Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Discover thought-provoking nonsense as comedian T.J. Miller is interviewed by his friend Cash Levy... over and over again. Philosophy, unsolicited advice, answers to questions you didn't have, and stories from the road as touring comedians. They pistol whip the mysteries of the world into submission- saving lives one podcast at a time, and ruining a life every 10 episodes.

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Comedy Interviews
Naked and Afraid Part 2: Tokyo Drift
Broadcasting from an unknown location in the forest, Comedian T.J. Miller has discovered his friend Cash Levy stranded in the forest. T.J. talks about becoming a vegan, and Cash talks about how the internet really didn't change society all that much. Will they ever escape? Do they even want to? Will the wolves eat them? The answer to that question, and many more is, yes the wolves eat them.
42 min
Naked and Afraid: Wolf Edition
30 min
Promiscuous Sea Bass
The comedy road trip continues. Cash gives advice on how to talk to women. Is there a farting epidemic in Washington D.C.? The dudes talk about performing for libertarians, avoiding walk-in freezers, and pretending to see Tiger Sharks.
38 min
Lobster of your Labor
It's all you can poke night at Montana's premier brothel buffet, and the only payment accepted is the succlent meat of ocean spiders.
30 min
Flying Naked: A Montana Holiday Roadtrip Special
29 min
Worst of: Christmas Special Part reDeux
43 min
Horse Girls
Recorded in a Taxi on the way to equine adventure, Cash Levy and T.J. Miller discuss fireworks, pranking comedy clubs, and discovering their love of horses
51 min
Thic Heat
Things start heating up when the air conditioning has to be turned off to accommodate T.J.'s dry throat.
21 min
Secondhand Chick-Fil-A
Saturday's chicken, sold exclusively on Sundays in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot.
33 min
The Gift Reveal
Comedian T.J. Miller fully reedeems himself with a single gift to his best friend.
33 min
Bacon-Wrapped Enigma
41 min
Two Buttholes
Famous comedian Cash Levy sits down with the star of Yogi Bear, T.J. Miller, to discuss their butts. Find out who doesn't have the required parts and who has double. Amongst other things.
30 min
Cash Lev/AI v1.0
27 min
Sealess Salt
This episode is brought to you by Sealess Salt - the finest salts found 1000s of miles away from ocean waters. Sealess Salt is 100% whaleshit-free.
36 min
One Stop Shop Pork Chop Shop
Stop wasting time at multiple pork chop shops. Come to the One Stop Shop Pork Chop Shop, your top pork chop shopping stop. Cash enrolls in Meth Head Acting Class, T.J. A child rides an ostrich, grows up, and brags about it. New Segment: Facts about Myles.
24 min
Worst Of 144 - 146 (Final Episodes of Season 4)
It's hard to believe so many great bits were in just three episodes. But you better believe it, because if you don't, you... I mean you better believe or else I'm going to kick your ass. Yeah. That's whats up. Come at me. I'm a man. I'm 40.
30 min
31 min
Rugged Style in Pickletown
23 min
Smooth Jazz with Cash Levy
Cash Levy turns off the talk and turns up the Jazz in this special episode of Cashing In, Smooth Jazz. All Smooth Jazz, all the time. Smooth Jazz. Or Hard Jazz. It turns out the guys have to clarify what Smooth Jazz actually is.
33 min
The Accidental Double-Collar Technique
31 min
Playing with Water
32 min
Jump Around Tuesday - Double Deuce
Cash Levy Interviews T.J. miller about horse appendages, nature's intelligence-to-deliciousness ratio, and dabbing for grandma.
29 min
Calamari Consortium
28 min
Wet Daddy
Cash is given a rare opportunity to interview the Sexiest Podcaster in the World. Listen to find out who it is, or continue reading because I'm about to type his name T.J. Miller! Together, they have a new take on the 12.5, workshop a better slogan for VELCROâ„¢, and invent a new holiday. 3 out of 5 stars.
25 min
Bermuda Suit
T.J. Miller, Comedian and Actor, sits down with Cash Levy, Comedian and Father, to discuss fashion, sleeping disorders, juggling fireworks spectaculars, and we finally find out if the streak still stands after Calgary.
26 min