Deacons Pod

Three Catholic deacons, affiliated with the Paulist Fathers, talk about faith and life.

Religion & Spirituality
Comfort Zones, Cancer and the Holy Spirit: Fr. ...
The deacons speak with Paulist Fr. Joe Ciccone, a veteran pastor and campus minister, about listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit when life takes us out of our comfort zones.
69 min
Blessed Stanley Rother: The Shepherd Who Didn't...
The deacons speak with Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, author of "The Shepherd Who Didn't Run: Fr. Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma."
67 min
You Will Be Missed: The Deacons On Why Catholic...
Why do Catholics leave the Church? What is the best way to accompany Catholics thinking about leaving? How should Catholics be present to those who leave because of the sexual abuse crisis? The deacons consider these questions in this installment of Deacons Pod. Deacon Drew, Deacon Tom and Deacon Dennis are joined by Deacon Mark Asselin, another Paulist Deacon Affiliate, for this challenging conversation.
49 min
The Deacons: Our Personal Spiritual Practices
The Deacons talk about what they read and do on a regular basis to deepen their spirituality, and offer practical advice for listeners about how to deepen their own spiritual lives.
51 min
Music: An Act of Hospitality and Love: Kate Wil...
The deacons have a great conversation with Kate Williams, Vice President of Sacred Music at GIA Publications, Inc., and a Music Minister at Old St. Mary's Church in Chicago.
59 min
Dust in the Blood: A Theology of Life with Depr...
The deacons speak with Dr. Jessica Coblentz, author of "Dust in the Blood: A Theology of Life with Depression." She argues for (and contributes to) an expansion of Christian ideas about what depression is, how God relates to it, and how Christians should understand and respond to depression in turn.
59 min
Discernment and Open Doors: Mike Hayes
The deacons speak with Mike Hayes, director of young adult ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland, OH, about discernment, what's working today in young adult ministry, and more.
59 min
Grudges, Mercy and Mysticism: Fr. Frank Desider...
The deacons speak Paulist Fr. Frank Desiderio about letting go of grudges, extending mercy, and how exploring mysticism might help Catholics who are struggling with the Church.
47 min
Mercy Not Sacrifice: Fr. Mark-David Janus, C.S.P.
The deacons speak with Paulist Fr. Mark David Janus, president of Paulist Press, about his new book "Mercy Not Sacrifice: Lenten Daily Reflections." They also ask Fr. Mark-David, who is a psychologist, about the impact of stress caused by COVID.
56 min
Helping Seekers See God – with Diana Macalintal
The deacons speak with Diana Macalintal, co-founder and co-director of TeamRCIA, a resource for parishes and ministers working with adults who are becoming Catholic. She also is an author and speaker on topics related to liturgy, music, prayer, and intercultural ministry.
68 min
Different Roads Up The Mountain - Claire Henning
The deacons speak with Claire Henning, D.Min., co-founder of Parish Catalyst, a non-profit organization that supports innovation in Catholic parishes through peer collaboration and research. She is a parishioner at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Community in Los Angeles.
60 min
Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.’s Spiritual Spo...
The deacons speak with Dawn Eden Goldstein, author of the new book "Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.’s Spiritual Sponsor."
65 min
Prison Ministry 101
Deacon Drew interviews Deacon Tom and Deacon Dennis about their years as prison ministers in Connecticut.
57 min
Eric Vanden Eykel on "The Magi"
In this new episode of "Deacons Pod," the deacons interview Dr. Eric Vanden Eykel, author of "The Magi: Who They Were, How They’ve Been Remembered, and Why They Still Fascinate."
61 min
Kevin Tuerff
In this new episode of Deacons Pod, the deacons interview Kevin Tuerff, the real-life "Kevin T." portrayed in the Broadway musical "Come From Away" about the thousands of airplane passengers stranded in Gander, Newfoundland, on September 11, 2001.
56 min
Our Vocation Stories
Deacon Dennis, Deacon Tom and Deacon Drew share the stories of why they became permanent deacons in the Church.
60 min
Fr. Frank DeSiano, C.S.P.
The Deacons talk with Paulist Fr. Frank DeSiano
56 min
Heidi Schlumpf
The Deacons speak with Heidi Schlumpf, Executive Editor and Vice-President of National Catholic Reporter
46 min
Dr. Tony Annett
In this episode, the deacons talk to Dr. Tony Annett about his recent book, Cathonomics: How Catholic Tradition Can Create a More Just Economy..
59 min
An Adult Faith
The Deacons look back at their first several episodes, exploring themes and common ground among the messages of their guests
59 min
Julie Leininger Pycior
The Deacons welcome Dr. Julie Leininger Pycior, Professor of History Emeritus at Manhattan College
52 min
Fr. James Martin, S.J.
The Deacons welcome America magazine editor Fr. James Martin, S.J. to talk about his work and his recent book on prayer, Learning to Pray
49 min
In the Company of Charity
The Deacons welcome Sr. Liz Sjoberg, D.C. and Sr. Elizabeth Greim, D.C., members of the Daughters of Charity and hosts of "In the Company of Charity" podcast
53 min
Judge Esther Salas
The Deacons welcome Judge Esther Salas
59 min
Fran Rossi Szpylczyn
The Deacons welcome guest Fran Rossi Szpylczyn.
59 min