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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

News Commentary
The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 04/14/24 - Jim J...
Great Interviews from the radio show from the past couple of weeks PLUS an epic rant from Dan
78 min
The Bongino Brief - Crayon Eating Inflation
17 min
An Election Nightmare Scenario (Ep 2228)
This election cycle is getting more complex by the day. In this episode, I cover the issues that are influencing the 2024 Election.
58 min
They Know Something Is About To Go Down. Or Do ...
Be careful. In this episode, I cover the ongoing unrest worldwide and the exploding inflation bubble.
58 min
The Left Is Panicking Over Trump 2.0 (Ep. 2226)
Even with a barrage of legal attacks against Donald Trump, his campaign is strong and the left knows it. In this episode, I cover the many reasons why the left fears a Trump Presidency.
55 min
He Did It Again (Ep 2225)
This President has overstepped his constitutional boundaries. In this episode, I cover how Joe Biden is looking more like a dictator, rather than a president.
58 min
The Real Trump Story From This Weekend (Ep. 2224)
The liberal media just cooked up a new hoax. In this episode, I cover the real Trump story from this weekend.
58 min
The Bongino Brief - The "Obamaha" Problem
15 min
He’s Going To Get Us All Hurt Or Worse (Ep. 2223)
Joe Biden's destructive streak just hit a new high. In this episode, I discuss how dangerous he has become on the world stage.
57 min
Is The FBI Spying On Whistleblowers? (Ep. 2222)
In this episode, I report on accusations that the FBI is spying on whistleblowers.
57 min
If We Don’t Fix This, We Will Lose The Election...
In this episode, I address the electoral twist that could shape the path to the White House in 2024, and offers solutions on how the GOP can win in November.
58 min
The "October Surprise" Came Early (Ep 2220)
In this episode, I review the new narrative that China is helping Donald Trump win the 2024 election.
57 min
The Real Reason Behind Biden's War On Easter (E...
In this episode, I expose the agenda behind Biden's "Trans Day of Visibility" and the war on Easter and Christianity.
58 min
The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 03/31/24 - Laure...
Great Interviews from the radio show from the past couple of weeks PLUS an epic rant from Dan
57 min
The Bongino Rule
17 min
Last Night Was A Disaster For Democrats (Ep 2218)
What a disaster. In this episode, I explain how the Democrats destroyed their own message last night, and potential massive electoral consequences.
56 min
More Questions About Bridge Disaster Answered (...
More questions about the tragedy emerge. In this episode, I dig to find the answers, plus analyze a phenomenal clip of libs getting destroyed trying to race bait.
58 min
The Media's New "Conspiracy Theory" (Ep 2216)
In this episode, I review the media's coverage of the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse and why I'm concerned about their labeling of conspiracy theory.
59 min
The First Story Is Almost Always Wrong (Ep 2215)
In this episode, I cover the Baltimore Key Bridge accident and how the first story is almost always wrong.
58 min
Russian Terrorist Attack: DO NOT Believe The Fi...
47 min
The Bongino Brief - Personnel Are Policy
16 min
The 2024 Election “Surprise” Is Already Here (E...
58 min
AOC Demonstrates Why There Should Be IQ Tests F...
57 min
The New York Times Loves The Deep State (Ep 2211)
57 min
Is Google Trying To Steal The Election? (Ep 2210)
57 min