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Children's Deaths Raise Questions About John Mu...
The deaths of four children are raising questions about the East Bay hospital's capabilities. Chronicle reporters Matthias Gafni and Cynthia Dizikes join host Cecilia Lei to discuss their follow-up investigation into John Muir Health and the care provided in the hospital's pediatric intensive care unit. (See also April 7, 2022, episode)
31 min
How Oakland Mayor-elect Sheng Thao Plans to Lea...
The 37-year-old progressive will be the first Hmong American to lead a major U.S. city. How does she plan to tackle its biggest issues? Chronicle reporter Sarah Ravani joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what Thao plans to do in her first months as mayor to address Oakland's pressing problems around public safety, homelessness and economic uncertainty.
15 min
Twitter Layoffs and the Immigration Fallout
With Silicon Valley tech heavyweights like Twitter and Meta cutting jobs, thousands of people are looking for work. But for immigrants on H-1B visas, the consequence of not finding something quickly can be life-changing. Chronicle reporter Carolyn Said joins host Demian Bulwa with details.
13 min
Knocking Down Mental Health Taboos in Sports
The COVID-19 pandemic has both created mental health challenges for athletes — and fans — and spotlighted the opportunity to discuss them in a new way. Chronicle sportswriters Marisa Ingemi and Connor Letourneau join host Cecilia Lei to talk about the changing attitudes
21 min
Fixing Our City: Lessons From Portugal Decrimin...
We're sharing this episode of the Fixing Our City podcast from The Chronicle's SFNext project in which host Laura Wenus talks to Dr. João Goulão, Portugal's drug policy coordinator, about how that country dealt with an overdose epidemic similar to San Francisco's. Fifth & Mission returns with new episodes Monday.
26 min
Best of 5M: Oakland Skaters Fight For the Right...
The COVID pandemic caused a roller skating boom. Now, skaters in West Oakland are fighting for a rink of their own. Producer Caron Creighton reports on the history of Black roller skating and why the sport is deeply personal for the community. First published 9/16/22. Fifth & Mission returns with new episodes Monday.
14 min
COVID, RSV and the Flu: Tips for a Healthy Holiday
UCSF's Dr. Peter Chin-Hong joins Cecilia Lei to discuss the "tripledemic" that figures to make this season challenging, as well as how to stay safe. And he reflects on nearly three years of the coronavirus pandemic.
17 min
Life After Pelosi for House Democrats
It's All Political on Fifth & Mission host Joe Garofoli joins Cecilia Lei to talk about who will follow Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader, and then Joe chats with John Lawrence, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, about her leadership style.
21 min
What Another Trump Run Means for California
The former president on the ballot for a second presidential term is bad news for California Republicans — not to mention all the people he’s maligned with his racist, sexist, homophobic rhetoric. Reporters Shira Stein and Dustin Gardiner join host Joe Garofoli to talk about the Former Guy's new White House run.
19 min
How UC Academic Workers Became Labor Organizers
Amid a groundswell of labor actions in recent years, University of California academic workers have organized the largest strike in the history of U.S. higher education. Chronicle reporter Nanette Asimov joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss what they're demanding, and Ken Jacobs, the director of UC Berkeley's Labor Center, explains why organized labor is making a comeback.
19 min
Cultural District Gives S.F. Pacific Islanders ...
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors is expected to adopt legislation Tuesday that will establish a Pacific Islander Cultural District. Reporter Elissa Miolene joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the unique challenges facing the population, and activist Gaynorann Siataga talks about the decades of work that have made the cultural district a reality.
21 min
How Elon Musk is "Destroying" Twitter's Value
Since buying Twitter, the billionaire's leadership has resulted in massive layoffs, executive resignations and other questionable business decisions. Casey Newton, editor of the Platformer newsletter and co-host of the Hard Fork podcast, joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the internal chaos at Twitter, and the tech industry's future as a possible recession nears.
