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In "Digging Deeper" we discuss all aspects of the construction industry with a variety of influential construction business owners. Topics include: equipment operation, safety, business management, technology and labor issues across the construction industry, but we also dive deep into niche markets like concrete, rental and asphalt. See more at forconstructionpros.com

What To Expect from the Latest Vanguard Power S...
Briggs and Stratton is coming to World of Concrete with a portfolio of power solutions including new ready-to-work electrification options.
15 min
The Challenges of Repairing Sanibel Causeway Af...
Less than 30 days after the worst hurricane to make landfall in Lee County, Florida, the Sanibel Causeway bridge reopens to traffic. Ryan Hamrick, of Superior Construction, talks about the unique challenges of such a difficult job.
10 min
Investigating I-375 and The Legacy of Urban Ren...
11 min
Will Backhoes Go Way of the Dodo?
38 min
Trimble’s Bryan Williams Talks Construction Fie...
Reducing construction delays is no easy feat. Trimble’s Bryan Williams and Jonathan Kozlowski discuss what and how innovative field technologies can help project efficiency with 3D modelling, augmented reality, and others.
33 min
How Case Brought the Minotaur DL550 to Market
39 min
Material Shortages, Prices & Management Solutions
Everything from fuel to construction material shortages spun once COVID hit and supply chains shut down. This episode of the Digging Deeper podcast features Jonathan Kozlowski’s interview with Maria Rioumine, CEO and founder of Kojo, to get a look at what’s happening currently and how modern technology can help.
34 min
How to Match Attachments to Compact Equipment w...
47 min
Why the Connected Job Site Has Momentum Now and...
We continue our discussion with Caterpillar’s Lonnie Fritz helps us define the connected job site, why it is taking hold in the industry now and how packaged technologies from Caterpillar deliver the important benefits.
23 min
Connecting Modular Construction to Housing Shor...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode discusses how modular construction can address housing shortages featuring Chris Anderson, CEO of Vantem.
20 min
Why the Connected Job Site Has Momentum Now and...
The first of a two-part series with Caterpillar’s Lonnie Fritz, who helps us define the connected job site, why it is taking hold in the industry now and how packaged technologies from Caterpillar deliver the important benefits.
19 min
Inside Credit Card Surcharge Fees & Compliance
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features Kurt Benjamin of CardX West discussing credit card surcharge fees, the complicated world of compliance, and how contractors can find savings despite the complexities.
38 min
Thermal Intelligence Offers Jobsite Fuel Effici...
This Digging Deeper podcast episode features an interview with Mark Malekoff of Thermal Intelligence talking about sustainability on the construction jobsite.
20 min
Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Will Need More Effici...
Featuring Keith Armishaw from Aquajet, this Digging Deeper Podcast episode takes a look into hydrodemolition, it’s role in our country’s infrastructure rebuilding, and what we can look forward to in the technology.
27 min
The Vanguard 400 EFI/ETC Engine by Briggs & Str...
The new Vanguard single-cylinder engine boasts lower maintenance costs and less downtime.
23 min
Big Money Investments in Green Concrete: Part 2...
This Digging Deeper podcast episode continues our interview with Rick Bohan of the Portland Cement Association discussing a few ideas in sustainable cement and green concrete. Part 2 of 2.
21 min
Big Money Investments in Green Concrete: Part 1...
This Digging Deeper podcast episode features Rick Bohan of the Portland Cement Association discussing a few ideas in sustainable cement and green concrete. Part 1 of 2.
21 min
Deeplite Helps Make AI More Accessible, Keeping...
11 min
Building Smarter Roadways with Concrete Slabs &...
16 min
What You Need to Know About Cat Machine Control...
40 min
What Will Happen to Doosan Equipment After Hyun...
40 min
Let’s Look At 3D Concrete Printing
The potential benefits behind 3D concrete printing with Zach Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist 3D.
14 min
Future-Proof Your Paving Operations with New Eq...
17 min
Mergers & Acquisitions In The Construction Indu...
What happens behind the scenes in the merger and acquisition process and the first things a contractor should do if considering selling the business.
45 min
Concrete: A Sponge for Carbon Dioxide
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode welcomes back Rick Bohan of the Portland Cement Association to explain the concept and science of concrete acting as a carbon sink.
48 min
McCarthy Building Shares Steps to Help Construc...
15 min
Solving For Zero: Slag Cement & Climate Change
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode speaks with Conor O’Riain, managing director for Ecocem Materials – a company out of Ireland featured in the “Solving for Zero”. Conor discusses the advantages of using Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag (GGBS or GGBFS).
45 min
Ground Positioning Radar Promises to Aid Both S...
13 min
How the Vanguard 400 EFI/ETC is Revolutionizing...
