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History of The Bermuda Triangle | Weird Wild World
Today's episode is all about the history of teh Bermuda Triangle.
29 min
The Sad Truth About the Supplement Industry | C...
Today's episode is all about the unregulation in the supplement industry, and what that means for you, the consumer.
28 min
What Happened on 3 Mile Island? | Prism of the ...
Today's episode is all about discussing the events at 3 Mile Island and the aftermath of America's worst nuclear incident.
23 min
The Ant Farm Ponzi Scheme You Won't Believe Was...
Today's episode is all about a Chinese art farm ponzi scheme.
26 min
Greenpeace: Trial and Error | Corporate Casket
This episode is all about Greenpeace's maybe attempts to make changes, albeit, some misguided attempts
36 min
Deception Island is Actually an Active Volcano ...
Today's episode is about Deception Island, an deceptively named active volcano.
23 min
The Fall of the Pharma Bro, Martin Shkreli | Co...
This episode is all about Martin Shkreli the "Pharma Bro" who notoriously raised the price of certain medications by 1200% purely for profit.
46 min
The Shady History of Nu Skin | Multi Level Mondays
Today's episode is all about Nu Skin, an MLM that doesn't have a lot going for it, except lawsuits and lies.
42 min
PETA and Their Hypocrisy With Their Celebrity S...
This episode is all about how PETA gives their celebrity sponsors special treatment when it comes to actually caring about animals.
35 min
The Truth Behind Timeshares and Travel Clubs | ...
Timeshares (or "Travel Clubs" as they're being rebranded as) are pre-paid vacation destinations that are not as sweet as they seem. Let's find out why.
27 min
Satan Throughout History: How His Image Changes...
Today's episode is all about the history of Satan and his role throughout history.
35 min
MLMs & LDS: Why are so Many Mormon Women Involv...
Today's episode is all about looking at why so many Mormon women are involved in MLMs. Let's find out.
34 min
Pink Tax: The Hidden Tax on Women's Products | ...
This episode is all about the pink tax, or the reason why women's products cost more.
25 min
White Island: The Volcano that Blew up with Tou...
This first episode of Weird Wild World is all about White Island, the active volcano in New Zealand that blew up in 2019 when tourists were still on it.
33 min
The Doctors TV Show: Worse Than You Can Imagine...
Today's episode is all about The Doctors, a TV show that focuses more on bogus claims and less on facts.
35 min
American Income Life: The Insurance MLM That Wo...
This episode is all about AIL, or American Income Life, the agressive insurance company MLM that won't leave you alone, even after you try to leave it. Let's find out how.
39 min
Synanon: The Cult That Inspired The Troubled Te...
Today’s episode is all about Synanon, the rehab facility turned religion and cult, this is the story of the place that inspired the Troubled Teen Industry's absuive tactics by adopting the "Synanon Game" as a therapy method, when it was anything but that.
36 min
Teach For America: The Non-Profit That Forgot i...
This week's episode is all about Teach for America, a non profit that may have lost its vision and goals.
37 min
One of the Most Dangerous Water Parks Ever: Act...
Today's episode is all about the history of Action Park, one of the most dangerous water parks to exist.
31 min
Le-vel/Thrive: The MLM That Can't Patch it's Re...
This episode is all about Le-vel/Thrive, another wellness MLM that just can't seem to keep its image squeakly clean.
37 min
ADF: Is it Really Defending Freedom? | Corporat...
Today's epsidoe is all about ADF, or Alliance Defending Freedom, and it's CEO, Michael Farris. Let's dig in.
31 min
Dr. Phil's Involvement with Turnabout Ranch is ...
Today's episode is all about Dr. Phil's involvement with Turnabout Ranch. Let's take a look at what's happening there.
41 min
A Small Content Update
I just wanted to give you an exciting update about upcoming epsidoes.
2 min
Kirby Vacuums Suck | Multi Level Mondays
Today's episode is all about Kirby Vacuums, one of the original door-to-door sales companies.
32 min
The Dark Side of Amazon, Part 2 | Corporate Casket
Today's episode is part 2 of the look inside Amazon.
28 min