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Talking Friars Ep. 140: Grading Preller's offse...
On today’s episode of the Talking Friars podcast/YouTube show, I was joined by XTRA 1360’s Jon Schaeffer to discuss the following topics regarding the San Diego Padres: A.J. Pollock traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers, does Andrew Friedman now go make a run at Bryan Reynolds? Why A.J. Preller should actually be given a good grade this offseason, C.J. Abrams is going to make the roster but it isn’t just because of his play. Why didn’t the Pad,res start giving Abrams reps in the outfield before this year? Is Bryan Reynolds worth giving up so much talent? Odds of Preller getting rid of Eric Hosmer by the trade deadline. Why fans should overreact more to Blake Snell’s bad first outing than Mike Clevinger’s. How the Padres should construct their rotation. When the Padres might think about giving the closer’s job to Dinelson Lamet. Padres 2022 over-under game (team wins this year, innings pitched for Snell, outfield combined home runs, and games played for Fernando Tatis Jr.)
45 min
Talking Friars Ep 139: Padres NOT Top 10 Rotat...
Ben Fadden wetn live after the San Diego Padres spring training matchup against the Arizona Diamondbacks to discuss the Padres' conversations with the Pittsburgh Pirates about All-Star Bryan Reynolds, C.J. Abrams potentially playing some outfield and what that means for Trent Grisham, Eguy Rosario being optioned back to the minors, Jake Cronenworth being snubbed in MLB Network's Top 100 list, MLB's new Home Run Derby, A.J. Preller trading for an infielder, Nick Martinez and Blake Snell's most recent starts, Yu Darvish being named Opening Day starter, and much more!
123 min
Talking Friars Ep. 138: Clevinger Allows 8 Runs...
Ben Fadden went live on YouTube Tuesday to discuss Mike Clevinger’s rocky spring training debut, Emilio Pagan’s struggles this week, the new Padres jerseys that will be unveiled this summer, Matt Beaty speaking for the first time as a Padre, Bob Melvin laying out an intriguing rotation possibility, and the Padres local and National broadcast schedule.
58 min
Talking Friars Ep 137: Padres Acquire Matt Beat...
Ben Fadden went live on YouTube right after the Padres traded for Dodgers outfielder Matt Beaty on Monday morning. He gives his thoughts on the deal, if the Padres have a new starting outfielder, who they gave up in the trade, and what this means for the Opening Day roster!
53 min
Talking Friars Ep. 136: Possible Victor Caratin...
Ben Fadden went live Sunday night after the Padres spring training win against the Guardians to discuss the latest injury updates on Drew Pomeranz, Jose Castillo, and Manny Machado. Also, he got into Yu Darvish dazzling with Austin Nola behind the plate, Jake Cronenworth and Wil Myers showing off some oppo power, and where Victor Caratini might end up if the Padres decide to trade him.
66 min
Talking Friars Ep. 135: Snell Pitches Simulated...
Ben Fadden went live on YouTube on Saturday night after the Padres spring training tie versus the Cubs to discuss Blake Snell’s first game action, Manny Machado dealing with back tightness, AJ Preller bringing in a new pitcher, Ryan Weathers competing for the fifth starter spot, CJ Abrams making it hard for the Padres to keep him down, and Luke Voit hitting his first homer in a Padres uniform!
50 min
Talking Friars Ep. 134: Nick Martinez, Chris Pa...
Ben Fadden went live on YouTube Friday night after the Padres spring training game vs the Dodgers to discuss Nick Martinez and Chris Paddack’s days, Emilio Pagan reflecting on his struggles last year, AJ Preller’s comments about the roster, the potential new slogan, and who the left fielder will probably be on Opening Day!
67 min
Talking Friars Ep. 133: Padres Don’t Get Pham +...
Ben Fadden was joined by Jacob Zimmermann to discuss the Padres not bringing back Tommy Pham, what some people in the know expect AJ Preller to do before Opening Day, and’s AJ Cassavell’s first roster projection of 2022!
96 min
Talking Friars Ep. 132: Manny Machado A Padre F...
Ben Fadden discusses Manny Machado’s Padre for life comments, the Padres coming to agreement with every arbitration eligible player, what AJ Preller said today regarding CJ Abrams’ chances of making the Opening Day roster, and MacKenzie Gore’s second spring training start of 2022!
61 min
Talking Friars Ep. 131: CJ Abrams Immediate Out...