14 min
Lifting Veterans From San Francisco's Streets
The Edwin M. Lee Apartments are a supportive housing complex for veterans. They're a model for how to attack homelessness, Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan tells host Demian Bulwa. Fagan discusses why the national homeless count among veterans dropped dramatically from 2010 to 2016 — and why that trend stalled under the Trump administration.
14 min
Willie Mays: "He Changed Lives, He Changed Minds"
Chronicle national baseball writer and Willie Mays biographer John Shea, who appears in the new HBO documentary "Say Hey, Willie Mays!" chats with host Cecilia Lei about his relationship with the San Francisco icon and his part in the film.
19 min
Election Night: What Happened and What's Next
Gavin Newsom was re-elected and San Francisco D.A. Brooke Jenkins was heading toward victory. Nationally, the Republicans' "red wave" didn't materialize as abortion rights and the specter of Donald Trump and election denial loomed large. Joe Garofoli, Mallory Moench and Demian Bulwa break down the results from Tuesday's pivotal election.
16 min
Embattled Election Officials Face the Midterms
A new survey found that one in five elections officials say they are likely to leave their jobs before the 2024 election. Escalating hostility and conspiracy theories, including 2020's "Big Lie," are to blame. Chronicle reporter Shwanika Narayan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how election workers are faring.
18 min
Your Catalytic Converter Got Stolen. Where Did ...
Brazen thefts of catalytic converters are exploding around the Bay Area. So what's going on and why can't we stop it? Chronicle reporter Nora Mishanec tells host Demian Bulwa the answers lie in a shocking case in which the converters were sawed off cars, trafficked through a Northern California family and shipped across the country.
13 min
What Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover Means for You
Emily Dreyfuss, the co-author of “Meme Wars: The Untold Story of the Online Battles Upending Democracy in America,” joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how the social media landscape will change in the wake of Musk buying the bird app.
22 min
Can’t Afford to Live in the Bay Area? Your New ...
In response to high living costs, many California residents have moved to more affordable areas of the state that will also face the highest temperature increases by the end of the century. non-white communities will face key challenges to adapt to climate change.
13 min
Will Alliances Sway the Race For Oakland Mayor?
Bay Area Democratic consultant Jim Ross explains why political alliances may not be the best strategy, and Chronicle East Bay reporter Sarah Ravani shares the details on an ongoing ethical investigation into one of the leading candidates.
18 min
Paul Pelosi Attack: How To Address Political Vi...
Dr. Garen Wintemute of UC Davis joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss findings from a nationwide study he led that shows how Americans are resorting to violence to achieve political objectives, and he shares possible solutions.
19 min
Are the 49ers Trying to Sway Santa Clara's Elec...
The San Francisco 49ers have long had a contentious relationship with Santa Clara, their home since 2014. Team owner Jed York has spent millions on 49ers-friendly candidates in local elections, including $3.8 million this year. Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the corporate influence on local democracy.
15 min
Opaque Oil Refineries, Record-High Gas Prices
Why do outages at refineries take place without a lot of public transparency, and what else might be contributing to California's punishibng gas prices? Chronicle reporter Claire Hao joins host Cecilia Lei to explain why state lawmakers and energy experts are scrutinizing oil refineries closely.
11 min
S.F. Housing Props D & E Got You Confused? Here...
Both propositions aim to speed up housing construction in San Francisco by streamlining the approval process. But why are there two? And will either one work? Reporter Noah Arroyo joins host Cecilia Lei to explain the competing measures.
20 min
Beyond Policing: How to Keep S.F. Asian America...
In an SFNext Solutions Conference panel discussion with host Cecilia Lei, activists Sarah Wan and Eddy Zheng say that San Francisco should invest in racial solidarity and long-term solutions to achieve public safety in the Asian American community.
26 min
Test Scores Show COVID's Toll on Students
New state and national standardized test scores released on Monday may help shed light on the struggles kids have had during the pandemic. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei to explain the data and what it means for local districts as they try to recover.
