How to Know What's Real

Now that the internet, social media, and AI are integrated into much of our lives, it’s easy to lose our grip on reality. In this season of How to Know What’s Real, co-hosts Megan Garber and Andrea Valdez explore the proliferation of misinformation and the rise of deepfakes and even illusions, hoping to understand what’s real and what’s not.

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Society & Culture
How To Build a Happy Life: When Expectations Do...
The building blocks for realigning expectations and reality in happiness.
2 min
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Regret As a Catalyst for Change
29 min
How to Start Over: The Misgivings of Friend-Making
Why Is It So Hard to Make a Friend?
37 min
How to Start Over: When Can a Marriage Be Saved?
How to Know When It’s Time to End a Relationship
38 min
How to Start Over: When Partnership Is Not the ...
Happily Ever After Starts With Singlehood
29 min
How to Start Over: 'Parents Are Not All Good an...
Starting Over With the People Who Raised You
27 min
How to Start Over: When You Think It's Too Late
How to Make the Most of Midlife Malaise
30 min
Trailer: How To Start Over
Your one-stop shop for navigating the challenges of changing your life.
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How to Build a Happy Life: Identify What You En...
How to Have Fun, Experience Satisfaction Through Purpose, and Find Joy In Everyday Life
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The Path Forward in Struggle and The Paradox of Human Happiness
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Working Towards Happier Days at Work
38 min
How to Build a Happy Life: Know That You Know N...
Staying Present and Breaking the Illusion of Stability
35 min
How to Build a Happy Life: Don't Be Your Own Wo...
What It Means to Be Yourself
32 min
How to Build a Happy Life: Know You're Lonely
Loneliness, Lending a Hand, and Living Life Around People
38 min
How to Build a Happy Life: Be Self-Aware
Manage Your Feelings, So They Don't Manage You
34 min
Trailer: How to Build a Happy Life
The Atlantic's new show on all things happiness, featuring Arthur Brooks
2 min