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News Commentary
Ep. 718 Was There a Spy Embedded in the Trump T...
Summary: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting takes on some net neutrality myths.  A terrific piece about the war on wisdom. Why are wages not going up, given the hot economy? Conservatives under attack on another college campus.  A piece about Stefan Halper that will open your eyes.  More on Stefan Halper and his Russian allegations.  What was Hakluyt’s role in the spying scandal on the Trump team? “Who is the source” is the most important question in D.C. right now.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
57 min
Ep. 717 Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over This
Summary:In this episode I address the outrageous liberal meltdown over the NY Times piece by Bari Weiss about Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and the Intellectual Dark Web. I also discuss the biggest scandal in DC right now: Who is the mystery “source” the DOJ is hiding?  News Picks:This piece about Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and more is driving liberals mad. Bob Mueller’s special counsel investigation is in deep trouble.  Why is Bob Mueller so interested in a guy being represented by Obama’s former lawyer? Bob Mueller interviewed Erik Prince. Why? John McCain admits his role in the dossier scandal.  A terrorist dares to opine on the CIA pick. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
63 min
Ep. 716 Who Is the Source?
Summary:Major breaking news yesterday about the plot to set up Trump, the media cover-up, and alleged payments to Trump’s attorney. News Picks:A 2016 piece about troubling ties between the Clinton team and a Russian oligarch targeted by Mueller.  Why was the Clinton team hiding its relationship with Pinchuk?  NBC is reporting on payments to Trump’s attorney, but the payments are from a Russian connected to the Clintons.  More on Pinchuk’s connections to the Clintons.  Devastating piece about DOJ efforts to hide a Mueller source. Who’s the source? How did Stormy Daniels’ attorney get the bank records?  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
60 min
Ep. 715 Let’s Make Liberals Play by Their Own R...
Summary:Liberals have weaponized the government to attack their political opponents. Let’s see how they like their new “rules” by using the rules on them. I also address some stunning news about the Mike Flynn case.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting:“Taking on liberal income inequality myths.” John Kerry should be investigated and prosecuted if necessary.  What is the DOJ hiding?  Turns out conservatives are the real environmentalists. Rosie O’Donnell should be investigated and prosecuted if the evidence warrants.  Five things to look out for in today’s election.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
60 min
Ep. 714 Democrats and Their Double Standards
Summary:In this episode I address the scandalous actions of John Kerry and how the Justice Department should handle it. I also discuss the hypocrisies of the anti-gun movement and the continued liberal war on God and religion.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Did the NRA ban guns at the NRA convention?” People are fighting back against the anti-gun crowd. These four numbers are really bad for Democrats.  Another troubling story about the Democrats’ war on God.  Scandalous actions by John Kerry. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
59 min
Ep. 713 It Just Keeps Getting Worse
Summary:In this episode I address the destructive, and ongoing, culture war liberals are waging against conservatives and things you can do to fight back. I also address some devastating revelations about the plot to take down Trump.  News Picks:Don’t trust Facebook. The company is not on the side of free speech. Look at how many Obama administration alumni work at Facebook.  Read these questions by Bob Mueller and notice how open-ended they are. It’s a trick. Did someone at the Justice Department authorize a wiretap of Trump’s lawyer? Great news for President Trump regarding black voters.  Don’t forget this piece about the Russian lawyer involved in the scheme to entrap the Trump team.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
62 min
Ep. 712 The Left Has Thrown the Rules Out
Summary:In today’s episode I address the expanding liberal war on our culture, our economic freedom, and our right to protect ourselves. I also discuss how to fight back and win.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting debunks leftist attempts to do damage control regarding socialist Venezuela. Another terrific piece by Lee Smith addressing the media’s role in the Russian collusion hoax. This former Trump associate isn’t taking any more garbage from Russian collusion conspiracy theorists. The Clinton machine’s role in the dossier is worse than previously stated.  This ammunition company is fighting back against anti-gun politicians. The Left is relentlessly attacking; here are some examples.  Facebook is “ranking” trustworthiness?  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
62 min
Ep. 711 Are Conservatives Gaining Ground in the...