12 min
NIMBY Cities Push Bogus Housing Plans
California cities must show how they plan to build needed housing in the coming years. But some cities plans include homes on seemingly improbable sites — in one case on the site of City Hall. Will the state crack down on cities' fake blueprints for housing? Joe Garofoli reports.
12 min
Ignore the N.Y. Times: San Francisco's Art Scen...
An August piece in the Times said the Bay Area scene is "struggling," and that artists were "fleeing" to Los Angeles. Chronicle arts and culture writer Tony Bravo joins host Cecilia Lei to offer a rebuttal. Plus: Alison Gass, the founding director of the new Institute of Contemporary Arts San Francisco shares why she believes the local art scene is booming.
20 min
Are Bay Area School Districts Facing a Conserva...
Has the national movement of right-leaning groups funding conservative school board candidates hit the Bay Area? Chronicle reporters Sophia Bollag and Joshua Sharpe join host Cecilia Lei to discuss what's been going on in Contra Costa County.
14 min
The $1.7 Million Bathroom: A San Francisco Story
In a city known for the high price of everything, the estimated cost of a new public bathroom in Noe Valley is still a shocker: $1.7 million. Chronicle City Hall columnist and Total SF co-host Heather Knight joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about how a 150-square-foot room with a single toilet could cost so much.
14 min
Dorsey vs. Mahogany: The District Six Showdown
District Six Supervisor Matt Dorsey, a London Breed appointee, faces a challenge in November from Honey Mahogany, who would be the city's first transgender supervisor. Chronicle reporter J.D. Morris joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss where they stand on critical issues, and why this race matters for all city residents.
15 min
A Mission District COVID Clinic’s Outsized Impact
A clinic opened to serve the neighborhood's Latino community has become a "living laboratory,' contributing vital research while giving thousands of coronavirus tests and vaccines as well as other health services. Erin Allday joins host Demian Bulwa to discuss the clinic and its uncertain future.
15 min
How California Fails to Regulate Toxic Gun Ranges
Toxic lead inside California's gun ranges has endangered workers, customers and their surrounding environments. So why hasn't the state implemented standards and regulations? Reporter Joe Rubin joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss his investigation.
16 min
Soleil Ho Finally Reviews the French Laundry
Chronicle food critic Soleil Ho tells host Cecilia Lei and a Twitter Spaces audience all the inside information about the legendary restaurant: How it became such a revered spot, tips on getting a reservation and, most importantly, is it worth the splurge?
24 min
How to Win a Civil War That Never Ended
Author and political commentator Steve Phillips says the American Civil War — an existential battle between white supremacy and a multiracial democracy — is still going. The host of the Democracy in Color podcast joins It's All Political on Fifth & Mission host Joe Garofoli to talk about the ideas in his new book, "How We Win the Civil War."
21 min
Can San Francisco Build 82,000 New Homes?
Amid political jousting over housing prices, the city faces a state mandate: It must build — or at least plan to build — 82,000 units by 2031. And more than half need to be considered affordable. But as reporter J.K. Dineen explains, the high cost of building remains a huge obstacle.
18 min
Students Say Stanford Falling Short on Mental H...
Last year's string of student suicides, including star athlete Katie Meyer, has prompted students to question Stanford's mental health services. With a new academic year underway, the university's promises to increase mental health staffing remain unfulfilled. Melissa Newcomb reports what Stanford students say is lacking on campus, and how the university is defending its approach. If you need help, the phone number for the national suicide and crisis hotline is 988.
20 min
Racial Profiling or Public Safety? S.F. Debates...
The San Francisco police commission has proposed a policy that would stop officers from pulling over motorists for minor infractions like littering or driving without registration tags. It's an effort to reduce racial profiling, but some critics say it would make the city less safe.
14 min
California Ballot: What Are All These Propositi...
