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It’s All Political is now a part of the Fifth & Mission podcast. You can hear It's All Political on Fifth & Mission by subscribing to Fifth & Mission, the San Francisco Chronicle's flagship daily newscast. Joe Garofoli is the Chronicle’s senior political writer, covering national and state politics. He has worked at the Chronicle since 2000 and in Bay Area journalism since 1992, when he left the Milwaukee Journal. He has previously written about the intersection of tech and politics and about the politics of the cannabis industry.

Rep. Josh Harder on Guns, Pelosi and the Death ...
First-term Central Valley Rep. Josh Harder makes Joe eat crow for predicting he'd lose last November, then talks about gun laws, what it's like to buck Nancy Pelosi, and where he's at on the death penalty — which his purple district supports.
26 min
Breaking Down the Second Democratic Debate
We analyze the second Democratic debate, from the candidates’ stark divisions over health care to round two of the Biden-Harris battle.
26 min
Washington Governor Jay Inslee
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, one of the many Democratic candidates for president, is basing his campaign on a call for dramatic changes in the nation’s environmental policy. He believes that without those changes, which include setting tight deadlines for ending the use of coal and fossil fuels, the country is facing a climate disaster. In the podcast, he talks about how he will make that case to voters and convince them that those changes are both necessary and possible.
23 min
Trump is Following Obama's Re-Election Playbook
Former top Obama aide Ben LaBolt explains how President Trump is following President Obama's 2012 re-election playbook and Democrats aren't doing enough to counter him. LaBolt talks about which candidates are creating an effective anti-Trump message, which aren't and which should get out of the race.
35 min
Best Of: Will Pete Buttigieg Be America’s First...
In February, we chatted with South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg. HIs resume is impressive: Harvard, Rhodes Scholar, combat veteran, mayor. But how can you leap from being the mayor of a city that’s smaller than most suburbs to being leader of the free world?
26 min
Best Of: What's Kamala Harris Really Saying?
From March: In many ways, Sen. Kamala Harris sounds like a typical presidential candidate. But other times, she talks about inspirational/aspirational themes that are unusual for a political campaign. San Francisco Chronicle Washington correspondent Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli talk about the inspirational — and policy — points that Harris is making during her campaign.
20 min
What To Know from the First Democratic Debates
We watched four hours of Democratic presidential candidates debating so you didn't have to. Tal Kopan, Alexei Koseff and Joe break down how the debates reshaped the race and who might be dropping out soon.
23 min
Everything to Know About First Dem Presidential...
Subplots and intrigue abound in the back-to-back Democratic debates this week. Will everyone attack Joe Biden? Will Elizabeth Warren thrive being the lone top contender on stage the first night? Will Kamala Harris go full prosecutor? Which low-polling candidate will try something crazy to get noticed? Is Pete Buttigieg for real? The Chronicle’s political team previews the action.
31 min
Gov. Gavin Newsom on His Conversations with Tru...
Gov. Gavin Newsom talks about his proposed new wildfire deal with PG&E, what California would do if federal immigration raids started, what can be done to improve the recreational cannabis market and shares some of the conversations he's had with President Trump.
24 min
Mayor Michael Tubbs on Why Stockton Is Giving R...
While presidential candidates like Andrew Yang muse about giving all citizens a universal basic income, Stockton is actually trying it. Since February, a pilot program there has been giving 130 Stockton residents $500 a month to use as they see fit. Mayor Michael Tubbs, who at 28 is one of the nation’s youngest big city mayors, explains how his own upbringing in poverty helps him see how the program could work -- and potentially go statewide.
47 min
Pioneering Native American Rep. Deb Haaland on ...
New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland, the first Native American woman elected to the House, isn’t quite ready to call for impeachment yet. The Democrat also talks about her heritage, the racism she’s felt and what she thinks about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Native American identity.
28 min
Is Steve Bullock Too Much of a Red State Democrat?
