Kinda Dating

Welcome to the comedy dating podcast that's flipping the script on relationships! Join comedian and dating expert, Natasha Chandel, along with influential guests as they dissect the complexities of modern dating and tackle the proverbial question: Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues??

Get ready for insightful discussions, side-splitting anecdotes, and a refreshing, practical take on contemporary love and commitment made for Millennials and Gen-Z, but that applies to everyone whether you’re single, married, or “it’s complicated.”

Prepare for candid conversations with a diverse array of guests, ranging from New York Times best-selling authors like Mark Manson to global comedy sensations like Russell Peters. Our episodes feature expert therapists, seasoned dating coaches, talented actors, musicians, influencers, Showrunners, and even Natasha’s parents and exes spill the tea!

This is not your typical dating podcast. Kinda Dating is a lighthearted podcast that often gets deep into the heart of relationships. As seen in AskMen, Bustle, Refinery29, and Elite Daily, this podcast has also earned the prestigious title of Apple New & Noteworthy. So join us on this hilarious and enlightening journey through the maze of modern romance. 

Let us help you “get it in.” Errr… find love!

Society & Culture
Timing is Everything (with Behzad Dabu)
How the right relationship at the wrong time can still spell doom.
30 min
Is Age But a Number? (with Behzad Dabu)
Breaking down the etiquette and stigma of dating outside your age.
66 min
Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby (with Rahul Rai)
An informative, funny guide to discussing money matters in relationships.
73 min
Dating An Introvert (with Rahul Rai)
The trials, tribulations, and fun facts of dating an introvert, as told by actor and TikTok star, Rahul Rai.
58 min
Daddy Issues (with Ksenia)
Two female comedians talk about the negative impact of father-daughter relationships gone wrong.
49 min
Accepting Your Imperfections (with Ksenia)
The comedians get candid about plastic surgery, their perceived flaws, and how a lack of self love can lead to dating disasters.
47 min
Love Isn’t Blind (with Allison Goldberg)
Two comedians discuss the concept behind the hit reality dating show, Love is Blind.
78 min
Breaking the “Nice Guy” Stereotype (with Humble...
Exploring the misconception that women aren't into nice guys and the traits that make someone truly nice.
23 min
How to be Love(d) (with Humble the Poet)
Learns the secrets to loving yourself and those around you so you can heal from your past, and live your best life.
66 min
What’s Your Relationship Formula? (with Danny Z...
Modern Family Executive Producer shares his unique relationship with his ex-wife and how rules are meant to be broken.
29 min
Getting Back on the Saddle After Divorce (with ...
Modern Family Executive Producer and divorcee, Danny Zuker, talks about his experience getting back in the dating game.
46 min
Keeping Monogamy Hot (with Ashleigh Reynard)
The Author of “Swing” shares ways to maintain passion, energy, and intimacy in a monogamous relationship.
59 min
Our Struggle with Intimacy (with Galit Atlas)
How to build and maintain intimacy in relationships.
57 min
Emotional Inheritance and the Effects of Trauma...
Galit Atlas explains how generational trauma can affect our dating lives now.
52 min
Harsh Truths About Sex and Dating (with Todd Ba...
Certified sex therapist, Todd Baratz, shares some tough love advice about the most common misconceptions around relationships.
61 min
A Single Revolution is Underway (with Shani Sil...
Shani Silver returns to discuss the revolution taking place among single people who are refusing to let the world tell them that they are not enough.
49 min
How To Be A Better Boyfriend (with James Tang)
You got your partner, but now Natasha Chandel, James Tang, and Aisha Holden share tips on how to keep them.
37 min
Maybe Valentine’s Day Isn’t All Bad (with James...
James Tang and Aisha Holden help Natasha Chandel change her perspective on Valentine’s Day, as they all share tips on how to survive the holiday.
54 min
We’re Back! Now, Remember Those Resolutions? (w...
Kinda Dating returns with a brand new episode looking back at the progress of those pesky New Years Resolutions.
64 min
We’re On Hiatus!
Kinda Dating is taking a break.
2 min
Long-Term Platonic Life Partners (With Shalini ...
The latest relationship trend where your primary partner is a friend with whom you have no sexual or romantic connection.
49 min
Prioritizing Yourself (With Shalini Bathina)
How to find time for yourself in your relationship.
58 min
Slow Love (with Damona Hoffman)
How to pace your relationship, take it slow and have better chances at success.
66 min
TBT: Can Dating Be A Spiritual Experience? (Wit...
How to find the deeper purpose in your dating life, including the hidden lessons.
70 min
#TBT The Science of Attraction (with Amy Chan)
Understand the chemical reason behind attraction and how to stop being attracted to the wrong person.
38 min