Reporters Dustin Gardiner and Sophia Bollag join Joe Garofoli to break down five November ballot initiatives, including a measure ensuring abortion rights. And gambling industry analyst Chris Grove joins Joe to talk about Props. 26 and 27, which have broken records for campaign spending.
23 min
A New Bay Area Serial Killer?
True crime has been a popular entertainment genre but the latest news is hitting close to home. A possible serial killer in Stockton has been linked to an Oakland murder, and communities are on edge. Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the case and the enduring fascination with true crime.
13 min
Breed Family Matters: The Case of Napoleon Brown
Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the new state laws that could reduce the prison term of Mayor London Breed's brother, Napoleon Brown, who has been in prison for two decades — and how S.F. politics is impacting his case.
14 min
Latino Residents Demand Justice After San Rafae...
The Canal neighborhood is over 90 percent Latino and is the most segregated neighborhood in the Bay Area. When body-camera footage revealed the police beating of a day laborer, Latino residents decried what they say is the longstanding mistreatment by the city's police.
17 min
The Rent Control Debate Moves to the Suburbs
Around the Bay Area, a new movement has emerged from the ruin of the pandemic. Cities like Concord, Richmond and Petaluma are moving to enact protections for renters, much to the frustration of property owners.
16 min
What's At Stake For Mayor Breed This November?
San Francisco's upcoming November election may be consequential for Mayor Breed's political future, even though her name doesn't appear on the ballot. Here's why
14 min
The Case of the Alleged Serial Stalker in S.F.
In 2020, a man with a long criminal record allegedly harassed a teenage girl. Then a San Francisco Superior Court judge dismissed the case.
20 min
Hawaii Faces the Consequences of Remote Workers
When the pandemic closed offices and quieted cities, hundreds of office workers ditched the Bay Area for greener pastures: Hawaii.
14 min
How The Pandemic Created a School Absenteeism C...
Chronic absenteeism — missing at least 10% of school days — was a problem before the pandemic uprooted families and imposed mandatory quarantines. Now, San Francisco is facing an absenteeism crisis, and working to get the most at-risk kids back in class.
13 min
Fixing Our City: How S.F. Is Helping Residents ...
When a San Francisco family’s credit score kept them from getting into an affordable housing unit, the city stepped in with financial coaching. It worked — the family was housed. Now any San Franciscan can access the service for free.
23 min
Who Will Be The Next Mayor of Oakland?
The Oakland mayor’s race is heating up. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and San Francisco Mayor London Breed have both thrown their support behind Council Member Loren Taylor. But those endorsements could be a double-edged sword. Chronicle East Bay Reporter Sarah Ravani and Senior Political Writer Joe Garofoli join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the outlook for the race, the controversy it has created and who is Taylor’s greatest challenger.
13 min
Was Biden Right to Say "The Pandemic is Over"?
On "60 Minutes" Sunday, the president declared the end of the pandemic. Many public health experts disagreed with Biden's comment while others aligned with the sentiment. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss how the Bay Area is doing with COVID-19 and the implications of Biden's statement.
14 min
Who Owns All the Housing in the Bay Area?
With property ownership and management so corporatized, it's sometimes hard for tenants to know who their landlord is. Editor Dan Kopf and reporters Susie Neilson and Lauren Hepler talk to Cecilia Lei about their project to make that information accessible.
29 min
S.F. Schools Sued In Sex Abuse Case
A lawsuit on behalf of a pair of former S.F. students is raising questions about the public district's response to sexual abuse claims.
13 min
Oakland Skaters Fight For the Right to Roll
The COVID pandemic caused a roller skating boom. Now, skaters in West Oakland are fighting for a rink of their own. Producer Caron Creighton reports on the efforts of the skating group Panther Skate, the history of Black roller skating and why the sport is deeply personal for the community.
14 min
How McClymonds High Created a Generation of Heroes
Sports superstars who became leaders away from the field roamed the West Oakland campus at the same time in the '50s. Reporter Ron Kroichick joins Demian Bulwa to talk about how the school and the community nurtured future icons Bill Russell, Frank Robinson and Curt Flood.
