The Brian Cain Mental Performance Mas...

The Official Long-Form Podcast of Brian Cain, MPM, #1 Best-Selling Author, Creator of The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaching Certification and The 30 Days to Mental Performance for Athletes Course.

The Brian Cain Mental Performance Mastery Podcast is dedicated to helping you reach your maximum potential through mastering the 10 pillars (skills) of mental performance. 

Brian Cain has worked with the top coaches and athletes in professional, collegiate and high school sports on building an elite mindset and the routines, habits and culture they need to win.

His client list includes 6 UFC mixed martial arts World Champions, 10 NCAA National Champions, 4 MLB Cy Young Award winners, a Heisman Trophy winner, Olympic gold medalists, and top performing school, corporations and law enforcement teams from around the globe.

Also be sure to check out Brian's daily podcast, The Mental Performance Daily Podcast.

Bas Rutten: Inside The Mind of a UFC World Cham...
Learn the mental performance strategies MMA World Champion Bas Rutten used inside the Octagon
44 min
Creating Consistency to Improve Results
6 min
Creating a Culture of Process by Coaching the M...
47 min
The #1 Mindset Shift That Will Change Your Life...
5 min
The Mindset It Takes to Go From a Garbage Truck...
Jonathan Falcone has a resume that includes working on a garbage truck, an Ivy League championship as a lacrosse goalie at Yale, a Masters degree from Princeton, a stint on Wall Street, a career as a Naval Officer and a start-up founder.
75 min
The #1 Mental Performance Mindset That Will Imm...
2 min
5 Strategies To Increase Your Leadership Skill ...
65 min
The #1 Most Important Aspect of my AM Routine
5 min
Mental Performance Strategies That Work In and ...
John Makdessi is a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I’ve had the privilege of working with John for the better part of his professional fighting career. He is both an MPM athlete and a MPM coach.
56 min
How Mental Performance Can Make You Perfect In ...
Todd Church, Head Girls Soccer Coach at Strongsville High School in Strongsville, Ohio found perfection in the Pandemic. Todd led his program to their 5th state championship in a remarkable 20-0 season.
48 min
How to Win the 90% of Baseball That Is the Ment...
Largely considered one of the best control pitchers of all time and best mental performance coaches in the sport, Bob Tewksbury was a 1992 MLB All-Star and in the last century, no pitcher has a lower ratio of base on balls per innings pitched.
48 min
12 Ideas That Will Change Your Life
9 min
Mark Glicini's Humble Greatness
87 min
Mental Performance Minutes: Who Am I?... I Am H...
7 min
Donene Taylor: A Champion's Heart
47 min
Mental Performance Minutes: What Are You Workin...
4 min
NFL Star Courtland Sutton’s Elite Mindset
55 min
Mental Performance Minutes: Know Your Value
2 min
Dr. Rob Gilbert Returns!
96 min
Understanding the MOOMBA Disease: Mental Perfor...
2 min
Dr. Rob Gilbert on the Life-Changing Power of S...
75 min
Mental Performance Minutes: The Most Important ...
3 min
Pro Bowler Missy Parkin's Unstoppable Drive
58 min
Learn the "6 C's" of Trust - Mental Performance...
3 min
Mental Performance Minutes: The Illusion of Choice
3 min
Jason Fowler's Inspirational Journey
75 min
Basketball Star Markus Howard’s Humble Focus
70 min
Mental Performance Minutes: The Two Wolves
4 min
The Unshakable Resolve of Skeleton Racer Megan ...
70 min
Mental Performance Minutes: Set Your One Word P...
6 min
From no chance to NFL, how MPM helped the LA Ra...
41 min
Building True Strength with the Rams' Justin La...
41 min
Mental Performance Minutes: Life Is a Strategy ...
Why you should always learn to "sharpen your ax" ...
5 min
MMA Fighter, Entrepreneur, and Anti-Bullying Ad...
