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Deeper Digs is the companion show to the Rock N Roll Archaeology Podcast. We conduct interviews, go on field trips, and comment on special topics with rockers, writers, academics, artists, photographers, producers, engineers, and more. It all ties in with our very big central theme: Rock N Roll History and how it created a feedback loop with the culture and grew into a global phenomenon. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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American Prankster: The Trailer
American Prankster is a deep dive with the iconic Wavy Gravy, unfolding his fascinating,historic and hilarious lifestory as an original Beatnik, comedy pioneer, hippie icon and pioneering activist who uses humor as a weapon.
3 min
The Real Me: Trailer
“The Real Me,” a new production from Pantheon Podcasts premiering Tuesday, Oct. 5, follows the emotionally powerful stories of young songwriters and performers with cancer who found hope, healing and connection through music.
3 min
Realm of Caring: Rock The RoC
This week, Christian is joined by Heather Jackson, the chairperson of Realm of Caring. Pantheon Media is a proud sponsor for their upcoming “Rock the Roc” event on April 7th, 2021, to honor the short life of Charlotte Figi, who was the inspiration for ROC and the CBD strain “Charlotte’s Web”
85 min
Waddy Wachtel
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist’s fourth venture into the Immediate Family band! Today we feature the all around rock n roll Zelig character, the incomparable Waddy Wachtel.
126 min
David Bowie: Icon - The Definitive Photographic...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs deep into the new art book, David Bowie Icon. Christian welcomes project editor, Carrie Kania to the show, where they talk about not only the book’s contents, but also how a book like this gets made.
98 min
Kiss the Sky: Jimi Hendrix Special Pt. 4
Our final Jimi Hendrix special has Christian join three rock n rollers to discuss what the man means to them. First up is Bassist and perhaps oldest collaborator Billy cox, followed by percussionist Juma Sultan and finally with Hendrix re-creator Jimy Bleu, guitarist for Kiss the Sky.
115 min
Kiss the Sky: Jimi Hendrix Special Pt. 3
Episode three in our November salute to Jimi Hendrix. This time the Rock N Roll Archaeologist speaks to two very different legends with very different Hendrix ties. First up is the immensely talented blues guitarist John Hammond and then we dig deep on all sorts of topics that weave in and out of the Jimi orbit with Living Colour’s superb guitarist Vernon Reid.
124 min
Kiss the Sky: Jimi Hendrix Special Pt. 2
Part 2 of Deeper Digs’ celebration of Jimi Hendrix! Christian this time sits down with two greats that worked with Jimi, drummer Carmine Appice and percussionist Gerardo Velez.
103 min
Kiss the Sky: Jimi Hendrix Special Pt. I
November is Jimi Hendrix month here on Deeper Digs! For the next few episodes we will be featuring several interviews with people who played with Hendrix, were inspired by Hendrix or have written extensively about Hendrix.
69 min
Jon Anderson of Yes
A real Immortal of the rock n roll pantheon joins Christian for a career breakdown, as well as a focus on new material including a rare political song. Jon Anderson the voice of Yes is the guest on this episode of Deeper Digs!
82 min
Neal Preston: Storied Rock Photographer
Christian gets to add another photographer to the list when he spends time with the great Neal Preston, one of the best to ever point the lens rock n roll’s way!
115 min
Lee Abrams - Radio & Media Visionary
This episode the Rock N Roll Archaeologist (of the podcast world) sits down for a deep dig into radio executive and consultant Lee Abrams!
104 min
Danny Kortchmar
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs deep with one of the most sought after guitarist/songwriter/producer in the business, Mr. Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar!
114 min
Rock Journalists: Bryan Reesman and Jeff Slate
The Rock n Roll Archaeologist does some actual digging with the help of two veteran journalists, Bryan Reesman and Jeff Slate, as they discuss two recent re-releases from the rock n roll golden age, 1965’s POP GEAR and 1973’s That’ll Be the Day.
158 min
And in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles wi...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist goes back to the Beatles well with author Ken McNab, who’s new book examines the last days of the Fab Four. It’s called ‘And in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles’. Ken and Christian go through the details and the aftermath of demise of perhaps the single greatest cultural phenomenon of the 20th Century.