18 min
How Sonoma County Is Leading a Movement to Ban ...
Environmental activist Woody Hastings joins Cecilia Lei to explain the Sonoma County effort to ban new gas station construction as California moves toward a future where all cars will be zero-emission. It's a movement that's spreading across the state and beyond.
15 min
How the Bay Area Is Paying Reparations
Oakland has handed land back to Indigenous control and Hayward is exploring reparations for Russell City, a city that was erased nearly 60 years ago. Chronicle reporter Sarah Ravani and columnist Justin Phillips join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the latest local efforts and the challenges ahead.
15 min
When Should You Get the New Omicron Booster?
The latest round of shots is a milestone in how quickly science is able to respond to ever-evolving COVID-19. But with pandemic and vaccination fatigue setting in, does such a breakthrough even matter?
13 min
50 Years of BART: The Good, the Bad and the Weird
Chronicle urban design critic John King and Total SF co-host Peter Hartlaub join host Cecilia Lei to discuss BART's 50th anniversary. Plus: Newsroom developer Emma Stiefel talks about a game that lets YOU design the future of the system.
21 min
How California Is Rethinking Homeless Shelters
Chronicle housing reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Cecilia Lei to explain how shelters are making a policy comeback in cities all over the state — and creating new debates over the merits of "right to shelter" proposals.
15 min
Why This Heat Wave Is Historic
As record-breaking temperatures roar past 110 degrees in some Bay Area cities, Chronicle meteorologist Gerry Diaz joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what's causing it, the future of heat waves — and how you can beat the heat.
13 min
Photographing a Day In the Life of Women Working
In honor of Labor Day, five Chronicle photojournalists embedded with working moms for 24 hours. Brontë Wittpenn, Gabrielle Lurie and Lea Suzuki join Lily Janiak to talk about what they documented and what it meant to them as the women spent sometimes hectic days working their jobs — including the ones at home that don't come with a paycheck.
17 min
How Gavin Newsom Shaped a Busy Legislative Session
Capitol reporters Sophia Bollag and Dustin Gardiner, fresh off a late night reporting on the final session of the year in the California Legislature, talk to It's All Political on Fifth & Mission host Joe Garofoli about the passage of groundbreaking bills on homelessness and climate change, and what they'll mean for the governor's national profile.
22 min
How Whales Talk to Each Other to Adapt to Clima...
Scientists are learning that the behemoths are better at communicating, and might be more adaptable to climate change, than previously understood. Reporters Tara Duggan and Yoohyun Jung talk to host Dominic Fracassa about what's happening below the surface.
11 min
Evictions Looming at Oakland’s Wood Street Enca...
A legal fight is coming to a head at the sprawling homeless encampment. Reporter Sarah Ravani and Fifth & Mission producer Caron Creighton join host Demian Bulwa to talk about how the residents feel about what's happening, and what comes next.
15 min
Algae Bloom Killing Bay Fish by the Thousands
Fish are going belly up around San Francisco Bay, including in Lake Merritt in Oakland, thanks to a vast algae bloom. What's behind the bloom? Is it related to climate change or the drought? Host Demian Bulwa is joined by Dave Senn of the San Francisco Estuary Institute and Keith Bouma-Gregson of the U.S. Geological Survey.
16 min
"This is Not Normal Me": Long COVID Sufferers S...
An estimated 16 million adults in the United States suffer from long COVID symptoms, with no cure or treatment in sight. Chronicle reporter Nanette Asimov joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the alternative treatments that some sufferers are turning to. Plus: Chronicle reporter Yoohyun Jung shares her debilitating long COVID experience.
17 min
Car Stolen. Device Tracking. Now What?
San Franciscans are increasingly using tracking devices to locate their stolen bikes, computers and cars. But what happens when police can't assist? Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy joins host Demian Bulwa to discuss how this technology often clashes with the realities of big-city policing.
