Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Discover thought-provoking nonsense as comedian T.J. Miller is interviewed by his friend Cash Levy... over and over again. Philosophy, unsolicited advice, answers to questions you didn't have, and stories from the road as touring comedians. They pistol whip the mysteries of the world into submission- saving lives one podcast at a time, and ruining a life every 10 episodes.

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Comedy Interviews
Tilapia Pyramid
Cash and T.J. discuss five-minute sex, uber sausages, splendid footgolf, native American strippers, 50-dollar tips, bridesmaid cats, homeless snails, Abe Lincoln vs. Barack Obama, and ask the question, "Why won't Cash accept the existence of athletes foot?" Listen to this episode while playing Footgolf at midnight and let the self-actualization begin...
60 min
Crooked Squirrel
Cash and TJ analyze the Pemberton Buttlesticks campaign, cherub-faced cops, canopy cocks, public urination, pretend sleepwalkers, motivational lying, french flatulence, fish hate, Wrigley Field, and ask the question, "Should politicians have a Triple Banger Lightening Round?" Transcripts of this episode are not available for fear it would spark a revolution...
55 min
Ear Envy
The guys talk about shirt cannons, safe zones, pre-apologies, space masturbation, palatine uvulas, chicken dances, cheat sheets, The Socratic Approach, and asks the question, "When do you play the Hitler card?" This episode is just as exciting as the "Big Fun Tour" so try not to get arrested while listening...
57 min
Ritzy Bitzy Wingman
Cash and TJ talk about man caves, four floors of whores, double stink eyes, elephant superheroes, insecure sombreros, lefty prejudice, old apartments, and ask the question, "Is it impolite to have sex with your wife when she's in a coma?" This episode was recorded on CB Radio at a Renaissance Pleasure Faire, listen while you convoy...
54 min
Sassy Centaur
Cash and T.J discuss night frights, cat attacks, "bro's before hoes", throwing soup, Shakespeare, mermaid sex, wingman etiquette, webisode braggers, and ask the question, "Who is Pemberton Buttlesticks?" This episode includes three snaps and a butt slap and it will make you're Tipsy Wipsy feel better...
53 min
Turtle Eclipse
Cash and TJ talk about his alter ego, therapist sightings, horror theme songs, Hobie cat mishaps, waxing and waning, ahi deodorant, cake strippers, bibs and bonnets, sticky tipping, and ask the question, "How do you sail too close to the wind?" This episode challenges listeners to celebrate their own "Whatever I Want Day" with a Coca-Cola Classic and juniper berry balls...
53 min
Piñata Tonic
Cash and T.J. talk about earthquake sex, Sir Mixolot, bachelorette parties, alien probing, "Cash and the Bad Checks", lasso tears, natures harmonica, Gladys phobia, and ask the question, "Why is Cash blindfolded for each episode?"
59 min
Easter Undergarments
Cash and T.J. discuss the Blue Man Group, sniffing paint, anti birthday greetings, car goggles, pre-recorded sunsets, moon respect, gmail prejudice, air hugs, and ask the question, "Why does Cash act like a little girl at concerts?" No animals were harmed in the making of this episode, but we were pretty awful to some minerals and vegetables. Berated a carrot for 20 minutes...
56 min
Velvet Popsicle
Cash and T.J. analyze his last fight, happy endings, clumsy girlfriends, Revenge of the Nerds, chain mail, Billy goat puke, cactus cock, self-checkout issues and ask the question, "Do T.J's wild eyes intimidate other men?" If the Karate Kid had listened to this episode, Mr. Miyagi would have been superfluous...
66 min
Ghost Peeper
Cash and T.J discuss cavemen tantrums, goth day at Disneyland, bicycle stakeouts, lozenge confusion, hoarding baseballs, silent crying, vetoing breakups, and ask the question, "Is it better to go skydiving or eat tacos?" Whoever conceives a child during this episode will have a free pass to all "Cashing in" after party's....
