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Talking Friars Ep. 299: Padres Sign Xander Boga...
Per Jon Heyman: Padres signing Xander Bogaerts to an 11-year deal worth $280 million! Ben Fadden gives his reaction!
65 min
Talking Friars Ep. 298: Padres Lose Out On Aaro...
The San Diego Padres aren’t messing around. They reportedly offered $340+ million contracts to two star players—Trea Turner and Aaron Judge—and are interested in some of the other top free agents. In this episode, Ben Fadden goes over the sequence of events that led to Judge signing back with New York, talk about what the Padres being in on Judge means for them the rest of the offseason and how they can still have a successful offseason even after losing out on two guys they really wanted.
83 min
Talking Friars Ep. 297 (From the Winter Meeting...
Hello from the Winter Meetings! We know the San Diego Padres offered Trea Turner way more than $300 million so the conversation today in San Diego has been about if A.J. Preller will use that money on one of the other big name free agents. Ben Fadden asked him about San Diego’s interest in Aaron Judge and he didn’t say they weren’t interested. Plus, there’s a report out that the Padres aren’t interested in the shortstop market any longer now that Turner is off the board. Should we really believe that? All that and more on this episode of Talking Friars from the Winter Meetings!
120 min
Talking Friars Ep. 296 (From the Winter Meeting...
Hello from the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego! One of the San Diego Padres top targets, Trea Turner, is off the board so now the focus shifts to Xander Bogaerts, who the Padres have met with in person according to Kevin Acee. Will they end up getting him? Plus, the Padres have also started expressing interest in first baseman and outfielders such as Michael Brantley and Trey Mancini. Should they go that route instead of spending big on a shortstop? All that and more discussed on this episode of Talking Friars!
78 min
Talking Friars Ep. 295: 2022 MLB Winter Meeting...
All of the baseball world will be focused on San Diego starting tomorrow night as the MLB Winter Meetings begin. Will there be new Hall of Famers announced Sunday? Who makes the All-MLB team? Who wins the number one pick in the first ever MLB Draft Lottery? Does Aaron Judge and/or the superstar shortstops find their home for 2023 and beyond? There are a ton of questions that will be answered this week. Enjoy the preview!
42 min
Talking Friars Ep. 294: Padres have met with Tr...
Things are heating up! Dennis Lin has reported the San Diego Padres have met with Trea Turner twice in person ahead of next week’s MLB Winter Meetings so they’re definitely interested. Jake Cronenworth reportedly could be made available if a shortstop is acquired but he is the wrong guy to ship out of town. All this and more discussed on this episode of Talking Friars!
44 min
Talking Friars Ep. 293: Trea Turner “coveted” b...
A.J. Preller likely wishes he hadn’t traded Trea Turner in 2015 in the Wil Myers deal but it appears he’s trying to get the infielder back, according to Ken Rosenthal. Imagine what a lineup with Turner, Manny Machado, Juan Soto, Jake Cronenworth and Fernando Tatis Jr. could do! Plus, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is comparing their loss to the Padres in the NLDS to their 2017 World Series loss to the Houston Astros. All that and more on this episode of Talking Friars!
75 min
Talking Friars Ep. 292: Padres fan Brett Stang ...
Brett Stang is a big Padres fan who made it on the Bally Sports San Diego broadcast this year while he was waving a Padres flag. He made signs to hang up at his apartment near Petco Park and talked with Don Orsillo and Mark Grant during games so Ben Fadden figured why not get him on the show to talk about the team they love!
33 min
Talking Friars Ep. 291: Padres trying to get cr...
Ken Rosenthal came out with an interesting report last night detailing what the San Diego Padres are up to the week before the winter meetings begin. It turns out they made a competitive offer to Jose Abreu and there were more teams than we thought in the running for the former MVP. The Padres also have been in touch with Xander Bogaerts’ camp about playing multiple positions. Is he willing to not play shortstop though? Plus, which is more realistic: adding Trea Turner or adding Bogaerts? All that and more on the latest episode of Talking Friars!
62 min
Talking Friars Ep. 290: Padres see Abreu sign w...