15 min
Why San Francisco Evicts Its Most Vulnerable Re...
The Breed administration offered them homes. Then it spent millions to kick them out.
28 min
Why Did Gov. Newsom Veto a Drug Bill That Would...
Critics say Gov. Gavin Newsom’s national political ambitions moved him to veto legislation that would have allowed San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles to open supervised injection sites as a way to curb California’s overdose crisis. But as City Hall reporter Mallory Moench and host Joe Garofoli explain, the politics are more complicated than that.
15 min
How Conservatives Are Fighting the Culture Wars...
Suburban and rural school boards are among the few places Republicans can win elections and change policies in this deep-blue state. Reporter Ryan Kost talks to host Demian Bulwa about their efforts to push issues that energize conservative voters.
15 min
California High-Speed Rail's 'Hot Girl Summer'
The California high-speed rail line took a major leap forward when rail authorities approved a bullet train link that would zoom passengers from the Central Valley into downtown San Francisco.
13 min
Fixing Our City: Can San Francisco Learn From H...
Texas' largest city is getting national attention for its approach to homelessness. In this episode of The Chronicle's Fixing Our City podcast, host Laura Wenus explores what Houston's doing, and discovers that San Francisco is already trying to do many of the same things.
34 min
The Science Behind Bay Area Weather
Warming temperatures in the Bay Area have made for good small talk. The Chronicle's new weather team is here to level up those conversations. Weather science editor Heather Hagemann and the newsroom's first meteorologist, Gerry Diaz, join host Cecilia Lei.
19 min
San Francisco Students: Back to School and Back...
Summer's over for SFUSD students, who are returning to the classroom this week. After dealing with the pandemic and various school board controversies in recent years, what do students face? Education reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei.
18 min
S.F. D.A. Brooke Jenkins Calls Payment Controve...
Co-host and Chronicle director of news Demian Bulwa and crime reporter Megan Cassidy join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the San Francisco district attorney's defense of her six-figure consultancy work for a nonprofit linked to the Recall Chesa Boudin campaign.
21 min
Megafloods: California’s Next Climate Disaster?
California is in its third year of a historic drought but climate change also brings the risk of more severe storms that could cause catastrophic flooding.
19 min
Oakland's $50M Promise: “Students, Your City Lo...
Mayor Libby Schaaf's $50 million initiative will give secondary education scholarships to Oakland's low-income students and college savings accounts to every baby born to a low-income family. Mayor Schaaf joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how the ambitious initiative will end generational poverty, and what it means for her legacy as mayor.
18 min
Secrets of Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Followers
Former longterm Republican strategist Tim Miller, a Never Trumper and author of the bestselling “Why We Did It: A Travelogue From the Republican Road to Hell," talks to Joe Garofoli about the state of the Republican Party, whether anyone can beat Trump, and his own journey out of the GOP.
23 min
How Brooke Jenkins Will Run the D.A.'s Office —...
In an interview recorded the day before the revelation she received more than $100,000 from a nonprofit tied to a backer of the Chesa Boudin recall, San Francisco’s new district attorney talks to host Cecilia Lei about her policy positions, and why she fired 15 staff members.
28 min
Home Restaurants Blossom, But Some Are Choking ...
Chefs serving food out of their homes isn't new in some communities, but pandemic lockdowns prompted a surge in interest. Reporters Elgin Nelson and Cesar Hernandez talk to Demian Bulwa about the sometimes burdensome licensing requirements that have followed.
15 min
What's Missing in the S.F. School Board Ann Hsu...
The San Francisco school board formally admonished a board for comments blaming Black and brown families for racial gaps in academic achievement. The debate over whether she should resign has been heated.
16 min
The Latest Battle for People's Park in Berkeley
UC Berkeley is constructing new development at People's Park in Berkeley. Protesters clashed with police as construction began on Wednesday.
