Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Discover thought-provoking nonsense as comedian T.J. Miller is interviewed by his friend Cash Levy... over and over again. Philosophy, unsolicited advice, answers to questions you didn't have, and stories from the road as touring comedians. They pistol whip the mysteries of the world into submission- saving lives one podcast at a time, and ruining a life every 10 episodes.

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Comedy Interviews
Freudian Slippers
Are rocks more interesting than soap? Is a $100,000 rock hard ass really worth it? What does Cash learn from leading the conga line at a toilet paper conference? The old you would have wanted to know the answers to these questions.
25 min
Dinghy Derangement
Beyond the surf... past the break... Cash Levy swims to Yonderland, facing his immense fear of boats and south american women. Does the streak stand? --See full description for upcoming tour dates--
23 min
Buttery Systems
This episode is for the horse inside all of us. Step away from Cash's butter trough, and learn T.J. Miller's Superior Popcorn Buttering System.
27 min
Ambitious Webs
T.J. uncorks his orifices and is attacked by spiders. Cash reveals his secret "pull and scream" nose hair removal technique. Mountain Dew?
31 min
Don't Skimp on the Shrimp
Cash and T.J catch up in Saint Louis for the first episode of Season 12! Cash steals a car. T.J. teaches us about Oyster Shucking. There are a reasonable amount of screams.
38 min
Worst of 140 to 142: Donkey and The Cat
This fine curation of clips spans episodes 140-142, revealing the origin of Rick Stevens & the Cat, as well as Donkey & the Jeff.
47 min
Worst Of Episodes 137-139
A great compilation of the dirt worst from Episodes 137-139. But it's actually the best parts. We just called it the "worst of" because it's funnier! HAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHahaha ha a a ah AH AH AAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
42 min
Worst of Episodes 130-136
This episode is the worst of episodes 130, 135, and 136: Falsetto Fireworks, iPhone Avatar, and Slapping Puppets.
32 min
Worst of Episodes 121 to 126
Come for the falsetto, but stay because T.J. ordered 4 margaritas and now you can't leave. This episode revisits classic moments from episodes 121, 122, and 126.
46 min
The Giraffe From Last Night
45 min
Laser Disc Variant
42 min
Loud Whispers. Silent Screams.
Alternative title: "Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Fabreeze those Peepers"
26 min
Fabrics, Go.
Favorite comedy clubs, favorite pasta shapes, favorite fabrics, and spoiler alert, 10 minutes of just eating ice cream.
57 min
Thin Soft Shoes
Cash and T.J. are in Portland, talking rain, weed, and socks, and the art of being out of breath.
33 min
Fish Burps
Príncipe vino a casa por navidad
20 min
Elliot's Space Diet
47 min
Stabcourt by Marriott
47 min
Honkdog Style
We're back in snacktion with tripple bangers, practical livings, where were yous, and what have yous.
40 min
Vampire Butt Suckers
This Halloween special is as nasty as it gets. Cash experiences a real-life full body release. Holes of the glory variety serve another purpose. Chicks are birds, man. Is Halloween too scary?
33 min
Tippy Toes
During an intense competition of the tippy toe variety, Cash and T.J. discuss rock n' roll, porn industry secrets, and their wives.
32 min
Snitches get Schnitzles at Schvitzes
Put on your Cashing In Decoder Ring and prepare to discover the secrets within. This episode is highly confidential, for it reveals many secrets, including T.J.'s real reason for becoming a stand-up comedian.
39 min
Sleepy Foot
T.J. Miller buys his good buddy, Cash Levy, a tasty BLT.
52 min
The Road Trip Sneak In
Cash and T.J. break down their recent sneak-in attempt while between shows on the road.
26 min
Nail Clipper Challenge
T.J. challenges Cash to improve his grooming skills. Cash recommends renting children to open a lemonade stand. Have you considered the risk of high school graduation cards? What happens in Vegas, stays in Rome... or something like that.
39 min
Full Body Auto
Take a car ride to Nastyville with Cash and T.J. as they discuss performing in Fairbanks Alaska, finding injured horseback riders, peanut butter, and getting shafted.
44 min