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Upheaval at BART
Transportation reporter Rachel Swan on the latest challenges for the Bay Area's core transit system: Crime, fare evasion, homelessness, the rollout of new cars, and the need to find a new general manager and police chief.
21 min
Should IPOs Be Taxed in SF?
As major SF tech companies IPO, a San Francisco supervisor wants the city's coffers to benefit. City Hall reporter Trisha Thadani breaks down the reaction to the proposal.
16 min
Big Day for the 49ers and Raiders
The 49ers pick second and the Raiders fourth in today's NFL Draft. Beat writers Eric Branch and Matt Kawahara talk about the prospects who might turn these teams around, including Nick Bosa, who recently deleted pro-Trump tweets.
18 min
The California GOP Is Impotent. Can Anyone Save...
The Republican Party is virtually invisible in California. Republicans hold no statewide office, are a super minority in the Legislature and have a 20 percentage point registration gap compared to Democrats. We talk with two women who are trying to turn it around.
20 min
Measles in California
The United States is in the middle of what could be the worst measles outbreak in more than 20 years. California has had some small outbreaks but has largely been spared, in part because the state tightened its vaccination laws three years ago – after learning the hard way just how vulnerable communities become when parents stop immunizing their children.
23 min
1906 Earthquake: Secrets from the Archive
The Chronicle archive has photos dating back to the 19th Century. Critic Peter Hartlaub and librarian Bill Van Niekerken share secrets from the archive, including their favorite 1906 earthquake finds.
22 min
Lifting the Curtain on Police Secrecy
For decades, records of police officers' misconduct were hidden from view. But a new law, SB1421, has thrust into public view numerous incidents of dishonesty, sexual misconduct and use of force.
19 min
Bonus: Singing Across Gender Lines, Part II
Joshua Kosman interviews Elliot Franks, who gave up a career as a mezzo-soprano for a new life and a new baritone voice after going through gender reassignment surgery.
16 min
Singing Across Gender Lines
For trans vocalists, the familiar categories that have long defined operatic and choral music don’t always apply. San Francisco Chronicle editor-in-chief Audrey Cooper talks with classical music critic Joshua Kosman about the artistic and physical realities of singing while trans.
12 min
Buckle Your Seatbelts, Here Comes Uber
Uber is set to thunder onto Wall Street with a stock market debut valuing it at $100 million. Its massive initial public offering will have ramifications for San Francisco, the Bay Area and beyond.
14 min
"Freedom Week": A Frenzy of High Capacity Magaz...
Over a brief seven-day span, California gun owners were allowed to buy high capacity magazines for the first time in almost 20 years following a judge's ruling. They went on a shopping spree.
19 min
BART Cracks Down on Fare Enforcement
Commuters arriving by BART in downtown San Francisco Monday were met by teams of police officers, fare inspectors and managers in neon green vests. It was the beginning of an enforcement blitz meant to discourage fare evaders and reassure riders that lawlessness is not accepted aboard BART.
14 min
Vanishing Violence
From the archive: Chronicle reporters Jill Tucker and Joaquin Palomino offer an inside look at the months they spent documenting the steep drop in youth crime. But they found the good news meant empty cells and also eye-popping costs.
18 min
Giants Fan Bryan Stow Embraces New Life After A...
Giants fan Bryan Stow, who suffered severe brain damage in a March 2011 assault at Dodger Stadium, is starting to feel ‘whole’ again through sharing his anti-bullying message with kids.
25 min
Aging Into Homelessness
A groundbreaking study shows that nearly half of all homeless people over the age of 50 became homeless for the first time after their 50th birthday. Our reporter Kevin Fagan talks with head researcher UCSF Dr. Margot Kushel about what it all means, and where the doctor thinks we should go from here.
28 min
Finding Kyle
Kyle Gamboa’s leap from the Golden Gate Bridge left his family stunned. But in the wake of the 18–year-old’s death, they found a cause to devote themselves to.
16 min
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