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It’s All Political is now a part of the Fifth & Mission podcast. You can hear It's All Political on Fifth & Mission by subscribing to Fifth & Mission, the San Francisco Chronicle's flagship daily newscast. Joe Garofoli is the Chronicle’s senior political writer, covering national and state politics. He has worked at the Chronicle since 2000 and in Bay Area journalism since 1992, when he left the Milwaukee Journal. He has previously written about the intersection of tech and politics and about the politics of the cannabis industry.

Dianne Feinstein "Needs to Resign"
Yvette Simpson, CEO of the group Democracy for America, brings the heat to Democrats who are moving too slowly for progressives — from President Biden to Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
33 min
How Democrats Are Blowing Their Messaging
A study of the TV ads run during 2020 House races shows Dems are misspending millions of dollars on the wrong messages to the wrong voters. Jenifer Fernandez Ancona of Way To Win, the group that did the study, talks about what should be done.
34 min
How to Make Redistricting Sexy
California Redistricting Commission member Sara Sadhwani explains how redistricting works, how to get involved and what challenges the panel faces — particularly in how to make it intersting enough for Californians to want to get involved.
31 min
Wealthy Donors: California Isn’t Progressive En...
A small group called the California Donor Table is ready to spend $10 million on progressive Legislature and House candidates over the next year — even if they’re going up against fellow Democrats. Executive director Ludovic Blain explains.
35 min
How Gavin Newsom Wants to Spend Billions
Sacramento correspondents Alexei Koseff and Dustin Gardiner break down the governor's revised budget in the wake of a huge tax revenue surplus. Plus: What bills got suddenly killed in the Legislature. And: A live bear on the campaign trail?
27 min
Jaime Harrison on Wokeness and the "Joke" of Ke...
The New Democratic National Committee chairman talks about how Democrats will try to hold the House and Senate, what he thinks of the House Minority Leader and whether he believes the Democratic Party is “too woke.”
25 min
Jennifer Carroll Foy Could Be America’s First B...
Jennifer Carroll Foy faces an uphill battle in her race to be Virginia’s governor. But as she says, “I don’t have to empathize because I understand.”
31 min
Hawaii Sen. Maize Hirono’s Immigrant Story
Hirono shares her long journey from growing up poor in Hawaii to how she is leading the fight against attacks against the AAPI community.
33 min
Is This Nancy Pelosi’s Last Term?
Susan Page, author of the new biography, “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power” talks about what shaped Pelosi, her relationship with AOC and when she might retire.
27 min
Pramila Jayapal Grades Biden’s 100 Days
The progressive caucus leader supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2020. But the Washington congresswoman says that — so far — he’s not just listening to progressives, he’s incorporating their ideas.
31 min
Getting Cops Out of the 911 Business
California state Sen. Sydney Kamlager wants to change how police respond to nonviolent emergency calls. Her legislation is based, in part, on her experience when she called 911 after an ex-boyfriend showed up at her house.
27 min
How Can Politics Be More Inclusive?
Swati Mylavarapu, who went from Silicon Valley VC to top Pete Buttigieg fundraiser, talks about her journey as the child of immigrants in Florida — and her efforts to increase the number and diversity of people active in civic life.
35 min
How Rich People Hurt the Rest of Us
Journalist Michael Mechanic talks about his new book, "Jackpot: How the Super-rich Really Live — and How Their Wealth Harms Us All." Wealthy Americans have rigged the system. What can be done to change it?
34 min
Fifth & Mission: Polling on Recall is Good News...
Joe Garofoli joins Demian Bulwa on the Chronicle’s flagship podast discussing a new poll that shows that opponents of California Gov Gavin Newsom have a lot of work to do. A strong 56% of likely voters oppose the recall, compared to 40% backing it. Meanwhile, Newsom’s job approval rating among likely voters is 53%, virtually unchanged from the before the pandemic that ignited anger against him. Joe explains the numbers, how the pandemic is at the center of recall momentum, and how leading Democrats aren't likely to run to replace Newsom.
16 min
A Bay Area Congressman's Near-death Experience
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, who was on a ventilator last year, talks about where Washington may land on a $15 minimum wage, his friendship with AOC and his former life as a Republican.
19 min
Medicare for All: The Politics Are Changing
Top Bernie Sanders advisor Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, author of the new book “Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide,” talks about how the drive for a single-payer health plan is growing — but it’s going to take a while to succeed.
31 min
Exit Interview: John Diaz
John Diaz is retiring after 25 years as The Chronicle’s editorial page editor. He talks about the national leaders he’s watched from the beginning -- like Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom -- and what editorials he’d want a do-over on.
40 min
Gavin Newsom Recall: Everything You Need to Know
Recall expert Joshua Spivak explains the challenges faced by those who want to oust the governor, as well as how long the process could take — and how the whole thing might end up benefiting Newsom.
27 min
Introducing The Doodler Podcast
It's All Political producer King Kaufman joins Joe Garofoli to talk about The Chronicle's new podcast miniseries, The Doodler, about a serial killer who preyed on San Francisco's gay community in the '70s.
11 min
California Dreaming: Gavin Newsom’s Overly Sunn...
From one of the biggest stages of his governorship, Gov. Gavin Newsom gave a forceful defense of his response to the coronavirus pandemic as he likely faces a recall.
24 min
Best of IAP: "Stars and Strife": Can America Ov...
Filmmaker David Smick and Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome join Joe Garofoli to talk about Smick's documentary, which says America’s "epidemic of hate" is preventing leaders from solving problems. First published Sept. 17, 2020.
34 min
Shirley Weber, California's First Black Secret...
From daughter of an Arkansas sharecropper to top election official in California, Shirley Weber traces her path and and talks about the challenges the state could face in running a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom.
40 min
Phil Matier's Exit Interview
A Bay Area media institution, Matier covered Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi before they were in politics. As he leaves his Chronicle column, he sits down in Joe Garofoli's back yard to talk about all he's seen.
43 min
Kevin Faulconer: Moderate Enough to Challenge N...
The former mayor of San Diego is pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage and pro-immigrant rights, and he believes in the science behind climate change. But can even a moderate Republican get elected statewide in California?
17 min
Senator Alex Padilla Gets Emotional
California's newly minted senator, the first Latino to represent California and the child of Mexican immigrants, talks about how his background will shape his Senate career.
23 min