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News Commentary
Ep. 907 Another Liberal Conspiracy Theory Colla...
In this episode I address the latest, incredible, job numbers while debunking liberal claims that this is due to Obama’s economic policies. I also address the complete collapse of a prominent liberal conspiracy theory about Donald Trump.  News Picks:Incredible job numbers were just posted. A deported child molester was just apprehended at the border. Adam Schiff gets destroyed, again! Don Trump Jr. fights back against shady Adam Schiff. This key Spygate figure is giving up some of the players.  President Trump makes bold picks for the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
58 min
Ep. 906 Dont Give The Democrats a Pass on Radic...
 In this episode I address the latest revelations, with regard to the DOJ and the Clinton team, in the plot to take down Trump team. I also address the radical policies of the Democrats running for President and why Howard Schultz creates a problem for them.  News Picks:Can liberals do basic math? Apparently not. Did this Spygate figure use her position to research Trump’s children? A quick synopsis of why our healthcare system is broken. Senator Lindsey Graham is demanding answers regarding the unnecessary tactics used in the Roger Stone arrest. Voter fraud is real, and ignoring it won’t make it go away.  President Trump listens to his base on judicial appointments. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
59 min
Ep. 905 Who The Democrats Really Are
In this episode I address the radical, and economically destructive, costs of this new generation of Democrats’ big government plans.  News Picks:Did the FBI ignore evidence that Hillary’s emails were stolen by foreign actors? An excellent summary regarding the negative effects of heavy taxes and big government. Are the Democrats already getting tired of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller’s charges. Democrats are trying to remove “So help you God” from this oath.  Has a cure for cancer been found? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
Ep. 904 What Are They Hiding?
In this episode I address the latest radical Democrat proposal to take away your healthcare plan. I also address the scandalous cover up of this key piece of paperwork by deep state actors. Finally, I explode the myth that tax cuts are causing our deficit problems.  News Picks:Acting AG Whitaker indicates that the Mueller probe is wrapping up. This Democrat candidate for president vows to eliminate your job’s insurance plan. Clueless Washington Post reporter calls Trump supporter “rubes.” Our debt problem is approaching catastrophic levels.  The polls are not looking good for the Pelosi/Schumer team. Border Patrol wives issue a scathing letter to Nancy Pelosi. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Ep. 903 The Democrats Have a Big Problem
In this episode I address the political problem the Democrats have created for themselves in the shutdown fight. I also address the reason that the Roger Stone indictment is devastating for the collusion narrative. Finally, I address the catastrophe in Venezuela and the liberal effort to cover it up.  News Picks:Debunking liberal lies about Venezuelan socialism. Andy McCarthy’s new piece is a devastating blow to the “collusion” narrative. The discovery process in the Roger Stone case could be devastating for Mueller. The Supreme Court will decide a critical case in defense of the Second Amendment. Roger Stone’s indictment is a big flop. There’s still no collusion. Big move by President Trump as he remakes the federal court system.  Is Hillary going to run again? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Ep. 902 Mueller Doubles Down on Police State Ta...
In this episode I address the breaking news about the early morning raid of political operative Roger Stone’s house by the Mueller team. Mueller is clearly panicking at this point and I make the case that he is getting desperate by using these tactics. I also cover the increasingly troubling use of technology by governments to spy on citizens.  News Picks:Bob Mueller’s team grabs Roger Stone and still produces no evidence of collusion.  Nancy Pelosi admits she’s not serious about reopening the government. US jobless claims fall to a 49 year low.  Some lawmakers believe only a crisis will end the government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi is boxed in a corner by Trump’s latest offer.  The Democrat presidential candidates are trying to outdo each other on tax hike proposals.   This piece addresses the Clinton campaign’s role in the framing of the Trump team. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
Ep. 901 It’s The Biggest Scandal in American Hi...
