Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Mental Health
Society & Culture
Utopian Lifestyles with Avery Trufelman, Siblin...
Gaby's gone full Trekkie in the last year, but Allison has her own ideas about what aliens actually look like. After much debate about this, the duo answer a listener's question about getting involved in their siblings' volatile relationship with their parents. Next, Avery Trufelman joins the pod to talk all about lifestyle utopia, the world of home, and the various inventions that have changed our day to day. Finally, love songs! Why do we all get emotional about them? How does Gaby feel when their partner writes songs about them? And why have so many men made mix tapes for Melisa?
74 min
Lolita with Jamie Loftus, Friends At Different ...
Taylor Swift owns our lives. That's right. It's "Gaby and Allison's Lives (Taylor's Version)." Then, the duo answer a listener's question about what to do when your friends want you to be at the exact same life stage they are. Next, they talk to podcaster extraordinaire Jamie Loftus, creator of the Lolita Podcast, all about what we've all gotten wrong about Nabakov's controversial book and the ways it affected generations of young women. And finally, prevention. Why is it the best way to handle your problems?
66 min
Teaching Our Youth with Joe Dombrowski, Changin...
Are you looking for a great joke to tell at a dinner party? Don't worry, Allison has you covered. The duo then address a brave listener's question about how to change her own mind after being radicalized online. They're then joined by elementary school teacher turned stand up comic, Joe Dombrowski, to talk about the flaws in our education system and why our hilarious children deserve better. And finally, manifesting. One of us believes in it. Can you guess who? (It's Gaby.)
73 min
Cannabis Advocacy with Ellen Scanlon, Defining ...
First, Gaby tells the story of an amazing/super spooky Halloween party they went to in their new rural county. It has LAYERS. The duo then address a listener's question about what qualifies as romance as they, asexual, get ready to marry their aromantic friend. Next, they interview host of, “How To Do The Pot,” Ellen Lee Scanlon, about the various and glorious uses of cannabis. And finally, what would we change if we were president? Hint: more monorails?
63 min
Mommying While Muslim with Zaiba Hasan and Uzma...
First, Allison regales us with the ups and downs of her days-long human sexuality workshop. Then, an International Question about what to do when your partner has a different style of arguing than you. Next, they talk to the co-hosts of the Mommying While Muslim podcast Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri about the American Muslim experience and how to raise brown children in a post 9/11 world. And finally, what would we change about ourselves with a magic wand? Veggies, friendliness, OCD therapy, and testosterone apparently!
74 min
Psychedelics and Mental Health with Researcher ...
Coming in hot with two reality show pitches about dogs: "Romance or Rescue" and "The Right Pooch." Allison's is a wholesome affair, while Gaby's...not so much. The duo then answer a listener's question about how to forgive themself for their drunk behavior now that they are sober and have made amends. They're then joined by an extremely exciting guest, Matthew W. Johnson, a researcher on the forefront of the use of psychedelics for medical and mental health treatment. Are psychedelics the future of mental health treatment??? MAYBE! And finally, brand deals. Why we take what we take and don't take what we don't. And why people are mad either way!
72 min
Living for Content with Connor Franta, Dating A...
Allison might go blonde? Gaby is shaving off their hair. HUGE TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault and "revenge porn:" First, they answer a listener's very delicate question about an ex-partner who betrayed her trust by posting sexual videos of her without her consent. How can she feel safe dating again? (For more on this experience, we recommend videos by YouTuber Chrissy Chambers about her fight against "revenge porn.") Then, they interview internet royalty Connor Franta all about his new book, “House Fires” and what it's meant for him to profit off his life and experiences. And finally, sibling dynamics and how they can grow and change. Also Allison invents the concept of a "bookstore." 
70 min
Interviewing Skills with LBGTQ&A's Jeffrey Mast...
This entire show is JUST about Gaby's gender and Allison's ex-fiance! Despite this holy truth, the duo attempt to answer a listener's email about a friend's obnoxious boyfriend. (To intervene or not to intervene! That is the question!) They're then joined by interview expert extraordinaire Jeffery Masters to dissect the art of interviewing and how to get guests comfortable enough to open up. Meta! And finally: our comedic voices. What's shaped them? What's changed them? And are we even funny anymore?
