Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Mental Health
Society & Culture
Mob Expert Jess Bendinger, Self-Harm Stigma and...
Trigger Warnings: Self-Harm and SuicideAllison and Gaby share advice on if a listener should show their self-harm scars in order to gain self-confidence. They’re then joined by Jess Bendinger (the writer of “Bring It On”) to talk about her new podcast “Mob Queens.” (It's about the mob AND drag queens!) Later they discuss if hope is delusional, detrimental or a super power. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT WE LOVE COMMENTS!
60 min
Pet Psychic Jessica Lanyadoo, Changing Your Sex...
Allison and Gaby try to help a listener who is second guessing defining herself as a lesbian. They’re then joined by animal communicator, Jessica Lanyadoo, who talks with their dogs, Sugar and Beans. What they learn will shock the bone right out of your dog's mouth! Later they intensely debate whether or not fans deserve total transparency online. Woof!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
70 min
Drag King Vico Ortiz, Friends In Need and Food
Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question about how to confront a mentally unstable friend. They’re then joined by Vico Ortiz to discuss the Drag community. Later they share their thoughts on their weird relationships with food. What a delicious episode!
64 min
OCD Specialist Sheva Rajaee, Self-Love and Cons...
Allison and Gaby give a listener tips and tricks on building their self confidence. (Be nice to yourself, goddammit!) They’re then joined by Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Sheva Rajaee (@theshrinkwrap) to discuss all things OCD including Allison's intrusive thoughts. And later they share their favorite conspiracy theories while arguing about all sorts of stuff. You know, typical episode!
75 min
Linguist Amanda Montell, Keeping the Spark Aliv...
Trigger Warnings - Rape and TransphobiaAllison and Gaby answer a listener’s question on how not to get bored in a long-term relationship. They’re then joined by linguist and author of “Word Slut,” Amanda Montell, to talk about discrimination...in language. And later they discuss abortion. (Spoiler: We're pro-choice.)
75 min
LIVE FROM CHICAGO - Platonic Intimacy, Circus T...
This episode was recorded in Chicago while on tour and may or may not be the funniest episode yet! (We swear we're not biased!) Allison attempts to answer a a listener's question about platonic intimacy while also explaining the concept of platonic intimacy to Gaby. They’re then joined by actor, acrobatist, and star of "Welcome to Nightvale," Symphony Sanders who shares all the dirty details of the aerial arts. And later they discuss the complexities of apologizing. Quick Question: Have you tried soaking?
72 min
Ratting Out Cheaters, Chimpanzees, And Reclaimi...
Allison and Gaby give a listener advice on what to do if a married older man hits on you (and you don't want to use violence). They’re then joined by the Los Angeles Zoo’s Kate Gilmore and lose their primate minds! Later they discuss taking back slurs and using them to feel powerful. This episode is actually wild. Get it?! Primates!
75 min
Asking For Nudes, Queer Muslims, and Day To Day...
This week Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question on what to do when your long distance partner won’t share photos of themselves. (Bummer!) They’re then joined by actress, writer, creator (and former lawyer) Fawzia Mirza to discuss being queer AND being Muslim. Later Allison and Gaby discuss how they live their lives with mental illness. Spoiler: It involves a lot of Clorox Wipes and positive thinking.
76 min
Finding the Right Therapist, A Mystery Guest an...
Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question on how to figure out if you’re compatible...with your therapist. They’re then joined by a special mystery guest and we won’t spoil it for you here, so you have to listen! They wrap up the episode with an examination of advice—when to give it, when to listen and when to shut up.
68 min
When to Murder Your Husband, All Americans Are ...
Straight from Philadelphia comes the first LIVE recording of Just Between Us! Riled up by the audience, Allison and Gaby give some harsh advice regarding a husband who won't stick up for his wife. They're then joined onstage by author, activist and advocate, Feminista Jones, who shares her mind-changing political views (Spoiler: we're all morons!). Finally the girls try to talk about what scares them and instead spiral into tangent about luring a tape worm out of your butt hole. You don't want to miss it!
68 min
Giving All The Information, Walking Out of E! A...
Allison and Gaby tell/yell at a listener to be honest with their partner about what they want in the future. They’re then joined by journalist Catt Sadler (iamcattsadler) to discuss equal pay and publicly leaving your job. Later they talk about the fall out from Allison’s falling out with one of her best friends. (She’s gonna be okay, don’t worry!)
76 min
Moving In, Allison’s Mom and Weddings w/ Ruth R...
Trigger Warning: SuicideAllison and Gaby help a listener figure out when it’s kosher to move in with a new partner. They’re then joined by Allison’s mom, Ruth Raskin (ruthraskinphoto), who discusses the challenges of raising a child with mental illness and the importance of facing it head on. Later they give all their thoughts and feelings about weddings. SPOILER: Do not have it outside.
76 min
Sharing Your Needs, Hitting Your Kids and Advic...
Allison and Gaby tell a listener to speak up in their relationship to avoid losing their partner. Comedian Charla Lauriston (@charlalauriston) then joins the girls to talk about some controversial stuff. Later, A & G give advice to their younger selves and it’s a doozie!
79 min
Love Bombing, Pharmaceuticals, and Toxic Fandom...
Allison and Gaby help a listener avoid the same dating mistakes (over and over). Then they’re joined by “My Favorite Murderer’s” Georgia Hardstark (@hardstark) to talk about mental health, pharmaceuticals, and why she participates in #myfavoritemeds. Later, they discuss  the good, the bad and the ugly of fandoms. (It's you're a fan of this podcast, you're one of the good ones!)
75 min
Relationship Expectations, Type I Diabetes, and...