122 min
Jesse Colin Young
Christian sits down with Pantheon Podcast’s newest host, the incredibly talented Jesse Colin Young! He does have a new show to share with the world, called Tripping On My Roots and that is exactly what he does
145 min
Russ Kunkel
Christian and Russ Kunkel sit down to go over a long illustrious career as first call session drummer, road dog and being the heartbeat of the Immediate Family Band!
103 min
Shep Gordon
Christian gets the immense pleasure of a long interview with one of the greatest managers in all of rock n roll history, Shep Gordon, the Supermensch himself!. The very man who has helped guide Alice Cooper's career for over fifty years.
145 min
Josh Kennedy of The Black Moods
Rock N Roll Archaeologist finds a new band to love! Join Christian as he interviews Josh Kennedy, lead guitarist of The Black Moods. Straight ahead rock n roll that reminds the Archaeologist of the fictional band from Almost Famous, 'Stillwater'!
80 min
Weird Al: Seriously with Lily Hirsch
This week the Rock N Roll Archaeologist goes Weird!! Well Christian sits down with Lily Hirsch, author of the new book Weird Al: Seriously. From his love of accordions and Hawaiian print shirts to his popular puns and trademark dance moves, "Weird Al" Yankovic has made a career out of making us laugh.
110 min
Leland Sklar
Christian sits down with Immediate Family member, bassist Leland Sklar!
125 min
Once Were Brothers
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist is back in the movies this week for a sit down with director Daniel Roher, where we dig deep into his film "Once Were Brothers”
105 min
The Incoherents
It’s back to the movies for the Rock N Roll Archaeologist! But for the first time the film in question is a fictional narrative dramedy called...
98 min
Tal Wilkenfeld
This episode we get the immense pleasure talking with Tal Wilkenfeld! Known first as an extraordinary bassist playing on just about everyone’s record for the last decade or so, and now her very own solo artist with a record called, ‘Love Remains’, out now!
91 min
Doug “Cosmo” Clifford of Creedence Clearwater R...
Christian gets to spend time behind the kit with Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer, Doug “Cosmo” Clifford. They go through his life in music, first with the giants CCR, which between 1966-1973 were one of the most massively successful rock acts to ever hit the charts.
127 min
Mick Jones of Foreigner
The Rock n Roll Archaeologist gets to talk extensively with Mick Jones of Foreigner. This is Mick’s first interview since the Covid-19 pandemic took all acts off the road. We talk a little about that, but mostly it is a deep dig into his life as a working musician climbing the ranks until hitting it big with one of the best selling classic rock acts ever.
112 min
Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk with...
This week we have Corbett Redford director for the film, Turn it Around : The Story of East Bay Punk
97 min
Murder in the Front Row: The San Francisco Bay ...
In the early 1980’s, a small group of dedicated Bay Area headbangers shunned the hard rock of MTV and Hollywood hairspray bands in favor of a more dangerous brand of metal that became known as thrash
118 min
Casey Van Beek and the Tulsa Groove - Heaven Fo...
Christian has the immense pleasure of getting to know two of Tulsa’s finest musicians, Casey Van Beek and Walt Richmond, who are two parts of the Casey Van Beek and the Tulsa Groove band and they have a new album called, Heaven Forever.
79 min
Sex Pistols: The End is Near with Kevin Cummins
Christian sits down with Ex-NME photographer Kevin Cummins to discuss his new book, SEX PISTOLS: The End is Near 25.12.77.
93 min
There Was A Time: James Brown, The Chitlin’ Cir...
Christian get’s on the good foot with Alan Leeds tour manager for James Brown for many years (along with Prince, D’Angelo and Chris Rock), who has just released his memoirs working for Mr. Brown called, There Was A Time: James Brown, The Chitlin’ Circuit and Me from Post Hill Press. A
149 min
Bob Dylan's 'Murder Most Foul'
In this special episode of Deeper Digs in Rock, Christian rounds up several other Pantheon hosts to discuss the new surprise release of Bob Dylan’s new 17 minute epic song, ‘Murder Most Foul’.