There’s plenty to talk about following the Thanksgiving weekend! The San Diego Padres added to their rotation depth. The Mike Clevinger era is officially over in San Diego so it’s time to look back at the trade that sent him here. Plus, the Jose Abreu sweepstakes look like they are over. All that and more discussed on the latest episode of Talking Friars!
47 min
Talking Friars Ep. 289: Is the Padres signing X...
Yesterday might have been Thanksgiving but there was still an interesting report coming from Jon Heyman that involved the San Diego Padres. He says A.J. Preller is “looking at shortstop” and that one of those they like is former Boston Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts. Is signing him actually realistic for Peter Seidler?
23 min
Talking Friars Ep. 288: Fernando Tatis Jr. play...
There are now two San Diego writers who have said it’s best for Fernando Tatis Jr. to play first base in 2023, which just doesn’t make sense. Plus, Craig Stammen is not retiring despite him being 38 years old. And since it’s almost Thanksgiving, let’s talk about what we’re grateful for as Padres fans!
53 min
Talking Friars Ep. 287: Kodai Senga wants immed...
Before Ken Rosenthal’s Sunday evening report, we didn’t know if free agent Kodai Senga cared about landing on a contender, but now we do. The Padres are in a favorable spot then, right? Scouts are raving about Jackson Merrill after his performance in the Arizona Fall League. Should the Padres think about trading their top prospect for players who could help the team win now? Plus, a former Padre has been added to this year’s National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. All that and more on this episode of Talking Friars.
44 min
Talking Friars Ep. 286: Abreu in contact with P...
A report came out yesterday saying the Padres view Jose Abreu as a top priority. Are they the favorites to sign him though? Plus, Kodai Senga isn’t just coveted by A.J. Preller and the Padres organization. There will be plenty of competition for his services.
29 min
Talking Friars Ep. 285: Padres Meet With Senga ...
Today was a big news day around MLB. It was the non-tender deadline so there were trades and notable names who were released, including Cody Bellinger. Is he a fit for the Padres? San Diego has met with free agent starter Kodai Senga. Are the Padres going to make another pricey pitching addition? Also, there’s a report saying the Padres are “showing interest” in the top of the free agent shortstop market. Is signing Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, Dansby Swanson or Carlos Correa actually a possibility? All that and more discussed on this episode of Talking Friars!
66 min
Talking Friars Ep. 284: Manny Machado does NOT ...
Manny Machado was the biggest reason why the Padres made the postseason in 2022 but he didn’t take home the National League Most Valuable Player award. Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts in this episode of Talking Friars.
33 min
Talking Friars Ep. 283: Jon Schaeffer Talks Pad...
San Diego Sports 760’s Jon Schaeffer joined me today to discuss what the Padres expectations should be next season, what the remaining team needs are, what our dream offseason would look like, if he’d rather have Josh Bell or Jose Abreu, how much money he’d be comfortable giving Jurickson Profar, where Fernando Tatis Jr. should play and if Manny Machado actually has a chance of winning the NL MVP today!
32 min
Talking Friars Ep. 282: Nick Martinez's contrac...
Nick Martinez is back with the San Diego Padres for three years but for how much? Plus, the Pittsburgh Pirates just made a roster move that could now make them potential trade partners with A.J. Preller. All that and more discussed on today’s episode!
34 min
Talking Friars Ep. 281: Padres bring back Nick ...
According to reports, the Padres and Nick Martinez have agreed to a deal days after Martinez opted out! This is huge for San Diego to get back one of their most valuable players from this past season.
53 min
Talking Friars Ep. 280: Hitting coach leaves Pa...
There was some news that came out earlier today affecting the Padres. Michael Brdar is no longer the hitting coach. Is that a big deal? Plus, Anthony Rizzo has found a team and it’s not the Padres. Where can the Padres turn to now? All that and more on the latest episode of Talking Friars.
36 min
Talking Friars Ep. 279: What’s holding up Nick ...
It looked like the Padres and Nick Martinez were going to come to an agreement on a new deal relatively soon after Robert Suarez returned but it still hasn’t happened yet. What’s the hold up? Plus, Jim Bowden thinks the Padres will sign Anthony Rizzo away from the Yankees and has Fernando Tatis Jr. moving to right field. There’s also a superstar in MLB who might not be happy with his current team. Any chance the Padres could acquire him?