Allison and Gaby jump to a listener's defense after learning their partner doesn't want to have sex anymore.They’re then joined by writer Dave Holmes (@DaveHolmes) to discuss being misdiagnosed with diabetes for eight years and how his correct diagnosis led him to become a better gay person. And the ladies close out this well-rounded episode with an introspective look at the importance of self-identity. (Spoiler: It's sort of important!)
67 min
Work/Life Balance, Cuban American Culture, And ...
This week Allison and Gaby get riled up answering a listener’s question on internalized capitalism. They’re then joined by comedian Raiza Licea to discuss what it was like growing up Cuban in Florida and then Los Angeles. And later we talk about sexism - how it personally affects us, how it manifests in society and how we can destroy it.
77 min
Workplace Harassment, Sex Education, and Toxic ...
Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question on if she should quit her job because she’s in love with her boss. Then, educator, comedian, and sexual rights activist Melissa Strype (@thebiglissa) join them and discuss sex education. Later, they share their stories on Toxic Family Members. 
63 min
Toxic Friends, Home Schooling, and Imposter Syn...
Coming in hot this week with Allison recovering from getting walked in on the bathroom moments before recording. Allison and Gaby then answer a listener's question about how to dump friends when any other option is "not on the table at all." They’re later joined by actor, comedian, and writer Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) who explains the pros and MANY cons of homeschooling. And later, Allison loses her cool, again, while discussing imposter syndrome in Topixxx. (Tough episode for Allison.)
66 min
Losing Your Virginity, Star Charts, and Gaby’s ...
Trigger Warning: Suicide and self-harm is discussed during this week’s topix. This week, Allison and Gaby help answer a listener’s question about when (and maybe how) to have sex for the first time. Then, this Gemini duo learn what’s in the stars for them with a birth chart reading from the cosmically delightful, Sarah Paasch (@sarah_paasch). Later, Allison shares her new mental health hashtag #JustCheckingIn leading to a bigger conversation about the state of Gaby's mental health. A friendly reminder from a friendly friend that it’s ok to not be ok.
79 min
Your Friends vs. Your Boyfriend, Gaby’s Ex, and...
In the friendliest episode yet, Allison and Gaby dish some sage advice about having to choose between your S.O. and your friends. Then, Gaby’s favorite Ex, Josh Gondelman (@joshgondelman) sits in the hot seat answering tough questions and playing along in hypotheticals. In conclusion, if you struggle making friends as an adult, you don’t want to miss this week’s topixxx. Free friendship bracelet included, minus shipping and handling.Trigger Warning: Domestic abuse is discussed during this week’s International Question.
62 min
Deleting Your Ex, Lying To Your Kids, and How T...
Unfollow, delete, block. What’s your method when it comes to exes and social media? Allison and Gaby get brutally honest in this week’s International Question from South Africa! Then they get hypothetical with the brilliant and marvelous, Jamie Denbo (@jamiedenbo) who also happens to be a mom (the show’s first parent! Wahoo!) And finally, Pride is upon us, but being an ally to the LGBTQ community is a year-round thing, so learn more about how to be an ally in this week’s topixxx. Is that enough variety for you?!Holding ourselves accountable here. We want to note that, Gaby misgendered Eileen Myles, their pronouns are "they/them."
59 min
Anime Kink, 2020 Candidates, and Missing Your B...
This week Allison and Gaby share their thoughts on aliens, masturbation, friendship, and what they’re looking for in a 2020 president. If that’s not enough they also encourage a listener to navigate the complexities of kinks, porn, and feminism with their partner. Then, the dynamic duo interview the recently lasik-ed, Amir Blumenfeld (@amir) about maintaining a friendship with his bi-coastal bestie, Jake. And during Topixxx, we learn 20/20 is a type of perfection we cannot expect for our eyes... or this election. Beam us up, aliens! ASAP!Trigger warning: There is brief discussion of rape in this week’s Topix.
53 min
Setting Boundaries, A Dog Named Alan, and Datin...
It’s tiring being there for everyone... ALL OF THE TIME. So this week, Allison and Gaby share their advice on how to thwart off emotional Vampires. Then, they talk with awe-inspiring and prolific writer Emily Heller (@mremilyheller) about balancing her new dog and her new husband. Plus: are you more like Allison or Gaby when it comes to swiping left and right on dating apps? Find out for free by listening to this episode! (Please like, subscribe and comment using only emojis.)
57 min
You Will Be Fine (w/ Miles McKenna)
This week, all the way from Canada, comes a listener question wondering if it’s worth the risk to break up a perfectly healthy and loving monogamous relationship for some polyamorous fun. Then, Allison and Gaby are blown away by shining star, Miles McKenna (@themilesmckenna) who shares thoughtful advice for people considering coming out and discusses his transition in the public eye. A few key hints for this week’s hypotheticals involve: a potato chip, tickling, and Ambien. What could possibly go awry? To wrap it all up, internalized shame around sex and sexuality is real, Gaby and Allison untangle the double standards of societal patriarchy in this week’s Topixxx. P.S. BRENDON URIE, WILL YOU BE ON THE PODCAST?! 
51 min
Doing Weed (w/Brian Jordan Alvarez)
In the HIGHEST rated episode to date, Allison and Gaby “puff, puff, pass” along their knowledge by demonstrating how to gently turn down a friend during this week’s International Question. Then, the duo get swept off their feet by the talented and effervescent Brian Jordan Alvarez (The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo; Will & Grace). And, if you haven’t guessed it already, this week’s Topix is all about weed. More than your average stoner talk, Gaby and Allison dissect what it means to normalize the stigma associated with marijuana and its role in the prison industrial complex. No one was high during the making of this episode. (We think.)
49 min