Summary:In this episode I address the real-world ramifications of liberal economic policies and provide evidence that the consequences are becoming visible. I also address the FBI’s continued efforts to delay the release of critical information that could entirely dismantle the Russian collusion narrative.  News Picks:Why did the Mueller team leak their questions for Trump? What is the FBI hiding from us regarding its communications with Crowdstrike? Hyperinflation is destroying the Venezuelan economy.  Liberalism is decimating San Francisco. The Israelis pulled off one of the boldest spy operations I’ve ever heard of.  Another celebrity questions where his tax money is going.  China’s missile development is creating access problems for us.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
54 min
Ep. 710 The Secret Back Channel Exposed
Summary:In this episode I address the secret intelligence back channel exposed in last week's report from Congress on the Russia probe. I also discuss the real ramifications of the growing national debt problem and a political strategy for building electoral power.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: Did the NRA “ban guns” at the NRA convention?  Unbelievably, the secret probe into Trump continues.  Facebook is spamming my content. When is this going to stop?  The U.S. is rapidly approaching insolvency. These debt numbers are staggering.  An article that does an excellent job explaining why the GOP’s electoral strategy is failing.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
56 min
Ep. 709 Was the Corrupt Bargain Revealed in thi...
Summary:In this episode I address the troubling revelation by a key player in the framing of Trump that she is a Russian government informant. I also discuss a newly released text message that indicates that the Clinton email investigation was a sham.  News Picks:This key player in the framing of Trump finally admits she was a spy.  Who is funding this witch-hunt against Trump? The answer is troubling. Who is Dan Jones? The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a disaster. The ruthless attack on Press Secretary Sanders was disgusting. Is this the real reason North Korea stopped nuclear missile testing? More college campus insanity about “toxic masculinity.” Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
55 min
Ep. 708 Explosive New Texts Suggest the Witch H...
Summary:The new texts, released yesterday, contain some explosive information indicating that the witch hunt against Trump may have been preplanned. Also, I address Jim Comey’s outrageous interview with Bret Baier and recent economic and Obamacare news. News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Is the CDC really banned from researching gun violence?” Are Republicans giving Obamacare repeal another shot? An incredible piece which describes a potential intelligence back-channel used to build a case against the Trump team.  Jim Comey can’t be telling the truth; here’s why.  The teacher walkouts are spreading.  Some sour economic news. But better days are ahead.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
58 min
Ep. 707 The Democrats Can't Hide from the Russi...
Summary:In this episode I address the disturbing attacks on Dr. Ronny Jackson and why they should wake up sleeping Republicans. I also discuss the Mueller probe and the uncovering of negative information about the Democrats. They can’t hide any more. News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Is the US #1 in Childhood Poverty?” Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws his name from consideration for VA secretary after a slew of disgusting attacks on his character. Why has the Mueller probe failed to interview this Russian lawyer? A solid article describing the dangers of the “war on cash.”  Even the Democrats are questioning Bernie Sanders' latest crazy idea. Another solid judicial pick confirmed.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
60 min
Ep. 706 Did Mueller Find Something?
Summary:Did Bob Mueller find something so destructive to the Democrats that he had to refer it for investigation? In today’s episode I address the explosive revelations yesterday that were largely ignored by the media, but are beginning to paint a devastating picture of the attack on Trump.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Does the minimum wage reduce poverty?” This article about the raid on Paul Manafort’s House has some explosive revelations. Why did an Obama attorney who was working with Paul Manafort suddenly resign from his law firm? Is former FBI Deputy Director McCabe going to cooperate with the government misconduct investigation? Another Hillary scheme exposed. A stunning announcement by Jeff Sessions yesterday seems to contradict the Democrats’ “collusion” narrative.  Liberals double down on their attacks on religion.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
59 min
Ep. 705 The Plot Thickens as the Dems Run Out o...
