The Grawlix Saves The World

A comedy podcast about making your world a better place! Standup comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl (a.k.a. The Grawlix, stars of the sitcom "Those Who Can't") make a sincere but hilarious attempt to better themselves and the world around them. Follow these three best friends and their special guests as they guide one another through the muddy waters of modern fame, choosing a creative lifestyle, parenting, mental illness, traumatic childhoods, getting older, and making the right choice when everything goes wrong. It's part advice podcast, part self-help podcast, and part dick joke factory. Get out your maps of Riff City, sound the Earnestness Horn, and join us for a weekly laugh at this old toilet world. For a guaranteed dose of positivity, each episode features good news from around the globe and standup comedy clips from the renowned Grawlix live show in Denver, Colorado, showcasing comics such as Josh Blue, Debra DiGiovanni, Shane Torres, Nikki Glaser, Kyle Kinane, Chanel Ali, Mo Welch, Sammy Obeid, Ian Karmel, David Gborie, and many, many more. Ad-free episodes and bonus content available at

Comedy Interviews
Do You Even Know My Birthday?
The boys take a friendship quiz
71 min
My Condolences 2.0
What to say in the wake of loss, besides the old cliché platitudes
62 min
Marathon Man (with Brooks Wheelan!)
Brooks Wheelan lives his life one dare at a time
53 min
Working Relationships
The boys wade into how they function creatively
67 min
The boys debate the limits of friendship
59 min
Simply the Beth (with Beth Stelling!)
Beth Stelling digs into Ben's relationship woes
73 min
Those Who Can Give Great Advice
A listener needs help becoming a better teacher
73 min
Big Michaels
Yeah you have hobbies, but do you have the right hobbies?
71 min
The Balancing Act
The boys give advice about creative pursuits while still paying the bills
71 min
It's Britney, bitch (with Babs Gray!)
The boys talk to Babs Gray, who helped #FreeBritney
61 min
The Burgundy Chair
The boys find out how colorblind Andrew is
55 min
Boi Crazy: The Outsiders (with Chris Fairbanks!)
The boys are crazy for the hunks of the 1983 film "The Outsiders"
28 min
The boys offer career advice to a distraught listener
58 min
Dinks in the Kitchen
The boys play pickleball
65 min
If You've Got 'Em Don't Smoke 'Em
The boys help a fan beat cigarettes
65 min
Devil in My Pocket (Part 2)
Andrew and Adam stage a smartphone Ben-tervention. Again.
62 min
My Three Dads
The boys help parents-to-be get ready for their first child
72 min
A Walk in the Park (with Negin Farsad!)
Negin Farsad and Tompkins Square Park are ready to battle ALL other parks. On Instagram.
69 min
Devil in My Pocket
Adam and Andrew stage a smartphone Ben-tervention.
71 min
Boi Crazy: 2024 NFL Quarterbacks!
The boys are crazy for those handsy hunks of the NFL!
17 min
Airport Etiquette (with Dave Hill!)
Dave Hill isn't gonna take any sh!t
72 min
What Have You Done For Me Lately
What to do when you fear you've peaked
64 min
Loose Change & Compact Discs
What to do when your car gets burgled
64 min
It Doesn't Take a Village
What to do when a stranger scolds your child
49 min
Best of 2023: The Mystery of the Missing Purse
We asked listeners to vote on the best episode of 2023
79 min