Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Discover thought-provoking nonsense as comedian T.J. Miller is interviewed by his friend Cash Levy... over and over again. Philosophy, unsolicited advice, answers to questions you didn't have, and stories from the road as touring comedians. They pistol whip the mysteries of the world into submission- saving lives one podcast at a time, and ruining a life every 10 episodes.

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Comedy Interviews
Wet Daddy
Cash is given a rare opportunity to interview the Sexiest Podcaster in the World. Listen to find out who it is, or continue reading because I'm about to type his name T.J. Miller! Together, they have a new take on the 12.5, workshop a better slogan for VELCRO™, and invent a new holiday. 3 out of 5 stars.
25 min
Bermuda Suit
T.J. Miller, Comedian and Actor, sits down with Cash Levy, Comedian and Father, to discuss fashion, sleeping disorders, juggling fireworks spectaculars, and we finally find out if the streak still stands after Calgary.
26 min
CPR Climax
Cash bumps into T.J. at a Fracking protest to discuss the location of sex organs, the mystery of water towers, and shooting Elvis in the [nickname for Richard]
40 min
Kankle Doodle Doo
Pack for possibility as Cash and T.J. pillow-talk about soft jazz bike gangs, imaginary hairstyles, and traveling tips. This episode, like Cash, looks scaly and gross on the outside but emits a surprising amount of virility.
28 min
Wispy Little Jimmies
24 min
Worst of Episodes 143, 144, and 140
This "Worst of" consists of the final three-ish episodes from Season 1: Ladle Coins (ep 140), Roughhouse Shiva - Live from Raleigh (ep 143), and Canadian Handshake - Live from Toronto (ep 144).
37 min
Jugo de Brutal
Host Cash Levy sets a trap in the woods, desperate to catch a guest for his podcast. He manages to snag none other than comedian T.J. Miller (Yogi Bear 3D, former Radioshack employee) for a discussion about ex-girlfriends, bad coffee, and real Italian pizza, like the kind made in the leaning tower.
33 min
The Long Tunnel Wish
Recorded on the road to their next show, Cash tells the story of his Hollywood Bowl sneak-in and reveals his secret to the perfect family photo. T.J. reminisces about rocky mountain oysters and doesn't know where New Hampshire is located.
30 min
Freudian Slippers
Are rocks more interesting than soap? Is a $100,000 rock hard ass really worth it? What does Cash learn from leading the conga line at a toilet paper conference? The old you would have wanted to know the answers to these questions.
25 min
Dinghy Derangement
Beyond the surf... past the break... Cash Levy swims to Yonderland, facing his immense fear of boats and south american women. Does the streak stand? --See full description for upcoming tour dates--
23 min
Buttery Systems
This episode is for the horse inside all of us. Step away from Cash's butter trough, and learn T.J. Miller's Superior Popcorn Buttering System.
27 min
Ambitious Webs
T.J. uncorks his orifices and is attacked by spiders. Cash reveals his secret "pull and scream" nose hair removal technique. Mountain Dew?
31 min
Don't Skimp on the Shrimp
Cash and T.J catch up in Saint Louis for the first episode of Season 12! Cash steals a car. T.J. teaches us about Oyster Shucking. There are a reasonable amount of screams.
38 min
Worst of 140 to 142: Donkey and The Cat
This fine curation of clips spans episodes 140-142, revealing the origin of Rick Stevens & the Cat, as well as Donkey & the Jeff.
47 min
Worst Of Episodes 137-139
A great compilation of the dirt worst from Episodes 137-139. But it's actually the best parts. We just called it the "worst of" because it's funnier! HAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHahaha ha a a ah AH AH AAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
42 min
Worst of Episodes 130-136
This episode is the worst of episodes 130, 135, and 136: Falsetto Fireworks, iPhone Avatar, and Slapping Puppets.
32 min
Worst of Episodes 121 to 126
Come for the falsetto, but stay because T.J. ordered 4 margaritas and now you can't leave. This episode revisits classic moments from episodes 121, 122, and 126.
46 min
The Giraffe From Last Night
45 min
Laser Disc Variant
42 min
Loud Whispers. Silent Screams.
Alternative title: "Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Fabreeze those Peepers"
26 min
Fabrics, Go.
Favorite comedy clubs, favorite pasta shapes, favorite fabrics, and spoiler alert, 10 minutes of just eating ice cream.
57 min
Thin Soft Shoes
Cash and T.J. are in Portland, talking rain, weed, and socks, and the art of being out of breath.