70 min
Abortions and Poltical Comedy with Lizz Winstea...
First: bad dreams, sleep paralysis and lizards because...who knows! What is this show about exactly? Then, the duo answer a listener's question about supporting their boyfriend when he complains about not liking his body. And next, they talk to comedian and abortion activist Lizz Winstead about how comedy can help deliver political messages. And finally, oversharing. When is it too much or just enough? Luckily, Gaby and Allison have SUCH a good handle on this.
79 min
Cults with Dr. Steve Hassan, Determining "The O...
Gaby's gonna get contacts before dysphoria trumps the fear of touching their eyeball. Then, the duo answer a listener's question about knowing someone is the one even if you feel too independent. (Hint: the person IS overthinking!) Then, they talk to the most famous cult expert and former "Moonie" Dr. Steven Hassan all about the cult of Trump, the misconceptions about the people in cults, and how we can speak to a loved one who we feel is in a cult.
85 min
Edgar Allan Poe with Catherine Baab-Muguira, Ga...
We start off with some Abercrombie and Limited Too nostalgia. Gaby then addresses a listener's question about exploring polyamory by sharing their own history naivating non-monogamy over the last decade. The duo are then joined by Edgar Allan Poe expert and author of Poe for Your Problems Catherine Baab-Muguira to discuss Poe's life, legacy and unusual approach to self-help. And finally, travel. Should we prioritize it? Or is it overrated?
72 min
"Dirty" Vaginas with Dr. Jen Gunter, Estranged ...
Gaby and Allison start off with a BRIEF discussion of sportz. They then address a listener's question about whether or not a new mom should be upset that her father isn't talking to her. World famous gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter then joins the conversation to discuss misinformation about vaginas, the feminine hygiene industry, public hair and how to effectively talk with your doctor. And finally, fostering pets! The cutest type of volunteer work available! It's so hard but so rewarding.
68 min
Delivery Apps Exposed with Ahmed Ali Akbar, Dat...
First, Allison explains pickleball because she is very hip and ready to join a retirement community. The duo then answer a listener's question about whether it's limiting or cliche to start seriously dating the first woman she's ever slept with. Next, they have a fascinating conversation with Ahmed Ali Akbar about the messy world behind the food delivery apps we all use. How much do we really know about where our convenient food delivery is coming from? (Not much, apparently!) And, finally, aging! Should we embrace it or just get tons of work done?
71 min
Home Renovation with This Old House's Kevin O'C...
Big news! Gaby and their partner bought a house together! This brings up obvious questions about commitment and a possible engagement! Allison then shares some juicy tea about her own failed engagement. (Very juicy! Would recommend!) The duo then answer a listener's question about feeling purposeless now that they're healing from self-harm and other mental health struggles. Next up, guest Kevin O'Connor, host of PBS's “This Old House,” joins the chat to talk about the stress and joy of home improvements, climate change's impact on housing, and the skills gap in the contractor space. Sooner or later, everyone needs a plumber! And finally, compatibility. What does it actually mean?!
74 min
Harm Reduction with Monique Tula, Worrying Your...
First, Gaby and Allison get into baby names and weird name stories. Then, the duo disagree on a listener's email about how to express to her boyfriend that she worries he's a bad person. Next, they're joined by The National Harm Reduction Coalition's Executive Director Monique Tula for a fascinating conversation about what harm reduction is, society's warped framing of drugs and sobriety, and how we can change our perception of what drug users need. And lastly, nudity! Melisa and Allison love it. Gaby is... mixed.
74 min
The Science of Change with Maya Shankar, Entitl...
This week is filled with scheduling snafus and strong emotions! Then, the International Question makes Gaby so mad they could -- and do -- start screaming. Cognitive scientist, Maya Shankar, then joins the show to discuss the power of change, group identity and how a better understanding of behavioral science can positively influence public policy! And finally, burnout. We'd say more but we're too tired.