Tom Murphy isn’t just an accomplished athlete; he’s also a passionate believer in instilling greatness into others. After a successful athletic career that’s included being an NCAA All-American wrestler, a star of Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter 2”, and...
81 min
Mental Performance Minutes: The Law of the Jungle
On today’s episode, Brian Cain explains how understanding the parable of “The Law of the Jungle” can transform how you see yourself and your talents. This season on The Brian Cain Mental Performance Mastery Podcast, we’re bringing you new special shorts ...
5 min
From no chance to NFL, how MPM helped the LA Ra...
41 min
The Humble Stardom of Baseball’s Bobby Witt Jr.
Bobby Witt Jr. is one of the most exciting young athletes in the country, and was recently the No. 2 overall pick in the MLB draft by the Kansas City Royals organization.  As a high school star in Texas, Bobby was named the Gatorade National High School ...
54 min
MMA Legend Vitor Belfort
Originally hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort is a world champion MMA fighter, who is currently a member of the One Championship organization. For more than two decades, he’s dominated the octagon, having faced off—and beaten...
83 min
Hockey Trailblazer Lyndsey Fry
Lyndsey Fry is only 27 years old, but she’s already accomplished more than many people attempt in a lifetime. She played Division 1 hockey at Harvard and holds an MBA from Arizona State University. She also won a silver medal as a member of the Team USA ...
31 min
Softball Star Taylor Dockins’ Inspiration Journ...
Taylor Dockins is one of the most inspiring people you will likely ever encounter. During high school, she was one of the most dominate athletes in the country, winning the Gatorade National Player of the Year Award. Today, she is a star for the Cal Stat...
31 min
Rich Franklin - A Championship Mindset
Rich Franklin is an MMA legend. He’s currently a Vice President of One Championship, he’s a three-time world champ, and he’s a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. In this episode, Rich opens about some of his biggest matches, discusses the obstacles he’s ove...
102 min
New Season Trailer!
A new season of the podcast is coming! This season, we're featuring all new interviews with Olympians, UFC champions, elite performers, professional athletes, and more about how they've used mental performance techniques to overcome adversity and achieve...
1 min
BC164 - Mental Performance Secrets of Professio...
MENTAL PERFORMANCE SECRETS OF PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES WITH ZACH SORENSEN, MPM In this episode of the MPM Coach Spotlight Podcast, I have the pleasure of talking with MPM Certified Coach Zach Sorenson. Zach is a former Major League Baseball player with the...
20 min
BC163 - Generating Influence, Impact and Income...
BC163 - GENERATING INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND INCOME WITH MPM CERTIFIED COACH TYLER PAZIK In this episode of the MPM Coach Spotlight Podcast, I have the pleasure of talking with MPM Certified Coach Tyler Pazik. In a short time, Tyler has built a very impres...
23 min
BC162 - The Joe Louis Story - Finish Them Off
In BC158 you learned about the importance of Surviving The Assault and Working The Cut.    In BC 162 we take a lesson from one of the greatest fighters of all time and Finish Them Off! Joe Louis held the heavyweight boxing championship from 1937 to 1949....
4 min
BC161 - MPM Coach Spotlight: Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller is one of the first coaches to complete our MPM Certification Course and one of the most active MPM Certified coaches at spreading his influence and impact while making an income from mental performance coaching.   His full-time job is as th...
23 min
BC160 - The Law of The Golf Course
Are you going through life playing golf on a course with no holes?  Mental Performance Coach Brian Cain shares an analogy you can use about having goals, sharpening your focus and playing to win the day. 
2 min
BC159 - Acres of Diamonds
Mental Performance Coach Brian Cain shares how we might just be sitting on an acre of diamonds.  Start looking inside for answers vs looking outside.
3 min
BC158 - Work The Cut
Mental Performance Coach Brian Cain shares one of his favorite mindsets about keeping the process bigger than the outcome.  If you want to get the knockout and win, you must simply work the cut.
