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Police Issues May Decide BART Election
The financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has BART on the ropes. But reporter Rachel Swan explains that the election for key board seats may be decided by another issue that has long haunted the agency: Police reform.
18 min
Eviction Crisis: David Chiu’s Proposal
Assemblyman David Chiu of San Francisco has a plan to stem the wave of evictions expected to hit California in September, but just over two weeks to get it through the Legislature. He's also concerned about the severely backed-up unemployment office.
22 min
Vaccine Trials Launch in the Bay Area
Developers of two of the most promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates are seeking volunteers in San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Clara County. Health reporter Erin Allday talks about how close we are to a real vaccine.
17 min
All Masks Are Not the Same
Covering your face is good, but new research suggests that how you do it is important. Many help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but some are not as effective as others. Reporter Aidin Vaziri has the details.
12 min
Why Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's Pick
The former San Francisco DA and California attorney general is in position to make history. Political reporters Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli break down how her past will factor into the campaign ahead.
19 min
Why California's Coronavirus Chief Quit
Health reporter Erin Allday breaks talks about a changing of the guard in Sacramento, where Dr. Sonia Angell has suddenly resigned as the state's top public health officer.
14 min
Is More Screen-Time Affecting Our Brains?
We’re working, going to school, exercising, socializing and reading on screens. Chronicle reporter Sam Whiting interviewed a Stanford professor who runs a screen use lab about the phenomena and what it’s doing to our brains and social lives.
11 min
Get Ready For Socially Distant Fire Evacuations
California is entering its worst months for wildfires, and the danger is only exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. What do Bay Area residents need to know? Reporter J.D. Morris has the answers.
21 min
Tech Exodus From San Francisco
Now that their companies are allowing them to work remotely for the duration, tech workers are fleeing high-priced San Francisco. What does that mean for the city's future as an internationally important tech center?
28 min
What's Wrong With Herd Immunity
Why can't we defeat coronavirus by allowing to infect the majority of the population? Reporter Erin Allday breaks down the science, and how it would perpetuate racial disparities.
18 min
Do Face Shields Work?
Just as we got used to wearing masks, a new COVID-19 accessory has cropped up: face shields. Reporter Aidin Vaziri talks about whether they work, and about how a data glitch might be causing an undercounting of cases around California.
11 min
Eviction Catastrophe Is Looming
One in seven Californians can't make their rent, and a freeze on state courts processing evictions is about to end. Reporter Alexei Koseff describes two different proposals to keep people in their homes.
16 min
How Restaurants Are Dealing With Unsavory Times
The coronavirus pandemic is battering restaurants like few other industries. Some are moving outdoors and switching menus, others are laying off staff or closing altogether. Justin Phillips goes inside the industry and its uncertain future.
17 min
The Attorney Who Gives Police Fits
John Burris' clients have included Rodney King and the family of Oscar Grant. He talks about George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police movements, and police brutality cases in Oakland and Vallejo.
37 min
Calls to Defund the Police Are Shaping Oakland ...
Five Oakland City Council seats are up for grabs in November, and the election could reshape the city’s political leadership. Reporter Rachel Swan talks about the most closely watched races.
14 min
How Deadly Is COVID-19?
The coronavirus has killed more than 150,000 Americans. But scientists haven't come to a consensus on how likely it is that anyone infected will die. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday talks about the complex numbers.
18 min
Theo at 7: A Year in a Homeless Kid's Life
Chronicle photographer Gabrielle Lurie and reporter Sarah Ravani talk about the year they spent following Theo, who's been homeless his whole life, and his mom, Naomi, as they navigate the streets, parks and temporary housing sites of Berkeley.
24 min
Inside San Quentin's Death Row Outbreak
Jarvis Masters, a condemned inmate and COVID-19 sufferer speaking from San Quentin death row, talks about what he calls the "incompetence" that led the prison to become California's worst coronavirus hot spot.
22 min
How Will the Arts Survive COVID-19?
The coronavirus pandemic accelerated an ongoing loss of arts infrastructure in the Bay Area — studios, galleries, performance spaces, working artists who can afford the cost of living. But the disruption could also be creating opportunity.
18 min
S.F. Wedding Leads to Outbreak
A wedding was quietly held at a Catholic church in San Francisco, even after church leaders were warned not to break coronavirus rules. Now the bride, the groom and some guests have tested positive.
17 min
California's Child Care Crisis
Amid the state's sputtering reopening efforts, child care providers across are confronting a crushing choice: Stay closed and risk financial ruin, or reopen at a reduced capacity and expose children and staff to the coronavirus.
18 min
Pandemic Pods: Solution or Problem?
Faced with the prospect of having to again stick their kids in front of screens for distance learning, some parents of means are cobbling together an alternative. Education reporter Jill Tucker talks about the implications for everyone.
17 min
Will Coronavirus Baseball Work?
The Giants and A’s are starting their seasons under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beat writers Henry Schulman and Susan Slusser talk about what to expect. Plus: Giants manager Gabe Kapler kneels for the national anthem.
25 min
Death of a Nurse in Oakland
Colleagues and co-workers of Janine Paiste-Ponder, who died of COVID-19, say that while the public hails them as heroes, they feel more like sacrificial lambs as they cry out for hospital execs to do more to protect them.
13 min
Federal Agents in Portland: Is Oakland Next?
As images of Homeland Security agents in camouflage attacking peaceful protesters in Portland go viral, President Trump has threatened to send federal forces to the Bay Area. Political reporter Joe Garofoli on the reaction.
16 min