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IML: International Markets Live. The Forex MLM ...
Today's episode is all about IML or International Markets Live, an MLM that doesn't really try to teach its clients about foreign exchange currency trading.
31 min
Is Collegeboard Taking Advantage of High School...
Today's episode is all about Collegeboard. Are they taking advantage of high school students and monopolizing an industry while claiming to be a non profit? Let's find out.
33 min
I Don’t: The Hidden Secrets of the Wedding Indu...
Today’s episode is all about the wedding industry. Do you know why your diamond ring costs so much or
33 min
Plexus and the Pink Drink Lie | Multi Level Mon...
Today’s episode is all about Plexus, the weight loss MLM focused around a supposed miracle "pink drink" to lose weight (and no, it's not the Starbucks one)
35 min
The Dark Side of Amazon, Part One | Corporate C...
Today’s episode is all about the history of Amazon: the good, the bad, and the Bezos.
28 min
The Hidden Cost of Fast Fashion | Corporate Casket
Today’s episode is all the human cost of fast fashion.
36 min
Forever Living's Aloe Can't Cure Scammy Behavio...
This week's episode is all about Forever Living, an MLM centered around the Aloe plant.
33 min
The Elan School: Death By Misinformation | Corp...
Today’s episode is all about the Elan School, another example of the horrors of the troubled teen industry.
34 min
Not All That Glitters is Lisa Frank | Corporate...
Today’s episode is all about the rise and fall of Lisa Frank. Nostalgia, here we come.
30 min
Is Modere Really "Living Clean" Like They Claim...
Today’s episode is about Modere, the MLM where "living clean" is only a theory.
33 min
Activision Blizzard Played Their Players | Corp...
Today’s episode is about Activision Blizzard and how they've continually exploited and alienated their player base.
30 min
The My Pillow Update We Needed | Corporate Casket
Today's episode is about the My Pillow/Mike Lindell update we needed, but are disappointed to find out.
40 min
The Church Ponzi Scheme That Got Caught: Greate...
Today’s episode is all about Greater Ministries International, The Church Ponzi Scheme You Won't Believe Was Real
33 min
Celestial Tea's Strange Cult-Like History | Cor...
Today’s episode is about Celestial Tea and their odd, cult-like history. Let's take a look.
35 min
PragerU Isn't Teaching Anyone Anything | Corpor...
Today’s episode is about PragerU, the brand that claims to focus on learning, while spreading many, many factual inaccuracies.
42 min
Colorstreet's History is Not Bright | Multi Lev...
Today’s episode is all about Colorstreet, a nail art MLM with a less than bright history. Let's take a look.
25 min
The Sleep Industry Isn't So Comfy | Corporate C...
Today’s episode is all about taking a look at the sleep industry. Is it helping, or hurting?
31 min
The Self Defense MLM That's Not Protecting Anyo...
Today's episode is all about the Damsel in Distress MLM, where self defense may not actually be its top priority. Let's find out.
22 min
What is The Landmark Forum? Is it a Cult or a W...
This episode is all about The Landmark Forum. What is it? A motivational seminar, or something more sinister? Let's find out.
31 min
Uighur Muslims are Being Erased in Chinese Conc...
Today’s episode is all about the Uighur Muslim population that is being erased from China.
38 min
Melaleuca: The Wellness Company That isn't Doin...
Today’s episode is all about Melaleuca, the wellness company that isn't doing well. Let's take a look at what's happening to them.
42 min
Bang Energy's Less Than Energetic Past| Corpora...
Today’s episode is all about Bang Energy's interesting past. We are taking a look at the many shades of grey behind the company's operations and lawsuits. Let's get into it.
37 min
Explaining Qanon: The Bad, The Ugly, and the He...
Today’s episode is all about the Qanon conspiracy group: How they started, how they've grown, and what they believe in. Buckle up for this very wild ride.
38 min
Juice Plus+: The MLM That Needs to Get Squeezed...
Today’s episode is all about Juice Plus+, the MLM that doesn't sell juice, or anything truly nutritious or good for you. Let's find out what's really going on behind the scenes.
50 min
The Rise and Fall of Dr. Phil, Part Two| Corpor...
Today’s episode is all about the rise and fall of TV doctor, Dr. Phil. This is the second part of the two part series taking a look at the man behind the brand. Let's find out what happened.
25 min