Being Human with Steve Cuss

A new podcast from Christianity Today, Being Human with Steve Cuss is Christian counseling in podcast form. Steve Cuss, a former trauma and hospice chaplain, pastor, and leadership coach, guides listeners with a gospel-informed journey of discovery into the world of emotional health: everything from anxiety and reactivity, to triangulation, overfunctioning, and the Enneagram.

Mental Health
Triangulation and Over Functioning
Steve Cuss and Jimmy Carnes discuss the complexities of introspection.
33 min
The Journey Into Emotional Health
37 min
The Nature of Every Belief
34 min
Precious vs. Core Beliefs
What happens when we're reactive? We disconnect from our awareness of God.
34 min
Notice and Diffuse Reactivity
Steve digs deeper into the anxiety known as "reactivity" and the different ways we all respond when our values are broken by others.
34 min
Pilot Episode
The first episode of Being Human With Steve Cuss, in collaboration with Christianity Today.
31 min