How to Keep Time

On this season of How to Keep Time, co-hosts Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost explore our relationship with time and how to reclaim it. Why is it so important to be productive? Why can it feel like there’s never enough time in a day? Why are so many of us conditioned to believe that being more productive makes us better people?

Produced by Becca Rashid. Co-hosted by Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost. Editing by Jocelyn Frank. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Rob Smerciak. The executive producer of Audio is Claudine Ebeid; the managing editor of Audio is Andrea Valdez.

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Social Sciences
Society & Culture
Can We Keep Time?
39 min
Time Tips From the Universe
33 min
How to Rest
32 min
How to Leave Work Time at Work
22 min
How to Look Busy
35 min
How to Waste Time
32 min
Introducing: How to Keep Time
1 min
‘Everyone Used to be Nicer,’ And Other Persiste...
A new study explains why your sense that people have gotten worse is a psychological illusion.
25 min
How to Not Go It Alone
American narratives around “freedom” can lead people to pursue what's best for themselves by themselves. But it may also explain why many Americans miss out on the joys of coming together.
36 min
How to Know Your Neighbors
27 min
What Makes a House a Home
Two married couples who bought a home together have found that expanding their household led to a deeper sense of community.
37 min
What do we owe our friends?
32 min
The Infrastructure of Community
The design of physical spaces can either encourage or discourage relationships. But people also have to be willing to slow down and take the opportunity to connect.
38 min
How to Make Small Talk
How can we overcome the awkwardness that keeps us from starting a conversation?
35 min
Trailer: How to Talk to People
2 min
Introducing Holy Week
The story of a revolution undone.
8 min
A New Formula for Happiness
The happiness we seek may require investing earlier than we think—and may help us align our expectations and reality at the end of life.
26 min
How To Build a Happy Life: The Right Choices in...
When parents avoid the complexities of independent decision making, they may fail to understand where analysis remains crucial.
35 min
How To Build a Happy Life: Subtraction as a Sol...
Subtraction can be an overlooked solution in a culture of accumulation. But having less can create the space we didn’t know we needed.
22 min
How To Build a Happy Life: Spend Time on What Y...
We use our time to race against the clock of productivity—which may be the one thing that holds us back from enjoying the free time we crave.
31 min
How To Build a Happy Life: The Complexities of ...
Tech may not be responsible for all the woes of modern love and human connection—but it may reflect our innate desire to find simple solutions to complex problems.
25 min
How To Build a Happy Life: When Virtues Become ...
When addictive behaviors override our desires, it may be a sign to investigate the gap between what we crave and what’s really good for us.
29 min
How To Build a Happy Life: When Expectations Do...
The building blocks for realigning expectations and reality in happiness.
2 min
How to Start Over: Forgive Ourselves for What W...
Regret As a Catalyst for Change
29 min
How to Start Over: The Misgivings of Friend-Making
Why Is It So Hard to Make a Friend?
37 min