At the Core of Care

At the Core of Care shares the incredible stories of nurses in Pennsylvania and the people that they help. Learn about innovative ways that nurses are making a difference in so many lives every day. This podcast was created by the Pennsylvania Action Coalition.

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Expansion of Community-Based Interventions for HCV
In this this episode, we focus on community-based hepatitis interventions for the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and learn more about one of Philadelphia’s efforts where nurses and patient navigators collaborate to test and treat HCV. To dive into this topic, we’re joined by Bibbi Stokes, an Infectious Diseases Nurse Manager and experienced Population Health Manager at Public Health Management Corporation.
23 min
Housing is Health: COVID-19 Testing and Vaccina...
In this episode, we speak with registered nurses, JoAnne Ivory and Dora Loya from TCA Health.
31 min
Housing is Health: La Maestra Community Health ...
As part of our Access to Care series, our coverage continues with a special focus on housing and health. In this episode, we speak with Zara Marselian and Javier Rodriguez from La Maestra Community Health Centers in San Diego.
38 min
Social Safety Net: How Nurses and Lawyers Colla...
In this episode, we delve into a range of issues related to clients from the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s (NNCC) nursing initiatives, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) and Nursing Legal Partnership (NLP), including pregnancy work discrimination, the absence of paid parental leave, challenges with accessing COVID-era unemployment assistance, and the impacts of these factors on maternal and child health.
29 min
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners: Support and Sta...
*This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners including descriptions of sexual assault and traumatic events. Listener discretion is advised.
26 min
LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care, Part 2: Discussing Equit...
This is the second episode of our special coverage about equitable access to healthcare, specifically LGTBQ+ inclusive care. Part 2 features an in-depth conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine, United States Assistant Secretary for Health and Adrian Shanker, Founder and Executive Director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.
28 min
LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care, Part 1 Personal Experiences
This is the first of two episodes highlighting ac…
46 min
Pennsylvania’s Dental Deserts: Preventative Ora...
In this episode, we venture to Pennsylvania’s Coa…
21 min
Sanctuary Farm Nursing In The Open Air
In this episode, we speak to Andrea Vettori, a nu…
16 min
Moving the Needle on Nurse Practitioner Educati...
In this episode, we spend time with Dr. Barbara T…
32 min
More Research Needed To Advance School Nursing
At the Core of Care is back with a new special se…
16 min
School Nurses’ Resilience Through The COVID - 1...
At the Core of Care is back with a new special se…
39 min
What’s Next For The Future Of Nursing?
We are excited to announce that At the Core of Ca…
45 min
Vaccine Confidence Identifying Trusted Messengers
Vaccine Confidence: Identifying Trusted Messenger…
37 min
Sharing Your Vaccination Experience
Sharing Your Vaccination Experience is the fifth …
41 min
Vaccine Confidence Community Partnerships Acces...
Vaccine Confidence: Community Partnerships & Acce…
31 min
Vaccine Confidence: Building Trust
Vaccine Confidence: Building Trust is the third e…
36 min
Vaccine Hesitancy: Is Healthcare Listening?
Vaccine Hesitancy: Is Healthcare Listening? is th…
32 min
Vaccine Confidence: Nurses Turn Skepticism Into...
Vaccine Confidence: Nurses Turn Skepticism Into A…
35 min
Nurses Cultivating Patient-Centered Care
The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) is …
32 min
Empowering Nurses To Change Public Policy
Last year, nurses joined with other advocates in …
25 min
Examining the Impact of COVID on Community Heal...
During Part 2 of our series highlighting communit…
19 min
Examining the Impact of COVID on Community Heal...
This is the first of two episodes highlighting co…
29 min
Preventing SIDS With Cribs
In this episode, we learn how nurses play a key r…
13 min
Nursing Student Perspective of COVID-19
In this special episode, we speak to Ana Pichardo…
10 min