In this episode I address the latest attack by Nancy Pelosi on the Trump administration, and what’s really happening behind the scenes. I also address the socialism catastrophe in Venezuela and President Trump’s response. Finally, I address the most explosive spying scandal in American history and why it may be bigger than previously believed.  News Picks:President Trump has a new message in the border wall fight.  President Trump should plough ahead with his State of the Union plans, despite Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to obstruct. Where is FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka? He has the keys to this case. The number of murder investigations in Mexico is exploding. The reason will not surprise conservatives. Only 37% of Americans support “Medicare for All” when they find out how much it’ll cost them in taxes. What if the same scandalous measures used to attack the Trump team were applied to Barack Obama? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.    
61 min
Ep. 900 We’ve Seen This Scandal Before
In this episode I address the astonishing new connections between the Clinton team’s attacks in the 2007 presidential election, and the same tactics used in 2016. I also address the selective use of edited videos by the liberal media to attack conservatives.  News Picks:This Circa piece from last year tells us a lot about the “movie script.” How the Clinton machine flooded the FBI with Trump/Russia dirt, until they bit. The Trump White House is moving ahead with State of the Union planning, despite Nancy Pelosi’s nonsense. Liberal California State Senator bans the use of “he” and “she” pronouns, and then immediately breaks her own rules. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a major Second Amendment case.  What if Bob Mueller doesn’t give the desperate Democrats what they want? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
59 min
Ep. 899 They Can’t Dig Their Way Out of This.
In this episode I address the real story behind the Democrat’s shutdown tactics. There’s more here than they’re letting on. I also discuss the explosive new claims made by Devin Nunes in his latest Fox News interview. Finally, I address the dangers presented by the rapid rise of China. News Picks: This top FBI lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should’ve been charged.    Did the Russians really “hack” the DNC? Read this piece for troubling details.   Discredited, conspiracy-theory-promoting congressman Adam Schiff wants to investigate another media hoax.    Trump is playing hardball, and the Democrats are hoping for a “read my lips” moment.    Devin Nunes dismisses the Buzzfeed story and sets the record straight.    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a knack for saying outrageous, indefensible things.   The now infamous April, 2007 Wall Street Journal piece by Simpson.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Ep. 898 What’s Going on With The Media?
In this episode I address the real story behind the debunked Buzzfeed story about Trump. I also discuss Trump’s new proposal to open the government and why it’s trouble for the Democrats. Finally, I cover the astonishing testimony by a lead FBI lawyer about “abnormalities” in the FBI investigation into Trump.  News Picks:The Buzzfeed BS story had red flags all over it. Here’s a list of President Trump’s incredible accomplishments during his tenure in office.This former FBI lawyer admits that there were significant abnormalities in the investigation into Trump. The media had changed the definition of “coequal” now that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. Liberals are all wrong. There are no free lunches when it comes tax policy.  Another liberal pie-in-the-sky proposal blows up in their faces. Hauser’s law updated for 2019. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
58 min
Ep. 897 When Are the Schemers Going to Prison?
In this episode I address the astonishing new revelations about the spying scheme on the Trump team. I address what the FBI and the DOJ knew, and when they knew it. The timing is critical. I also address President Trump cancelling Nancy Pelosi’s trip. Finally, I address the 2020 Democrat presidential  field and their “race to the bottom.” News Picks:Nancy Pelosi tried to play games with President Trump, that was a big mistake. A top Democrat now admits that border walls work. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should lead by example and give up 70% of her salary to the government. Discredited liar Michael Cohen is making new allegations against Donald Trump. This August, 2017 piece regarding the Manafort raid looks awfully suspicious now. This liberal judge’s immigration decision will infuriate you.  Copyright Dan Bongino all rights reserved.  
57 min
Ep. 896 Did You Miss This Stunning Revelation Y...
