Kinda Dating

Welcome to the comedy dating podcast that's flipping the script on relationships! Join comedian and dating expert, Natasha Chandel, along with influential guests as they dissect the complexities of modern dating and tackle the proverbial question: Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues??

Get ready for insightful discussions, side-splitting anecdotes, and a refreshing, practical take on contemporary love and commitment made for Millennials and Gen-Z, but that applies to everyone whether you’re single, married, or “it’s complicated.”

Prepare for candid conversations with a diverse array of guests, ranging from New York Times best-selling authors like Mark Manson to global comedy sensations like Russell Peters. Our episodes feature expert therapists, seasoned dating coaches, talented actors, musicians, influencers, Showrunners, and even Natasha’s parents and exes spill the tea!

This is not your typical dating podcast. Kinda Dating is a lighthearted podcast that often gets deep into the heart of relationships. As seen in AskMen, Bustle, Refinery29, and Elite Daily, this podcast has also earned the prestigious title of Apple New & Noteworthy. So join us on this hilarious and enlightening journey through the maze of modern romance. 

Let us help you “get it in.” Errr… find love!

Society & Culture
TBT: Rebounds (with Lisa Schwartz)
Rebounds feel so good. But do those relationships ever last?
42 min
How Our Trauma Manifests (with Pritesh Shah)
How past drama can can impact your love life.
62 min
Lessons Learned From 200 Episodes (with the Kin...
The Kinda Dating team discuss how they’ve grown over 200 episodes of the podcast.
67 min
The Effects of Grief (with Krista St-Germain)
How unprocessed grief can change the way you date.
56 min
Serendipity & Your Meet Cute (with Naomi Shah)
The role of serendipity in your love story.
55 min
Roaching, Astrolove & Other 2021 Dating Trends ...
Are the 2021 dating trends lasting?
46 min
Do Opposites Attract? (with Kapil Talwalkar)
Breaking down what it really means to find your opposite.
58 min
Paradox of Choice (with Gadiel Del Orbe)
Is it that there are too many choices or that we don’t know how to make good choices?
75 min
How To Not Die Alone (with Logan Ury)
The real reasons behind the terrible act of ghosting a date.
66 min
#TB Why They Ghosted You (with Rob Mack)
The real reasons behind the terrible act of ghosting a date.
45 min
#TBT Nailing Your First Date (with Lauren Rosen...
Dos and don’ts of the first date.
53 min
#TBT Peter Pan Syndrome (with Prashanth Venkata...
Discussing being and dealing with people in the dating world who just don’t want to grow up.
52 min
Being Jaded & Other Unhealthy Patterns (with Dr...
How to identify and break the patterns that are hurting your relationships.
46 min
Sex & Ethical Non-Monogamy (with Gabrielle Smith)
Demystifying the ENM lifestyle.
57 min
Dating With Intention (with Alison Wellington)
How to make more conscious decisions and identifying your real needs while dating.
50 min
Dating Safely After COVID (with Dr. James Simmons)
Navigating the dos and don’ts of a post-COVID dating world.
53 min
Q&A: When To Have Sex, “Mr. Right,” Handling Da...
The Kinda Dating team answers all your burning questions.
58 min
Are Your Friends Helping Or Hurting You? (with ...
A no-holds barred discussion on the role our friends play in our relationships.
57 min
Change Your Dating Mindset (with Anwar White)
Improve your dating life by taking control and changing the way you think about it.
57 min
Polyamory Demystified (with Dedeker Winston)
Understand how to navigate a specific type of ethical non-monogamy.
54 min
Be Funny, Get Laid (with Erik Rivera)
How a sense of humor can help you get and keep a date!
70 min
Tips For Men (with Connell Barrett)
Ways for guys to increase their odds of scoring and keeping a date.
59 min
Rebuild Your Confidence (with Connell Barrett)
Dating can take a real toll on our self-esteem, but there are ways to cultivate confidence and authenticity.
61 min
Feminism, Politics & Other Hot Topics (with Raj...
Which hot topics you need to discuss while dating, and which ones you can skip.
63 min
Forgiveness (with Nedra Glover Tawwab)
Forgive yourself and others so you can move your love life forward with peace.
48 min