The Grawlix Saves The World

A comedy podcast about making your world a better place! Standup comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl (a.k.a. The Grawlix, stars of the sitcom "Those Who Can't") make a sincere but hilarious attempt to better themselves and the world around them. Follow these three best friends and their special guests as they guide one another through the muddy waters of modern fame, choosing a creative lifestyle, parenting, mental illness, traumatic childhoods, getting older, and making the right choice when everything goes wrong. It's part advice podcast, part self-help podcast, and part dick joke factory. Get out your maps of Riff City, sound the Earnestness Horn, and join us for a weekly laugh at this old toilet world. For a guaranteed dose of positivity, each episode features good news from around the globe and standup comedy clips from the renowned Grawlix live show in Denver, Colorado, showcasing comics such as Josh Blue, Debra DiGiovanni, Shane Torres, Nikki Glaser, Kyle Kinane, Chanel Ali, Mo Welch, Sammy Obeid, Ian Karmel, David Gborie, and many, many more. Ad-free episodes and bonus content available at

Comedy Interviews
Pamper Your Pups
The boys better the world for their dogs.
67 min
Morning Pages
The boys employ daily journaling of spontaneous prose to get their creative juices flowing
58 min
Boi Crazy: Batman (with Rory Scovel)
The boys are crazy for the hunks who've played Batman!
18 min
Crystal Ball
The boys turn to crystals for spiritual guidance
63 min
Hundo Shups (with Sean Jordan)
Sean Jordan invites the boys to attempt an old-fashioned push-up challenge
63 min
Bug Out Bags
The boys get their survivalist on and prep backpacks for the End Times
59 min
The Ulysses Challenge
The boys try to read the most difficult novel of all time. In a week.
68 min
Boi Crazy: Young Guns
The boys are crazy for the hunks of "Young Guns" and "Young Guns II"
22 min
Blood In, Blood Out
The boys try to save the world by donating blood
59 min
Immigrant Song
The boys try to pinpoint exactly when their families came to the United States
65 min
The Grawlix Do Mushrooms
The boys get silly on psilocybin
57 min
The Text Commandments
The boys clean up their texting habits
69 min
Eulogies for the Living (with Matt Kirshen liv...
The boys write and deliver each other's eulogies
62 min
Boi Crazy: ABC's TGIF Television Lineup
The boys are crazy for the hunks of ABC's "Thank Goodness It's Funny" programming block
20 min
Stop, Drop, and Reflect
For their 50th episode, the boys reflect upon the world that they saved
80 min
The Great Holiday Party Bake-Off
The boys bake their best delectables for the annual company party
59 min
Surviving the Game
The boys assemble their holiday self-care kits
64 min
Scary Movies to Talk About in the Dark
The boys try to scare the bejesus out of each other through horror movies
69 min
Boi Crazy: The Blake Street Bombers
The boys are crazy about 90s baseball hunks
46 min
Meat Puppets (Live at TACAW)
The boys taste some exotic mountain meats
63 min
Roll On
Ben tackles one of his biggest fears
65 min
Letters to Ourselves (with Daniel Van Kirk and ...
The Pen Pals judge letters written to our former selves, read live at the High Plains Comedy Festival
74 min
Riff City, USA (with Sam Tallent)
Special guest Sam Tallent throws down a riffing challenge for the boys
65 min
DIY Guys
The boys flirt with home repair competence
58 min
Road Eats (with Troy Walker)
We examine our eating habits while on the road with special guest Troy Walker!
65 min