60 min
Angel Dong
Cash, T.J. and a mysterious visitor analyze lawyers with tattoos, egotistical flatbread, pajama etiquette, stoned therapists, air jamming, alcoholic dentists, gang names, Beauty and the Beast and ask the question, "Would Cash do whatever a talking dog wants?'" This episode was recorded in the state of Denver and will be used as a cautionary tale in future "DARE" campaigns...
55 min
Miniature Drunkard
Cash and T.J. analyze horse chicks, Rob Lowe's manta ray adventure, name-dropping, Chipotle's tiny lots, sidecar Segways, T.J's costume toggery, octopus showers, and ask the question, "Was James Dean really Judd Nelson?" This episode has its own commemorative bumper sticker. It says, "Jesus does my checking!"
49 min
Panda Thighs
T.J. and Cash coin some new phrases and discuss leaf blowers vs religious zealots, free standing reindeer, pear shaped girls, competitive eating, god stalking, dog punching, pterodactyl balls, and why sex isn't more pleasurable than eating. This episode is an honestode full of "Real Juice", drink it up...
50 min
Ferris Wheel Santa
Cash and T.J. discuss hitting on girls in motion, cheesy Disc Jockies, Texas wingmen, Korean fire drills, monocle revivals, shooting sprees, French-type people, and ask the question, "Should 'Poemos' be allowed to marry?" This controversial episode has been banned in France, but is #1 in the UK and/or Syria...
51 min
Orangutan Tears
T.J. and Cash exchange views on the hand-gliding mafia, robot dog lawyers, 20-cent Bloody Marys, ironic mustaches, BBQ holidays, expensive shoes, cocooning, TJ's Indefatigablility, getting lost in Borneo, and ask the question, "Would you fistfight an Orangutan for $2000 dollars?" This episode includes expletives about the devil, if you play it backward, there's a secret message about Rosie O'Donnell's whereabouts…
45 min
Tickle Switch
In this episode T.J. and Cash talk about animalistic desires, Abraham Lincoln's ghost, tuna-safe dolphins, performing in Afghanistan, the brothel of Cash Levy's mind, shark attacks, fake elevator calls, tips on renting an apt, and ask the question, "Why are Cheetahs, such needy lovers?" No animals were tested in the taping of this episode, but one Ostrich may have been offended…
52 min
Cantaloupe Hands
Cash and T.J. discuss having sex with big foot, vacationing with Whoopi Goldberg, handsome voice-over stars, penises to scale, rope swing conceptions, partying with Einstein, gaining weight on meth, getting your time machine in order, being "stoned" to death, and how to give the spork more street credibility.
50 min
Veal Bongs
Cash and TJ asses if rioting is an excuse for looting, John Mayer's questionable activities, blood diamonds, vases of dead flowers, freak paddle boating accidents, thread count, unhappy football watchers, why trumpets aren't useful, hair shirts, sex with a florists wife, and ask the question "why don't homeless people take vacations?"
49 min
Glucose Ti**ies
T.J. and Cash analyze if a three-way constitutes cheating, chicken facials, trusting cab drivers, making love on flag day, meeting John Stamos, the academy awards, stupid dog photos, liquid dick, and ask the question, "is it ok to masturbate while watching a tsunami?" This is one of our favorite episodes. It includes a Twology and may necessitate a shower...
53 min
Superstitious Car Wash
Cash and T.J. discuss inappropriate foster parents, heroin success stories, ballbusting, biodegradable gum, The 4th of July debacle, billboard ideas, good hotel strategy, cotton candy limits, and if reflecting water makes you look fat. This is the episode you shouldn't miss because it precedes the next one.
60 min
Tipping Buddha
T.J. and Cash talk about embracing bag women, the persecution of baby Lima beans, getaway cars, the pussification of men, depressing strippers, if people deserve to have jobs, useful phrases, and ask the question, "Did Buddha have a weight problem?" This inaugural episode is sponsored by Pod Cream.
55 min