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In "Digging Deeper" we discuss all aspects of the construction industry with a variety of influential construction business owners. Topics include: equipment operation, safety, business management, technology and labor issues across the construction industry, but we also dive deep into niche markets like concrete, rental and asphalt. See more at forconstructionpros.com

Sunbelt Rentals Expert Shares the Truths Behind...
Common safety myths and misconceptions related to both fall protection and equipment used to work at heights
36 min
DE Storage's Chris Teetor Describes How the Com...
Soil Connect helped DE Storage locate a specific soil required for an expansion project
14 min
Caterpillar's Scott Thomas Discusses Advancemen...
Advanced technology and automated features differentiate the latest generation of articulated trucks from their predecessors.
26 min
Chaney Enterprises Uses Zello Push-to-Talk Serv...
Building materials supplier upgrades from closed-loop communication system to Zello platform
14 min
Hy-Brid Lift Revamps Product Line Adding 19-ft....
Hy-Brid Lift CEO Terry Dolan talks about the decision behind the revamp of the company's product line and the launch of its 19-ft. scissors lift in 2020.
21 min
How Earthwave Technologies Telematics Technolog...
The Earthwave system focuses on measuring operators not just equipment usage
22 min
Built Technologies' Lien Waiver Software Shortc...
How Built For Contractors integrates with your software to automate the lien paper trail, speeding up payments and slashes administrative burdens.
23 min
The Benefits of Drone Surveying in Earthmoving ...
Propeller Aerobotics CEO discusses the benefits of drone surveying in earthmoving
19 min
Gearflow Explains Why Your Construction Busines...
Gearflow offers tips on online marketing for your business
30 min
TruckIt CEO Shares Benefits of E-ticketing
Pace Davis discusses the advantages of e-ticketing in place of paper-based systems
21 min
ABC’s Greg Sizemore Shares Opportunities to Gro...
Greg Sizemore digs into the opportunities the construction industry has to rebuild its workforce during and because of the pandemic environment.
12 min
Raken Explores How COVID is Turning Prefab, Vid...
Building through the coronavirus pandemic is demanding unconventional approaches
35 min
Mauldin Group Offers Construction Marketing Str...
Bonnie Mauldin, managing director of The Mauldin Group shares insights on how to market your construction business to help secure work in the current environment.
26 min
Howard Hawk Shares Pandemic’s Influence on Onli...
The pandemic is accelerating the trend toward increased online buying and selling of heavy equipment.
33 min
Volvo Construction's James Bretz Discuss How Te...
The role of telematics continues to evolve as the technology progresses and the dealer will play a more important role in the future.
23 min
Safety Expert John Meola Shares Heat Stress Man...
When summer temperatures rise, many construction workers are at risk of heat stress
44 min
John Deere Explains How Different Levels of Gra...
Highlights of the different levels of grade control technology available and their potential to improve jobsite productivity.
21 min
Roadbotics' Ben Schmidt Discusses How to Better...
New road monitoring system helps cities and municipalities save time and money on pavement maintenance programs.
15 min
Stellar Industries' Service Truck Telematics Sy...
Stellar Telematics includes Fleet View to help fleet managers optimize their fleet and E-Link Mobile to help operators be more productive and see service reminders.
4 min
How Coronavirus Threatens Construction Loans
Built Technology’s construction lending software tracked the progress of projects since many were placed on hold with the COVID shutdowns.
30 min
ThinkWhy’s Jay Denton Provides Mid-2020 Constru...
Jay Denton assesses the trends in construction employment leading up to the pandemic and how things have changed
13 min
Pennsylvania Contractor Poole Anderson Construc...
How Poole Anderson Construction positioned itself to move ahead both during and after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.
24 min
Hy-Brid Lift's Terry Dolan Shares His Perspecti...
Terry Dolan of Hy-Brid Lifts looks back at what occurred in 2019 and what the industries will be focusing on in 2020 and beyond.
14 min
Alliance Tire's Ryan Lopes Explains the Importa...
From sidewall construction to the complex world of compounds, you’ll get an inside look at how tires give telehandlers and MEWPs a boost.
28 min
NYC Contractor AA Jedson Co. Sees Working Aroun...
New York metro general contractor’s president talks about how AA Jedson Co. is back to work on all of its sites
33 min
Sarah Loaiza Explains How Samsara Can Increase ...
Samsara Fleet Management System can be used to increase the efficiency and safety of your truck fleet
12 min
Bobcat Redesigns R Series Loaders for Versatility
Listen in to hear Bobcat talk about the features on its new 60-frame size vertical lift loaders including the T66, T64, S64 and S66 models.
15 min
How Equipment Financing Can Help Contractors Co...
Things to consider as you manage liquidity, cash flow and equipment needs in the face of pandemic business conditions.
12 min
Challenge Your Thinking about Data Security to ...