Ben Fadden went live on Monday after the Padres spring trading game against the Rockies to discuss the latest from Padres camp including some unexpected news about the coaching staff.
39 min
Talking Friars Ep. 130: Ron Fowler OUT As Padre...
Unexpected news came out of the Padres organization today about Ron Fowler so Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on that after discussing CJ Abrams and Luis Canpusano’s big days at spring training.
49 min
Talking Friars Ep. 129: Luke Voit’s Padres Impa...
In case you didn’t hear, the San Diego Padres acquired a guy by the name of Luke Voit yesterday so Ben Fadden tells you what his arrival means for the Friars before getting into what he liked and didn’t like about MacKenzie Gore’s first start of 2022 Spring Training!
29 min
Talking Friars Episode 128: Padres Interested i...
Ben Fadden went live on YouTube on Thursday night to discuss if the Padres should sign Jorge Soler, what Freddie Freeman’s deal means for the Dodgers versus Padres matchups, the moves AJ Preller has made that have made it hard on him to improve the roster, what free agents are left out there, Bob Melvin’s comments about the rotation, and why the Nick Martinez deal seems like an over pay.
70 min
Talking Friars Episode 127: Padres Miss Out On ...
Ben Fadden went live on Wednesday to discuss Seiya Suzuki choosing the Cubs over the Padres and where the Padres should go next. Plus, Fernando Tatis Jr. is having the wrist surgery today so Ben reacted live to that news. More moves have been made around Major League Baseball so how do those moves affect Freddie Freeman’s free agent plans?
40 min
Talking Friars Episode 126 Part 2: Hosmer Criti...
Ben Fadden went live to talk about Eric Hosmer criticizing the front office, Fernando Tatis Jr. violating his contract, the Padres being interested in Freddie Freeman, the one problem with Peter Seidler’s comments from Tuesday, what to take from Bob Melvin’s press conference, and of course, he ended discussing some moves made around Major League Baseball today.
34 min
Talking Friars Episode 126 Part 1: Hosmer Criti...
Ben Fadden went live to talk about Eric Hosmer criticizing the front office, Fernando Tatis Jr. violating his contract, the Padres being interested in Freddie Freeman, the one problem with Peter Seidler’s comments from Tuesday, what to take from Bob Melvin’s press conference, and of course, he ended discussing some moves made around Major League Baseball today.
58 min
Talking Friars Episode 125: Padres star Fernand...
Ben Fadden went live on Monday to discuss Fernando Tatis Jr. will be sidelined for up to three months because he fractured his left wrist. He chatted with the audience about what this means for the San Diego Padres in the immediate future and how this might just keep getting worse.
83 min
Talking Friars Ep. 124: Live Reaction to the Pa...
Live Reaction to the Padres Missing Out on Nelson Cruz Fadden was live on YouTube giving his live reaction to the news of Nelson Cruz signing with the Washington Nationals and not the San Diego Padres. He discusses what the Padres need to do now and answers mailbag questions all night before going into the other big moves from Sunday.
104 min
Talking Friars Episode 123: Hot stove heating u...
Saturday is almost over and the San Diego Padres still haven’t made a single move post lockout. There were other moves like Chris Bassitt being dealt to the New York Mets and Mitch Garver going to the Minnesota Twins so I discussed. Annie Heilbrunn came out with a feature on Joe Musgrove and Mike Clevinger’s preparation for the season and there was some important information included so I’ll give you that info as well. Finally, Bryan Reynolds could be a trade target for the Padres but should they trade for him? I give you my thoughts. Let me know in the comments if you agree.
46 min
Talking Friars Episode 122: Gore impresses earl...
Ben Fadden goes through the biggest news of the day including MacKenzie Gore pitching well on a back field in Peoria, Joe Buck leaving FOX, Carlos Rodon going to SF, Clayton Kershaw returning to the Dodgers, Andrelton Simmons signing with the Cubs, the Padres spring training schedule getting announced, Bob Melvin speaking out on the roster, and Yu Darvish recruiting Seiya Suzuki!
43 min
Talking Friars Episode 121: WE'VE GOT BASEBALL ...
Ben Fadden gives you his instant reaction to MLB and the MLBPA coming to an agreement on the CBA and when to start the 2022 season! Get pumped up baseball fans because free agency starts tonight!
