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The flagship news podcast of the San Francisco Chronicle. Producer/host Cecilia Lei and co-host Laura Wenus discuss the biggest stories of the day with Chronicle journalists and newsmakers from around the Bay Area. | Get full digital access to the Chronicle:

Supreme Court Victory for Dreamers
Reporter Tatiana Sanchez helps unpack Thursday's SCOTUS ruling that blocks the Trump administration's attempt to dismantle DACA, dealing a major blow to the president.
9 min
The Politics of Policing
As the furor grows over police brutality directed at black and brown people, the political power of police unions is being questioned. Joe Garofoli talks about how the unions might react to the upcoming election season. | Get full Chronicle access:
19 min
The Coronavirus Rent Drop
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheaval in the housing market, with home sales dropping, prices sinking and rents falling as tenants flee the Bay Area. JK Dineen joins to discuss the deals for renters and the lessons we should learn from past recessions when it comes to housing construction.
22 min
After the Ruling, What Now for Gay Civil Rights?
This Pride Month was made sweeter with a Supreme Court decision forbidding employment discrimination based on gender or sexual identity. Reporter Ryan Kost talks about what that surprising ruling means in the fight for LGBTQ rights.
21 min
Why the SFPD Chief Is OK With "Defund the Police"
Chief William Scott says he feels conflicted as a black man watching national protests against police brutality. He supports calls for San Francisco's department to be defunded and for officers' responsibilities to be narrowed.
25 min
Police Reform: Promises Made, Often Broken
After SFPD officers fatally shot Mario Woods in 2015, authorities promised reforms. But while use-of-force incidents are down overall, police still disproportionately use violence against black people and Latinos.
14 min
Are We Reopening Too Quickly?
Coronavirus cases are increasing across the state, but counties are pushing forward with reopening plans. Is that good for public safety? Health reporter Erin Allday delves into the latest case numbers and what they mean. | Get full Chronicle access:
19 min
Black Voices: Why I Protest
Chronicle photojournalist Yalonda M. "Yoshi" James, tired of the media's focus on looting and vandalism, turned her camera on black people marching, holding signs and demanding change and asked them, "Why are you protesting?"
20 min
Where Does Black Lives Matter Go From Here?
Have the George Floyd protests launched a real change in American life, or will the widespread white support fade over time? Joe Garofoli talks about how white allies can stay in the fight, and whether "Defund the Police" can work.
17 min
The Dos and Don’ts of Reopening
Counties around the state are slowly reopening for business and loosening the shelter-in-place restrictions in place since March. But what will best practices be? Can you have a dinner party? What about a child play date?
17 min
Brianna Noble: The Black Lives Matter Rider
Tony Bravo talks to the 25-year-old East Bay native who went viral by riding her horse, Dapper Dan, to a George Floyd protest last week in Oakland. She discusses bringing people of color like herself into the predominantly white "horse world."
20 min
School's Out: Now What?
With this very strange school term wrapping up, will students be woefully behind? Reporter Jill Tucker has a reassuring message for stressed-out parents: The kids will be all right.
24 min
A Reform Plan for the SFPD
Sparked by the national protests over the death of George Floyd, San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton wants to ban the police department from hiring any officer who engaged in misconduct in a previous job. | Get Full Chronicle coverage:
18 min
Fighting for Gun Safety During COVID-19
Shannon Watts, a new resident of the East Bay, founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America after the Sandy Hook school shooting. She's worried about the panic buying of guns during the coronavirus pandemic, but confident of big election wins in November.
20 min
The Protests Are Different This Time
Chronicle East Bay columnist Otis Taylor Jr. joins Audrey Cooper to talk about how the Bay Area is handling the unrest that's followed the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, and why the demonstrations feel different.
24 min
San Francisco's "$1.7 Billion Dollar Challenge"
Controller Ben Rosenfield describes what it's like to go from balancing the books of an economic powerhouse — the City and County of San Francisco — to facing down a $1.7 billion budget gap almost overnight.
20 min
San Francisco's Grand Reopening
Mayor London Breed laid out when residents can browse in stores, eat in restaurants and work out at gyms. Reporter Dominic Fracassa delves into the details and describes the new, stricter face-covering requirements.
16 min
BART on the Ropes
Riders have peeled away and sales tax projections are abysmal because of the coronavirus crisis. Some officials want to close stations. BART has a budget to survive for one year. What happens after that is a big question mark.
19 min
Why Are COVID-19 Cases on the Rise?
Diagnoses of coronavirus are increasing in some Bay Area counties. Notably, Alameda County is now the hardest hit in the region. What’s happening here? Health writer Erin Allday explains the latest theories.
18 min
Inside a Homeless Hotel in San Francisco
Supervisor Matt Haney has been working at a hotel for homeless people to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic. He tells Heather Knight it's convinced him more people on the streets need to be moved into vacant rooms.
33 min
COVID-19 Devastates the Tenderloin
Ten weeks into shelter-in-place, the San Francisco neighborhood remains crowded with tents, and people can't maintain social distance. Sam Dennison of the anti-poverty nonprofit Faithful Fools lays out what City Hall should be doing to help.
28 min
Where and How to Go Outdoors
Slowly but surely, governments are reopening parks, preserves, beaches and lakes. Outdoors writer Tom Stienstra is tracking it all, and he talks about the dos and don’ts of venturing outside this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.
22 min
The Mystery of the Missing PPE
A shortage of masks, gowns and other medical-grade equipment has been a major issue in the coronavirus pandemic. It's still happening, and reporter Dominic Fracassa says that hospitals and county officials don't want to talk about it.
21 min
How to Smile With a Mask On
You're never fully dressed without a smile, but with face masks mandatory, no one can tell you're smiling. Reporter Annie Vainshtein talks about the importance of smiles in American culture and what might replace them.
19 min
Songs of the Coronavirus Shutdown
Professional musicians around the Bay Area are entertaining and consoling their neighbors with public performances during shelter-in-place. Heather Knight talks to Page Street cellist Saul Richmond-Rakerd about why music is so comforting.
12 min