff Dorfman)
Once COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and lockdowns ease, are we going to change how and with who we have sex?
40 min
Time To Change Your Single Ways? (with Cliff Do...
Quarantine is making a lot of people re-think their singleness and think about finding a real partner for, maybe, the first time ever.
43 min
Survive Living With Someone Through COVID (with...
How to honor your space and make the best out of living with someone through the coronavirus quarantine, whether it's a significant other or a roommate.
47 min
How to Virtual Date (with Lauren Rosenberg and ...
What to do on virtual dates through COVID-19, and how to nail them.
55 min
Learning to Listen (with Traci Ruble)
Identifying and overcoming the pangs of loneliness to become a better person and partner.
37 min
Combating Loneliness (with Traci Ruble)
Identifying and overcoming the pangs of loneliness to become a better person and partner.
52 min
Dating And Coronavirus COVID-19 (with Dr. Amit ...
How to date responsibly through the coronavirus pandemic (if at all), and manage the stressors that come with social distancing, isolation and quarantine.
75 min
Who Should Pay? (with Ariana Basseri and Corey ...
Breaking down the most awkward part of a date… the moment the check arrives.
56 min
Dating IRL (with Ariana Basseri)
The concept of meeting people in real life seems ancient, but it might be making a comeback, and you should know how to win at it.
54 min
Do Old Dating Traditions Hold Up? (with Vinny F...
From dabbing your penis with ticks to handwritten notes… which dating traditions have stood the test of time?
92 min
Working on Yourself (with Chad Kennedy)
How personal development doesn’t just make you a better partner, it improves your own quality of life.
65 min
Having Healthy Breakups (with Chad Kennedy)
How to end a relationship and still be friends.
61 min
New Year, New Dating Rules (with Vinny Fasline)
Instead of resolutions, why not change your whole approach to dating in 2020?!
94 min
The Art of the Pick Up (with Kirbie Johnson)
We break down the dos and don’ts of picking up IRL to dating apps, and everything in between!
53 min
How to Fight Fair (with Kirbie Johnson)
Fighting is inevitable in a relationship, but there‘s a right and wrong way of doing it.
77 min
Trusting Yourself (with the Kinda Dating Team)
How to avoid half the dating drama we go through by just trusting your gut, and seeing things for what they are.
83 min
Compatibility (with Damona Hoffman)
Besides attraction, what qualities should you be looking for in a real partner? What keeps two people together?
43 min
Playing the Field (with Russell Peters)
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but when is it time to end the fishing expedition and settle down with one?
64 min
Slow Love (with Damona Hoffman)
How to pace your relationship, take it slow and have better chances at success.
66 min
Ways to Break Up (with Meghan Rienks and Melisa...
Text, talk, email, ghost, or slow fade? What is the best way to break up?
51 min
Are You The Problem? (with Meghan Rienks and Me...
It's easy to point fingers at others but maybe you're the problem in your relationship.
58 min
Deciphering Mixed Signals (with Vinny Fasline)
Trying to figure out mixed signals and help you make the next right move.
71 min
Rebounds (with Lisa Schwartz)
Rebounds feel so good. But do those relationships ever last?
42 min
30-Life Crisis (with Lisa Schwartz)
The pros and cons of dating and life in the 30s. Is it all doom and gloom?
59 min
Jealousy (with KayRay)
Identifying and managing healthy and unhealthy jealousy in relationships.
66 min
Keys to a Successful Relationship (with Jon Kroll)
So you’re boo-ed up, but here are the secrets to making that relationship last!
51 min
Mistakes Single People Make (with Jon Kroll)
From seeking perfection to mindset to swipe culture, the trio discuss the missteps we’ve all made on our journey to finding true love.
59 min
Is Technology Why You’re Single? (with Brian Ho...
Dating apps are a way of life but are they hurting or helping you?
64 min