23 min
Talking Friars Episode 120: MLB Contradicting T...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden gives you a full breakdown of what led to MLB cancelling a second week of games in the 2022 season. The international draft has emerged as a significant hurdle to the talks now and the league did something very contradictory on Wednesday afternoon that doesn't make them look very smart.
35 min
Talking Friars Episode 119: Surrounding Padres ...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden sat down with the owner of Basic Pizza, Erik Tesmer, to talk about how hard it will be on local businesses around Petco Park to have games canceled to start the 2022 season. Please support these local businesses in any way you can if you're down by the ballpark.
13 min
Talking Friars Episode 118: Another MLB CBA Dea...
Ben Fadden gives you an update on the CBA negotiations between the MLBPA and MLB. Will we see a deal get done on Wednesday?
25 min
Talking Friars Episode 117: Kevin Acee on Padre...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden had the pleasure of sitting down with the San Diego Union Tribune's Padres beat reporter Kevin Acee to discuss the different mindsets of Ron Fowler and Peter Seidler with the lockout, ownership's role in hiring Bob Melvin, if the Padres have enough frontline starting pitching, Chris Paddack's mindset, when exactly the Padres were "over" Eric Hosmer, who the club wants most in free agency out of Seiya Suzui, Kris Bryant, and Nick Castellanos, Acee's stance on fans thinking he defends Hosmer too much, and when fans should expect the Padres and Joe Musgrove to have extension talks.
29 min
Talking Friars Episode 116: Christopher "Mad Do...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden sits down with Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo to discuss his personality, the Padres' 2021 collapse, where Fernando Tatis Jr. ranks among the best players in MLB, the team's biggest remaining offseason needs, and if Tony Gwynn was better than Derek Jeter. To end the episode, Ben gets in a fiery debate about Mad Dog's past comment on the Padres needing to be patient with Eric Hosmer.
31 min
Talking Friars Episode 115: A SLAP IN THE FACE!!!
Ben Fadden give you his immediate thoughts on Major League Baseball not bring able to come to an agreement with the MLBPA. Rob Manfred formally announced the cancellation of some games at a press conference while Ben was recording so he gave his live reaction.
48 min
Talking Friars Episode 114: We've Now Got "Host...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on the latest news surrounding Saturday's lockout conversations between the league and the players. There are some things that bothered him about how things went down in Jupiter today.
24 min
Talking Friars Episode 113: "It's Not Good"
Ben Fadden gives his frustrated thoughts on another day of lockout discussions that went nowhere between the owners and the league.
14 min
Talking Friars Episode 112: Former MLB Network ...
Ben Fadden sits down with Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo's former producer to talk about his relationship with Russo, his thoughts on how the lockout discussions are going, which player should AJ Preller sign: Kris Bryant or Nick Castellanos, the grade he'd give Preller based on his rebuild, and if Derek Jeter was actually better than Tony Gwynn.
48 min
Talking Friars Episode 111: Padres Minor League...
Ben Fadden is joined by Padres minor league pitcher Kevin Kopps, who discusses his time at Arkansas, a funny story about A.J. Preller scouting him at the SEC tournament, what his communication was like with Ruben Niebla before the lockout, his living conditions and reaction to MLB not paying minor leaguers in Spring Training, and what his main goal is for the 2022 season.
17 min
Talking Friars Episode 110: Should the Padres b...
Ben Fadden and Jacob Zimmermann discuss Adrian Gonzalez wanting to retire a Padre but the team preventing it from happening, Tommy Pham willing to play first base, whether or not AJ Preller should go after Kyle Schwarber in free agency, and how MLB can make the All-Star Game more entertaining.
20 min
Talking Friars Episode 109: Should the Padres A...
Ben Fadden tells you if he would try to acquire Rays starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow once the lockout ends before getting to a mailbag question regarding Wil Myers as a possible trade candidate.
19 min
Talking Friars Episode 108: Is Seiya Suzuki Wor...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on if free agent outfielder Seiya Suzuki is really worth $12-15 million over the course of a long-term contract when he hasn't played a game in the major leagues yet.
16 min
Talking Friars Episode 107: Former Padres Infie...
Ben Fadden sits down with former Padres infielder Adam Rosales to discuss his current managing gig with the A's organization, how great of a manager Bob Melvin was for him, what Wil Myers was like as a leader, his and Wil's eating habits, and his unique relationship with former manager Andry Green.