104 min
Contacting The Band with Elliot Landy
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist goes long and deep with famous Woodstock photographer, Elliott Landy on his time with The Band, a little on shooting Bob Dylan for the ‘Nashville Skyline’ cover and Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’ cover.
181 min
1973: Rock at the Crossroads with Andrew Grant ...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologists welcomes back the man named after three presidents, Andrew, Grant Jackson, where he digs deep into his latest book, 1973: Rock at the Crossroads. 1973 was the year rock hit its peak while splintering
128 min
Christian has the immense pleasure of getting to know Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg of the hot new band BONES UK.
57 min
Raising Hell: Backstage Tales from the Lives of...
Christian goes dark into the metal world again, this time with author Jon Wiederhorn, who has a new book called, Raising Hell: Backstage Tales from the Lives of Metal Legends.
110 min
Marcus King
Deeper Digs iN Rock celebrates show 100 with hot new singer/guitarist Marcus King! A 23-year-old guitar phenom and innovative songwriter, Marcus King can simultaneously switch from swaggering rock to supersonic soul – with his vocal powers taking center stage on debut solo record El Dorado, out now.
48 min
Let’s Rock N Roll Archaeology some EDM Diggers! Christian sits down with Goldroom, aka Josh Legg. They go deep into his SoCal chill EDM beats and how a kid from Boston created the new laid back sounds of L.A.
128 min
Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music with Ryan...
A timely bonus episode of Deeper Digs in Rock! Christian sits down with Ryan Sheeler, lecturer in the music department at Iowa State University where he teaches the History of American Rock ‘n’ Roll. He has a new book out from Hal Leonard Press called ‘Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music’.
81 min
The HU
Christian sits down with a hot new band out of the Mongolian Steppes, The HU!
32 min
Ed Sheeran with Sean Smith
Ed Sheeran is the subject of famed U.K. celebrity biographer Sean Smith who we sit down and discuss in detail his latest book, simply called, “Ed Sheeran”.
99 min
Allan Clarke of The Hollies
It’s the Holiday Deeper Dig! Christian gets in deep with Allan Clarke, one of the founders of an original British Invasion band, The Hollies!
107 min
The History of Emo Music
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist gets a much needed lesson in Emo music! Christian has the immense pleasure of interviewing Taylor Markarian, who has just written her first book, ‘From the Basement: The History of Emo Music and How it Changed Society
91 min
Iconic Rock Photographer Bob Gruen
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs back into the visual arts with iconic rock n roll photographer Bob Gruen! Bob is one of the most famous rock-and-roll photographers of all time. For almost 50 years his images have appeared worldwide in every form—from T-shirts to postage stamps.
106 min
Janis: Her Life and Music
Big time rock n roll author and biographer, Holly George-Warren comes into the studio to break down her new book Janis: Her Life and Music
98 min
Michael Nesmith - More Than a Monkee
Michael Nesmith sits down with the Rock N Roll Archaeologist to discuss much more than the Prefab Four
106 min
Grateful Dead Historian Dennis McNally
This week Christian has the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Grateful Dead historian, Dennis McNally.
115 min
The Band: A History with Ty Lisson
Digging deep into the highly influential Canadian-American roots rock group, The Band with The Band: A History podcast host Ty Lisson.
78 min
Liv Warfield
This week Christian meets up with Prince Protege’ Liv Warfield to discuss her musical life,
61 min
Jake Brennan of Disgraceland - The Podcast and ...
This episode The Rock n Roll Archaeologist goes toe to toe with the Rock N Roll Criminologist! Join Christian as he welcomes guest Jake Brennan of the hit podcast Disgraceland
61 min
The Life of Lou Reed: Notes from the Undergroun...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist discusses all things Lou Reed with biographer Howard Sounes who has written the new book, “The Life of Lou Reed: Notes from the Underground”
88 min
To Feel the Music: A Songwriter's Mission to Sa...
