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Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Mental Health
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PRIDE LIVE PART ONE! Trans Rights with ACLU law...
It's our Pride episode! Hooray! First, a pronoun change for Gaby as an update on their continuing gender journey. Then, we're honored to be joined by the ACLU's Chase Strangio to talk about his work on fighting anti-trans legislation, why these laws have sprung up all over in the last few years, and what we can do to help stop these discriminatory, misinformed, and cruel laws. Gaby then takes over the game show portion of the podcast with THE GAY OFFS! Comedian and icon Kalen Allen goes head to head with Allison, who definitely loses. HAPPY PRIDE! Tune in Friday for the rest of the live episode!
68 min
Anti-Asian Racism with SuChin Pak and HYPOTHETI...
Gaby starts off the episode by yelling at Allison for taking hot showers. They're then joined by former MTV VJ and all around badass journalist SuChin Pak to talk about her rise in media and how the last 15 months have shifted her view of the world. She discusses anti-Asian hate and her personal reckoning with her own history. It's powerful and intimate and followed by a rousing game of hypotheticals that is neither.
59 min
How To Get Over Heartbreak And Forced Adult Fri...
Gaby opens the episode by sharing highlights from their road trip through the beautiful weirdness of America. Allison and Gaby then answer a listener's question about healing from abrupt heartbreak--something Allison is unfortunately an expert on. And finally: forced adult friendships! Do you have to stay friends with people you no longer relate to or never really liked? Maybe???
46 min
Understanding ADHD with Jak Levine-Pritzker and...
Jak Levine-Pritzker of Authentically ADHD (@authenticallyadhd) joins Allison and Gaby to discuss all things ADHD. Jak insightfully covers the variety of symptoms people experience, who gets overlooked when it comes to diagnosis, what part shame and rejection play, and how someone with ADHD can reframe their disorder in a capitalist world that’s stacked against them. (Small ask, we know!) Plus, Hypotheticals! Should you break up with your partner just to emotionally listen to Olivia Rodrigo? Yes, and good 4 u!
52 min
When To Say I Love You And Athletes Prioritizin...
First, Allison has a hilarious “I love you” mishap with her new beau which leads Into a listener’s question about whether to say it to her girlfriend of two months. (Turns out, they completely disagree on the answer! Shocking!) And finally, a discussion about Naomi Osaka's groundbreaking decision to not speak to the media in order to prioritize her mental health. We love to see it!
44 min
When Your Partner Gets An HIV Diagnosis with Mi...
First, Gaby wants to be Allison's "momager." Allison is not into it. The duo then talk to Gaby's beloved aunt, writer Michele Dunn Baker, about her husband getting diagnosed with HIV one year into their marriage. Michelle shares their journey since learning the news in 1987 which includes saving his life with alternative medicine and brand new treatments, and how their love continues to thrive despite hardship. If you are a book agent or publisher interested in Michele's book about this experience, contact gabyisbadwithmoney@gmail.com.
46 min
Converting To Judaism And Gaby Buying A House
Allison and Gaby are off to a strange start but then again it's Gemini season! Allison and Gaby do their best to tackle a listener's question about whether someone can convert to Judaism even if they don't believe in a traditional, all-powerful god. Gaby then shares their recent adventures in real estate as they attempt to buy a house with their partner! Mortgage before marriage? Why not!
41 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: What Can You Do If You Can't...
In our final episode of MENTAL HEALTH 101, Allison and Gaby are joined by LMFT Whitney Goodman to talk about how you can prioritize your mental health even if you don't have access to therapy. She explains the importance of setting boundaries, how to safely consume mental health content, getting in touch with your values and how to make social media a positive (instead of a negative) in your life. Plus, mindfulness and noticing explained! Turns out, you can check in with yourself TOO much.
52 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: Do Diagnoses Matter with Dr....
In this episode of MENTAL HEALTH 101, psychologist Dr. Shelly Shelly-Ann Collins Rawle of The Black Girl Doctor joins Allison and Gaby to discuss a surprisingly complicated topic in the mental health field: diagnoses. Do people need them? Are they helpful or harmful? How often do people get misdiagnosed? What role does insurance play? Is it okay to self-diagnose? Turns out, some questions are more easily answered than others!
64 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: The Importance of Sleep with...
It wouldn't be MENTAL HEALTH 101 without an episode dedicated to sleep! Sleep specialist and clinical psychologist Courtney Banscroft joins us to explain why humans need a certain amount of sleep, the intersection of anxiety and insomnia, helpful tips for sleeping better and how society gets in the way of us all getting the sleep we need. Damn you, Capitalism! Hopefully this episode will put you right to sleep--after you listen to it!
59 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: People Of Color and Therapy ...
Mental Health 101 continues! First generation Cuban-American therapist Melissa Moya-Brinckman joins Gaby and Allison for a conversation on the specific therapy needs of POC, how therapy can be normalized in these communities, how racism contributes to trauma, and how to check your biases when it comes to other cultures and mental health. Plus Three Questions!
48 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: Bad Therapy with Therapists ...
This episode of MENTAL HEALTH 101 we are exposing an important truth: there is such a thing as bad therapy! But how the heck can you spot it?! Therapists and hosts of the podcast, Very Bad Therapy, Caroline Wiita and Ben Fineman join Gaby and Allison to talk about what constitutes bad therapy, why people don't know what good therapy is and how to bring up problems with your therapist. Plus, should your therapist ever touch you? (Not really!) Does everyone even need therapy? Wow! Feedback! It's a gift.
