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News Commentary
Ep. 662 Where Do We Go from Here ?
In this episode I address the vitriol directed at Second Amendment supporters and the CNN town hall. I also address the budget disaster and the ridiculous Obama team economic criticisms of the Trump team. This piece debunks some common myths about firearms and the SecondAmendment. What happened at that CNN town hall?A student at the CNN town hall is claiming the questions were scripted.The NY attorney general is continuing his attacks on conservatives.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
48 min
Ep. 661 Conservative Voices Are Being Silenced
In this episode I address the continued attacks on conservative voices and the efforts to suppress honest political debate. I also discuss some positive news about the economy that you may not be hearing about.  The hysteria to label everyone Russian “bots” may lead to liberals as well. Was Michael Moore “colluding” with the Russians? Was Barack Obama a “deficit cutter”?Are we looking at strong economic growth ahead? Read this brief piece. A Trump bump in approval ratings? Absolutely. Why the war on guns has failed.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
45 min
Ep. 660 I Really Need Your Help
Twitter is targeting conservatives again. I need your help to fight back. I address the ongoing media effort to silence conservative voices in the debate over firearms and public safety.  Is the United States really the most violent developed country? Or is the Left deceiving you again?  Are mass shootings on the rise? Criminals do not care about gun laws. The evidence is everywhere.  Can the president obstruct justice in the Russia probe? Did the Australian gun ban work?  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved
58 min
Ep. 659 Are the Democrats Signaling Trouble Ahead?
Are the Democrats growing concerned that the Russia probe is going to blow up on them? In this episode I’ll address some of the warning signs. I also address the major problem with gun control initiatives and the government’s fascination with a cashless society. This Democrat senator is giving off some serious warning signs about the Russia probe.  Why is this influential Russian and Putin ally leaving his role in these companies?  The Democrats are worried about the increasing popularity of the tax cuts. Beware of a cashless society. Government loves this idea.  Spending is out of control, and these numbers are disturbing.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
55 min
Ep. 658 What Are They Hiding?
Suspiciously, the recent indictment of multiple Russians by the special counsel was missing something. Why are leading Democrats now turning on Obama?  Here’s the full transcript of the December 2016 press conference in which former President Obama downplayed Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  Are you absolutely sure the Russians hacked the DNC? This is an older piece that challenges that premise.  Can President Trump be charged with obstruction of justice for exercising his constitutional authority? A Facebook manager is acknowledging that parts of the media’s Russian narrative are not true. This piece debunks the growing liberal attacks on the NRA. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
59 min
Russian Indictments, Special Edition
Multiple Russians were indicted today for their role in interfering in the 2016 elections. Here’s a quick update. 
8 min
Ep. 657 The Scandal Grows
In this episode I cover the suspicious disappearance of the Russian “collusion” narrative from the media coverage. I also address the growing controversy over the Mike Flynn prosecution. Finally, I discuss the reasons the debate about firearms is stagnant.  No, President Trump did not allow the “mentally ill” to purchase firearms. This is a lie, plain and simple.  Did the “assault weapons” ban reduce gun violence? The disturbing case against Mike Flynn has taken a puzzling new turn.  More on the Mike Flynn case.  This piece discusses the Left’s fascination with “abnormalizing” Trump. Why has the media stopped discussing the “collusion” story? Why wasn’t President Trump informed about the scope of the investigation against his team? Government spending is the real “trickle-down” economics.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
65 min
Ep. 656 What Can be Done to Fix This?
What can be done to prevent targeted school violence? I discuss some research findings by the Secret Service that every parent and school official should read.  I also address the growing controversy surrounding the alleged DNC “hack” by the Russians. Did it even happen? Finally, I discuss some positive economic news, debunking liberal attempts to talk down the good news.  Please read this Secret Service report on targeted school violence and some of the warning signs. Why are leftists so unhappy? Prager has an interesting perspective. Did the Russians really hack the DNC? The story seems to be falling apart.  The spy agencies were criticized by the courts for a “lack of candor” in their surveillance requests. Another terrific piece pointing out some of the issues with the cryptic Susan Rice email. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 655 Are Obama Officials Starting to Turn?