40 min
Talking Friars Ep. 278: Padres Free Agent Start...
We know the Padres already have a great top three at the top of their rotation in Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove and Blake Snell, but who will A.J. Preller go get to round out the rest of the staff? In this episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden goes through 10+ free agent starting pitching options San Diego might be considering.
25 min
Talking Friars Ep. 277: What could a Nick Marti...
Nick Martinez was one of the most valuable Padres players in 2022 but it isn’t a guarantee that he returns to San Diego. What could the contract look like and would it prevent the Padres from building a complete roster?
41 min
Talking Friars Ep. 276: Suarez is back! Padres ...
Today is the official start of free agency! The Padres can now speak to every free agent on the market. Nick Martinez opted out of his contract today but he still has interest in returning. Robert Suarez is surprisingly in agreement on a multi-year contract. A.J. Preller gave us a Fernando Tatis Jr. update yesterday. Does Tatis moving to second base make sense? Plus, there is a rumor out there that San Diego is interested in a couple Mets pitchers—one of them being Jacob deGrom. All that and more discussed on today’s episode of Talking Friars!
90 min
Talking Friars Ep. 275: Preller & Boras Speak a...
AJ Preller and Scott Boras spoke to the media today. What were the big takeaways? Plus, Kevin Acee said yesterday Jorge Alfaro will not be a Padre next season. What are some landing spots for him? All that and more on this episode of Talking Friars!
71 min
Talking Friars Ep. 274: Is Anthony Rizzo a “per...
Former GM Jim Bowden talked with front office decision makers in baseball and he thinks Anthony Rizzo is a perfect fit for the Padres. Is he a better fit than Jose Abreu? Plus, there’s still no news on Nick Martinez’s decision about the player option. Is that a good thing? All that and more is discussed on this episode of Talking Friars.
54 min
Talking Friars Ep. 273: Jose Abreu on Preller’s...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Robert Suarez, Jurickson Profar and Wil Myers hitting free agency, Jose Abreu reportedly being on AJ Preller’s wish list, The Athletic’s Shohei Ohtani-Padres hypothetical trade idea and if Kodai Senga signing in San Diego is a bold move.
37 min
Talking Friars Ep. 272: Juan Soto & Trent Grish...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Juan Soto and Trent Grisham’s 2022 seasons. Also, the baseball season is officially over so it’s time for offseason talk!
40 min
Talking Friars Ep. 271: Manny Machado & Juricks...
Ben Fadden gives his reaction to Jim Bowden listing the Padres as a fit for Andrew Benintendi before looking back at Manny Machado and Jurickson Profar’s 2022 seasons.
29 min
Talking Friars Ep. 270: Kodai Senga a fit for P...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the NY Post listing Kodai Senga as a fit for the Padres before discussing Jake Cronenworth and Ha-Seong Kim’s 2022 seasons. Also, Ben answers questions from fans about Shohei Ohtani and offseason plans.
42 min
Talking Friars Ep. 269: Brandon Drury & Josh Be...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Brandon Drury and Josh Bell’s 2022 seasons with the Padres before discussing who should return for 2023.
21 min
Talking Friars Ep. 268: Looking Back on Wil Mye...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Keith Law revealing how much money he'd give to Jurickson Profar and Brandon Drury in free agency. Then, he looks back at Wil Myers and Jose Azocar's 2022 seasons before reflecting on Wil's tenure with the Padres.
34 min
Talking Friars Ep. 267: Austin Nola, Jorge Alfa...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres catchers this season and looks forward to what that group might look like in 2023!
32 min
Talking Friars Ep. 266: Pierce Johnson, Tim Hil...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Pierce Johnson, Tim Hill, Steven Wilson & Adrian Morejon's seasons.
23 min
Talking Friars Ep. 265: Luis Garcia & Nick Mart...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Luis Garcia and Nick Martinez's 2022 seasons in the brown and gold. Do you think Martinez stays for 2023?
23 min
Talking Friars Ep. 264: Josh Hader & Robert Sua...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Hader and Suarez's 2022 seasons and predict if Suarez will return in 2023.
