Kinda Dating

Welcome to the comedy dating podcast that's flipping the script on relationships! Join comedian and dating expert, Natasha Chandel, along with influential guests as they dissect the complexities of modern dating and tackle the proverbial question: Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues??

Get ready for insightful discussions, side-splitting anecdotes, and a refreshing, practical take on contemporary love and commitment made for Millennials and Gen-Z, but that applies to everyone whether you’re single, married, or “it’s complicated.”

Prepare for candid conversations with a diverse array of guests, ranging from New York Times best-selling authors like Mark Manson to global comedy sensations like Russell Peters. Our episodes feature expert therapists, seasoned dating coaches, talented actors, musicians, influencers, Showrunners, and even Natasha’s parents and exes spill the tea!

This is not your typical dating podcast. Kinda Dating is a lighthearted podcast that often gets deep into the heart of relationships. As seen in AskMen, Bustle, Refinery29, and Elite Daily, this podcast has also earned the prestigious title of Apple New & Noteworthy. So join us on this hilarious and enlightening journey through the maze of modern romance. 

Let us help you “get it in.” Errr… find love!

Society & Culture
What Are Passport Bros? And Are They On To Some...
Comedians Natasha Chandel and Razzle Dangerously discuss the rising Passport Bros movement among men, and if there is any legitimacy to it.
74 min
He Gave Me The Ick!
How to navigate a relationship when you are suddenly repulsed by the person.
55 min
CLASSIC: Tips and Tricks for Kissing (with Laur...
Learn how to become a better kisser with influencer Laura Clery!
58 min
CLASSIC: How to Heal From a Breakup (with Jody ...
Therapist Jody Frank offers hope and shares her wisdom on how to move forward when everything feels hopeless after a heartbreak in this throwback episode.
63 min
Valentine’s Day With Your Situationship, Girls ...
Natasha Chandel and Aisha Holden talk about the evolution of the traditional Valentine’s Day.
37 min
It’s Time to (Re)Program Your Love Life (with D...
Break out of the toxic cycle that is your love life by reprogramming your mind and your trauma.
53 min
F the Fairytale and These 4 Dating Myths (with ...
Resident dating coach of the Drew Barrymore Show shares the four big love myths holding you back.
68 min
Dating in 2024: Here’s What to Expect! (with Ri...
Natasha Chandel and Rithu Jagannath break down Bumble’s dating trends for 2024.
70 min
How Feeling Unworthy Manifests in Your Dating L...
Natasha Chandel and Dr. Eris Huemer break down how self worth and the feeling of unworthiness affects our dating lives.
52 min
Letting Go of the Ghosts of Relationships Past
As Christmas approaches, Natasha Chandel and Rithu Jagannath share tips on how to stop those past relationships from haunting your future.
59 min
Real Dating Dealbreakers… and Everything Else (...
Iced Coffee Hour co-host Jack Selby and Natasha Chandel discuss what is really worth ending a relationship over and what’s not.
63 min
Mastering Your Emotions (with Thais Gibson)
Thais Gibson helps us master our emotions and hopefully master our dating lives?
42 min
How Integrated Attachment Theory Heals Core Wou...
Thais Gibson shares insight into how her unique theory on attachment can help us understand and heal our core wounds.
67 min
Does Everything Happen for a Reason? BIG ANNOUN...
Natasha Chandel and two of her best friends discuss her dating past, and how it informed her big announcement today.
57 min
Navigating Relationships and Your Mental Health...
Mental health advocate, Allison Raskin, talks about how to balance love when you have anxiety, OCD and/or depression.
45 min
Giving Love Another Go: Are Second Chances Wort...
Romcom author, Ali Rosen and Natasha Chandel explore love’s do-overs and if it ever really works.
62 min
The Real Reasons Behind Ghosting (with Rob Mack)
The pair get honest about their ghosting past and give the argument from both sides in this fun, much-needed episode of Kinda Dating!
45 min
The Rise and Positive Representation of Asian M...
“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Never Have I Ever” actor, Rushi Kota, discusses new narratives and positive representation of Asian men in media that is trickling down into the dating world.
45 min
How to Manage Temptation (with Rushi Kota)
“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Never Have I Ever” actor, Rushi Kota, shares his personal experiences and strategies to manage temptation when in a relationship.
67 min
Identifying and Changing Your Limiting Beliefs ...
Psychoanalyst, Talia Bombola, shares valuable insights and actionable steps to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your dating and relationship goals.
52 min
How to Boost Your Dating Confidence and Asserti...
Psychoanalyst, Talia Bombola, shares tips on how to be more confident and assertive when dating.
70 min
What Millennials Can Learn From Gen Z About Sel...
Author and Gen Z social influencer, Carrie Berk, shares wisdom she’s learned about love, dating, and relationships at the ripe age of 20.
54 min
Throwback: Are You Asexual? (with Dr. James Sim...
Breaking down the myths of asexuality and how to have a successful relationship with this often misunderstood sexual preference.
67 min
Balancing a Career and Relationship (with Maz J...
Comedian Maz Jobrani reveals the importance of prioritizing love and relationships with a high-demanding career.
75 min
Are Men Only Looking for Sex? (with Evan Marc K...
Dating coach, Evan Marc Katz, talks about how men look for sex but find love.
57 min