At the Core of Care

At the Core of Care shares the incredible stories of nurses in Pennsylvania and the people that they help. Learn about innovative ways that nurses are making a difference in so many lives every day. This podcast was created by the Pennsylvania Action Coalition.

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In Our Own Voices: The Lived Experience of Wome...
In this episode, we speak with Kim Trout, PhD, RN, CNM, FACNM, FAAN and Saumya Ayyagari, MSN, MPH about nurse-led research on the lived experiences of sex workers who identify as women and their healthcare needs. We also hear insights from Blue Laurano, a harm reduction professional and MPH candidate at Temple University.
26 min
Vaccine Education Strategies for the Long Haul
In this episode, we are closing out our special vaccine confidence coverage with Letha Joseph, DNP, APRN, AGPCNP-BC and Adeline Kline, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, NCSN who are members of the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s Vaccine Confidence Advisory Committee. Kline and Joseph discuss the importance of relationship-building with community members to help promote health and wellness goals.
30 min
What Nurses and Museums Can Learn from Each Other
Our special vaccine confidence coverage continues as we discuss the latest vaccine confidence trends and lessons learned as we enter the third year of the COVID-19 public health emergency. In this episode, we speak to Monica J. Harmon, MSN, MPH, RN and Jayatri Das, Ph.D. about the role that non-traditional health settings and partnerships have played in recent years to promote vaccine confidence.
30 min
Delivering Vaccine Education with the Community
In this episode, Annette Gadegbeku, M.D joins us for a community-health focused conversation about her work and active role in various vaccination and testing initiatives that helped serve the community at Drexel University. She shares some of the key community health lessons learned after rolling out these initiatives specifically at the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships.
39 min
Vaccine Confidence: Where We Are Now and Where ...
In this episode we follow up with Melody Butler, who we previously talked to in 2021 from our first vaccine confidence series. She explains where we are in the pandemic and addresses the simultaneous surge of COVID, RSV, and the flu. Butler also shares her perspective on whether we are more prepared to prevent cases of infectious disease than in previous years.
20 min
Reframing Trauma Informed Care as a Systems App...
In this episode, we speak to Kathleen Metzker and Sara Reid about centering trauma literacy in the health center medical home and how health systems can cultivate trauma-aware practices as part of their delivery of care.
43 min
Healing the Community: How Health Centers Can A...
In this episode, we have a conversation with two community health professionals about the role community health centers play in addressing community violence.
48 min
Equitable Diabetes Prevention: Keys to Success ...
35 min
How Compassion and Relationships Reduce Chronic...
45 min
Exploring Systemic Solutions to Growing Mental ...
40 min
How Access to Therapy Transforms New Parents’ M...
Content Warning: Child abuse is briefly discussed in this episode.
18 min
Why a Red State and a Blue State Made the Same ...
This is Part 2 of our special two-part series about scope of practice regulations for nurse practitioners (NPs).
41 min
Award-Winning Pennsylvania Nurse Stymied by Ant...
This is Part 1 of our special two-part series about scope of practice regulations for nurse practitioners (NPs).
22 min
Leveraging Nurse Volunteers to Combat Vaccine M...
In this episode, we speak with Garrett Chan. He’s the nurse leader behind HealthImpact, which is a California-based organization that has driven workforce development innovations within nursing.
26 min
Trust a Nurse, Ask a Nurse: Building Vaccine Co...
As part of our Special Report series, we shift our focus from nursing burnout to an innovative nurse-based initiative to build vaccine confidence in California.
14 min
Burnout at a Systems-Level
As part of our Special Report series, we continue with our coverage of different nursing views on the impact of burnout and how to address it. In this episode, we hear from Dr. Dewi Brown-DeVeaux about burnout at a systems-level and how it influences vaccine confidence at this point in the pandemic.
30 min
Burnout or Burndown? How to Support Health Prof...
As part of our Special Report series, our next two episodes feature different nursing views on the impact of burnout and how to address it.
27 min
Cultivating Support, Resilience and Retention f...
Continuing our Special Report series with COVID-19 pandemic coverage, we speak with Dr. Paula Milone-Nuzzo about the current workforce crisis in health care.
33 min
Navigating Vaccination Efforts: Lessons Learned...
In this episode, we hear from Carl Hinson and Maria Saldiva. They share their latest insights, lessons learned, and current approaches to navigating vaccination efforts in Texas and Hawai’i.
38 min
Diabetes Management in Rural Health Care Settin...
In this episode, we learn about Coal Country’s best practices around telehealth and patient education for diabetes prevention and self-management, as well as barriers patients might encounter around technology and transportation within a rural health care setting.
39 min
Expansion of Community-Based Interventions for HCV
In this this episode, we focus on community-based hepatitis interventions for the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and learn more about one of Philadelphia’s efforts where nurses and patient navigators collaborate to test and treat HCV. To dive into this topic, we’re joined by Bibbi Stokes, an Infectious Diseases Nurse Manager and experienced Population Health Manager at Public Health Management Corporation.
23 min
Housing is Health: COVID-19 Testing and Vaccina...
In this episode, we speak with registered nurses, JoAnne Ivory and Dora Loya from TCA Health.
31 min
Housing is Health: La Maestra Community Health ...
As part of our Access to Care series, our coverage continues with a special focus on housing and health. In this episode, we speak with Zara Marselian and Javier Rodriguez from La Maestra Community Health Centers in San Diego.
38 min
Social Safety Net: How Nurses and Lawyers Colla...
In this episode, we delve into a range of issues related to clients from the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s (NNCC) nursing initiatives, Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) and Nursing Legal Partnership (NLP), including pregnancy work discrimination, the absence of paid parental leave, challenges with accessing COVID-era unemployment assistance, and the impacts of these factors on maternal and child health.
29 min
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners: Support and Sta...
*This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners including descriptions of sexual assault and traumatic events. Listener discretion is advised.
26 min