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In "Digging Deeper" we discuss all aspects of the construction industry with a variety of influential construction business owners. Topics include: equipment operation, safety, business management, technology and labor issues across the construction industry, but we also dive deep into niche markets like concrete, rental and asphalt. See more at forconstructionpros.com

What Is a Lubrication Site Assessment & Do You ...
Rob King, B2B Solution Capability Analyst at Shell Lubricants, discusses lubrication site assessments and solutions to help you maximize savings for your construction business.
15 min
What & Why Behind BIM Technologies
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features Mike Hernandez, the technical director for the American Society of Concrete Contractors, speaking about BIM and VDC technologies, how they’ve changed, and a few items those new to the solution might want to know about.
27 min
How to Make Sure Your Equipment Investment Pays...
High-quality lubrication can improve costs, maintenance intervals and productivity. Listen to this episode as Dennis Howard shares lubrication best practices.
13 min
Eliminate Rework with Proper Grade Management
John Deere has made it their goal to reduce wasted time on jobsites. Their solutions for grade management allow contractors to get the job done right the first time.
12 min
Custom CRM For Construction
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features Paul Jackson, founder and CEO of Method – discussing why personalized software can help construction businesses.
27 min
ESG Reporting
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features Environmental, Social, and Governance (a.k.a. ESG) reporting with Tommy Linstroth, CEO and Founder of Green Badger.
27 min
The Digitalization of Inefficiencies with Bluebeam
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features an interview with Steve Smith, director of partnerships at Bluebeam. We discuss various ways technology can aid with construction inefficiencies.
32 min
Funding Gray Collar Payroll
This Digging Deeper podcast episode features HKA Enterprises explaining what an employer of record bringing a funded payroll can do for construction and contractor businesses.
26 min
Advancing Jobsite Safety with Machine Technology
Mark Colvin of John Deere discusses how technology can provide contractors with “show me, tell me and assist me” solutions and gives a look at how machine learning will continue to improve safety now and in the future.
7 min
The Key To 100 Years In Business: People
This episode of Digging Deeper profiles Luck Companies, a family-owned crushed aggregate and environmental performance producer, celebrating 100 years in business.
52 min
The Edge: AI In Concrete Construction
DEWALT and Converge talk about artificial intelligence in construction using innovations like concrete sensor and data can help productivity on the jobsite and help address overdesign.
37 min
Safety Professionals & The ICC
In celebration of Building Safety Month 2023, this Digging Deeper episode features an interview with Dominic Sims, CEO of the International Code Council.
29 min
The 2023 Caterpillar Global Operator Challenge
Find out all the information about the event and who the world champion is for this year.
15 min
Material Handling Equipment Trends for 2023 and...
10 min
A New Disaster-Proof Construction System
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode features co-founder Anntte Rubin of Vero Building Systems, a manufacturer of an innovative construction system aimed at using concrete and prefabricated panels to build “disaster-proof” buildings.
30 min
Risk Management & Having an 831(b) Plan
This Digging Deeper Podcast episode discusses the 831(b) tax code and how construction businesses can benefit from setting aside excess cash flow to ensure the uncommon, unforeseen, uninsurable types of risk within a business.
25 min
Tony Fassino, Caterpillar
Tony Fassino, Group President, Construction Industries of Caterpillar talks equipment, labor and more.
6 min
Trends in Specialty Tires
Jimmy McDonnell of MAXAM Tire North America talks to us about specialty tires, trends, how modern tires manufacturing has changed, and more.
16 min
Komatsu Talks Sustainability at CONEXPO
From new excavators to remanufacturing services, Komatsu tries to stay several steps ahead on sustainability initiatives.
10 min
Talking Fiber In Concrete With Vance Pool of Eu...
Featuring Vance Pool of Euclid Chemical, this Digging Deeper Podcast episode focuses on fiber reinforcement in concrete – this history and where it sits in today’s construction universe.
32 min
Ron Stupi’s Outlook on Building & Infrastructur...
What new opportunities are available for contractors and construction professionals in the building and infrastructure industry going forward?
14 min
How Contractors Adapted to Challenges
Ron Stupi offers a look at the challenges the building and infrastructure industry had to deal with this past year – and how construction professionals adapted to overcome. Part 2 of 3.
20 min
Construction Building & Infrastructure Trends f...
What are the headwinds that impacted construction in 2022? What challenges did contractors have to overcome? How did they adapt? What are the new opportunities going forward?
32 min
What To Expect from the Latest Vanguard Power S...
Briggs and Stratton is coming to World of Concrete with a portfolio of power solutions including new ready-to-work electrification options.
15 min
The Big Mistake Contractors are Making When It ...
31 min