Construction software becomes a competitive advantage when it delivers actionable project insights
22 min
ABC's Greg Sizemore Talks About the Need to Add...
Suicide risks in construction, paired with the coronavirus pandemic, is a crisis needing serious mitigation
23 min
Gilbane Building Company Talks About How Corona...
Joe Piro of Gilbane Building Company shares the changes he anticipates as a result of the pandemic
27 min
ABC Discusses Coronavirus Impact on Constructio...
ABC's Mike Bellaman shares outlook for construction industry going forward
17 min
How Much First Quarter GDP Dampens 2020 Constru...
Richard Branch explains how Q1 GDP numbers influence the outlook for the economy and construction spending in 2020
29 min
How Cloud Software Slashes Contractor’s Risk as...
How smart devices and collaborative project-management software can document the oral contracts made on site
22 min
Dennis Capizzi Discusses Advances in Head Prote...
Head Protection Moves Beyond Hard Hats to Maximize Safety
14 min
Milwaukee Tool's Brian Alves Talks About the Ne...
The MX Fuel Equipment System is the first ever system of battery-powered light equipment
21 min
How 5G Cellular will Enable IoT to Turbocharge ...
Electronics manufacturer Morey expects that enlarging the cellular data pipeline with 5G going will positively impact construction
24 min
CG/LA Infrastructure Discusses Strategic Infras...
Infrastructure stimulus critical for the U.S. to emerge from coronavirus crisis
26 min
Genie's Matt Fearon Reflects on Aerial Lift Ind...
Major trends and challenges in 2019 for the aerial lift equipment market and opportunities in 2020
17 min
Jay Tangney with Suffolk Shares How Military Ve...
Suffolk solves labor shortage by celebrating military veterans
22 min
How Social Media Affects Your Brand's Health wi...
12 min
UVify's Robert Cheek Talks Drone Technology in ...
The Possibilities of Drone Technology on the Construction Jobsite
15 min
Skyjack's David Swan Discusses Load Sensing Tec...
The latest load sensing technology being incorporated into boom and scissor lifts
7 min
Perkins Talks About Hybrid Technology in Engines
Listen in to hear how Perkins newest hybrid technology works and how it benefits contractors and OEMs.
11 min
Skyjack's David Swan Highlights Benefits of Ele...
Unique technologies Skyjack is offering for its lift equipment product lines
13 min
Hyundai Digs Into What Construction Equipment T...
Why construction equipment technology data can be used to make Hyundai machines better for customers
14 min
Tim Davison Discusses the Role of Mechanic's Tr...
The Evolution of the Mechanic's Truck
18 min
Adam Woods Highlights Technology Advancements f...
LBX grade control, wide angle visual enhancement system and more
24 min
Philippi-Hagenbuch Talks About the Products It ...
Listen in to the company's press conference from CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020
13 min
Tenna's Austin Conti Explains How Tenna Asset T...
Tenna tracks small tools up to large construction equipment including preventative maintenance scheduling and information capture from the field.
11 min
Coretex's Dean Marris Talks IoT Opportunities f...
Telematics and IoT to help ready mix companies run their businesses more effectively.
27 min
RDO Equipment's Dennis Howard Talks About the U...
The 2019 year was very good, starting out strong and finishing strong.
11 min
Caterpillar’s Think Big Program for Service Tec...
Griffin Reome tells us how it works and offers his unique perspective as a graduate of the program
6 min
Chevron Expects New Engine Oil to Extend DPF Li...
Chevron is reducing the sulfated ash put into an engine oil by nearly 60% which in turn extends the life of the DPF.
6 min
Al Quinn Talks About How the Hitachi Loader Bra...
Hitachi Loaders is looking for different ways to come to market, use technology wisely and compete in a marketplace with some large players.
6 min
Snorkel's Don Ahern Talks About Company's Appro...
Snorkel makes concerted effort to take a different approach compared to competitors
18 min
John Deere Experts Talk Machine Automation
Hear how John Deere plans to incorporate automation into its machines
9 min
Michael Newport of Bobcat Gives Firsthand Exper...
Michael Newport of Bobcat tells his dramatic firsthand experience of the programs peer hotline saving his life.
6 min
Serious Labs' Jim Colvin Talks About Using Tech...
Serious Labs uses familiar technologies for training the younger generations
10 min
AED Foundation and Caterpillar Investing in Red...
Caterpillar and the AED Foundation announce a $300,000 scholarship
10 min
Kobelco's Dave Donneral Talks About What Sets I...
Kobelco is expanding its construction excavator offering
8 min
John Deere Enhancing Connectivity for Construct...
Brian Rauch and Jon Gilbeck discuss how telematics technology and connectivity is changing
8 min
Kubota Gets into the Stand-on Track Loader Market
Kubota introduces SCL 1000 track loader
28 min
Sany America's Doug Friesen Discusses Plans for...
What does Sany America have planned for the future?