33 min
Fish Burps
Príncipe vino a casa por navidad
20 min
Elliot's Space Diet
47 min
Stabcourt by Marriott
47 min
Honkdog Style
We're back in snacktion with tripple bangers, practical livings, where were yous, and what have yous.
40 min
Vampire Butt Suckers
This Halloween special is as nasty as it gets. Cash experiences a real-life full body release. Holes of the glory variety serve another purpose. Chicks are birds, man. Is Halloween too scary?
33 min
Tippy Toes
During an intense competition of the tippy toe variety, Cash and T.J. discuss rock n' roll, porn industry secrets, and their wives.
32 min
Snitches get Schnitzles at Schvitzes
Put on your Cashing In Decoder Ring and prepare to discover the secrets within. This episode is highly confidential, for it reveals many secrets, including T.J.'s real reason for becoming a stand-up comedian.
39 min
Sleepy Foot
T.J. Miller buys his good buddy, Cash Levy, a tasty BLT.
52 min
The Road Trip Sneak In
Cash and T.J. break down their recent sneak-in attempt while between shows on the road.
26 min
Nail Clipper Challenge
T.J. challenges Cash to improve his grooming skills. Cash recommends renting children to open a lemonade stand. Have you considered the risk of high school graduation cards? What happens in Vegas, stays in Rome... or something like that.
39 min
Full Body Auto
Take a car ride to Nastyville with Cash and T.J. as they discuss performing in Fairbanks Alaska, finding injured horseback riders, peanut butter, and getting shafted.
44 min
Road Trip Safety
Recorded on the road between shows, Cash and T.J. discuss mini-golf, road rage, and the proper speed to drive while talking about bisexuality.
35 min
Ye Ol' Cliffhang N' Dangle
The ol' podcast is consultin' ye ol' playbook for ze ol' Tripple Bangers n' of course le ol' Maskers. But that's not all! If you act immediately, we'll throw in answers to questions such as: "What do octopuses and pigs have in common?" and.... "Are ice cream scoops too versatile?" This exclusive offer is only available right now at this very moment, depending on your perception of time. Do not delay or you risk losing access to this episode the moment society collapses and all electronic information disappears forever.
48 min
Snail Trailing Away Pt 2
Double the trails, double the snails, and double the snail trailers that mistake rocks for shells. In-forest laughter provider by Snail Trailing and friends. Subscribe on Patreon for the prequel preamble to this two-part tasty pod.
31 min
Snail Trailing Away Pt 1
Finally, a podcast that talks about hand trunks, Copenhagen shrines, BigCoin, mounting elk butts with hunting buddies, and matriculating down waterfronts.
32 min
Pride and Joy
Prepare your thoughts for lamination during this maskers-centric episode.
42 min
Burp Breaker
Are bees cute? The forgotten history of Donkey and the Jeff. Are burps good ice breakers?
39 min
Watch Whaling
Two guys making no sense at the same time, on 99.7 The Mixed Metaphors.
36 min
The Reunion
After a year of recording online, the guys are together again.
40 min
Human Taco (A Lost Pod)
47 min
2 Fast 2 Frivolous
43 min
Worst of 118ish to 120
Our best from Episodes 118ish-120. Thank you to Steve Scott for this compilation!
55 min
Desks and That's It
34 min
Lamps Plus Forgivness
45 min
On the Dock of the Bay
The guys are hangin' and danglin on the dock of the bay.
47 min
Mitigation Station
49 min
Squishy Slaw
35 min
Adventures with Keiler
41 min
Ms Spoke
50 min
The Voicemail
T.J. records a new voicemail, and leaves a message for himself. Cash skips the flowers and utilizes his nose only in the presence of Cinnabon.
34 min
The Voice Reveal
49 min
Worst of 116-118ish
Our best from Episodes 116-118ish. Thank you to 12 1/2er Steve Scott for this compilation!
79 min
Holiday Falsetto
In this special holiday episode, Cash attempts to record his third Holiday Falsetto album while T.J. breaks things.
46 min
61 min
Solar 7
50 min
Reverse Spelunking
55 min
Reverse Brubaker
50 min
The Forever Mistake
47 min
Outsourced Opinions
Time flies when you're having fun throwing clocks. Cash goes too far pranking his kids, T.J. offers impractical opinions, and the skunks protect us all.
43 min
61 min
Ye Ol Cashing In Scrolls
33 min
Butter Mister
46 min
The Three-Slice Mistake
54 min
Remiss America
Here she comes, Remiss America... until suddenly and without warning, ACDC.