Summary:In this episode I address the tangled web of connections that enabled the Obama team to spy on the Trump team while simultaneously minimizing the paper trail of evidence of their misdeeds. News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Do Illegal Immigrants Really Pay 10B a Year in Taxes?” A great piece about all of the economic good news happening.  An interesting take on the rewriting of the rules to attack Trump. Yes! Citizens are standing up. Read this about a citizen protest. Did the UK spy apparatus spy on Trump?  Did we move information from the NSA cloud to the CIA cloud to hide evidence? In defense of cash.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
68 min
Ep. 704 A Bombshell Interview You Must Hear
Summary:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Do Citizens of Countries With Socialized Medicine Live Longer?”  In this episode I address the multiple bombshells in Maria Bartiromo’s weekend interview with Devin Nunes about the Russia investigation. I also discuss the Left’s hooliganism and attacks on a country singer and a conservative woman.  News Picks:This is a must-see interview that questions the entire premise of the Russia investigation.  Here’s video of my fiery debate with a Clinton acolyte and mouthpiece.  The Southern Poverty Law Center blinks in response to a lawsuit. A major setback for Mitt Romney in Utah.  This story is bigger than Kanye West.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.  
59 min
Ep. 703 Explosive New Developments that Destroy...
Summary:Explosive new developments contained in the Comey memos destroy the Russian collusion narrative and point fingers at the Democrats for the email leaks. I also address a scheme by the NY attorney general to take down the president.  News Picks:Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Are guns rarely used in self-defense?” An incredible article pointing out info in the Comey memos regarding the beginnings of the “collusion” narrative.  Andy McCabe is in a world of trouble. Disturbing new revelations about the House IT scandal. The same players in the House IT scandal had access to sensitive DNC passwords.  Rudy Giuliani is joining the Trump legal team.  Why is the NY attorney general scheming to take down Trump? Suspicious timing for these lawsuits to be dropped.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
58 min
Ep. 702 The Real Threat to the Swamp
Summary:In this episode I cover the disturbing details about how the Swamp really works. It’s a deeply corrupt enterprise. I also address a brewing controversy over the Trump tax cuts bill and a cryptic reference by a Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch.  News Picks:Today’s Edition of Liberal Myth-busting: “Do Red States Really Take More Welfare?” Check out this cryptic reference by a known Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch. The use of Sean Hannity’s name in a court preceding, to attack him and Trump, was a legal abomination. There were more press at a Jim Comey book signing than people.  When is CNN going to address this massive conflict of interest in the case against Trump’s lawyer?  Why are swampy Republicans withholding their support on a potential Trump re-election effort? Americans aren’t budging on their gun rights. Democrats finally discover local rule.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
57 min
Ep. 701 More Swampy Connections
Summary:In this episode I uncover more troubling links between the Mueller team and the Clinton operation. I also address some positive economic developments and a Supreme Court ruling that will deeply impact the liberals' plans for the administrative state.  News Picks:This piece debunks the myth that Trump is being “investigated by Republicans.” More disturbing conflicts in the Mueller probe.  Do NeverTrumpers actually have an opinion outside anti-Trump vitriol? Is Comey lying about Mike Flynn? This piece clears up the confusion about the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding deportation and Gorsuch’s rationale. Is a political revolt brewing in California? An older story about Mueller recruiting anti-Trumpers for his special counsel.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
57 min
Ep. 700 This Can’t Be Happening
Summary:In this episode I address the growing scandal surrounding the conflicts in the Bob Mueller investigation. I also discuss the disgusting attacks on Sean Hannity and a controversial book about our education system.  News Picks:Why is Jim Comey changing his story about Mike Flynn? You’re never going to believe who the judge is who went after Sean Hannity yesterday.  Debunking the myth that “free” college is really free. Why is this guy, cooperating with the Mueller probe, being represented by Obama’s White House attorney? This wealthy Russian is deeply connected to the Clinton sphere. Is a college education really worth it? Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
59 min
Ep. 699 The One Name You Haven’t Heard in This ...
