Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Mental Health
Society & Culture
Creating Apps with Tara Reed, When You're The F...
Tara Reed shares her knowledge on creating an app, Gabe and Allison answer a listener's question about an unreliable friend, and then Melisa joins to discuss Gender Reveal Parties
82 min
The Future of TV with Ashley Ray, Weaponizing T...
79 min
How To Have A "Good" Life with Dr. Marc Schulz,...
Gabe shares the details of their broken engagement, Dr. Schulz helps us have a "good life," and then Melisa joins to discuss George Santo
71 min
The Ethics of True Crime with Yvette Gentile, D...
87 min
Family Secrets with Carmen Rita Wong, When Your...
Allison and Melisa discuss family secrets with Carmen Rita Wong, answer a listener's question about an ex getting engaged, and then share their 2023 predictions.
76 min
White QAnon Moms with Cristen Conger, Partner W...
Cristen Conger joins to talk about QAnon Moms, the duo answer a listener's question about having a non-vegan partner, and then they discuss anti-drag legislation.
77 min
REPLAY: The Myth of Laziness with Dr. Devon Pri...
REPLAY: Allison and Gaby answer a listener's question regarding OCD tendencies and her family's (unfavorable) response to them. They're then joined by social psychologist Dr. Devon Price to talk about laziness (it doesn't exist) and the importance of context before judgement. And finally, found family! Who says you need to be related to be family? (Not us!)  Transcription: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17mBt9rWtbbDFFZwXDS9uvzXdVDIxxWuEfHIPfy3gK9g/edit?usp=sharing This has been a Forever Dog production  Executive produced by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey   To listen to this podcast ad-free  Sign up for Forever Dog Plus at foreverdogpodcasts.com/plus   Check out video clips of our podcasts on Youtube at youtube.com/foreverdogteam And make sure to follow us on Twitter, instagram and Facebook at ForeverDogTeam to keep up with all of the latest Forever Dog News
85 min
Midwifery and Conception with Liam Kali, Being ...
Gaby and Allison are talk midwifery with Liam Kali, answer a listener's question about being there for a family member, and discuss compassion.
85 min
K-pop! with Denise Kim, A Co-Worker's Inappropr...
88 min
CATS (the animal) with Dr. Kristyn Vitale, Hati...
70 min
Broadway! with Robert Hartwell, Hating To Exerc...
Gaby and Allison discuss Broadway with Robert Hartwell, answer a listener's question about exercise, and are joined by Melisa to discuss the Overton Window
78 min
Gaby, Allison and Melisa discuss Allison's engagement.
63 min
Puppets! with David Bizzaro, Your Partner's Gen...
Allison and Gaby are joined by puppeteer David Bizarro to discuss puppets, answer a listener's question about gender identity, and Melisa joins to discuss superstions.
79 min
Parenting Mentally Ill Children with Kelli Rich...
Gaby and Allison chat with Kelli Richardson Lawson about parenting mentally ill children, answer a listener's question about caring about your partner and Melisa joins to discuss martial hatred.
76 min
Psychedelic Problems with Dr. Lily Kay Ross and...
Allison and Gaby discuss psychedelics with Dr. Lily Kay Ross and Dave Nickels, answer a listener's question about painful sex, and then Melisa joins to chat about revenge.
92 min
Defining Feminism with Florence Given, When To ...
Allison and Gaby chat with writer Florence Given about what feminism means to them, answer a listener's question about buying a house with your partner, and then are joined by Melisa to discuss incongruous parts of their personality.
81 min
The Future of Reality Dating Shows with Claire ...
Gaby and Allison discuss "The Bachelor" with Claire Fallon and Emma Gray, answer a listener's questions about coming out, and Melisa joins to discuss "Quiet Quitting"
88 min
Buzzfeed and Mental Health with Ella Hart, Defi...
Allison and Gaby are joined by their former co-worker Ella Hart to discuss mental health, answer a listener's question about defining a relationship, and then discuss attribution error.
99 min
Combating Negative Thoughts with Dr. Monica Ver...
Gaby and Allison discuss overcoming negative thoughts with Dr. Monica Vermani, help a listener with if they should tell their coworker they like them, and then give each other some sick burns.
77 min
Queer Paradise with Mitra Kaboli, Having No Rom...
Allison and Gaby discuss a queer paradise with Mitra Kaboli, help a listener who doesn't have any romantic experience, and weigh in on safe injection sites.
62 min
SPIDERS with Catherine Scott, Gendered Wedding ...
Allison and Gaby talk about spiders with Catherine Scott, answer a listener's question about a gendered dress code, and discuss scandalous dancing.
70 min
Getting Unstuck with Britt Frank, When Your Fri...
Gaby and Allison speak to Britt Frank about getting unstuck, answer a listener's question about a friend that's cheating, and discuss niblings.
83 min
The Mental Toll of Knee Surgery with Kaegan Had...
Allison and Gaby talk about knee surgery with Occupational Therapist Keagan Hadley, answer a listener's question about hating your partner, and discuss celebrity breakups
81 min
Friendship Coaching with Danielle Bayard Jackso...
Gaby and Allison are joined by Danielle Bayard Jackson to discuss friends, answer a listener's question about sensory problems, and are joined by producer Melisa to talk about A Former Head of State.
74 min
Keeping Romance Alive with Kristen Meinzer & Jo...
Gaby and Allison speak with Kristen Meinzer & Jolenta Greenberg about romance in a relationship, answer a listener's question about work stress and changing problematic speech.
80 min