20 min
Talking Friars Episode 106: Who Would You Attac...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on some of the untouchables and touchables at the top of the Padres farm system before deciding on who he'd rather give up in a Eric Hosmer deal between MacKenzie Gore and Luis Campusano. Plus, he answers mailbag questions about the season timeline and how much Hosmer will hurt the team in 2022.
29 min
Talking Friars Episode 105: Should the Padres H...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on the Padres potentially trading for Rays outfielder Austin Meadows once the lockout ends.
14 min
Talking Friars Episode 104: MLB + MLBPA meet le...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the latest meeting between the league and MLB Players Association after lashing out at the owners for their actions towards minor leaguers during Spring Training.
27 min
Talking Friars Episode 103: Manfred Speaks on C...
Ben Fadden breaks down everything Rob Manfred told the media on Tuesday at the owner's meetings before giving you his thoughts on the Padres being interested in a certain power hitting outfielder post-lockout and the front office not believing in Eric Hosmer anymore. Then, he goes through his major takeaways from Keith Law's top 20 Padres prospects list!
31 min
Talking Friars Episode 102: Padres Farm System ...
Ben Fadden sits down with Kevin Charity of MadFriars for some minor league baseball talk. They discussed the following topics: "Colossal" negative of the lockout, MacKenzie Gore latest, CJ Abrams position update, Robert Hassell III timeline and scouting report, The minor concern about Mike Shildt's role in SD, Overview of Jarlin Susana and the remainder of Padres' 2022 international signing class
31 min
Talking Friars Episode 101: If you could undo o...
Ben Fadden goes through five of the most regrettable deals Padres GM AJ Preller has made and concludes by selecting the one trade he'd undo if he had the chance to do so.
30 min
Talking Friars Episode 100: Possible Padres Tre...
Ben Fadden gives his appreciation to you on his 100th episode before discussing a hypothetical Trey Mancini acquisition and ESPN's top 100 players of all time list.
31 min
Talking Friars Episode 99: "Heated" CBA discuss...
Ben Fadden gives you the latest on the CBA/lockout talks between Major League Baseball and the Players Association before telling you what is making him so frustrated about these "heated" discussions.
16 min
Talking Friars Episode 98: Looking Back on the ...
Since it's episode 98 of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden figured it would be nice to look back on the '98 Padres season and give some props to some of the lesser known players who shouldn't be forgotten for the role they played in the 1998 NL Championship season!
22 min
Talking Friars Episode 97: Determining Whether ...
We've got a fun episode for you today, as Ben Fadden gives his thoughts about whether or not Tony Gwynn would have hit .400 in 1994 if the season didn't stop in August. Do you agree with his opinion?
18 min
Talking Friars Episode 96: Pitching Ninja (Rob ...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden sits down with The Pitching Ninja to discuss how talented the Padres pitching staff is, Yu Darvish as a person, and what the problems with the baseball Hall of Fame voting are after the 2022 results were announced on Tuesday.
39 min
Talking Friars Episode 95: Instant Reaction to ...
Ben Fadden also reacts to the latest CBA updates after Tuesday's bargaining session.
25 min
Talking Friars Episode 94: Projecting What a Jo...
Ben Fadden gives a quick update on the lockout before getting into why Joe Musgrove deserves an extension and what a possible extension could look like
16 min
Talking Friars Episode 93: A Conversation With ...
Ben Fadden sits down with Manny Machado's trainer, Nick Soto, to discuss what helps Manny Machado stay healthy every year, his workout routines in the offseason and during the season, his diet, and his mentality going to work every day.
43 min
Talking Friars Episode 92: Franmil Reyes would ...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on Franmil Reyes' recent Padres Twitter activity and goes back to the 2019 trade he was involved in.
17 min
Talking Friars Episode 91: Catching Up With For...
Ben Fadden talks with former San Diego Padres pitcher Tyson Ross to talk about if he's still trying to pitch in the major leagues, the best moments of his career, what former Padres pitching coach Darren Balsley is up to, what Matt Kemp was like as a teammate, AJ Preller as a person, and his post playing career desires.
15 min
Talking Friars Episode 90: Evaluating Eric Hosm...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on a fan's submitted trade proposal involving the Padres and Royals before giving you his answers to Dennis Lin's Padres fan survey.
44 min
Talking Friars Episode 89: 5 Reasons Why It's D...
Ben Fadden gives you this thoughts on the latest CBA news and Eric Hosmer's wife replying to Padres fans on Twitter before breaking down why the Padres probably won't be trading for A's first baseman Matt Olson before Opening Day.