3 min
BC157 - Brian Cain - Your 1% Intention
In this episode, Cain shares what it means to set "Your 1% Intention" so that you can get a head start on 2019 and give yourself the best chance for success: YOU WILL LEARN: The MVP Process One Word Focus Well Better How Growth Plan Investing 1% of Your ...
7 min
BC156 - Brenda Tracy - Sexual Assault, Physical...
TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Introduction 04:44 – Brenda Tracy Background and Story 08:03 – Set The Expectation Campaign at 11:48 – What do you need to have your own Set The Expectation game? 12:48 – The power of the t-shirt and what it says ...
36 min
BC155. Eric Byrnes - The Mindset for Ultramarat...
On this episode, Brian converses with Eric Byrnes - a retired Major League Baseball player, current analyst on MLB Network, and one of the most genuine human beings on this planet.   00:00 - Cain and Eric talk ultra training 02:56 - Diamond To The Rough ...
28 min
BC154. Jonathan Bulkeley - Neuroscience, Medita...
26 min
BC153. Mike Rooney - Coaching & Commentating - ...
30 min
BC152. Steven Terrell - You Shouldn’t Have to C...
12 min
BC151. Dr. Dan Chao - CEO, Halo Neuroscience
28 min
BC150. Matt Morse - Leadership VIP
24 min
BC149. Matt Morse - Mental Game VIP
33 min
BC 148. Kristen Holmes-Winn - Whoop Technology
59 min
BC147. Brett Basham – The Mental Game and Leade...
26 min
BC 146. Ken Ravizza - Heads Up Baseball 2.0
55 min
BC145. Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here W...
29 min
BC144. Yancy McKnight - Go 1-0 Today With Contr...
24 min
BC143. Brandon Villarreal – Great Habits = Grea...
21 min
BC142. Andrew Franks - NFL Kicker - From D3 To ...
Brian sits down with current Kicker for the Miami Dolphins Andrew Franks to discuss his journey from playing Division 3 Football at RPI to kicking in the NFL.  Andrew's drive and determination to be great make him one of the top peak performers ever inte...
37 min
BC. 141 Dr. James Maas - Sleep, The Missing Lin...
55 min
BC 140. Brian & Erin Cain | Family Values, Trav...
A special relationship podcast episode featuring Brian's wife Erin "The Bear".   Learn about... The origins of "The Bear" and how the nickname came to fruition. A "90 Day Getaway" and why it is so important to their relationship. Their daily checklists. ...
18 min
BC 139. Greg McMichael | The Major League Trans...
Former Major League pitcher and 1995 World Series champion with the Atlanta Braves, Greg McMichael joins Brian for a fantastic episode on baseball, the mental game, and life after sports.   Discover... The extreme adversity that Greg overcame to reach th...
33 min
BC 138. Chris Villarreal | Fear & Confidence Ar...
Former Performance Course Athlete turned Army Ranger, Chris Villarreal joins the Peak Performance Podcast for one of the best episodes of the year.   You will discover... The life lessons Chris has learned as an Army Ranger. The importance of visualizati...
27 min
BC 137. Monica Abbott | Million Dollar Mental Game
Monica Abbott is the D1 Softball All-Time Career Leader in Wins, Strikeouts, Shutouts, Innings Pitched, Games Started, and Games Pitched.  After her collegiate career, she signed the most lucrative contract ever paid by an individual American Professiona...
27 min
BC 136. Bobby Maximus | The Importance Of Ruthl...
Brian sits down with one of the elite Peak Performers in the world, Bobby Maximus.  Bobby is a former police officer turned UFC fighter and is now the General Manager and founder of Gym Jones.   You will learn... The importance of ruthless self-evaluatio...
41 min
BC 135. Zach Sorensen | The Process Of Becoming...