13 min
New D.A., New Drug Crackdown in San Francisco
Brooke Jenkins has announced her plans to increase punishment for dealers while calling her predecessor, Chesa Boudin, too lenient. Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy joins host Demian Bulwa to outline those plans and explain why many progressives are outraged by what they call a return to failed policies.
14 min
Why S.F.'s Laguna Honda Shouldn't Shut Down
After federal regulators decertified San Francisco's 700-bed nursing home because of mismanagement, it's dealing with botched patient transfers and the potential end of critical care to patients. Chronicle columnist Heather Knight joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what she calls a "draconian" response.
18 min
Why San Francisco Rents Bounced Back to Sky High
The onset of the pandemic offered a brief silver lining — lower rents. But it didn't last. The average price of a 2-bedroom apartment means you need to make $61 an hour to afford one. Reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what happened.
14 min
San Francisco Declares a Monkeypox Emergency. I...
While San Francisco declared a state of emergency, members of the LGBTQ community are furious at limited vaccine access — and fearful of discrimination.
18 min
First There Were Fires. Now, Residents of Oakla...
Residents of the Wood Street encampment in West Oakland are fighting a pending eviction after a two alarm fire broke out on CalTrans property in mid-July.
20 min
Is More Black Political Representation Leading ...
Chronicle columnist Justin Phillips joins host Demian Bulwa to discuss the promises and reality of Black leadership in S.F.
13 min
Why Are Napa Valley Cabernets Tasting the Same?
Wine consultants have become essential for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.
18 min
How Reporting Sexual Abuse May Put California A...
The story of an Ohio 10-year-old rape victim who traveled to Indiana for an abortion spotlighted the potential risks of mandated reporting for out-of-state abortion patients and their health providers.
14 min
The Man Who Tried to Start a Civil War in Oakland
Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe tells the story of the radicalization of Steven Carillo, a member of the far right, anti-government extremist group the Boogaloo Bois. Carillo shot and killed a federal security guard during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020.
18 min
Another San Francisco School Board Controversy
One of the three San Francisco school board members appointed after this year's recall is already facing calls to resign.
16 min
Food is Political at Oakland’s Most Radical Res...
Oakland’s Understory restaurant won a James Beard award. But can it change the industry?
24 min
How Anti-Trump Resistance Group Swing Left Is P...
The new leader of Swing Left, explains how Democrats have a path forward to hold the House in November's midterm elections.
20 min
Why LGBTQ Protestors Say Monkeypox Is a "Public...
On Monday, advocates protested outside the U.S. Health and Human Services office in San Francisco to call out the slow federal response to the monkeypox outbreak and the low supply of monkeypox vaccines.
29 min
Is Gavin Newsom Running for President?
As President Biden drops in the polls, some Democrats are shopping for a 2024 candidate. Newsom says he isn’t running, but the way he’s taking on high profile Republicans is making some wonder.
14 min
San Francisco School Board Goes Back to Basics
The board, once lambasted for infighting and focusing on issues like renaming schools, is vowing to pivot back to a core issue following a landslide recall — student performance. Reporter Jill Tucker joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the challenges ahead.
14 min
California's Racial Profiling Problem Is Gettin...
Racial disparities in traffic and pedestrian stops by law enforcement have been a historical problem, but now California has the data to see how bad it actually is. Chronicle reporters Dustin Gardiner and Susie Neilson join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the most recent data.
18 min
UCSF’s Bob Wachter: How the BA.5 Covid Wave Is ...
The latest Covid-19 pandemic twist is the new Omicron subvariant BA.5, which evades immunity from vaccinations, boosters and previous infections. Dr. Bob Wachter, UCSF's chair of medicine, joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what makes this variant different, and offers guidance on future boosters and how to calculate risks.
20 min
How Alameda County's Mental Health System is Fu...
An Alameda County grand jury report has found that the local mental health system is making the area's homeless crisis worse. Among the findings is a lack of basic consensus on solutions, which cause mentally ill residents to cycle in and out of ERs and jails. Reporter Lauren Hepler has details.
17 min