In this episode I address the growing Susan Rice email scandal and a theory that she may be flipping on the Obama team. I also talk about some warning signs in the economy and an incident in Syria that taught the Russians a tough lesson.  A stunning development: Was the Hillary campaign paying someone who was also working for connected Russians? The Russians learned a tough lesson in Syria last week.  Beware, higher interest rates may be right around the corner. Look at the January inflation numbers.  Here’s an older article that sums up Susan Rice’s troubling role in spying on the Trump team.  Are there chemicals in your products causing obesity? An interesting article about the myth of the Social Security “trust fund.” An older piece that quotes John Brennan regarding Bob Mueller. These guys need the special counsel to distract America from the spying scandal.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
60 min
Ep. 654 More Strange Occurrences
The dossier is still unverified. Why did Obama’s national security adviser send this bizarre email to herself? A great synopsis of our debt and spending problems summed up in one article. No, Obama cannot take credit for the economic growth going on.  An older piece that describes the broad surveillance net a FISA warrant can cast.  This piece from 2017 describes the CIA-FBI relationship with regard to the dossier verification process.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 653 Is There a Soft Coup Still Ongoing?
Is there an ongoing soft coup going on? Why the continued efforts to obtain kompromat on Trump? Even left-wing outlets are acknowledging the ongoing efforts to obtain foreign information about Trump.  Former CIA Director John Brennan is in a world of trouble for his role in the spying operation against Donald Trump.  A terrific piece documenting John Brennan’s ever-changing story on his role in Obamagate.  NBC transcripts of John Brennan’s controversial remarks to Chuck Todd. Are our roads and bridges crumbling?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
62 min
Ep. 652 Is There Another Scandal Lurking?
This piece sums up why the FBI placed all of their trust in a former British spy they knew was lying to them. Was the FBI team investigating Hillary Clinton violating information security procedures themselves? More astonishing evidence of Russian collusion with the Democrats.  More evidence that tax cuts do not “cost the government money.”  Venezuela descends into complete chaos. Read this piece about their “Mad Max”-like roads.  Hillary hijacked the justice system. Here’s one of the people she used to do it.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
57 min
Ep. 651 The Democrats Descend into Madness
Here’s the audio your liberal friends wish didn’t exist. It’s Barack Obama saying he doesn’t get involved in ongoing investigations. The hacks in the media buried two troubling stories yesterday. This piece covers the details. Explosive new revelations about Russian attempts to influence Hillary Clinton, while buying our nuclear fuel.  This piece asks some critical questions about the secret FISA courts. Does the Bill of Rights still matter? I hope so.  The proposed budget is a disaster. This piece sums up its major issues.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
60 min
Ep. 650 Barack Obama Can't Hide from This Scand...
Explosive new texts implicate the Obama White House in the questionable FBI investigation.  Are the Democrats knowingly sacrificing our national security to score cheap political points?  An excellent opinion piece which sums up the many conflicts of interest in the investigation into the Obama administration spying scandal. Read this stunning letter from the US Senate about the Steele dossier and its sourcing. Why was Adam Schiff plotting to “collude” against Trump? What exactly was Sid Blumenthal doing in Libya? Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.  
64 min
Ep. 649 More Disturbing Revelations
Was there a second dossier? Was the Steele dossier really the Clinton dossier? Here’s a copy of the Grassley memo which asks some disturbing questions about Hillary’s campaign and their role in the dossier. This 2015 piece about these Clinton insiders is necessary reading for understanding how political information made it into the hands of law enforcement. The real “sources and methods” that were exposed in the memo were the Obama administration’s sources and methods for spying on the Trump team. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
68 min
Ep. 648 The Democrats Are Lying About Their Own...
