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A Top S.F. Doctor on the Coronavirus
Dr. Andre Campbell, a longtime trauma surgeon and ICU doctor at San Francisco General Hospital, tells Heather Knight what to expect with COVID-19 in the weeks ahead and how the hospital is preparing.
26 min
Can We Contain the Coronavirus?
As mitigation measures spread across the country, health writer Erin Allday discusses whether they can succeed and explains the leading theories about how best to keep the public safe.
22 min
Drones at the Golden Gate Bridge
Flying cameras are swarming San Francisco's landmark bridge, and officials say photos are being taken illegally. Business reporter Roland Li talks to Audrey Cooper about the rise – and crashes – of local drones.
13 min
Coronavirus: What We Know Now
Health reporter Erin Allday joins Audrey Cooper to explain the latest on the coronavirus response and business reporter Mallory Moench explains what parents should do to keep kids safe and calm.
23 min
Super Tuesday: What Did We Learn?
Super Tuesday is over and we're down to a two-man race. Joe Garofoli and John Wildermuth join Audrey Cooper to break down the results, including some interesting races you might not have thought much about.
19 min
Super Tuesday Troubles
Democratic candidates are dropping out, much to the dismay of voters who have already cast their ballot. Political writers Joe Garofoli and John Wildermuth break down what's likely to happen as Californians head to the polls.
29 min
Tracking the Coronavirus
Erin Allday talks about efforts to keep track of who has the virus. Plus: Chase DiFeliciantonio on what local industries and workers are doing to prepare, and some wild conspiracy theories.
18 min
Coronavirus Game Changer
The diagnosis of a Bay Area resident shows the virus has spread beyond those who recently visited China. Plus: The fight to get more testing kits into California hospitals. Erin Allday and Catherine Ho with the latest.
28 min
San Francisco’s Coronavirus Emergency
Warnings about a global pandemic are becoming more urgent as stocks fall and local officials — including Mayor London Breed — declare states of emergency. Health reporters Erin Allday and Catherine Ho on the latest local cases.
27 min
Chinatown's Gentrification Fears
Food reporter Janelle Bitker on the closing of banquet halls, long a mainstay of Chinatown's culture. They're being replaced with tonier spots, leaving residents worried about the future.
22 min
Our Life in Coronavirus Quarantine
Otis and Carol Menasco's Japan cruise is now "the vacation that has become a nightmare" as they're quarantined at an Air Force base near San Antonio. They can't get movies or booze, but they can make calls, and they called us.
17 min
Trump in California: Who Gets the Water?
President Trump traveled to the Central Valley to sign an agreement that would send more water to farms — and, environmentalists say, hurt the Delta ecosystem. Reporter Peter Fimrite talks about the implications.
19 min
Troubling Gifts to Mayor Breed
The mayor has admitted taking nearly $6,000 from Mohammed Nuru, the ex-public works chief at the center of an FBI corruption investigation — and a man she now says she once dated. Dominic Fracassa talked to her about the fallout.
22 min
The Fight to Put Women in the Constitution
Nearly four decades after the Equal Rights Amendment was declared dead, politics writer Dustin Gardiner joins Audrey Cooper to talk about why the battle to enshrine women’s rights has returned.
22 min
Crisis at School
Teachers and parents say one S.F. middle school has devolved into violent chaos and the district is refusing to send help. Columnist Heather Knight discusses her shocking report on the school.
23 min
The Coronavirus Hits Close to Home
The Bay Area shares cultural and economic ties with China stronger than anywhere else in the country. Reporters Tatiana Sanchez and Anna Bauman on how the region is impacted by the deadly coronavirus spreading from Wuhan, China.
14 min
Trump's New Target: Modern Architecture
Urban design critic John King on how haters of futuristic buildings like the San Francisco Federal Building are trying to team up with the president to — we kid you not — “Make Federal Buildings Great Again.”
24 min
It’s Beer Week!
Esther Mobley, wine critic and author of the Drinking With Esther newsletter, and Audrey Cooper go deep into the history of Beer Week, trends in regional craft brewing and how you can celebrate this year. Esther Mobley, wine critic and author of the Drinking With Esther newsletter, and Audrey Cooper go deep into the history of Beer Week, trends in regional craft brewing and how you can celebrate this year.
18 min
Fifth & Mission Live: Primaries 2020
Live from Manny's in San Francisco, Editor in Chief Audrey Cooper, politics writer Joe Garofoli and columnists Heather Knight and Phil Matier talk about Iowa, the upcoming primaries, and local politics.
60 min
Coronavirus in the Bay Area
Health writer Erin Allday tells you what you need to know about the virus’ penetration in California and what you can do about it. | Get unlimited Chronicle access.
21 min
Super Bowl: What Happened to the 49ers?
Patrick Mahomes happened. Ann Killion and Eric Branch talk about the Chiefs' comeback win over San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV. Should Bay Area fans put the blame on Kyle Shanahan, or just appreciate an amazing season?
20 min
What to Look for in the Super Bowl
Ann Killion and Eric Branch break down the game. The 49ers vs. the Chiefs, Jimmy G. vs. Patrick Mahomes. Kyle Shanahan vs. Andy Reid. And San Francisco's great defense vs. Kansas City's great offense. The winner will be ... you have to listen.
20 min
Shen Yun Spending
Reporter Matthias Gafni cracks the mystery of how much a controversial religious group spends on those ubiquitous ads prompting the dance company's shows.
14 min
Super Bowl Week in Miami
Ann Killion and Eric Branch report from the three-ring circus all over Miami, where nothing is close to anything else, as the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs get ready to play. Full coverage. | Get unlimited Chronicle access.
17 min
Bombshell Arrest of "MrCleanSF"
San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru and Lefty O'Doul's owner Nick Bovis are charged with fraud after a months-long federal corruption probe. Audrey Cooper, Heather Knight and Evan Sernoffsky explain.
16 min