32 min
Talking Friars Ep. 263: Mike Clevinger & Sean M...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Clevinger and Manaea's walk years with the Padres. Would you bring them back in free agency?
17 min
Talking Friars Ep. 262: Joe Musgrove & Blake Sn...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Joe Musgrove and Blake Snell's 2022 seasons! What did you think of their years?
18 min
Talking Friars Ep. 261: 2022 Padres Player Revi...
Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Yu Darvish's 2022 season!
12 min
Talking Friars Ep. 260: Reacting to A.J. Prelle...
Padres manager Bob Melvin and general manager A.J. Preller spoke to the media today at Petco Park to cap off their 2022 season. Ben Fadden gives his reaction to their comments in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
46 min
Talking Friars Ep. 259: Jim Russell Talks Disap...
Jim Russell joined the show today to give his thoughts on how the Padres season ended. We talked about Bob Melvin’s controversial decisions, the bottom of the order not producing, if Trent Grisham should be the starting center fielder next year and where we think Manny should finish in the MVP voting. Also, we revisited Jim’s predictions that he made on the show before the season began. Hope you enjoy!
35 min
Talking Friars Ep. 258: Padres lose heartbreaki...
The Padres backs were against the wall after a disappointing Game 4 loss and it looked like they were going to be back at Petco Park on Monday for a Game 6. Bryce Harper said no. Ben Fadden gives his reaction to the game in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
121 min
Talking Friars Ep. 257: Padres give up 4 HR, lo...
Going down 3-1 in the series was not what the Padres wanted entering tonight but it felt like there wasn’t as much urgency as there should’ve been to make sure that didn’t happen. San Diego had a 4-0 lead and a 6-4 lead but ended up losing both of them. Some fans are questioning Bob Melvin’s decisions entering and during the game. Ben Fadden gives you his reaction in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
59 min
Talking Friars Ep. 256: Padres fall 4-2 to the ...
Joe Musgrove was on the mound for Game 3 and a lot of Padres fans were feeling good about their chances. Musgrove wasn’t at his best but still kept the Padres offense in it. Unfortunately the lineup didn’t come up with the timely hits and in the 9th there was a controversial call on Jurickson Profar’s check swing. Ben Fadden gives his reaction to the game in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
61 min
Talking Friars Ep. 255: Padres 3B Manny Machado...
Rawlings released their Gold Glove finalists today for the American League and National League. It was assumed by Padres fans that Manny Machado and Jurickson Profar would easily be nominees. I guess we shouldn’t assume anything when it comes to MLB awards because they didn’t make the final three at their respective positions. The good news though is Juan Soto, Jake Cronenworth, Trent Grisham and Ha-Seong Kim all are nominees to win the NL Gold Glove award in right field, second base, center field and shortstop respectively.
25 min
Talking Friars Ep. 254: Padres come back from f...
Game 2 today almost felt like a must-win game for the San Diego Padres and things weren’t looking great when they were down 4-0 to the Phillies. The good thing though about this team is they never give up! They had a huge five run inning on Saturday night in the seventh inning against the Dodgers and had another one today to put them in front. Now it’s a 1-1 series heading to Philadelphia on Friday night. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Game 2 in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
52 min
Talking Friars Ep. 253: Padres get 1 hit vs. Ph...
Usually when we go into a game thinking a pitcher’s duel is going to take place, it doesn’t. Yu Darvish vs. Zack Wheeler seemed like a pitcher’s duel waiting to happen and this time that’s exactly what happened. The Phillies came up with the home runs and the Padres didn’t, which ended up being the difference. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Game 1 in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
50 min
Talking Friars Ep. 252: Previewing Padres vs. P...
The Phillies and Padres weren’t expected to make it to the NLCS but here we are. It all gets started tomorrow night at Petco Park but before that, Joe Giglio from SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia stopped by to help preview the series!
19 min
Talking Friars Ep. 251: Padres end Dodgers seas...
The Padres did it! Essentially nobody picked them to beat the Dodgers but it happened! Little brothers no more! Ben Fadden gives his reaction to the greatest game in Petco Park history in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
86 min
Talking Friars Ep. 250: Grisham homers again + ...