This innovative engine features a chokeless start with an auto-style ignition and does not have a battery attached for startup. Learn more from Briggs & Stratton on this episode of Digging Deeper.
19 min
Tiltrotators Enable Compact Excavators to Do Mo...
12 min
Society Needs Concrete; Concrete Needs Society ...
This Digging Deeper podcast episode reconnects with Rick Bohan of the Portland Cement Association to discuss Concrete and Construction links in PCA’s Carbon Neutrality value chain.
43 min
Project Management Best Practices to Avoid the ...
27 min
Learn How the Correct Diesel Fuel and Oil Handl...
16 min
LiuGong Poised to Deliver Solutions to Meet Bo...
19 min
Caterpillar Expert Examines Equipment’s Ability...
15 min
Toro Focuses on Three Technology Pillars to Add...
9 min
Inside A Real-Time Construction Material Price ...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode goes behind the scenes within the 1build construction material data platform on pricing information for construction project bids and estimates.
37 min
Associated Builders and Contractors Provide 20...
13 min
The Biggest Claims & Disputes in Construction P...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode talks about the CRUX 2021 Report by the consultants at HKA. Real-world intelligence from over 1,400 projects shines a light to reasons behind the claims and disputes in construction projects.
33 min
Telematics & E-ticketing – How Technology Is Sh...
How more efficient can construction be with predictable numbers? Earthwave Technologies and FleetWatcher discusses telematics and e-ticketing technology in the construction industry and the vital role the construction contractor has in shaping technology.
30 min
Cat Next Gen Mini-excavator Technology Aids Pro...
9 min
Technology Can Help Conquer Construction Challe...
25 min
Doosan Sets Sights on Being Top 5 Construction ...
9 min
What to Consider to Cover Your Costs & Maintain...
16 min
KATO-CES Explores Industry Challenges, Opportun...
12 min
Part 2 – OSHA’s COVID Emergency Standard: Prior...
Employer responsibility to protect workers from COVID-19 is not going away, so Aclaimant Chief Risk Architect Gary Pearce describes what’s new in OSHA’s emergency temporary standard and work that wise contractors can put in place to match the urgency of the emergency
13 min
Part 1 – OSHA’s COVID Emergency Standard: Could...
Aclaimant Chief Risk Architect Gary Pearce talks about the status of legal challenges to the temporary standard requiring employers to protect workers from COVID-19 infection, and the risks to companies that decide to wait and see
22 min
New Grease Specification Boosts Quality Control...
22 min
Consigli Project Exec Proves Women Have Growth ...
14 min
How Schlouch Inc. Uses Caterpillar Asphalt Pave...
15 min
eBay Investment will Enable bidadoo to Offer On...
26 min
Society Needs Concrete; Concrete Needs Society ...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode talks the Portland Cement Association’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality.
30 min
Society Needs Concrete; Concrete Needs Society ...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode talks the Portland Cement Association’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality.
34 min
How Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Can Reduc...
Masonry contractor Matt DiBara has been accepting cryptocurrency payment in his business and finds a role for the technology-based value transfer that can reduce individual payment amounts tied to easily verifiable milestones that could make 30/60/90 day terms ancient history
17 min
Rock Structures Boosts Productivity & Cuts Cost...
6 min
Defensive Driving Best Practices Can Combat One...
18 min
Ignite Construction Summit to Help Construction...
Industry expert Garry Bartecki will providse tips to help make sure the economic future of your business is secure.
11 min
Subcontractor Liens and Contracts and Protectin...
Karalynn Cromeens, an attorney specializing in the construction industry, talks about how subcontractors can improve their business practices to protect their business and profits.
17 min
How Employers Must Respond to the Biden Vaccine...
OSHA is drafting an Emergency Temporary Standard that will require COVID vaccines or weekly testing. Before all the details are known, this safety and health professional says the work starts now, with developing a strategy to comply, or not
38 min
Caterpillar Safety at Home Campaign Strives to ...
16 min
How Technology Helped During COVID-19 and Can C...
12 min
Learn How to Overcome Construction Industry Cha...
Ignite Construction Summit speaker Alex Willis will help attendees identify blind spots in their business and push forward through the mounting challenges the construction industry faces.
11 min
Kato-CES Sees Expansion Into Large Excavators a...
11 min
How to Reduce Cybersecurity Threats in Construc...
Ghousuddin Syed, senior director at ISN, talks about the growing risk of cybersecurity threats in construction and what companies can do to reduce their vulnerability.
7 min
Weigh the Pros and Cons of Biodegradable Fluids
What to know when choosing biodegradable fluids for mobile machinery applications.
16 min
Construction Industry Experts Discuss How to So...
