Deeper Digs

Deeper Digs is the companion show to the Rock N Roll Archaeology Podcast. We conduct interviews, go on field trips, and comment on special topics with rockers, writers, academics, artists, photographers, producers, engineers, and more. It all ties in with our very big central theme: Rock N Roll History and how it created a feedback loop with the culture and grew into a global phenomenon. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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Randy Bachman
Rock n Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with supremely talented Canadian musician Randy Bachman to discuss his new album ‘By George By Bachman.’ Bachman was a member of not one, but two legendary rock bands, the eponomys Bachman-Turner Overdri
61 min
Art of Rock with Kosh
Who is Kosh? What is Kosh? Why is Kosh? He is a world famous art director whose adventures in the annals of rock n roll are rather legendary, having designed close to 2000 album covers beginning with the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover. He’s been working on the
61 min
Rock Photographer Mick Rock
Mick Rock (yes, that is his real name) is a British photographer best known for his iconic shots of rock and roll legends such as Queen, David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Geordie, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones,Joan Jett, Talking
107 min
Rock PR with Tony Michaelides
Rock N Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with U.K. PR master, Tony Michaelides to talk insider business, as well as working with some of the gods. During our lengthy conversation we bring in some big guns he had the opportunity to work with; Da
95 min
Unofficial Rush Historian
Rock N Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with unofficial (seriously? Unofficial?) Rush historian, Ray Wawrzyniak where they discuss the band, music in general and what it’s like being an ultimate super-fan.
59 min
Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell ...
Rock N Roll Archaeologist, Christian Swain is privileged to chat with author and rock biographer David Yaffe. David is a professor of humanities at Syracuse University.  He is the author of Fascinating Rhythm: Reading Jazz in American Writing  and Bob Dy
77 min
Rock Drummers: Hal Blaine
Christian has to use all his tools available as The Rock N Roll Archaeologist when he heads to Palm Springs, CA to sit down with legendary drummer Hal Blaine.  At age 88, Blaine performed on 40 No. 1 singles and has played on more than 35,000 recorded tra
77 min
Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience
Rock N Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with Michelle Kath Sinclair and discusses the documentary feature film she has put together paying homage to her father, founding member and legendary Chicago guitarist Terry Kath. After discovering a b
44 min
Rock Drummers: Omar Hakim
Join Christian as he sits down with Professor Hakim and they dig into all things percussion, including his love of Zildjian cymbals. Widely acclaimed for his versatility, technological prowess and groove, Omar Hakim is one of the most successful drummers
83 min
The Company You Keep: The Epic Story of Zildjia...
The Zildjian story spans two continents and four centuries, but at its essence, it is an American story. So the show begins with the story of Zildjian’s move to America, in the closing years of the 1920s. This old-but-new American company has only been op
73 min
Smithsonian Rock and Roll with Bill Bentley
Bill Bentley is the former A&R Director at Concord Music Group and Vice President of Warner Bros. Records. He has been a drummer, record store clerk, DJ, concert promoter, music producer, and record label publicist. Through it all he has been a writer; in
64 min
The Sound of Rock with Bob Heil
Bob Heil is a legendary sound and radio engineer most well known for creating the template for modern rock sound systems. He founded the company Heil Sound in 1966,which went on to create unique touring sound systems for bands such as The Grateful Dead an
80 min
Richard Lloyd of Television
In this episode of DDiR, Christian has the privilege of chatting with someone who basically helped create the world of punk, post-punk, alternative rock before Year Zero in New York City.  None other than Richard Lloyd, co-founder of the band Television a
67 min
Red Roses, Green Gold
Rock N Roll is fueling a new wave of musicals both on and off Broadway and one that caught our eye was the recent opening of 'Red Roses, Green Gold'. The musical is a comedic tale of a family looking to con its way to fortune in Maryland in the Twenties,
31 min
The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major
Christian is in NYC to sit down and chat with renowned record collector and frontman of Endless Boogie, Paul Major. Paul is the focus of 'FEEL THE MUSIC: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major' a new book chronicling his decades spent unearthing the rarest
59 min
Keith Moon - The Real Me
'Keith Moon: The Real Me' explodes on the stage with the turmoil and excitement of the wildest drummer in rock and roll. A living legend during his lifetime, Keith Moon still stands as the pinnacle of rock-star extremism—both in life and music. The play e
50 min
The Rock N Roll Pirate Captain - Sam Cutler
With permission to come aboard, Christian has embarked on a voyage with a man who was involved in running two of the biggest bands on the planet - Sam Cutler. Sam was tour manager for the Rolling Stones at some of their major gigs in the late sixties, inc
84 min
Dick Boak & Martin Guitar Masterpieces
Christian gets in-depth with Dick Boak. Dick nearly lost his eyesight at the age of six and ever since, has concerned himself with visual details. He focused on drawing, woodworking, writing and music. In his teens, he self-published two booklets of poetr
52 min
The Vinyl Dialogues with Mike Morsch
It was the 1970s; Big hair, bell-bottomed pants, Elvis sideburns and puka shell necklaces. The drugs, the freedom, the Me Generation, the lime green leisure suits.  And then there was the music and how it defined a generation. The birth of Philly soul, t
69 min
1967 Sunshine Tomorrow by The Beach Boys
Christian speaks with producers Mark Linett and Alan Boyd about their new, first-ever stereo mix of The Beach Boys’ 1967 Wild Honey album and the debut of 54 sought-after 1967 rarities, 50 years after they were put to tape. The Beach Boys have personally
51 min
Tony Levin of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel
Join us for our discussion with Tony Levin. Famed for his work with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, bass virtuoso Tony Levin was born in Boston on June 6, 1946. At age ten, he began studying upright bass, also playing tuba in his high-school marching band
44 min
Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story Of The Grat...