Petco Park hadn’t seen a home playoff game with fans in the stands since 2006 and some might say it was worth the wait because tonight was epic! The crowd chanted “Beat LA” all night long as Blake Snell, Trent Grisham, Jake Cronenworth and the Padres bullpen helped lead the team to a 2-1 series lead over Los Angeles. Ben Fadden gives his reaction to the game in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
61 min
Talking Friars Ep. 249: Padres even up NLDS wit...
It felt like the Padres season was on the line tonight with their ace Yu Darvish on the mound after losing Game 1 yesterday. Going down 0-2 to the Dodgers is almost asking for your season to end. The Padres weren’t about to have that happen. This game was wild. Errors. Great defensive plays. Home runs all over the place. Relievers getting out of huge jams. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres win in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
65 min
Talking Friars Ep. 248: Padres lose 5-3 to the ...
The Padres had their fourth starter on the mound tonight against the Dodgers number one starter and it unfortunately went how most national baseball people expected it to go. Julio Urias was dominant for most of his start and the Padres were working from behind since the first inning. Jacob Zimmermann and Ben Fadden give their reaction to the game in the latest episode of Talking Friars.
87 min
Talking Friars Ep. 247: WFAN’s Evan Roberts rea...
WFAN’s Evan Roberts is a diehard Mets fan and he was nice enough to join the show despite his team losing to our Padres over the weekend in the National Wild Card Series. We discussed Max Scherzer choking in Game 1, Buck Showalter accusing Joe Musgrove of cheating, what the difference was between San Diego and New York in this series, what's next for the Mets this offseason.
21 min
Talking Friars Ep. 246: Musgrove dominates, Pad...
The Padres and Mets split the first two games of their Wild Card Series, which put both team’s seasons on the line tonight. Joe Musgrove wasn’t going to let down the city of San Diego tonight! Ben Fadden gives you his reaction to the game in this episode!
51 min
Talking Friars Ep. 245: Reacting to the Padres ...
The Padres took down Max Scherzer last night but tonight it was the Mets turn to get a win. Ben Fadden gives his reaction to the game in this episode!
60 min
Talking Friars Ep. 244: Padres Hit 4 Homers, Bl...
The Padres started off their postseason tonight against the Mets with a blowout win! Jacob Zimmermann and Ben Fadden give their thoughts on the game!
50 min
Talking Friars Ep. 243: Tony Gwynn’s Agent John...
On the day the Wild Card series starts, MLB agent John Boggs joins the show to discuss what it’s like for him to see the Padres make the postseason, what his focus turns to once the season concludes, what negotiating with A.J. Preller is like, how hectic the trade deadline is for him and what his thoughts are about contract and trade offers being leaked to the media.
25 min
Talking Friars Ep. 242: Guessing the Padres Gam...
Game 1 is tomorrow and fans cannot wait for this matchup. In the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on ranking the Padres pitching staff as the worst in the postseason before trying to guess what Bob Melvin’s lineup will look like tomorrow night!
31 min
Talking Friars Ep. 241: Padres win Giants serie...
The Padres regular season series is over and now it’s time to focus on the Wild Card series. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on what we saw in the final series against the Giants before telling you what his 26-man Wild Card Series roster would look like if he was Bob Melvin.
62 min
Talking Friars Ep. 240: Who should the Padres w...
The San Diego Padres could end up being the fifth or the sixth seed in the postseason. If they’re the fifth seed they’d likely face the New York Mets, who look like they’re going to finish behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East. If they’re the sixth seed, they’d face the NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals. Which would be the better the better matchup for the Padres? It’s an intriguing question and Ben Fadden gives his answer on the latest episode of Talking Friars.
38 min
Talking Friars Ep. 239: The Padres are going to...
The San Diego Padres have made the postseason in a full season for the first time since 2006! They weren’t able to get a win on Sunday but the fans didn’t care because we’re heading to the playoffs! Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on this past series and what this means for the city in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
81 min
Talking Friars Ep. 238: Padres lose competitive...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres last series against the Dodgers in the regular season. They were all competitive games, which is something we can’t say about past series this year.
50 min
Talking Friars Ep. 237: Padres pile on the runs...