What is the construction industry doing to solve a workforce shortage?
47 min
How to Create a Self-Sustaining Construction Bu...
Ignite Construction Summit speaker Jim Canfield to give attendees the tools they need to think, lead and manage their construction business post COVID-19.
6 min
Goodfellow Bros. Talks Technology’s Role in its...
Part 2 of our conversation with Shepherd Nelson of Goodfellow Bros.
16 min
Optimize Workplace Safety and Efficiency with C...
Triax Technologies CEO explains the development and applications of the Spot-r Radius solution.
15 min
Goodfellow Bros. Shares What It’s Like to Manag...
First hand contractor experience on turning telematics data into actionable insights.
24 min
How to Embrace a Mindset of Steady Growth at Yo...
Gold medal Olympian Adam Kreek to speak on creating sustainable performance at your construction company.
9 min
Kubota Discusses Its SCL 1000 Stand-on Track Lo...
New stand-on track loader features wide tracks, a narrow body and 1,000-lb. rated operating capacity.
27 min
Which Technologies Spurred by Pandemic are Boos...
How some are finding technology that delivers the greatest, fastest permanent gains in construction-project efficiency.
19 min
Learn Valuable Tips to Improve Company Culture ...
Influential speaker Matt Booth will kickoff the Ignite Construction Summit with his session to help construction business owners create a positive mindset in employees from top to bottom.
10 min
Fortress Development Solutions Uses Busy Busy ...
Busy Busy App helps contractor improve bid accuracy.
15 min
What You Need to Know to Get Top Value From You...
Key trends in the construction industry that are affecting the types of demolition attachments used.
24 min
Tips for Creating a Focused Business Strategy a...
Ignite Construction Summit speaker Dave Crenshaw offers tips to help avoid chaos in your construction business.
8 min
How Wirtgen America Stayed Close to Customers i...
9 min
Rebar Contractor Proves Women Have a Place as I...
Jacqueline Pruitt shares insights on how other women can forge their own career in construction.
20 min
Barton Malow Uses Tool Tracking Technology to M...
Contractor shares first hand experience with tool tracking technology.
21 min
McCarthy Partnership for Women Promotes Opportu...
Callie Nottingham with McCarthy Building Companies’ Southern California Region shares her journey into the construction industry.
13 min
Asphalt Companies Strive to Improve Work Zone S...
Asphalt Materials Inc. has created a culture of safety at their company to achieve their goal of getting every worker get home to their families each night.
12 min
Women Talk Career Potential Within the Construc...
Three female team members from Sunbelt Rentals discuss their roles and career paths.
32 min
Suffolk Construction’s Lea Stendahl Highlights ...
Suffolk’s “Rebuild the Ratio” aims to grow its female workforce and STEM education for young girls.
19 min
National BIM Program Could Build Project Produc...
National Institute of Building Sciences' efforts to expand Building Information Management standard.
24 min
Construction Industry Experts Talk About the Co...
How to make technology integration your strategic advantage.
17 min
Propane Vehicles Promise Smaller Carbon Footpri...
Steve Whaley, director of Autogas business development at PERC, discusses advantages of propane adoption.
34 min
Infrastructure Investment Would be “Game Change...
Richard Branch, chief economist at Dodge Data & Analytics, shares the current construction outlook.
15 min
Engine Diagnostic Systems Save Valuable Time an...
Advantages of investing in diesel engine diagnostic systems.
32 min
Telemedical Service Delivers Managed Healthcare...
How smartphone-based screening technology will keep workers safer during the pandemic and after
33 min
What Does it Take to Create an Award Winning We...
Marvin Joles of Wis-Coat
16 min
Pandemic Impacts Driver Training
Jerry Klabacka, Associated Training Services and Diesel Truck Driver Training School
16 min
How Equipment Can Fill Construction’s Labor Sho...
The challenges of attracting workers
35 min
Procore Breaks into Preconstruction with Estico...
Cloud construction-management
16 min
Fraud Prevention in Construction is More Critic...
Stephen King, president and CEO of GrowthForce
26 min
Skanska’s Johana Godoy Talks Career Opportuniti...
A rewarding career path
14 min
How Contractors Can Mitigate Safety Risks and M...
David Wald, CEO and co-founder of Aclaimant
23 min
Controlling the Frequency of Your Concrete Vibr...
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode talks about concrete vibration, what it does, why it’s important – and why you want to control the frequency.
31 min
Kato-CES Builds on its Excavator and Compact Tr...
Kato - Compact Excavator Sales shares recent excavator product line expansions, the return of the CL35 compact track loader and additions and opportunities ahead.
17 min
Data-driven Strategies to Manage Cash Flow and ...
What opportunities can data-driven decision making provide contractors?
25 min