The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman

Rock ‘n’roll and the occult have gone hand-in-hand ever since it was rumored that Robert Johnson sold his soul to The Devil. Hollywood iconand rock’n’roll witch Pleasant Gehman takes you to the dark depths where music and heathen hedonism meet the occult. No-hold-barred conversations with famous (and infamous) guests include stories that seem too wild to be true...until you realize there’s no way they could be made up. From backstage and touring debauchery to tarot, synchronicityand sex magick to wild paranormal experiences, this show will bring your demons out to play. Hop into the hot rod baby, we’re on a High way To Hell. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music Interviews
Performing Arts
The Devil's Music 12: Karie Bible
Karie and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss the stars buried at Hollywood Forever and Closeup, the black cat who follows along on Karie’s tours.
64 min
The Devil's Music 11: Madame Pamita
Madame Pamita and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish on everything from the Los Angeles music scene in the 1980’s to taking LSD in graveyards to Eastern European Slavic magick...from concerts by The Damned going very wrong.
70 min
The Devil's Music 10: John Doe
John Doe is a living rock’n’roll legend. Along with co-founding X, the driving force of the early LA punk scene, he’s had an incredible solo career as a musician and actor.
77 min
The Devil's Music 09: Dana Gould
Dana and hostess Pleasant Gehman passionately explore a variety of topics, including-but not limited to-ventriloquism, clowns and puppets; old school punk rock and Charles Manson,
65 min
The Devil's Music 08: Selene Luna
Selene and hostess Pleasant Gehman swap debauched tales of their globe-trotting showgirl life
71 min
The Devil's Music 07: Rob Zabrecky
Rob Zabrecky is a world famous magician; he’s also an actor, author, musician and songwriter. Hostess Pleasant Gehman and former Possum Dixon front man Rob discuss thirty years of shared experiences, including the rowdy experimental late 80’s-early 90’s underground “Silverlake Scene” in Los Angeles.
65 min
The Devil's Music 06: Theresa Reed
Theresa Reed is a tarot expert, astrologer and author of three books. Theresa and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about 80’s-90’s, rock’n’roll and clubbing, divination, Bowie, and the pandemic.
66 min
The Devil's Music 05: Steve Balderson
Award winning filmmaker, screenwriter and author Steve Balderson has directed everyone from Academy Award nominee Karen Black and John Waters superstar Mink Stole to rock stars Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and Mike Patton.
74 min
The Devil's Music 04: Kristen Sollée
Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive.
65 min
The Devil's Music 03: Dave Catching
Guitarist extraordinaire Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal, The Mojave Lords, Queens Of The Stone Age etc.) and hostess Pleasant Gehman share psychotic stories from their thirty-plus years of friendship.
67 min
The Devil's Music 02: Margaret Cho
Multi-talented pop culture icon Margaret Cho and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish the dirt on everything from The Cramps and Lydia Lunch, weird cults, going on tour together and performing in haunted theaters, and…fantasies involving having sex in a time machine.
76 min
The Devil's Music 01: Belinda Carlisle
Lifelong besties Belinda Carlisle and hostess Pleasant Gehman have a no-holds-barred conversation about the 1970’s LA punk scene, the early days of The Go-Go’s and their life as roommates in Hollywood’s most notorious rock’n’roll crash pad Disgraceland.
69 min