Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Discover thought-provoking nonsense as comedian T.J. Miller is interviewed by his friend Cash Levy... over and over again. Philosophy, unsolicited advice, answers to questions you didn't have, and stories from the road as touring comedians. They pistol whip the mysteries of the world into submission- saving lives one podcast at a time, and ruining a life every 10 episodes.

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Comedy Interviews
Virtual Haircut
63 min
Wildcard Classic: One Adorable Safety-Conscious...
Starting off with Maskers and ending in a Triple Banger, this Wildcard Classic pod goes where no pod has gone before.
47 min
Live from Earth
Podmasters Cash Levy and T.J. Miller talk road stories, triple bangers, and airport courage.
57 min
Microwaved Ice Cream
Cash and T.J. talk quarantine date nights, possum spotting, and a summer of social distancing.
55 min
Below the Law
Under the weather and Below The Law, Cash calls the Steven Seagal fan club hotline, only to hear the familiar voice of Ol' Pemberton Buttlesticks.
58 min
Grapefruit Elbow
This episode is full of bruises and black eyes, but Cash and T.J. still get as polite as they want to get.
50 min
Lance Levy and J.T. Miller don't care what you call them, in this episode stolen from the call logs of the home school emergency hotline. Did you know that unicorns already exist? The amount of gravy on this episode is just too much baby.
46 min
Beetlebacks Vs Sandblasters
No Shirt. No Shoes No Shpodcast. Sneak into the bullpen with Cash Levy at the must-see matchup between the Beatlebacks VS Sandblasters. The nastiness-level in this episode is off the chain. Buttlesticks 2020? Yes.
38 min
Burpdawg Style
Cash and T.J. start off gross and close out as nasty as they want. All #Naskers all day on 101.1 The Disgusting.
40 min
Peek Behind the Curtain - Dark Period Episode 5
Take a peek behind the curtain with Dark Period Episode 5. Recorded on 4/20, T.J. talks about his two-year hiatus from the Devil's Lettuce, while Cash gets as nasty as he wants. If you enjoy this episode, listen to more Dark Period pods at:
59 min
The falsetto begins early in this episode as Cash and T.J. talk nonsense, followed by a brief moment of sense, and closing with a comb of nonsense and sense. Everybody take a break; nobody, you know what we're talking about. Help keep the lights on; support us at: Warning: This episode goes down easy, and comes out hard.
79 min
Olive Branch Slide Whistle
You might want to give this one a twice-over A classic-format Cashing in, with Tripple Bangers, Practicle Livings, Where Were Yous and what have yous, and Tweedlyzes. Plus, you'll never believe what topic is now allowed during Maskers (Hint: It isn't not masks).
51 min
Worst of Episodes 106-110
Classic moments from Episodes 106-110. Thank you to 12 1/2 member Steve Scott for this compilation.
108 min
Hallway Nudes - The Dark Period Ep 2
For the full Cashing In Dark Period experience, put on some ski goggles, stand in a hallway, and take off your clothes.
44 min
The Dark Period
49 min
Hot and Tasty Hot Podket
36 min
The Octo-Stuffed Oreo Con
Cash reveals the winner of the super-fan challenge. T.J. reveals the longest con to have ever been pulled.
50 min
Eclipse Slumber
38 min
Heartland Daddy
45 min
17th Degree
52 min
Worst of Episodes 100 - 105
Worst of created by 12.5er Steve Scott.
86 min
Double Donkey
Take the bus to Detroit
68 min
Post Schvitz
Post Schvitz
28 min
Holy Schvitz
Get sweaty and eat steak with real men. Cash and T.J. are also there.
39 min
His Prongyness
Stories, jokes, falsetto, and sneak-in tips
75 min