This episode Christian has in studio Phil Baker, CEO of the Neil Young Archives and co-author with Neil of the new book, ‘To Feel the Music: A Songwriter's Mission to Save High-Quality Audio'. A deep dig into why consumers have to live with poor digital audio and how Neil’s crusade to change that is working!
71 min
Toby Scott on Engineering for The Boss
Digging deep with Engineer, mixer and producer, Toby Scott. Mostly notably as Bruce Springsteen’s main man on the mix board for almost 40 years,
100 min
Cruel to Be Kind: The Life and Music of Nick Lo...
This week Christian talks across the pond to Will Birch, author of the new book, ‘Cruel to Be Kind: The Life and Music of Nick Lowe from our friends at DaCapo Press. The book comes out today!
113 min
Can't Give It Away on Seventh Avenue: The Rolli...
Start Me Up! The Rock n Roll Archaeologist sits down with author Christopher McKittrick to discuss his new and very timely book, ‘Can’t Give It Away on Seventh Avenue: The Rolling Stones and New York City.
115 min
Nirvana Manager Danny Goldberg
After Christian opens the show with a public service announcement about his experience with the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting incident, where he and his band were playing when the killer began his rampage on their audience, he puts back on his Rock N Roll Archaeologist's hat and interviews the legendary manager and record executive, Danny Goldberg!
96 min
Women Who Rock with Evelyn McDonnell
This week The Rock N Roll Archaeologist gets a Masters education in gender politics of modern music by LMU Associate Professor Evelyn McDonnell.
85 min
Nothing's Bad Luck: The Lives of Warren Zevon w...
Join Christian and author/musician C.M. Kushins as they discuss his new biography of legendary singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. The bio spans his nomadic youth and early recording career to his substance abuse, final album, and posthumous Grammy Awards
92 min
Listen Up!: Recording Music with Bob Dylan, Nei...
Christian speaks in detail with Super Producer/Engineer Mark Howard about his new book, ‘Listen Up!: Recording Music with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2, R.E.M., The Tragically Hip, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Waits…’
93 min
Hall of Fame Songwriter Chip Taylor
Songwriter Hall of Famer Chip Taylor talks about his new album ‘Whiskey Salesman’, as well as a fifty year career writing many huge and influential hits.
76 min
The Show’s The Thing: The Legendary Promoters O...
We go to the movies when Producer/Director team Molly Bernstein and Phillip Dolin sit down with the Rock N Roll Archaeologist to discuss their new documentary, ‘The Show’s The Thing: The Legendary Promoters Of Rock’.
79 min
Ruffhouse: From the Streets of Philly to the To...
The Rock n Roll Archaeologist enters the world of Hip Hop for the first time with pioneering producer and record executive, Chris Schwartz! As founder and President of Ruffhouse Records, Chris signed and help shepherd big names in late 80’s and 90’s hip hop, like Cypress Hill, Kriss Kross, NAS and the Fugees
110 min
Martin Popoff: The World's Most Famous Heavy Me...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist discusses Heavy Metal and other things with Martin Popoff. Things go so well that we are pleased to introduce his new show to be called “History in Five Songs with Martin Popoff”!
81 min
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - The Wild, Defi...
Rolling Stone senior writer David Browne sits down with The Rock N Roll Archaeologist to discuss his new book Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: The Wild, Definitive Saga of Rock's Greatest Supergroup.
85 min
Tom Marshall - Phish Lyricist
Tom Marshall, lyricist of Phish, joins Christian in his home studio to talk music, podcasting and lot’s of other topics!
102 min
Ace of Cups
This episode Christian has the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies of Ace of Cups current members, Mary Ellen Simpson, Denise Kaufman, Mary Gannon and Diane Vitalich for a rousing discussion of the San Francisco music scene of the 1960’s and today.
110 min
Babysitting a Band on the Rocks with G.D. Praet...
"Babysitting A Band On The Rocks & Other Adventures" tells the story of a hardcore fan going from the back row of the arena to backstage working with some of the biggest classic rock icons of the 70s and 80s.
