How to Build a Happy Life

In this series, Arthur C. Brooks seeks to uncover how we can live more joyful lives. Through scientific discussions and an exploration of what happiness is, Arthur will uncover the how-tos of happy living and assign you exercises to make happiness a daily practice. Listen in as Arthur explores loneliness, friendships, mindfulness, and meditation with psychologists, friends, and experts—and reveals the wisdom and skills necessary for building a happier life. 

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How to Know That You Know Nothing
Staying Present and Breaking the Illusion of Stability
35 min
How Not to Be Your Own Worst Enemy
What It Means to Be Yourself
32 min
How to Know You're Lonely
Loneliness, Lending a Hand, and Living Life Around People
38 min
How to Be Self-Aware
Manage Your Feelings, So They Don't Manage You
34 min
Introducing: How to Build a Happy Life
The Atlantic's new show on all things happiness, featuring Arthur Brooks
2 min