28 min
Talking Friars Episode 88: Former Marlins Presi...
Ben Fadden sits down with David Samson to discuss a variety of topics, including: When Barry Bonds made a situation about himself Padres ownership's spending habits Peter Seidler and Ron Fowler's "blind loyalty" to AJ Preller Was Manny Machado's contract an overpay? What Preller is like behind the scenes negotiating deals Why Samson wouldn't sign Kris Bryant or Nick Castellanos Where the Padres stack up in the NL West
34 min
Talking Friars Episode 87: Reaction to former G...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on a recent report that the Padres had interest in hiring Carlos Beltran to be a coach. Also, former GM Jim Bowden released his top 25 remaining free agents article and he had some interesting players that are fits for the Friars.
27 min
Talking Friars Episode 86: Examining Jake Peavy...
Ben Fadden and Jacob Zimmermann are back together to talk about the anniversary of Jerry Coleman's death, Ken Rosenthal getting dumped by MLB Network, and Eric Hosmer's big wedding before getting into Jake Peavy's Hall of Fame chances.
30 min
Talking Friars Episode 85: Three Players Who Sh...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on Cameron Maybin's retirement and Ken Rosenthal not returning to MLB Network before telling you his 2022 Hall of Fame ballot (if he had one).
30 min
Talking Friars Episode 84: New Info on Clevinge...
Ben Fadden sits down with Jacob Redondo to talk about the Padres future--including the status of Mike Clevinger's rehab, Luis Campusano and Eric Hosmer potentially being on the move, and what an ideal offseason would be for the Friars when all things are said and done!
30 min
Talking Friars Episode 83: Two Seasons Tony Gwy...
On the day the 2021 Holiday Bowl was canceled, Ben Fadden breaks down Tony Gwynn's legendary career, specifically the prime of his career where he had two great chances of winning the MVP award over the player who actually won.
23 min
Talking Friars Episode 82: Breaking down the Pa...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on Bob Melvin's new coaching staff before getting into what his number one Padres signing wish is this Christmas!
39 min
Talking Friars Episode 80: A Campusano, Hosmer ...
On the latest episode of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden discussed a possible trade that the Padres and Red Sox could execute. It involves Eric Hosmer and Luis Campusano on the Padres side of things, which could be enticing to Boston.
22 min
Talking Friars Episode 79: Former Padres Starti...
Ben Fadden sits down with Clayton Richard to discuss his career and the current game of baseball!
18 min
Talking Friars Episode 78: Padres have a new be...
On Episode 78 of the Talking Friars podcast, Ben Fadden discusses the Padres new bench coach hire, why a lockout is happening right now, the players perspective, the league and owners perspective, breaking down the Players and League statements, and when might there be a resolution
36 min
Talking Friars Episode 77: Padres missed the bo...
Ben Fadden sits down with you on MLB Lockout Eve to discuss the Padres offseason moves thus far, the signing of Luis Garcia, Mark Melancon going to the Dbacks in a confusing move, and if AJ Preller will be on the hot seat if Eric Hosmer isn't traded? Follow @talkingfriars on Twitter and Instagram for all the Padres content you need!
32 min
Talking Friars Episode 76: MLB Free Agency Fren...
Ben Fadden sits down and talks how wild this MLB free agency has been this offseason before getting into where the Padres stand in the rotation and the bullpen and how they might upgrade in those areas.
29 min
Talking Friars Episode 75: What Max Scherzer si...
Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts about Max Scherzer landing with the New York Mets before getting into what that means for the Padres in the NL West
10 min
Talking Friars Episode 74: What the Adam Frazie...
Ben Fadden gives you his reaction to the Padres' trade of Adam Frazier to the Seattle Mariners!
16 min
Talking Friars Episode 73: Padres Free Agent Ou...
Ben Fadden and Jacob Zimmermann go over numerous free agents that the San Diego Padres should consider signing this offseason. There are some interesting names talked about but let us know if you have any other names!
79 min
Talking Friars Episode 72: Padres Radio Voice J...
Ben Fadden sits down with Jesse Agler to discuss what went wrong last season, the surprising hiring of Bob Melvin and what that means for the team going forward, Fernando Tatis Jr. missing out on the MVP, Eric Hosmer’s future, the front office’s goals this offseason, and if a Tommy Pham reunion makes sense!
30 min