In this episode I address the astonishing new revelation, by a key player in the Russia-gate fiasco, that blows the doors of the whole scandal.  News Picks:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is promoting Zimbabwe-like economics.  Nancy Pelosi, disgracefully, attacks the Secret Service. FISA shocker - The DOJ was warned that the dirty dossier was connected to Clinton. What did Bruce Ohr say about the dossier and who did he say it to? Did key players in the Mueller witch-hunt know about the dossier as far back as 2016? Stunning new information regarding a potential spy embedded in the Trump campaign. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
59 min
Ep. 895 Liberals Will Never Leave You Alone
In this episode I address the latest bombshell about a key FBI player under criminal investigation. I also address the latest attacks by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on your economic freedom. Finally I address some new information which should make John Brennan sweat.  News Picks:This report indicates that an FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation for his role in the Spygate scandal. Yes, we’ve tried high taxes before. Unsurprisingly, it failed. Radical Liberals want to destroy any opposition to their plans. Their continued attacks on the Little Sisters of the Poor are disgusting. We could get the TSA employees paid by privatizing the TSA. Media coverage of President Trump is nearly entirely negative.  Copyright Dan Bongino all rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 894 The Spy Game Explained
In this episode I address the scandalous new revelation about the FBI’s political attack on the President. I also address the cover up operation to hide the spying scandal. I also address the “trap” President Trump is setting in this government shutdown. Finally, I address the real reason the immigration crisis is exploding.  News Picks:This stunning piece addresses the FBI’s troubled relationship with Chris Steele. Is President Trump setting a shutdown “trap” for the Democrats? Another caravan is forming and headed to the border. CNN’s Jim Acosta's massive facepalm at the border. This prominent Democrat “won’t oppose” non-citizens voting.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
55 min
Ep. 893 What are they Hiding?
In this episode I address the “bombshell” NY Times report on the FBI counter intelligence investigation into the Trump team and why this is real trouble for both the DOJ and FBI. I also discuss the border wall debate and where the Democrats are misleading you.  News Picks:These three simple charts show that walls work. Did The NY Times blow up the FBI’s stated premise for investigating the Trump team? This Chuck Ross piece from May, 2018 sheds some light on the disturbing efforts to use spies and the media to set up the Trump team.  Jeff Carlson’s piece from May, 2018 describes the suspicious involvement of key UK intelligence figures in the spying scandal on the Trump team. Triggered, snowflake students protested a photo of a heroic police officer killed in the line of duty. Democrats on vacation as the government shutdown continues. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved 
57 min
Ep. 892 What Did They Know And When Did They Kn...
In this episode I address how President Trump’s recent tactics have blindsided the Democrats and changed the “shutdown” game forever.I also discuss stunning new testimony that reveals the deep ties and connections former Obama administration officials, and people tied to Bob Mueller, had in the anti-Trump witch hunt.  News Picks:Stunning new information from Chuck Ross about efforts to interfere with our elections.  Jeff Carlson’s new piece highlights the deep ties John Brennan, and others, had to the corrupt investigation into the Trump team.  Yes, the Trump plan would help secure the border. Border Patrol Chief reveals startling border apprehension numbers. CNN’s Jim Acosta hilariously tweets the greatest self-own of all time.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
63 min
Ep. 891 There Will Be No Retreat
In this episode I address the partial government shutdown. We cannot lose this fight. There must be no retreat. I address the devastating consequences of a surrender in the shutdown fight. I also address the Democrats’ new trick to try and implement government-run healthcare. Finally, I address the devastating correction The NY Times had to issue on the “collusion” case.  News Picks:Fantastic new economic numbers you must read about.  My latest commentary, “Americans are all in for the Border Wall.” Pelosi and Schumer are wasting the President’s time. New polling shows that Americans understand the crisis at the border. The NY Times screws up another “collusion” story. Another angle on The NY Times major screw up.   Copyright Dan Bongino all rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 890 The Pressure is on
In this episode I address the media’s false attacks on President Trump after his Oval Office speech. I also address the real story behind the new charges levied against the Russian lawyer at the center of the “collusion” hoax. Finally, I debunk liberal talking points on taxes and I address a growing Democrat scandal involving voter suppression.  News Picks:Radical, far-left congresswoman refuses to properly apologize for her vicious attack on President Trump. Rod Rosenstein is headed out at DOJ. Are Democrats beginning to sour on the Mueller probe? Looks like the Democrats have some major explaining to do regarding election interference. High tax rates were a bad idea decades ago, they’re an even worse idea now. 5 key takeaways from the charges against the Russian lawyer working for the company hired by the Clinton team.  This piece does a fine job of fact checking the President’s Oval Office address last night.     