One of the brightest minds in baseball, Zach Sorensen joins Brian on this episode of the Peak Performance Podcast to discuss the process of becoming successful in baseball.  Zach was a 2nd round MLB Draft Pick out of Wichita State and went on to play a c...
24 min
Listen to this BONUS Podcast episode that Brian is featured in with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association.
45 min
BC 134. Dave Hilton | Mental Game Lessons From ...
Dave Hilton is the former #1 overall pick in the 1971 MLB Draft and has endless knowledge on the mental game.  He has seen it all in professional baseball and knows what the best do to get their mind right to perform.   You will discover... Dave's 5 Cate...
23 min
BC 133. 8 Benefits Of Being Data Informed #Pillar4
In this solo podcast, Brian informs you on #Pillar4 from the 12 Pillars of Peak Performance, Know Your Numbers.  You will discover the 8 Benefits of Being Data Informed and how to apply them to your everyday life.   The 8 Benefits of Being Data Informed....
10 min
BC 132. Ray Thoma - Floating To Another Level
Former Professional baseball player Ray Thoma sits down with Brian to discuss his motivation for getting into float therapy and why it is for you...   Learn about... Mindfulness and how it effects your performance. Why Ray got into float therapy. The ans...
19 min
BC 131. Raúl Ibañez - The Mental Game of a 19 Y...
In one of the best podcasts of the year, Brian talks with form Major League All-Star Raúl Ibañez on the mental game and how it was an intregal part to his sustained success...   You will learn about: A fascinating story Raúl tells of how he developed his...
38 min
BC 130. Lonni Alameda, FSU Softball - Growing T...
One of the best college softball coaches in the country, Florida State's Lonni Alameda, sits down with Brian on this episode of the Peak Performance Podcast...   Discover... The impact that the late, great Harvey Dorfman had on Lonni. Florida State's cor...
40 min
BC 129. What Is Automobile University?
Brian answers the often asked queston, "what is Automobile University?" in this Podcast episode...   He goes in depth on: The book that has been a game changer in his life Valuable podcasts that Brian listens to (besides the Peak Performance Podcast) Tan...
12 min
BC 128. Ken Ravizza - Why The Mental Game Is So...
Brian takes you back to an interview with his mentor, Dr. Ken Ravizza on the importance of the mental game.   You will learn: Ken's answer to the question, "why is the mental game so important?" An important question to ask your players to understand the...
38 min
BC 127. ABCA CFTC Podcast
The script is flipped once again in this podcast as Brian is interviewed by Jeremy Sheetinger of the ABCA's Calls From The Clubhouse Podcast...   You will learn... The tipping point that lead to Brian's journey into the Mental Game. The expensive experie...
62 min
BC 121. Geno Pierce - Peak Performance Course
Brian is joined by one of the TOP strength and conditioning coaches and founder of The Performance Course, Geno Pierce.  The Performance Course's mission is to enhance athletic performance and build strength of character in individuals and teams while pr...
24 min
BC 118. Tim Corbin - Coaching The Mental Game
In this episode, Brian goes back to an interview from 2006 with one of the best college coaches in the country, Head Coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores Baseball team, Tim Corbin. Tim has been the Head Coach at Vanderbilt since 2003 and won a National Cha...
16 min
BC114: 2016 Year In Review
On a daily basis, you're either taking a step closer to where you want to be or you're taking a step further away. In 2016, we took some huge strides towards where we want to go... What is the One Word Focus you need to live for 2017? Now, let's back it ...
7 min
BC113: Presence > Presents
Do you want to know the greatest gift that you can give someone this holiday season? The best present you can possibly offer to someone that you love? Most people make the mistake during the holiday season of listening to the voice inside of their head i...
6 min
BC112: Inspiration to Fiction
So I get this question a lot... "Why did you make the jump from how-to writing to fictional storybooks?" In my podcast interview with Jon Gordon, he shared some great principles and strategies for why he writes the way he does. The 12 Pillars of Peak Per...