A young rock n roll fan inspired by the liquid lights shows at concerts goes on to become an incredible Director and Producer, creating award-winning documentaries including 'The Fighter', 'The Tillman Story' and 'My Kid Could Paint That'. Christian sits
35 min
Country Soul: Making Music and Making Race in t...
Christian gets a chance to pick the big brain of Professor Charles L. Hughes, author of ‘Country Soul: Making Music and Making Race in the American South’. They discuss the social-cultural dynamics of making music in Memphis, Nashville and Muscle Shoal i
44 min
Laurence Juber & Martin Dreadnought Guitar
Christian dives into Martin Acoustic Guitars with GRAMMY-Award winning guitarist Laurence Juber, who shares his personal experience playing a Dreadnought guitar. Laurence Juber is a solo performer, recording artist, composer and arranger. His playing fuse
61 min
Wavy Gravy
Stories from Saint Misbehavin' Himself Actor, poet, prankster, jester, clown, hippie, activist, teacher, saint, and ice cream flavor?
44 min
Conversations with Jeff Slate Pt. 2
It was our privilege to speak (at some length!) with Jeff Slate: Friend of the Project, Rock N Roller from Way Back, and Music and Culture Writer for Esquire Magazine.
48 min
Conversations with Jeff Slate Pt. 1
It was our privilege to speak (at some length!) with Jeff Slate: Friend of the Project, Rock N Roller from Way Back, and Music and Culture Writer for Esquire Magazine.
48 min
Pegi Young
We had the privilege to speak with singer, songwriter, musician, activist and new grandmother - Pegi Young on her new album 'Raw' and more.
66 min
Million Dollar Quartet: The Original Supergroup
On Tuesday December 4, 1956, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash came together in a jam session at the Sun Record Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
32 min
John Lennon vs. the USA
Christian is joined by noted New York immigration attorney Leon Wildes, who tells the incredible story of this landmark case - John Lennon vs. The U.S.A. that set up a battle of wills between John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and President Richard Nixon. Although W
46 min
Solving the Mystery of the 27 Club
In this series from The Rock n Roll Archaeology Project, host Christian Swain goes behind the scenes, on the road and further explores subjects surrounding the culture, technology and music that make Rock n Roll the magic that it is! In this episode, Chr
55 min
Jimy Bleu Playing as Jimi Hendrix for 50 Years
Jimy Bleu has been performing in a Jimi Hendrix tribute band for almost 50 years. He was educated at the Berkelee college of Music in Boston in the 1960’s, a former Columbia recording artist and has shared the stage with many world class touring artists,
54 min
Gary Wright
In this special episode of Deeper Digs in Rock, Christian had the privilege of chatting with the one and only Gary Wright of the classic rock hits “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive.” Gary sits down and we get behind-the-scenes latest album released on Jul
40 min
Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry by The Hillbenders
This show features Christian & Peter chatting with Nolan Lawrence of The Hillbenders - Mandolin player and vocalist. This is a special interview at Slim's San Francisco for a live performance of their 'Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry' album.
36 min
Philosophy in a Pill
This show features Christian chatting with Jay Stevens - a journalist, social historian, and novelist. Jay has written numerous magazine and newspaper pieces and co-wrote "Drumming at the Edge of Magic" and "Planet Drum" with the Grateful Dead's Mickey Ha
49 min
Going Electric
Today we explore that most iconic of rock instruments, the electric guitar. To find the proper company and setting, we travel down to Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California to meet up with Gypsy Jack -- and gain access to the shop’s collection of impress
30 min