49 min
Shower Balloon
The possibilities are endless with Shower Balloon. Do hypnotists have proud parents? Are schizophrenics scarier than burglars? What really happened between Tiddledorf and Honeybadger? Many questions are asked, few are answered.
46 min
Head to your nearest gas station it's time to pop-a-roonie.
58 min
Worst of Episodes 111 - 115
Worst of Episodes 111 - 115
103 min
Let's Go Yodeling
Strap on those clogs, the gangs getting back together and we're going yodeling tonight.
58 min
There She Blows
Cash attempts geyser material while camping next to Old Faithful. T.J. prepares for Burger Party Wednesday.
41 min
The Hurlibutton Puzzle
A very special guest demands a very special puzzle piece in the Official Cashing In Table-Top-Only Puzzle.
30 min
Chubbless Summer
Pemperton Buttlesticks reveals his 2020 campaign slogan.
32 min
Tween Back Ribs
T.J. gets back to work, as Cash gets back to nature. Step behind the curtain and betwixt the sheets in this under the radar above the weather episode.
43 min
The Last Cruise
Lort stort, two cruise ship comedians discuss penis adornments, quitting sports, and career advice.
50 min
Burger Party Wednesday
Do you want to have a burger alone in the back of your pickup, crying? No! Demand a burger party.
49 min
Cash's shipment of masks is entirely wrong and requires immediate in-person support.
49 min
Virtual Haircut
63 min
Wildcard Classic: One Adorable Safety-Conscious...
Starting off with Maskers and ending in a Triple Banger, this Wildcard Classic pod goes where no pod has gone before.
47 min
Live from Earth
Podmasters Cash Levy and T.J. Miller talk road stories, triple bangers, and airport courage.
57 min
Microwaved Ice Cream
Cash and T.J. talk quarantine date nights, possum spotting, and a summer of social distancing.
55 min
Below the Law
Under the weather and Below The Law, Cash calls the Steven Seagal fan club hotline, only to hear the familiar voice of Ol' Pemberton Buttlesticks.
58 min
Grapefruit Elbow
This episode is full of bruises and black eyes, but Cash and T.J. still get as polite as they want to get.
50 min
Lance Levy and J.T. Miller don't care what you call them, in this episode stolen from the call logs of the home school emergency hotline. Did you know that unicorns already exist? The amount of gravy on this episode is just too much baby.
46 min
Beetlebacks Vs Sandblasters
No Shirt. No Shoes No Shpodcast. Sneak into the bullpen with Cash Levy at the must-see matchup between the Beatlebacks VS Sandblasters. The nastiness-level in this episode is off the chain. Buttlesticks 2020? Yes.
38 min
Burpdawg Style
Cash and T.J. start off gross and close out as nasty as they want. All #Naskers all day on 101.1 The Disgusting.
40 min
Peek Behind the Curtain - Dark Period Episode 5
Take a peek behind the curtain with Dark Period Episode 5. Recorded on 4/20, T.J. talks about his two-year hiatus from the Devil's Lettuce, while Cash gets as nasty as he wants. If you enjoy this episode, listen to more Dark Period pods at:
59 min
The falsetto begins early in this episode as Cash and T.J. talk nonsense, followed by a brief moment of sense, and closing with a comb of nonsense and sense. Everybody take a break; nobody, you know what we're talking about. Help keep the lights on; support us at: Warning: This episode goes down easy, and comes out hard.
79 min
Olive Branch Slide Whistle
You might want to give this one a twice-over A classic-format Cashing in, with Tripple Bangers, Practicle Livings, Where Were Yous and what have yous, and Tweedlyzes. Plus, you'll never believe what topic is now allowed during Maskers (Hint: It isn't not masks).
51 min
Worst of Episodes 106-110
Classic moments from Episodes 106-110. Thank you to 12 1/2 member Steve Scott for this compilation.
108 min
Hallway Nudes - The Dark Period Ep 2
For the full Cashing In Dark Period experience, put on some ski goggles, stand in a hallway, and take off your clothes.
44 min
The Dark Period
49 min
Hot and Tasty Hot Podket
36 min
The Octo-Stuffed Oreo Con
Cash reveals the winner of the super-fan challenge. T.J. reveals the longest con to have ever been pulled.
50 min
Eclipse Slumber
38 min
Heartland Daddy
45 min
17th Degree
52 min
Worst of Episodes 100 - 105
Worst of created by 12.5er Steve Scott.
86 min
Double Donkey
Take the bus to Detroit
68 min
Post Schvitz
Post Schvitz
28 min