Being Human with Steve Cuss

A new podcast from Christianity Today, Being Human with Steve Cuss is Christian counseling in podcast form. Steve Cuss, a former trauma and hospice chaplain, pastor, and leadership coach, guides listeners with a gospel-informed journey of discovery into the world of emotional health: everything from anxiety and reactivity, to triangulation, overfunctioning, and the Enneagram.

Mental Health
My Whole Black Self With Marvin Williams
44 min
Men, Women, Power, and Health with Kadi Cole
47 min
Is the Gospel Preventative or Redemptive?
25 min
The Expectation Gap
35 min
Grieve, Breathe, Receive with Steve Carter
35 min
Playfulness, Earnestness, and Worship
28 min
Non-Anxious Presence with Alan Fadling
34 min
'Listen, Listen, Speak' with Jay Kim
42 min
The Chaplain Who Taught Steve Systems Theory: G...
31 min
Putting Beauty into the World with Charlie Peac...
45 min
Faith in the Workplace with Jeff Haanen
29 min
The Therapist and the Song Writer with Jill Phi...
30 min
The Brain and Faith with Geoff Holsclaw
41 min
Empathy and Remembering with Esau McCaulley
45 min
Enneagram, Anxiety, and What We Live For
Steve Cuss and Jimmy Carnes discuss the Enneagram and how it helps us reflect on the character of God.
38 min
Triangulation and Over Functioning
Steve Cuss and Jimmy Carnes discuss the complexities of introspection.
33 min
The Journey Into Emotional Health
37 min
The Nature of Every Belief
34 min
Precious vs. Core Beliefs
What happens when we're reactive? We disconnect from our awareness of God.
34 min
Notice and Diffuse Reactivity
Steve digs deeper into the anxiety known as "reactivity" and the different ways we all respond when our values are broken by others.
34 min
Pilot Episode
The first episode of Being Human With Steve Cuss, in collaboration with Christianity Today.
31 min
EP 196: Annual Wrap Up with Lisa Cuss
The Friendly Neighborhood Therapist joins Steve on this annual wrap up. They chat about lessons learned this year, giving yourself the gift of wellbeing in 2024 and what is coming down the pike for next year. Plus, Steve shares his favorite advent po...
56 min
Ep195: J.S. Park
*Apologies for the crunchy audio at the beginning of the show* J.S. (Joon) Park is a hospital chaplain and author of The Voices We Carry. Steve first encountered J.S. through his remarkable twitter feed which is well worth a follow here.  Joon ta...
46 min
EP 194: Brad Lomenick
Brad Lomenick is the former president of Catalyst and the author of several books including the H3 Leader. Brad is a gifted connector and developer of people. For two decades he has met with thousands of Christian leaders. In this interview, Steve g...
56 min
Ep 193: Julie Mavis and Annika Marek-Barta
Julie Mavis is the Founder of Dream Makers Project, an organization dedicated to helping youth as they age out of foster care. Because of Dream Makers, these kids do not have to face the world, their future and their decisions alone.  Julie is join...
49 min