The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman

Rock ‘n’roll and the occult have gone hand-in-hand ever since it was rumored that Robert Johnson sold his soul to The Devil. Hollywood iconand rock’n’roll witch Pleasant Gehman takes you to the dark depths where music and heathen hedonism meet the occult. No-hold-barred conversations with famous (and infamous) guests include stories that seem too wild to be true...until you realize there’s no way they could be made up. From backstage and touring debauchery to tarot, synchronicityand sex magick to wild paranormal experiences, this show will bring your demons out to play. Hop into the hot rod baby, we’re on a High way To Hell. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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The Devil's Music 62: Cynthia B-Girl
In this episode, Cynthia and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss New York’s Lower East Side punk scene, women in punk, the B-Girls’ career, and Cynthia tells wild stores about Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones and much more.
64 min
The Devil's Music 61: Joe Pompeo
In this episode, Joe and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss the murder of Jane King, an aspiring actress who fell prey to The Hillside Stranglers. Because Jane was dating Rick Wilder of The Berlin Brats and Mau Maus, she frequented The Masque, Hollywood’s infamous underground punk club.
77 min
The Devil's Music 60: Coyote Shivers
In this episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman and Coyote talk about the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes of the set of Empire Records, stories of opening for Kiss, touring in the UK, and of course, the Ramones Ducks.
48 min
The Devil's Music 59: Melissa St. Hilaire
In this Episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman caught up with Melissa just in time for Samhain- or as non-witches call it, Halloween. In this episode they talk about their shared interests: all things weird and witchy, from astral projection to ghost hunts, from spellcasting and speaking with the dead. They also get into rock’n’roll in a big way. Melissa is absolutely wild about U2 and has even wilder stories about meeting and interacting with Bono and the band over the years.
83 min
The Devil's Music 58: Elisa Jordan
In this episode, Elisa and hostess Pleasant Gehman dive into everything from The Doors to 70’s and 80’s punk, the unique relationship between Jayne Mansfield and Church of Satan founder Anton La Vey, and of course, Marilyn Monroe.
70 min
The Devil's Music 57: Sterling Moon
In this episode, Sterling and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss everything from her new book, Ouija boards to pet communication, wild things that happened in mediumship sessions, and what it’s like to chat with a spirit who has a crazy sense of humor. Sterling also conducts an actual mini séance on the air.
79 min
The Devil’s Music 56: Wes Beech
In this episode, Wes and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss New York’s Lower East Side scene in the late 1970’s in depth. His anecdotes include stories that are like a Who’s Who of NYC punk, including everyone from Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine to The Dictators and Dead Boys. Also: synchronicity, David Lee Roth and “The Wendy Perverts” and insane Plasmatic tour stories.
62 min
The Devil's Music 55: Pythian Priestess
Multi-faceted Ashley M. Ryan, known on social media as Pythian Priestess, is an award-winning screenwriter, a tarot reader and a practicing witch. She’s the founder of the Pythian Mystery School as well as creator of the popular podcast “The Occult Unveiled”.
59 min
The Devil's Music 54: Joseph Brooks
In this episode, Joseph and hostess Pleasant Gehman compare notes from the Hollywood underground during the 80’s and 90’s and into the early two thousands. They reminisce about Dee Dee Ramone’s last performance ever at Club Makeup, talk about Hollywood’s early 80’s punk and goth scenes and much more.
64 min
The Devil's Music 53: Jeff Smith
In this episode hostess Pleasant Gehman and Jeff talk about wild shenanigans in the 1980’s Texas punk scene; rowdy Everclear soaked parties, and drag racing-which is not what the listener might think. Jeff also tells anecdotes about opening for The Butthole Surfers, a police raid at Tex And The Horseheads’ Hollywood band house, and that time the band thoroughly embarrassed Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth...not to mention the trend of men faking orgasms.
65 min
The Devil's Music 52: Chuck Hawley
Author Chuck Hawley is known the world over for advocating kindness, compassion, hope and love.
63 min
The Devil's Music 51: El Vez
In this episode, Robert and lifelong pal hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about the gloomy storytelling show he created, “The Unhappy Hour” featuring his dark humor and dirge-like renditions of 70’s pop hits. They get into their shared experiences during Elvis Week the early 1990s as well as in the 70’s LA punk scene, specifically the infamous night at The Orpheum Theater, where The Germs made their first appearance ever and the Zeros made their first Los Angeles appearance and wound up getting signed on the spot by Bomp! much more.
56 min
The Devil's Music 50: Penelope Houston
In this episode, Penelope and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about the band’s recent European tour, the band’s early years, and the late 70’s California punk scene in both San Francisco and LA. Penelope also talks about her close connection with The Screamers; working with director Renee Daalder, what that infamous Sex Pistols show was really like, and much more.