11 min
Liebherr's Peter Mayr Discusses's New State of ...
Liebherr is investing in its US market and customers and expanding services
6 min
Caterpillar's Griffin Reome Talks Solving the S...
What can be done to attract the next generation of service technicians in construction?
7 min
Caterpillar's Fred Rio Talks About the Roadmap ...
What could autonomous technology mean for construction businesses and equipment operators
17 min
Electrification of Compact Construction Equipme...
Electrification of Compact Construction Equipment Continues to Gain Momentum
14 min
Trimble's Aviad Almagor Talks Robotics in Const...
Robotics in construction can improve productivity and safety
15 min
‘I Built This’ Program Puts Tools That Launch C...
Program working to combat workforce shortages by building industry diversity
25 min
Trends in Technology Adoption in Construction w...
11 min
JLG's Frank Nerenhausen Talks Trends in Equipme...
2019 was a good year for the rental industry, but 2020 may experience a modest decline.
17 min
PPE Best Practices with Safety Expert John Meola
John Meola, safety manager, Timmons Group, discusses PPE best practices that can help to enhance safety on your construction sites.
34 min
Ginger Butz Discusses Rise in Construction Equi...
Construction contractors are saving money by renting instead of buying equipment
8 min
Skyjack Forecasts Trends and Technology Impacti...
Malcolm Early and Ken McDougall of Skyjack look at trends and expectations in the rental industry
22 min
John Gibbons Talks About Cummins Plans for the ...
After celebrating 100 years Cummins is looking at the future of its power products
15 min
Thomas Rugg Discusses Allmand's Leveraging of B...
Learn more about some of Allmands new products including some battery-powered concept products
6 min
Brian Astl Overviews How Lind Equipment's All-i...
Lind Equipment's All-in-One Beacon LED tower provides the functionality of three separate lighting assets in a single package
5 min
Chad Hislop Discusses How Genie is Adapting Lif...
Learn more about the overall direction Genie is taking with its lift equipment products
8 min
Scott Cannon Explains How BigRentz Makes Market...
BigRentz helps rental companies succeed with online advertising
4 min
Caroldean Ross of RETS Associates' Tips on Hiri...
How construction companies are competing - and succeeding - for top talent
15 min
Kevin Thieneman Discusses Chinese Influence on ...
LiuGong vice president discusses the influence of Chinese companies on the North American market and customers.
11 min
Mani Iyer Shares LiuGong's Plans for Growth in ...
LiuGong president on how the company is approaching the North American market, product expansion, market growth and more
11 min
Craig Wilkens of Doosan Explains How Intelligen...
Wet stacking with generators is a problem that Doosan's ILMS option can help solve
9 min
Kevin Vonesh Explains How Trimble Addresses Tec...
Trimble has broadened its ready mix fleet product line
6 min
Stephen Avery of Briggs & Stratton Details the ...
Briggs & Stratton has released its 5 kW lithium battery with plans for a 2.5 kW and 10 kW options in the future
6 min
Jeff Brown Explains How Caterpillar is Integrat...
Insight into Caterpillar's technology integration including new Smart Technology and Smart Attachments
16 min
Hilti Looking to Future by Investing in Trends
Martina McIsaac talks about where Hilti is and where the company is heading in the future
8 min
Case Redesigns B Series Skid Steers and CTLs to...
The new Case B Series were designed to be simple and intuitive to operate and control
5 min
Topcon Laser Scanner with Rithm Software Monito...
The GLS-2000 with Rithm software provides a heat map of high and low spots on fresh concrete pours
3 min
Bendix 2.0 Enhances Safety on Mack Granite Trucks
Tim Wrinkle of Mack Trucks Highlights Key Features of Bendix 2.0 for Granite Trucks
2 min
Traliant CLO Andrew Rawson on Sexual Harassment...
Adequate and comprehensive sexual harassment training can help protect construction companies
19 min
Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in Con...
14 min
Telematics Adoption Trends in Rental Operations...
How to Ensure Your Rental Company Gets the Most Out of Telematics Data
13 min
Current and Future Benefits of Telematics Data ...
Telematics Data Analysis Makes Jobsites Safer and Reduces Operating Costs
20 min
Katrin Lepik Discusses Communication Technology...
How Emerging Technology Enables Better Communication in the Construction Industry
17 min
BigRentz Talks Equipment Rental Trends from 201...
Equipment rental activity could indicate rental trends, equipment availability and costs as we move into 2020
8 min
Verizon Connect’s Integrated Video Technology A...
Kevin Aries discusses transportation management, combating unsafe driving habits and Verizon Connect’s new Integrated Video service
17 min
Talbert Expands Operations to Provide Better Tr...
Talbert recently expanded facilities in its Rensselaer, IN, and Liberty, NC, locations
10 min
Doosan Upgrades Air Compressors as Industry Mov...
Doosan is augmenting its product line to add more value for the customer
6 min