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock says he can beat President Trump because he won in a red state where Trump is very popular. But is Bullock’s brand of pragmatic progressivism too conservative -- on the environment and health care -- for a Democratic electorate that’s leaning left? Also Bullock explains his white male privilege and explains how he, as governor of a predominantly white state, would reach out to African-Americans and Latinos.
19 min
Beto O’Rourke Tries to Jumpstart His Campaign
Beto O’Rourke was hailed as the next big Democratic thing after his narrow loss to Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz last year. But his presidential campaign has yet to catch fire after its strong launch. We talk about what’s next for him.Plus, O’Rourke explains why The Clash is his favorite band and their song “Clampdown” is emblematic of his campaign.
23 min
Cory Booker Won’t Go Low To Battle Trump
New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s presidential campaign has two early challenges. Can the man known as “Senator from Silicon Valley” convince Democrats he will be tough on tech companies. And can he keep his vow to run a positive, aspirational campaign when he’s got to stand out in a field of two dozen Democrats -- and counter President Trump.
24 min
Julian Castro takes on Police Brutality
Presidential candidate Julian Castro explains his new proposal to take on police brutality. And he explains why he, the only Latino candidate, is polling low among Latino voters in the early going.
13 min
Which Presidential Candidates Stood Out at the ...
The Chronicle's political team dives into Elizabeth Warren's strong showing at the state's Democratic Party convention, Juul's sponsorship of the event, John Hickenlooper's booing moment, Joe Biden's absence and much more.
30 min
When 14 Presidential Candidates Invaded San Fra...
Why are 14 Democratic presidential candidates coming to The California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco? Isn't Sen. Kamala Harris supposed to have California all wrapped up? Chronicle Washington correspondent Tal Kopan and political writer John Wildermuth preview the chaos with host Joe Garofoli.
27 min
How Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected
Matt Morrison has spent a lot of time over the last two years talking to working class voters in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania and he’s got a message for those living in the blue bubble: President Trump could easily win re-election. “If nothing were to change from today, I would give him a better than likely probability of being re-elected and winning pretty clear majorities in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin,” said Morrison, who leads the labor-funded organization Working America. He explains how Democrats could change that dynamic.
38 min
Why Jackie Speier Has Been a Vanguard of the Me...
Rep. Jackie Speier has made a career of fighting harassment and abuse of women. She spoke with It’s All Political about why it’s a personal fight for the San Mateo Democrat, and what she hopes to accomplish next.
29 min
Can Dan Baer Be the First Out Gay Man in the Se...
The former ambassador is running in Colorado, once the LGBTQ "Hate State," where it wasn't easy for him growing up. He talks about how the Russians had problems with his sexuality — and with his diplomatic stance toward them.
27 min
Seth Moulton Wants to Be the Dems Military/Fore...
Seth Moulton is the 2020 candidate who doesn’t support single payer health care -- in part because he’s the only one who receives it through the VA. The Massachusetts Congressman talks about his combat experience in Iraq -- including what haunts him --- and how it shapes his candidacy.
38 min
How Ted Lieu Became Trump’s Twitter Gadfly
The California Democrat talks with Tal Kopan about how he’s made a name for himself as one of the president’s top critics in Congress — and on social media.
22 min
The Wine Caucus: They Don’t Just Drink!
The Congressional Wine Caucus has been a force in Washington for 20 years. Founded by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, the caucus just welcomed its first co-chair from outside California, Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash. Tal Kopan chats with both.
24 min
Meet John Hickenlooper, Dark Horse From the Roc...
The former Colorado governor makes his pitch for the Democratic presidential nomination in an interview with Editorial Page Editor John Diaz. Topics include impeachment, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, voting rights for felons and how to restore civility in American politics and faith in our democratic institutions. Hickenlooper also talks about his business experience and how and why he overcame his past objections to his state's legalization of marijuana.
23 min
Do “Aspirational” Politics Work in the Age of ...
Political consultant (Al Gore and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns) and messaging guru Doug Hattaway just spoke to House Democrats about how to talk about politics in more aspirational ways. What does that mean? And can that cut through the din in the Trump age? And we listen to four campaign launch speeches and break them down.
35 min