The Padres made their last visit of the year to Coors Field this weekend before coming back home to end the regular season. Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on the series during the latest episode of Talking Friars.
60 min
Talking Friars Ep. 236: Greg Garcia Talks Padre...
Former Padres infielder Greg Garcia joined Ben Fadden to talk about the Padres playoff chances this year (assuming they get in), what he thinks the conversations are like in the clubhouse right now, what it was like to make it to the postseason in 2020, how proud he is to see Jake Cronenworth be a two-time All-Star three years into his career, why the Manny Machado narrative is wrong, where he'd rank Manny in the MVP conversation and who his favorite teammate was!
18 min
Talking Friars Ep. 235: Padres keep Cardinals f...
The big storyline entering the Padres vs. Cardinals series was Albert Pujols’ chase for his 700th home run. The Padres, though, didn’t allow him to take the spotlight this week at Petco Park. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the series in latest episode of Talking Friars!
57 min
Talking Friars Ep. 234: Derek Togerson on the P...
NBC 7’s Derek Togerson was nice enough to join the show to discuss the return of the offense this past weekend, Jose Azocar taking over as the starting center fielder, if Luis Campusano should be getting more playing time and how far this team could go if the rotation can pitch like they did against the Diamondbacks. Also, Derek and Ben were both at the San Diego Wave game on Saturday so we touched on the team’s chances of winning it all in their first season at the end of the episode.
35 min
Talking Friars Ep. 233: Padres win Diamondbacks...
The Padres finished off their road trip in Arizona to face the Diamondbacks, who have been playing well as of late. The team was called out by Bob Melvin after Thursday night’s loss where they didn’t “even put up a fight”. Then there was a players only meeting before Friday’s game and it looks like it worked. The offense put up 12 runs and Blake Snell went seven strong innings. Joe Musgrove and Yu Darvish both dominated in the final two games of the series.
62 min
Talking Friars Ep. 232: Will the Padres make th...
Dennis Kennedy is a Product Creation Designer with TaylorMade in San Diego and was nice enough to join the show to talk about his relationships with Padres players, how far he thinks San Diego could go this year and who he thinks have been the most valuable players on the team other than Manny Machado this season!
24 min
Talking Friars Ep. 231: Darvish helps Padres sp...
The San Diego Padres started off their road trip in Seattle against the Mariners over the past couple of days and it was a fun matchup to watch. If you’re a fan of great pitching, this was the one for you! Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the series in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
58 min
Talking Friars Ep. 230: It’s not just Juan Soto...
There’s been a lot of people getting on Juan Soto for not performing well at the plate recently and it’s understandable, as he’s hitting .107 in September. However, it’s going to take more than just Soto hitting better for this team to make the postseason. Ben Fadden goes through some names who need to step it up on the latest episode of Talking Friars.
23 min
Talking Friars Ep. 229: Padres Lose Dodgers Ser...
The Padres and Dodgers were back at it this weekend and the atmosphere was amazing at Petco Park. Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the series in the latest episode of Talking Friars!
76 min
Talking Friars Ep. 228: 2023 rule changes shoul...
Major League Baseball voted on Friday to implement a pitch clock, ban shifts, increase base sizes and limit the number of pick-off attempts starting in 2023. Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on these changes!
26 min
Talking Friars Ep. 227: Alfaro did it again!
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres latest series against the Diamondbacks! It didn’t start off great on Labor Day, as zero runners came around to score for the Friars after a questionable lineup was put out by Bob Melvin. The good news is they found some fight in them late on Tuesday and Wednesday night, as they came back from deficits to gain more of an advantage on the Brewers in the wild card race.
41 min
Talking Friars Ep. 226: Padres lose another ser...
The Padres had a chance to win a series on the road against the Dodgers but couldn’t get the job done. After blowing out Los Angeles on Friday, they had no shot of winning on Saturday thanks to Sean Manaea and lost all their momentum after a terrible strike three call by Dan Merzel on Sunday Night Baseball.
46 min
Talking Friars Ep. 225: Is Manny Machado on pac...
The Padres take on the Dodgers tonight but before that Ben Fadden gives you an update on where things stand in the National League MVP race. Manny Machado is having a heck of a year but so are a couple Cardinals infielders. It’s going to be fun to watch how the race plays out over the last month of the season!