Summary:In this episode I connect the dots on a potentially explosive angle in the Mueller probe. I also cover the most disturbing portions of the Jim Comey ABC interview and a recent survey that exposes the failures of blue states.  News Picks:This piece debunks the myth that Obama is responsible for the Trump economy. Seven reasons Jim Comey is in deep trouble.  Did Jim Comey just throw Obama and Lynch under the bus? Don’t forget this older piece about a sweetheart deal extended to a major player in the Hillary email investigation.  New study finds that red states are crushing blue states in economic opportunity.  The end of this piece has some quotes from me about the podcast.  A devastating piece about the Clintons, the Ukrainians, and the Bidens.  Joe Biden’s son gets a cushy job with a Ukrainian company.  Shortly after Joe Biden travels to Ukraine. After that, the same council, funded in part by Pinchuk, a Ukrainian, signs a cooperation agreement with the same company Biden’s son is working with. Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
60 min
Ep. 698 The Case Against Mueller
Summary:In this episode I provide troubling evidence of Bob Mueller’s deep and profound conflicts in his investigation of the Trump operation.  News Picks:Is Loretta Lynch in serious legal trouble? A disturbing account of Bob Mueller’s ties to Obama administration officials involved in the Obamagate scandal.  Bob Mueller is scrutinizing this meeting in his Russia investigation.  Read this piece and pay attention to the attorney representing a key figure in the Mueller probe. This older piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s involvement in the IRS scandal. This BuzzFeed piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s role in the Benghazi scandal. Who is Susan Rice’s attorney? Oh, Kathy Ruemmler. Kathy Ruemmler replaced Bob Bauer at the White House (who left for Perkins Coie, the law firm that paid Fusion GPS). Bauer replace Greg Craig, a Clinton impeachment attorney who left for Skadden (a law firm central to the Mueller probe). Bob Mueller’s former colleague plays a central role in the Russian collusion narrative.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
58 min
Ep. 697 The Investigation Behind the Investigation
Summary:In this episode I provide solid evidence that there is an investigation going on behind the scenes and that FBI informants are cooperating. I also discuss and debunk absurd liberal arguments regarding gun control. Finally, I address the issue of debt and deficits and how they relate to tax issues.  News Picks:Finally, the FBI gives up a key document.  Read subsection 4 of this document for evidence of FBI cooperation in the FISA probe. Does the lack of gun laws lead to upticks in violence? No.  The deficit is growing despite income taxes going up.  Are the Chinese using our universities to spy and steal our technology?  This is a deeply disturbing account of a GOP congressman’s tirade against Trump.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
57 min
Ep. 696 Fire Mueller and Never Look Back
Summary:In this episode I address the out-of-control Mueller investigation and the weak-kneed GOP response. I also address the long-term liberal plan to silence conservative voices on social media. Finally, I cover the budget fiasco and another company that’s playing politics rather than focusing on business.  News Picks:Did we really used to tax the “rich” at 90% rates? No, a Trump appointee did not oversee the raid on his lawyer’s office. My interview with the Daily Wire. The Left ruins everything it touches. Breaking: Paul Ryan is not running for re-election. Facebook is stocked with former Obama administration officials.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.   
61 min
Ep. 695 The Biggest Cover-up in American History
Summary:In this episode I address the Mueller investigation’s disturbing new moves and why they tell a bigger story about Mueller’s intent.  News Picks:Did Hillary’s team collude with the Ukrainians against Trump? Why is Mueller targeting Trump’s personal attorney? Why did Hillary’s team deny meeting with the same Ukrainian donor that the Mueller team is looking at?  Did the Ukrainians collude with the Democrats in the 2016 election? Did a Ukrainian donor with ties to the Clintons also have ties to the private company that looked at the DNC servers? Knife control in London? I thought it was about guns? A social media slippery slope.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
61 min
Ep. 694 Did You Miss What Trump Did Last Week?
Summary:In this episode I address Trump’s bold move on sanctions last week and why it should reassure you. I also discuss Twitter and Facebook’s ongoing war on conservatives and why they believe they’ll win. Finally, I discuss an economic mystery that’s befuddling “experts.”  News Picks:Facebook is targeting Trump supporters again, and the reasons they gave are ridiculous.  Is Ted Cruz being targeted by Twitter? President Trump has targeted 7 Russian billionaires, and regular listeners of the show will “remember the names.”  This mental health counselor tweeted that he was “excited” about the fire in Trump Tower. Who conducted a cyber-attack on Iran? Why is the Twitter’s CEO tweeting an anti-GOP article? A terrific piece about persistently low inflation.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
56 min