98 min
Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 with Rya...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with author, Ryan H. Walsh to discuss his book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968. A New York Times best seller.
74 min
Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza by J....
Christian sits down with J. Marshall Craig, author of Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza. The uncensored story of one of rock’s greatest drummers who died doing what he loved best.
88 min
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with our first returning guest, Randy Bachman and documentary film director John Barnard to discuss the just released music bio-doc, “Bachman” from Filmrise .
102 min
Maria Muldaur
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with the impishly sweet Maria Muldaur! With a new album of traditional blues and a recent Grammy nomination, Christian and the Greenwich Village born Ms. Muldaur discuss her upbringing, THAT song, her forty one solo
89 min
Wasn’t That A Time: The Weavers, The Blacklist ...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologists gets into the wayback machine to talk about original folk artists The Weavers with Jesse Jarnow author of Wasn’t That A Time: The Weavers, The Blacklist and the Battle for the Soul of America. The dramatic untold story of t
105 min
SMASH! Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, ...
Time to stage dive when the Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs deep into guest Ian Winwood’s new book SMASH!: Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, and the '90s Punk Explosion. Two decades after the Sex Pistols and the Ramones birthed punk music into
99 min
Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs into the origins of 90’s alt-rock with seminal figure Tyson Meade. Often cited as The Godfather of Alternative Rock, Meade was the vocalist for Norman, OK based 90’s rock band Chainsaw Kittens, and before that with mid 8
77 min
Hushabye: The Mystics, the Music and the Mob
The Rock N Roll Archaeologists talks doowop with Al Contrera where they dissect his book, 'Hushabye: The Mystics, the Music and the Mob'. An original founding member of the Mystics, author Al Contrera tells the true story of how five Brooklyn teenagers we
107 min
Rock Stars at Home
You can tell a lot about people from the way they live, and rock stars are no exception. From Graceland to Neverland, private planes to island hideaways, Rock Stars at Home takes you inside the houses, pools, planes, music rooms, playgrounds, and more of
110 min
Music Technologist to the Stars: David Frangioni
This week the Rock n Roll Archaeologist sits down with music technologist to the stars, David Frangioni. Known to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as Gyro Gear-Loose for his magical abilities in all things audio technology, David has worked with too many rockers
96 min
No Cameras Allowed with Julian David Stone
At the Aftermaster studios in Hollywood, The Rock N Roll Archaeologists sits down with ex-outlaw photographer, Julian David Stone. What’s an “outlaw photographer”? It used to be, anyone with a camera at rock n roll shows needed to be vetted and credenti
66 min
Chris D. of The Flesh Eaters
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs into the Death Rocker/L.A. Punk supergroup, the Flesh Eaters, with lead vocalist and head visionary, Chris D! Coming out of the original late 1970’s L.A. punk scene, centered around the legendary club The Masque, Chris
63 min
The Roof: The Beatles Final Concert with Ken Ma...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist discusses The Beatles’ rooftop concert held fifty years ago this week with audience member and ex-U.S. manager for Apple Corp, Ken Mansfield. Aka: “The Man in the White Coat”. Ken has just released his book, “The Roof: The B
68 min
1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music with...
This week in Deeper Digs in Rock, The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with guest, author Andrew Grant Jackson. In great detail Christian and Andrew discuss his 2015 book, '1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music'. Is it really the most revolutionar
83 min
Bring it on Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, an...
This week the Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with Mark Blake, author of the just released Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond--The Story of Rock's Greatest Manager. Mark Blake is a former Assistant Editor of Q magazine, a long-tim
94 min
The Band of Heathens
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with founding member, Ed Jurdi to discuss the origins of the band and their newest album, a re-imagining of Ray Charles’ 1972 political record “A Message from the People”. Ed tells us given the current political cli
59 min
Rock N Roll Woman: The Fifty Fiercest Female Ro...
Join the Rock n Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain as he and this episode’s special guest Meredith Ochs dissect her latest book, “Rock N Roll Woman: The Fifty Fiercest Female Rockers”. Meredith Ochs is an American radio commentator, DJ, author, journalis
67 min
Just a Shot Away: Peace, Love and Tragedy with ...