27 min
Talking Friars Ep. 224: Padres Beat Rodon & Web...
Before the Dodgers series this weekend, the Padres needed to at least take two out of three at Oracle Park against a below .500 Giants team and that’s what they did. There were some weird delays on Monday, Trent Grisham and Blake Snell were huge on Tuesday and Joe Musgrove took the mound in the series finale.
66 min
Talking Friars Ep. 223: Manaea, Hader Struggle ...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres visit to Kansas City. He was a little surprised when he heard Fernando Tatis Jr. lost his partnership with Adidas. Eguy Rosario made his MLB debut and Luis Campusano was called back up as Jorge Alfaro hit the IL.
68 min
Talking Friars Ep. 222: Bryce Miller Talks Tati...
Ben Fadden had the chance to sit down with Bryce Miller of the San Diego Union-Tribune to hear his thoughts on Fernando Tatis Jr.’s apology, what the trade deadline was like for AJ Preller and if he thinks this Padres offense can turn it around after going 5-7 against the Nationals, Marlins and Guardians.
28 min
Talking Friars Ep. 221: Tatis Speaks + Padres O...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives more of his thoughts on Fernando Tatis Jr.’s first public comments since being suspended before diving into what went wrong for the San Diego Padres in their two game series against Austin Hedges and the Cleveland Guardians.
46 min
Talking Friars Ep. 220: Shining a Light on Four...
Before the Padres take on the Guardians today, Ben Fadden gives some props to four Padres who don’t get the national attention. Fans here in San Diego appreciate some of these guys but a lot of the attention has been on Manny Machado, Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Josh Hader over the last couple weeks.
31 min
Talking Friars Ep. 219: Hader Loses Closer Role...
Oh boy. That was not a pretty series from the Padres. The Nationals flew to San Diego with 80 losses and less than 40 wins. Yet San Diego found a way to lose the first two games (and Josh Hader also found a way to temporarily lose his closer role) before leaving nine on base through the first four innings of Saturday’s game. The stretch of games against bad teams is coming to an end so the team’s play has to improve if they want to stay ahead of Milwaukee for the final playoff spot.
60 min
Talking Friars Ep. 218: Josh Hader just has to ...
The San Diego Padres don’t have a winning record since the trade deadline and there are many reasons why. The big reason is the offense, which hasn’t consistently been able to come through with runners in scoring position (as we saw last night). A smaller reason is Josh Hader, who was acquired to be the best reliever in the bullpen but hasn’t been that yet. On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on Hader’s struggles, if he should be pitching in these high leverage situations and more.
36 min
Talking Friars Ep. 217: Padres outscore the Mar...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on the Padres series loss to the Marlins before getting into the latest about Fernando Tatis Jr.’s suspension. Without Manny Machado’s double on Tuesday, San Diego’s offense would’ve been shutout two games in a row by Miami. Not earning a winning road trip is definitely disappointing but at least the boys get to come back home to play another losing team.
43 min
Former Players Speak on Tatis Suspension + Padr...
This is not an episode of Talking Friars. It is the pregame show for August 16, 2022 but in case you wanted to hear what former MLB players have said about MLB's handling of Fernando Tatis Jr.'s suspension, here it is. The pregame show portion starts after Ben Fadden gives his thoughts about Fernando Tatis Sr., Edwin Encarnacion and David Ortiz's comments.
38 min
Talking Friars Ep. 216: Soto’s return to D.C. w...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres series against the Nationals. Juan Soto returning to D.C. was supposed to be the biggest story coming out of the weekend but of course we all know it wasn’t. Trent Grisham is also getting hot at the bottom of the order and this team looks like they’re as strong as ever in the clubhouse.
57 min
Talking Friars Ep. 215: Tatis Let Down the Padr...
Fernando Tatis Jr. is out for the season after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He has let down his team and the fans.
34 min
Talking Friars Ep. 214: Peter Seidler expresses...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on Padres chairman Peter Seidler recently expressing his desire to keep Juan Soto in the brown and gold long-term before giving an update on when Fernando Tatis Jr. may return to the lineup.
36 min
Talking Friars Ep. 213: Manny Freaking Machado ...