The plot to take down the Trump presidency thickens.  This piece exposes more troubling connections between the Clintons, and the fake Trump dossier. This explosive rebuttal to the Democrats’ lies about the memo is a must-read.  The next shoe to drop in the investigation into the Obama administration’s spying operation on Trump is going to be the connection to the State Department.  Is the United Nations targeting your ammo?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
70 min
Memo Special Edition
The memo is as troubling as expected, here’s a disturbing summary.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
17 min
Ep. 647 The Entire House of Cards is Coming Down
Obamagate is the most significant political scandal of our lifetimes. This piece lays out the role of the fake Trump dossier in the investigation against the Trump team. Are the Obama Hillary emails coming out soon? This could be the next bombshell. Getting a FISA warrant isn’t easy, here’s an excellent piece that explains the process. Former Obama administration Director of National Intelligence keeps stepping on himself and changing his story. Trump approval pops to 49%.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
47 min
Ep. 646 It’s All Going Down
The media gets caught, again, propagandizing the public with fake news. Why is CNN desperately trying to rescue the reputation of FBI supervisor Peter Strzok? Why did the FBI change the wording of the letter that reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation ten days before the election? The fascinating inside story about the battle over the US Census. Unbelievable healthcare news that rattled markets. Liberals were joking about the deadly train crash? This is insane.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 645 Why The Democrats Are so Angry Today
Interesting highlights of Trump’s speech last night. More terrific economic news for Trump. This piece debunks Democrats’ lies about the Russia investigation. Liberals are panicking and are now talking about a second Trump “dossier.”   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
55 min
Ep. 644 The Swamp is Slowly Draining
A terrific piece about the damaging leaks against the Trump team. Another incredible piece about the law firm involved with the Obama campaign arm, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Russian “hacking” narrative. Who was paying this law firm to uncover Russian “hacking?”  Will the memo expose the Democrats as supporters of the police state? Is Michelle Obama running for President? A State of the Union preview.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
57 min
Ep. 643 What did Obama know and when did he kno...
This piece describes why the Hillary email scandal is really a scandal about Barack Obama. Beware of the Democrats going scorched earth in their efforts to suppress the Obamagate spying scandal. This piece perfectly lays out why the Democrats new “obstruction” narrative is a complete loser. This October of 2017 piece is another disturbing connection to the White House in the Obamagate spying scandal.  Why is the FBI lashing out at critics trying to get answers? The Obama administration tried to manipulate the US census in order to advance their identity politics agenda. Trump put a stop to it.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
59 min
Ep. 642 The Swamp is Panicking
Stunning revelations about the former British spy who “produced” the fake Trump dossier. Swamp rat Democrats and DC insiders are in a panic over the Devin Nunes memo. Here’s a great piece about why.  As predicted, civil lawsuits are coming due to the malicious prosecution of the Trump team.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved. The economy continues to expand under the Trump administration. Out of touch Democrats continue to attack thousands of dollars in bonuses. 
58 min
Ep. 641 Be Patient, Justice is Coming
The FBI texts are not missing.  Hard evidence suggests that a massive scandal is brewing at both the FBI and the Department of Justice. Back in January of last year, an Obama administration appointee gave a must-see press conference about emails between Hillary Clinton and President Obama. This piece has the critical details.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved. How is John Kerry not guilt of Logan Act violations for the recent stunt he pulled? Trump says “there’s no collusion whatsoever.” A weak dollar will not help grow our economy.
60 min
Ep. 640 The Coverup Continues
An incredible piece detailing why the Clinton email scandal, and the Uranium One scandal, are Obama scandals too. Another disturbing Democrat attempt to distract you from the Obamagate spying scandal. Jim Comey is lawyering up, now he knows he’s in legal trouble Why did Jim Comey’s former Chief of Staff suddenly resign? Read this memo about the “missing” text messages and pay attention to the bolder text.  The NFL’s public relations head resigned. By the way, he’s a former Clinton acolyte.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
63 min