In this edition the Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs very deep into the events of the Altamont Music festival held on December 6th, 1969. Our special guest is author Saul Austerlitz whose latest book is “Just a Shot Away: Peace, Love and Tragedy with the Ro
106 min
My Life in Rock n Roll with John Simon
John Simon is a super producer. And one that gets deeply involved in the process with the artists he works with. He is an accomplished musician and songwriter himself, having several albums under his belt. He began his career at the leading record company
74 min
A Very Special Christmas with Shelly Yakus
Ho, ho, ho! The Rock N Roll Archaeologist spends some quality holiday time with legendary producer/engineer Shelly Yakus. Join them as they discuss the making of 1987 star studded philanthropic album for the Special Olympics organization, “A Very Special
43 min
Faith No More with Adrian Harte
Adrian Harte was first a young Faith No More fan growing up in Ireland. Then in 2009 he moved to Switzerland and started the unofficial web presence (FNM does not have much of an official website) of the band online and was so inspired, plus trusted by fa
79 min
Conversation with Bob Lefsetz
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist has a conversation with thought leader and music-industry observer Bob Lefsetz. Lefsetz is the author and publisher of the Lefsetz Letter. The Lefsetz Letter is the original music-industry blog. It was a blog before there eve
82 min
Dave Davies of The Kinks
What can you add about a living legend? Tune in to find out as Dave Davies of The Kinks speaks to the Rock N Roll Archaeologist about his new album, ‘Decade’ out October 12th, 2018, the family affair with some of his children’s musical endeavors and of co
54 min
Growin' Up Rock
A chat with Steven Michael and Sonny “Hollywood” Pooni of ‘Growin’ Up Rock’ Podcast fame! These two rockers joined forces to talk all things hard rock and metal. They are true fans and live for the music. Like all of us at the RNRA, it is in the blood str
80 min
Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper
As teenagers in Phoenix, Dennis Dunaway, bassist and co-songwriter for the Alice Cooper group, and lead singer Vince Furnier (who would later change his name to Alice Cooper) formed a hard-knuckles band that played prisons, cowboy bars, and teens clubs. T
116 min
K.K. Downing of Judas Priest
It’s a deep dig into what makes K.K. one of the greatest guitarists in heavy metal, growing up very poor in the midlands of England after WWII, and finding music as a path to escape where he ends up in one of the biggest bands in the world. He is the firs
90 min
Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of C...
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist, Christian Swain sits down with Steven Hyden, the author of the newly released 'Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock', a thoughtful meditation on the history, current state and potential futures of “Clas
91 min
Wayne Kramer of MC5
Wayne Kramer is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and film and television composer/ Kramer came to prominence as a co-founder of the Detroit rock group MC5 (Motor City Five), a group known for their powerful live performances and radical
85 min
Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane & Hot Tuna
Jorma has just released his memoir, 'Been So Long: My Life and Music'. From the privileged son of an American diplomat where he spent his youth in far away lands, to finding himself in San Francisco as the ‘Summer of Love’ was blooming, where he helps for
91 min
Mindi Abair & the Boneshakers
Mindi Abair is a two time Grammy Award nominated saxophonist, vocalist, author and national trustee for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the organization that puts on the Grammy Awards show. Born in St. Petersburg, Florida and educated
92 min
Fare Thee Well with Joel Selvin
Joel Selvin is a San Francisco Based music critic and author known for his weekly column in the San Francisco Chronicle which ran from 1972-2009. Selvin has written almost twenty books on various aspects of pop music, including the #1 New York Times bests
90 min
Ahmet Zappa
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with Ahmet Zappa & Joe Travers of the Zappa Family Trust to discuss all things FZ! Ahmet is the executor and public head of the organization and Joe is the “Vaultmeister” for the family.
96 min
Robert Hilburn on Paul Simon
Rock N roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with Mr. Hilburn at Aftermaster Studios in Hollywood for a deep dig into his latest book, ‘Paul Simon: The Life’, as well as a few digressions into rock n roll music in general. It’s a roaring good time
74 min