The Grawlix Saves The World

A comedy podcast about making your world a better place! Standup comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl (a.k.a. The Grawlix, stars of the sitcom "Those Who Can't") make a sincere but hilarious attempt to better themselves and the world around them. Follow these three best friends and their special guests as they guide one another through the muddy waters of modern fame, choosing a creative lifestyle, parenting, mental illness, traumatic childhoods, getting older, and making the right choice when everything goes wrong. It's part advice podcast, part self-help podcast, and part dick joke factory. Get out your maps of Riff City, sound the Earnestness Horn, and join us for a weekly laugh at this old toilet world. For a guaranteed dose of positivity, each episode features good news from around the globe and standup comedy clips from the renowned Grawlix live show in Denver, Colorado, showcasing comics such as Josh Blue, Debra DiGiovanni, Shane Torres, Nikki Glaser, Kyle Kinane, Chanel Ali, Mo Welch, Sammy Obeid, Ian Karmel, David Gborie, and many, many more. Ad-free episodes and bonus content available at

Comedy Interviews
Boi Crazy: Breakfast Cereal Mascots
The boys are crazy about... breakfast cereal mascots!
7 min
Summer Jams (with Eliza Skinner)
The boys and special guest Eliza Skinner save summer with a can't-miss summer jams playlist
66 min
BONUS: The Grawlix Get the Facts About Recycling
The boys have questions for a recycling expert
35 min
The Trash Island in the Sea
The boys try to cut plastic out of their lives
56 min
Kind Buds
The boys practice random acts of kindness
66 min
Positive Push!
The boys record voice memos of their negative outbursts
66 min
A Sprinkle in Time (with Shayna Ferm)
Ben and Andrew surprise Adam with a Zoom baby shower, featuring special guest Shayna Ferm!
66 min
Touch the Void
The boys harness up and go indoor rock climbing
60 min
El Grawlix Salva La Idioma
The boys brush up on their EspaƱol
56 min
Sax That Dagger
The boys smoke weed and revert to their fifteen-year-old selves
67 min
Boi Crazy: Presidential Assassins
The boys are crazy about... crazy boys?
5 min
How You Dumping?! (with Ian Karmel)
The boys ask hard questions of their GI tracks with the help of good friend Ian Karmel
56 min
All Apologies
The boys dig into past assholery and apologize
59 min
For Whom the Bell Tocks (with Steph Tolev)
The boys recruit Steph Tolev to teach them about TikTok
64 min
Boi Crazy: Saved By The Bell
The boys are crazy about the hunks of "Saved By The Bell!"
8 min
Platonic Love Letters (Live with Shane Torres a...
We brave the cold for some outdoor, live podding!
58 min
Hey, It'd Be Cool If You Didn't Talk So Much!
The boys vow to be better listeners
63 min
Operation Stop Being Such An Uggo (with Kyle Ki...
The boys recruit longtime buddy Kyle Kinane to beautify their faces
63 min
The Grawlix Saves the Zodiac
The boys turn to the stars for all the answers
60 min
Boi Crazy: Top Gun
The boys are crazy about the cast of "Top Gun"!
9 min
Secret Satan
The boys flex their yule in a gift-giving challenge for the ages!
68 min
Got 'Gotchi? (with Maria Thayer)
The boys care for digital pets with their Those Who Can't co-star Maria Thayer
69 min
Challenge Accepted
The boys crowd-source self-improvement
59 min
Bird is the Word
The boys get ornithological
60 min
The Grawlix Get Political
The boys put their money (votes) where their mouths (ballot boxes) are
64 min