56 min
Ep. 889 It’s Worse Than You Thought
Don’t miss this show. In this episode I address explosive new connections in the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on the Trump team. I also address inconvenient facts liberals choose to ignore about the immigration crisis and our exploding national debt crisis.  News Picks:Geraldo and I got into a heated debate about immigration last night on the Sean Hannity show. Was LTG Mike Flynn framed? Who was behind it?  The liberal argument about the wealthy paying their “fair share” is nonsense. These numbers prove it. Hollywood hypocrites were flanked by armed security as many of them fight against your Right to own a firearm.  A troubling new poll indicates that Democrats are now more positive about socialism than capitalism.  This piece points out the uncomfortable irony of the Democrats’ vile attacks on President Trump. 
60 min
Ep. 888 The Democrats Are Descending into Madness
In this episode I address the latest outrageous comments by prominent Democrats about tax policy and immigration. These Democrats are lonely lying to you and this episode throughly discredits their nonsense.  News Picks: This piece debunks silly liberal myths about tax policy.   What is “Pay Go” and why do we need it?   The government-class gets to do whatever they wish, seemingly without consequences.    Even left-leaning Politifact debunked the “terrorists are not crossing the southern border” myth.    The media is terrified of President Trump’s Immigration message.
59 min
Ep. 887 The Unhinged Democrats
In this episode I address the latest meltdown by the unhinged Democrats. I also address the latest positive job numbers and the economic challenges ahead. Finally, I address the threat of financial blacklisting and the threat of a cashless economy.  News Picks:The latest job numbers are incredible! Newly elected liberal congresswoman goes on an obscene anti-Trump tirade. President Trump makes a surprise appearance at the press briefing. Financial blacklisting is a real and growing threat to free speech. The global debt situation is approaching the danger zone. 
59 min
Ep. 886 The Scandal Exposed !
In this episode I address the disastrous decision by Mitt Romney to attack President Trump. I also address the stunning new revelations about the Obama administration’s efforts to destroy LTG Mike Flynn and the Trump team.  News Picks:President Trump is not backing down on the wall. Sell-out Mitt Romney gets slammed by his own niece for his disgusting attack on President Trump. Stunning new evidence emerges that LTG Mike Flynn was set up.  Was the Steele dossier the basis for the framing of the Trump team?  4 spicy debates to monitor in the incoming congress.  Are we physically training our soldiers the wrong way?  
59 min
Ep. 885 Screw the Mediocracy !
In this episode I devour the DC Swamp-Rat class which Victor Davis Hanson refers to as the “Mediocracy.” This is one of my most important shows I’ve ever done as I break down the significant damage the Swamp Rats have done to this country.  News Picks:One of the finest pieces I’ve read in a long time about the political elite’s war on Trump. 2 things about economics everyone must know. 5 threats to national security in 2019. The number of sick kids soars at the border.  CNN’s “journalist of the year” admits to faking news stories.     
65 min
Ep. 884 The Government IS Your Problem
In this episode I address the specifics of the debunked anti-Trump dossier point by point. I also address our growing deficit and debt problem and what it means for your wallet. Finally, I address three current news stories which collectively show that government is awful at “solving problems.”  News Picks:The Steele dossier debunked point by point.  Three years in and the Paris climate agreement is already failing. Facebook takes action against users for calling accused cop killer an illegal alien.  Here’s an economic outlook report for 2019. The liberal media is now accusing Trump of lying about being at the White House.  
51 min
Ep. 883 Do Something!
In this episode I address the immigration crisis and the Democrats’ continued use of absurd talking points. I also address the failure of the GOP congressional committees to address the DOJ and FBI malfeasance. Finally, I address the liberal assault on law and order in our big cities.  News Picks:The House GOP ended the probe into FBI and DOJ bias against Trump.  This American hero would still be alive today if we had better border security. Are we closing in on a trade deal with China? What’s behind this mystery case in the Mueller probe that is working its way through the courts? Is this Obamacare regulation killing people? Did you catch the radical Left’s latest effort to stop you from purchasing a firearm? This Women’s March was canceled because the participants were “overwhelmingly white.” Our national spending is entirely out of control. 
58 min