12 min
BC111: Improve Your 5 by Joining The Inner Circle
To become more, you've got to surround yourself with people who are doing what you do at a higher level. Inside of the Inner Circle, you immediately surround yourself with the best. If you are a coach who is ready to take your game to another level, clic...
8 min
BC110: Ed Padalecki | Inner Circle Benefits
This week, you get to hear from Inner Circle member Ed Padalecki.  Coach Padalecki is a high school baseball and football coach in Flower Mound, Texas. On this episode, you'll learn about: The #1 biggest improvement Coach Padalecki has experienced in the...
18 min
BC109: Inner Circle Panel (Audio Recording of ...
This week we take you live inside The Brian Cain Experience event from McKinney, Texas, July 30-31, 2016.  You'll learn from members of the Inner Circle and how they use the mental game on a consistent basis to help better develop themselves as coaches s...
9 min
BC108: Jeff Janssen | Developing Leadership & C...
"Are you a coach of success or a coach of significance?" This week, we reach into the Peak Performance Vault for a episode featuring leadership & culture guru Jeff Janssen from 2007! On this episode, you'll learn: How to KNOW you are making a difference ...
31 min
BONUS! Pillar #2 Championship Culture Audiobook...
This BONUS Podcast Episode features a preview of the Pillar #2: Championship Culture audiobook...
10 min
BC107: Hal Wasson | Building a Winning High Sc...
This week’s guest is one of the top high school football coaches in the nation.  Hal Wasson has been the head football coach at Southlake Carroll in Southlake, TX, since 2007.  The Dragons are widely recognized as a top high school football program and a...
33 min
Building a Championship Culture and Coaching Th...
This week’s guest is Alan McDougal, head baseball coach at Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville, TX.  Alan is widely regarded as one of the top coaches in the game when it comes to developing a mindset and a championship culture.  He has coach...
36 min
BC105: Randy Jackson | Grapevine High School F...
This week’s guest is one of the most respected high school football coaches in the nation.  Randy Jackson is the head football coach at Grapevine High School in Grapevine, TX, and was named the 2015 Tom Landry High School Football Coach of the Year.  He ...
42 min
BC104: Beth Torina | LSU Softball | Championsh...
This week’s guest is LSU Softball head coach Beth Torina. She has led the Tigers to Oklahoma City and the Women’s College World Series in three of her first five seasons and has quickly become one of the game's most respected coaches.  In this podcast sh...
14 min
BC103: Victoria Hayward | Team Canada National...
Victoria Hayward was born in Toronto before her family moved to Mountain View, California.  She went on to star as a member of the Mountain View High School softball team from 2007 to 2010, earning Most Valuable Player honors in her final season. She was...
20 min
BC102: Lasse Leppäkorpi | Beddit - Achieve Mor...
This week’s guest is Lasse Leppäkorpi, the CEO and founder of Beddit, the world’s leading sleep app.  Beddit’s sleep analysis is based on ballistocardiography (BCG), which is the measurement of the mechanical cardiac activity from the platform supportin...
35 min
BC101: Chad Cordero |The Mindset of a Chief In...
This week’s guest is Cal State Fullerton Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Chad Cordero.  Cordero was an All-American pitcher at Cal State Fullerton and was the 20th overall pick in the 2003 draft.   He was the 1st player to make the Major Leagues from that ...
28 min
BC100: The 100th Episode of The Peak Performanc...
You asked.  We listened. For the 100th episode of the Peak Performance Podcast, I answered several of your most pressing questions... The questions include: Which sport is your favorite to work with on game day? How do you get a reluctant player to buy i...
22 min
BC99: Chad Baum | The Titan Way | Inside Cal S...
This week’s guest is Chad Baum, assistant coach for Cal State Fullerton Baseball.  Regarded as one of the top assistant coaches in all of college baseball, Baum has been to Omaha five times before the age of forty. In this podcast he breaks down his coac...
20 min