57 min
The Devil's Music 49: Staci Layne Wilson
In this episode, Staci and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about everything from the horror films Staci’s  directed, an odd Manson Family connection, the 1980’s Sunset Strip hair metal scene and much more.
56 min
The Devil's Music 48: Theresa Reed AKA The Taro...
In this episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman and Theresa talk about everything from her new book to the best ways to deal with Mercury Retrograde, what your moon sign says about you, and the fascinating science of Astrocartography. They get into 1970’s and 80’s punk and seeing Bowie, Patti Smith, The Sex Pistols and The Plasmatics back in the day. Plus more stories involving psychedelic drugs, True Detective Magazine and Jason Momoa...but as separate entities, not one story.
76 min
The Devil's Music 47: Mink Stole
In this episode, Mink and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish about everything from the pre- “Pink Flamingos” days to her bohemian lifestyle in Baltimore, New York and Provincetown. They compare notes on their time served as cellmates in director Steve Balderson’s women in prison film “Stuck!” as well as her role as an art agent his latest work, “Alchemy Of The Spirit”, currently making the rounds of film festivals. Mink also spills the beans on her latest foray as a budding pianist, working with Peaches Christ, and a sweet but shocking paranormal experience.
73 min
The Devil's Music 46: Charlie Paulson
Multi-talented Charlie Paulson is a musician and actor. He’s the guitarist for the bands Goldfinger and Black President, and has appeared in a number of films and television shows. He’s also a writer, an avid animal activist and, in his own words, “a son of Los Angeles”. In this episode, Charlie and hostess Pleasant Gehman talk about his constant touring, psychedelics, and his appearances in a number of films as well as working with horror director Tobe Hooper. They also get into Charlie’s escapades as an underage kid in  the LA rock’n’roll and punk scene in the early to mid 1980s. 
74 min
The Devil's Music 45: Patrick O’Neil
In this episode, Patrick and hostess Pleasant Gehman compare notes on the early 1980’s California punk scene and swap insane cross-country touring stories. Patrick’s experienced everything getting kicked off the Lollapalooza tour and stranded at truck stops in Wyoming or lots at Dead Kennedys concerts to drug deals gone wrong and more. You’ll also hear a few tales from his bank robbing days before he was busted by the feds, got sober in prison and turned his life around.
51 min
The Devil's Music 44: Jackie Beat
In this episode, Jackie and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish about everything from stage makeup tips to pronoun usage, the 1980’s punk rock and drag crossover world, the Tranimal phenomenon, John Waters, Divine and RuPaul. Like almost every touring performer, Jackie’s had paranormal experiences in theaters, and they discuss that.
86 min
The Devil's Music 43: Abby Travis
In this episode, they discuss some of the many days and nights of debauchery they shared from the Hollywood punk scene in early 1980’s and onwards. Among other topics: anecdotes about Redd Kross, Russ Meyers and drag queen dive bars, insane stories from spending Elvis Week 1999 in Memphis with El Vez, The Mexican Elvis; drug-soaked nights on tour with The Butthole Surfers, and Abby’s performances with Spinal Tap... yes indeed, you read that correctly
67 min
The Devil's Music 42: Bruce Moreland
Punk rock legend and rock’n’roll icon, Bruce Moreland had a huge hand in shaping early punk in Los Angeles as well as influencing international alternative music. A pioneer of punk and death rock -later known as goth- he was an integral part of Wall Of Voodoo, The Weirdos, The Skulls, Nervous Gender and Concrete Blonde during the 1970’s to 1990’s before forming his own band Ravens Moreland.
67 min
The Devil's Music 41: Adele Bertei
In this episode, they exchange anecdotes about Manhattan’s pre-gentrified Lower East Side, including CBGB, Max’s Kansas City, Studio 54, Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, Sid Vicious and Heroin They discuss everything from drag queen culture tothe new music she’s recording, Berthold Brecht, and of course, witchcraft.
65 min
The Devil's Music 40: Jeff Drake
In this episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman and Jeff talk about wild parties and gigs in 1980’s Hollywood, being stranded in Amish Country while on tour and the lesbian drug lord couple who contributed to his downfall.
65 min
The Devil's Music 39: Liz Worth
” In this episode, Liz and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss their similar life trajectories, ‘70’s and ‘80’s punk, psychic phenomena, the oddest readings they’ve both done and Liz’s forthcoming vampire novel “His Name Is Matter”. Bonus: why “Disgusteen” by Teenage Head is one of the best rock’n’roll anthems you may never have heard.
68 min
The Devil's Music 38: Ace Von Johnson
In this episode, Ace and hostess Pleasant Gehman talk about everything from old school ‘70’s punk to 80’s hair metal, plus the debauched shenanigans that went down when he toured with Faster Pussycat. They riff on low budget horror films, Ed Wood, Vampira, the unsettling ghost sightings Ace has had, and among other things, why The Damned’s Dave Vanian is the sexiest man on earth.
81 min