69 min
Criminal Injustice with Public Defender Olayemi...
In this HIGH TENSION episode, Gaby and Allison disagree about the creative process and the role social media play in their careers. They're then joined by public defender Olayemi Olurin to discuss the rigged criminal justice system and our skewed interpretation of crime. And finally: Bennifer and our overwhelming interest in celebrity couples! Why do we care so much??
75 min
New Things with Michelle Khare, Friend Avoidanc...
Gaby starts by bragging about their surfing skills and encouraging people to go outside! The duo then answer a listener's question about a friend who seems to be avoiding them. (Who isn't avoiding someone?!?) They're then joined by former B*zzf**d co-worker and absolute badass, Michelle Khare, to talk about her YouTube series Challenge Accepted, pushing yourself and her mortal enemy: chess. And finally, things we've been wrong about! (Not to brag but it's a pretty hefty list.)
73 min
Couples As Co-Workers with BenDeLaCreme and Gus...
Gaby grills Allison on a relationship update! (It's going well! Don't worry!) Then, the duo answer a listener's question about wanting a therapist who pushes her more. With the added bonus of a father's movie blog and film critic "Robert" Ebert. Next, drag queen icon BenDeLaCreme and their partner producer Gus Lanza join the pod to talk all about working together as a couple, healthy communication, and any roadblocks they've had in their 6 year relationship. Finally, politicized language and why marketing of words as partisan is so scary.
76 min
Migraine Headaches with Dr. Teshamae Monteith, ...
First, Gaby is now using they/them pronouns! Get into it! The duo then answer a complicated listener's question that boils down to "what is love?" and how do you know what type of love you need in a romantic relationship. They're then joined by migraine and headache specialist Dr. Teshamae Monteith to discuss triggers, treatments and why we need to better understand migraines in general. Science! And finally, billionaires in space! Is it a waste of money? Or an exciting opportunity for private citizens? (Maybe both?) Producer Melisa has BIG feelings on it.
78 min
#FREEBRITNEY with Babs Grey and Tess Barker, Cu...
Allison and Gaby start off by answering a listener's question on how to bring up cultural differences when it comes to marriage timelines. They then interview Free Britney activists Tess Barker and Babs Gray about Britney Spears' conservatorship legal battle, conservatorship abuse, and their journey of bringing attention to this human rights issue. (They were in the courtroom and saw it all!) Plus, hypotheticals! Beware of twins and Marc Anthony. And finally, active listening. Why does Gaby hate it so much?!
63 min
The Beauty Industry with Gabrielle Korn, The Ot...
We're back to once a week, y'all, so this episode is jam packed!! Allison and Gaby start off by answering a listener's question about the return of the co-worker who her boyfriend cheated on her with. Uh-oh! Next, the duo interview author Gabrielle Korn about the hypocrisy of the beauty and fashion industry and the impact of social media. And finally, Allison explains her decision to go off her meds and her more recent decision to go right back on!
73 min
Artificial Intelligence with Ash Fontana and HY...
Today on the show, Allison and Gaby interview Artificial Intelligence expert Ash Fontana, who explains how our data is being gathered and used, whether or not technology is going to take all of our jobs, and the (scary yet exciting) future and present of AI. We wrap up with a rowdy game of Hypotheticals--even AI can't save you from America's Favorite Game Show!
54 min
Should You Lend Your Partner Money and If Thera...
First, Allison shares too much with her dermatologist about her boyfriend's beard on her face. The duo then answers a listener's question about lending money to her partner of one month. (YIKES!) And finally, if therapy was as successful as possible, what in your life would be different? Gaby and Allison get VULNERABLE.
37 min
PRIDE LIVE PART TWO! Coming Out Advice with Luc...
In the final part of our Pride Live! show, Gaby and Allison are joined by musician Lucy Dacus to answer a listener's question about the best way to come out to her straight group of friends (and everyone else). Activist and educator Alexis Sanchez then stops by to discuss internalized homophobia/transphobia/biphobia. Alexis and Gaby share their own experiences of accepting themselves and offer advice for others struggling.
42 min