The Padres series started off pretty rough because the offense couldn't score a run but they would score 20 of them in the final two games of the series. Manny Machado delivered an epic moment on Tuesday night in front of a packed crowd and pretty much everyone contributed on Wednesday! Plus, there's a quote from Luke Voit about Eric Hosmer that is causing quite a reaction regarding his trade to the Nationals.
61 min
Talking Friars Ep. 212: Gap remains between the...
The Padres improved at the trade deadline but it didn't matter this weekend against the Dodgers. The defense was sloppy at times, pitching needs to be more consistent and the offense didn't really show up. Onto the Giants.
48 min
Talking Friars Ep. 211: This new Padres team lo...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives his thoughts on the Padres last two games against the Rockies, what the atmosphere was like at Petco Park for Juan Soto’s debut and compares the Padres and Dodgers new look rosters ahead of their weekend series.
47 min
Talking Friars Ep. 210: Potential Padres lineup...
Juan Soto and Josh Bell make their Padres debuts tonight at Petco Park! The entire fan base is pumped up and the game is already sold out. On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden couldn’t resist writing up some possible lineup combinations Bob Melvin might be using tonight and when Fernando Tatis Jr. gets back! He also talked about the first few games of this Rockies series.
64 min
Talking Friars Ep. 209: PADRES LANDED JUAN SOTO...
Holy crap Padres fans. It happened!!! Ben Fadden was live on YouTube giving his reaction as the Padres traded for Juan Soto and Josh Bell. Eric Hosmer was traded and then he wasn't. What a wild hour and a half.
90 min
Talking Friars Ep. 208: REACTION to the Padres ...
Jeff Passan and others are reporting Josh Hader is being traded to the Padres! AJ Preller has made his first move!!
28 min
Talking Friars Ep. 207: Padres hit 8 HR, win Tw...
The Padres couldn't beat the lowly Tigers in Detroit but were able to knock off the AL Central leading Twins in a three game series at Petco Park! The trade deadline is less than 48 hours away and San Diego still needs offensive help despite hitting 8 home runs against Minnesota pitching.
45 min
Talking Friars Ep. 206: Joe Musgrove close to e...
We’ve all been waiting for the Padres to lock up Joe Musgrove and it looks like it could happen by the end of the weekend! 5 years-$100 million are the reported terms and this looks like a great deal for both sides! Ben Fadden reacts to the news on the latest episode of Talking Friars!
29 min
Talking Friars Ep. 205: Dreaming about the Padr...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden takes a break from the San Diego Padres current roster to dream about what it would be like if Shohei Ohtani wore the brown and gold. Ken Rosenthal reported this morning that A.J. Preller “has checked in on the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani” so Ben wanted to see what a trade package would look like if the Angels decided to tear it down.
22 min
Talking Friars Ep. 204: Padres vs. Tigers Serie...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden give his thoughts on the San Diego Padres last series of their road trip against the Detroit Tigers. Monday’s game was brutal, perhaps MacKenzie Gore’s injury affects A.J. Preller’s ability to trade for Juan Soto, Mike Clevinger is pitching like he did with Cleveland and it was a rainy series finale on Wednesday.
61 min
Talking Friars Ep. 203: Padres win Mets series ...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden gives you his thoughts on how the San Diego Padres played against the New York Mets at Citi Field this weekend. It looks like Eric Hosmer and Trent Grisham needed to recharge their batteries, we’ve got some positive Fernando Tatis Jr. news, and the national spotlight was on the Friars on Sunday Night Baseball!
41 min
Talking Friars Ep. 202: A hypothetical Anthony ...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden talks about another possible trade target for A.J. Preller and the Padres: Anthony Santander. The offense needs more power but San Diego doesn’t have a lot of room to make upgrades. Would you do the hypothetical trade posed in this episode?
15 min
Talking Friars Ep. 201: A hypothetical Brandon ...
On the latest episode of Talking Friars, Ben Fadden talks about a possible trade target for A.J. Preller and the Padres: Brandon Drury. The offense needs more power but San Diego doesn’t have a lot of room to make upgrades. However, Drury fits that description. Would you do the hypothetical trade posed in this episode?
15 min