63 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: Finding The Right Therapist ...
It's Mental Health 101, baby! And this week we're answering the question on everyone's mind: How the heck do you find the right therapist?! Marriage and Family Therapist Esther Boykin joins us to provide some helpful tips and tricks. We discuss everything from different theoretical orientations to whether or not your therapist should be from the same cultural background as you. She also gives some money saving suggestions before diving into our new segment, Three Questions! Turns out, putting yourself first isn't selfish! Who knew!
69 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: Medication with Dr. Pooja La...
We're back with MENTAL HEALTH 101! This episode we are asking Dr. Pooja Lakshmin all sorts of questions about psychotropic medication! Do you have to be on medication forever? Can you be on medication while pregnant? When is therapy not enough!? We finish up with our new segment: Three Questions! Because even mental health professionals need to attend to their mental health!
59 min
MENTAL HEALTH 101: Trauma with Dr. Shaili Jain
Welcome to our mental health focused mini-season for the month of May! Our inaugural episode focuses on trauma--Big T and little t. Trauma specialist Dr. Shaili Jain joins us to talk about how untreated trauma impacts our daily lives, historical trauma, the most effective treatments and how to live our lives through a trauma informed lens. Plus, a brand new segment.
68 min
All Things Autism with Amythest Schaber and HYP...
Gaby is battling a migraine but that doesn't stop the duo from having one of their most informative interviews ever! Amethyst Schaber, of the YouTube channel Neurowonderful, joins the pod to talk about all things autism including popular misconceptions, how to be more accommodating, the impact of misleading media portrayals and the harmful effects of ABA therapy on Autistic children.Plus, a world in which the rules always change and seem arbitrary? Amethyst has been preparing for HYPOTHETICALS their entire life.
62 min
How To Tell If Your Relationship Concerns Are V...
Allison and Gaby start off with an age old debate: what is the difference between murder and assassination? They then try to help a listener who can't tell if she is self-sabotaging her relationship OR if her concerns about her boyfriend are valid. And finally, Melisa joins in to discuss the controversy surrounding Covid vaccines and what messaging needs to change to get us all to herd immunity.
39 min
Sex Work, Kink, And Creativity with Bree Essrig
First, Gaby and Allison discuss when it's appropriate to ask marginalized people questions about the correct terminology and how to do that in a thoughtful and appropriate way. Then, they have a delightful conversation with comedian and sex worker Bree Essrig all about making content for OnlyFans and Patreon, getting into kink, foot modeling, and Bree and Gaby's joint experiences in sex work. Plus, Gillian Anderson is dating your partner in a dream. What would you do?
61 min
Should Gaby And Allison Get Married, OCD, and B...
Insurance forms! Electricity bills! Plants! Are we adults? Should Gaby and Allison just marry each other at this point? We're on the fence. Then, Gaby and Allison give a listener advice about helping a friend who has severe OCD. And finally, beliefs vs. behaviors. What says more about who you are?
50 min
Handwriting Analysis with Graphologist Elaine C...
This is one for the books! Allison and Gaby have their handwriting analyzed by graphologist Elaine Charal, which is a 10/10 experience! They then learn all about the theories behind handwriting analysis and how it can help people better understand themselves. And finally, a rousing game of hypotheticals with even more alien talk than normal!
52 min
The "Right" Response to Heartbreak and Trigger ...
We are loopy in the intro to this one! Gaby and Allison get it together in time to discuss a listener's question about whether or not it's strange she isn't more upset following a breakup. Do you grow more cynical about love as you get older? Is it bad not to be devastatingly heartbroken by a break up? And finally, a listener writes in to call Gaby in about trigger warnings and the duo breaks down the need for them and how they'll be using them in the future. (Content warning: in Topix, we get into specifics on self harm. Please be advised.)
48 min
Fertility Awareness and Natural Birth Control w...
First, lots of food, acid reflux, and coffee talk--we are a couple of Jews about all. Then, we talk to Megan McNamara (@famtasticfertility) about fertility awareness, natural birth control, being in control of your body, and how to effectively do the Fertility Awareness Method. Plus, charting your cervical mucus and understanding your cervical mucus using cervicalmucus.org. (We love saying cervical mucus!) And lastly, erotic hand-holding and panic at a cruise ship buffet.
55 min
Dealing With Confrontation and Love At First Sight
First, Gaby and Allison talk about vaccines, lip fillers, gender dysphoria and not putting yourself into a box. (Love to ease you in!) They then give a listener advice on being conflict avoidant and what to say when you're being called in or confronted. And lastly, Melisa, Gaby and Allison break down love at first sight and why it makes Gaby so riled up. She really hates it!
53 min
Finance, Work, and Mental Health with Tony Verh...
First, a fan makes an incredibly accurate parody video of the Just Between Us podcast that really tickled us. (Go check it out on @serenapalmer_ on Instagram.) PS: Make us more fan art! Then, Tony Verheyen, author of In Our Reach, joins us to talk about mental health at work and employee benefits for your physical, mental, and financial life. Plus, how the heck do you ask for a raise? Lastly, hypotheticals! Tony is very zen about whether or not his mother-in-law is an alien or rude. Very zen.
48 min
Handling Academic Rejection and Our Goals For T...
First, some adorable stories about Allison and Gaby's attention-loving grandmothers and the tributes they deserve. They then offer advice to a listener whose self-identity is tied to her academic achievements. And finally, goals! Melisa joins in for a lively discussion of what all three hope to accomplish some day soon. The list includes paying off debt, buying a bow and arrow and not being so loud.
48 min